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    Vinyl has a problem with respect to long term retention and reproduction of ultrasonic frequencies. JVC invented a quadraphonic LP in which the rear channel information was modulated with a 30kHz carrier to create a band of frequencies with frequencies which extended to almost 50kHz. To ensure correct playback and longevity of the LP, a CD-4 compatible cartridge was required which was fitted with a stylus which had a special profile cpable of tracking and reproducing these ultrasonic frequencies. These special stylus profiles were marketed under several trade names (Shibata, Quadrahedral, Hyperbolic etc). If you played as CD-4 record (also known as Quadradisc) with a standard stylus profile (conical or ellipical) the groove walls on which the ultrasonic frequencies were cut would become damaged, and this would result in very poor quality audio reproduction on a CD-4 system. Given that long term retention of information significantly over 20kHz on vinyl seems to have issues when played back with a cartridge fitted with standard stylus profiles, I'd suggest that record mastering would purposefully limit or at least roll off the frequency response above 20kHz to prevent possible audible distortion and noise build up with repeated playings. High quality magnetic tape run at 15ips or higher can store audio frequencies above 20kHz, but distortion rises dramatically as the signal level approaches the saturation level of the tape medium. However it should be appreciated that if a compromised signal to noise ratio is acceptable, it is possible to record signals to several MHz. Remember VHS video tape? Cheers, Alan R.
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    Can it hold a tune or does it hum out of tune. If it is the former, no problem, the latter is a big problem ; )
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    myself was a red 1972 Datsun 180B SSS coupe lovely engine that reved happily to 7000rpm, macferson struts and independant rear suspension, extractors and twin SU carbies. compared to a lot of cars of its vintage was well ahead of its time. and for me as a uni student was best bit of fun I could afford !
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    Get a cd94 modded with zen clock and put away the computer toy which lack so much imho oh and ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY
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    Item: 12 huge self watering pots Location: Melbourne - Southern suburbs Price: $10 each or $100 for all Item Condition: See description Reason for selling: Space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pictures: Parts below. 3 spacers to hold up the shelf, 2 wicking columns (not shown). Assembled with wicking columns in place. It all sits on top of the perforated shelf, the wicking columns are filled with cheap potting mix and allow the plant to suck up the water from the bottom. You fill it via the white pipe from the top, it's a big tank and takes quite a while, but then you can leave it for a long time. There are overflow holes so that you can't overfill, and if it rains a lot they don't get saturated. I made these for a no dig veggie garden: And also used them for some citrus trees. Ideal for someone who can't dig up the dirt in their back yard. I eventually dig dig up all the grass and create an in-ground veggie garden and I'm selling these to free up space. They aren't pretty, but they work. If you bought self watering pots this big from Bunnings, they would be expensive!
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    My mum bought mine for me, cost her a whopping NZ$250, I installed $2500 worth of stereo soon after. Datsun 1200 in yellow, wicked power to weight ratio, lots of fun. My second Datsun was a 1200 coupe then 3rd Datsun a 180B SSS much like Al's. Pic stolen via Google: Edit: I do in fact have a pic of the SSS!
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    Yeah I was thinking about that, I may have to make two different sorts, I made it 7.3 because my Rega Planar 3 has a spindle of 7.25mm. I think I'll make the prototype at 7.25mm and test it out before I do any more.
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    I don't know whether it's Harbeth's design philosophy/reputation, the spare drivers, the strangely attractive juxtaposition of the exotic tiger ebony finish on the epitome of British conservatism or the lovely Skylan stands. But something made me hope someone from SA would snaffle these beauties. If I didn't have another pair of NS1000M's in transit ATM, I would've been even more sorely tempted than I was. Kensell and Rantan, You guys are just going to have to lift your game. He who hesitates is lost........and all that. Anyway, if you guys need coaching in decision-making................ ..............I'm afraid I can't help.
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    Yes Cafad, littlebluepenguin's Taranui speaker cables are bloody awesome. But don't tell anyone, so we can feel like exclusive members of the Oz Taranui Owners Club...LOL!
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    I bought some hires music FLAC files from LINN and used Max to convert them to AIFF. I've found sometimes the playback stops midway. Pressing play resumes from where it stopped so I'm not really sure what the problem was.
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    I wholeheartedly endorse ALAC as the format of choice for any audiophile who wants to use iTunes. Attempting to use FLAC proxies is just begging for a wholly awful experience. I'd be surprised if you had any FLAC-compatible system that didn't also support ALAC, and as you well know their information content is identical. Do you really need to stick with FLAC at all? XLD is a great converter on the Mac which will preserve all your FLAC tags and cover art, and can be configured to spit the resulting ALAC file directly into iTunes. So even if you keep your FLAC masters, it's a simple drag-and-drop operation onto XLD to get those into iTunes in native ALAC format.
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    Where's Rex, Ferris, Noel, Alan and Col? edit - Found 'em!
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    Don't you just love the older metal bodied traditional SLR look?? Well I do!
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    Emesbee, I have a redundant Netcomm NB9wMAXX you can have, 2 phone inputs and 4 ethernet ports plus wifi.
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    The best bang for my buck was repositioning my speakers and listening seat - cost:free. The next biggest was my Tandberg tuner bought for the then outrageous sum of sum $600 25 years ago but never bettered, never replaced.
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    Maybe someone should ask them why they design deliberate obsolescence and make upgrades either difficult or impossible. In light of their S&M strategies their commitment to the environment is laughable.
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    I've got the Sentinels Boots, which speakers do you have? I consider these my best audio investment just behind my CA DMPlus
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    A little while ago I picked up a cool vintage Pioneer car amplifier, I was pretty happy to come across it at a bargain price. Today I managed to find it's brothers in arms,a matching component tuner and a graphic equaliser, in pretty much mint condition :) They use the same DIN connector system as the amp. Now if I can find a tape deck to suit, the collection will be complete. BTW the components are circa 1979. Here are a couple of pics:
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    The silver looks great. The black with gold columns is atrocious. I presume it is made in China due to the lack of a "Made in Australia" declaration.
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    Ok willing to burn in anything for anyone ..... including Ferrari's Lambo's and girlfriends .
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    My mate has this fine vintage tonearm for sale. Only $220 http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/42306-fs-grace-g840-f-tone-arm-with-ultimate-cables-tone-arm-cable/ Sorry mate. You are right of course. Hopefully this will settle down into the usual minor digressions commonly seen in such threads. I just wanted to score one for the segment of the Australian population that is less tolerant of whining.
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    Hey, I found my old list, can't seem to link the file any more so here it all is, this is as of December 2010 so a bit out of date (Hound Dog's Bop Shop is now gone): Record Shops City and Surrounds Hound Dog’s Bop Shop 313 Victoria St West Melbourne VIC 3003 ph: (03) 9329 5362 Specialised in 40s/50s/60s also has quite a lot of country, bluegrass, a decent blues selection. Well worth checking out. Only open Thurs, Fri and Sat. Wax Museum Campbell Arcade (this is the arcade under Flinders St which has underground access to Flinders St station between Swanston and Elizabeth) Lots of Drum and Bass and the like but a few racks of second hand rock and also a decent soul section Central Station (not called this any more!) 2 Somerset Pl Melbourne More of the new music: I think mainly house, electro-techno and the like. I remember asking for a record once at Wax Museum and they suggested Central Station, the subtleties of these musical styles is not something I’m familiar with. My daughter has bought a few records there. Missing Link 405 Bourke St (near where McEwans used to be) Melbourne Lot’s of new releases and Indie rock, also some older stuff. Very good for Aussie bands. Now includes Collectors’ Corner. Polyester Flinders Lane near Elizabeth St Limited range of new records, seem a bit pricey. Heartland Records 61 Peel St (opp Vic Market) West Melbourne Been there once, seemed ok. JB HiFi Bourke St between Swanston and Russell Melbourne I kid you not, the JB Bourke St store has a small selection of new records! Off The Hip Basement 383 Flinders Lane Visited this place now – good selection of new and old records, well worth a visit. Enter from Tavistock Place. Music Jungle Queen Victoria Market Shed F Shop 3 I’ve seen this place but never thought it had much. The Diggin Melbourne Guide indicates it has rare records so maybe I’ll have to have another look. Discurio Hardware Lane Apparently they now stock records at Discurio, will have to check it out. Richmond Reload Records 326 Bridge Rd Richmond VIC 3121 Been there once, can’t remember much. Melbourne Music Exchange 69 Swan St Richmond VIC 3121 ph: (03) 9428 3355 Small selection of second hand records, worth a visit. Mixed Bag Music 276 Church St Richmond It was closed when I tried, looks to be DJ records and some second hand. StKilda/Prahran Licorice Pie Records 249A High St Prahran VIC 3181 ph: (03) 9510 4600 My favourite: they don’t sell CDs J Large range of records from Jazz, through classical rock to classical. New and Used, decent prices, I’m a regular! Rare Records Only online at http://www.rarerecords.com.au/home/ now, no longer in their Acland St shop. Reasonable range, decent prices. Lot’s of memorabilia, signed stuff and the like. They have an online catalogue. Record Paradise 100 Chapel St StKilda VIC 3182 ph: (03) 9534 9344 New owners, seem to be getting new stock, worth a look. Greville Records 152 Greville St Prahran VIC 3181 ph: (03) 9510 3012 New and used vinyl, good range. Have been a record buying institution for years. Mr Vinyl Store Chapel St Bazaar 217 Chapel St Prahran VIC 3181 ph: (03) 9457 3720 It’s worth having a look through Chapel St Bazaar occasionally. Dixon’s Recycled 308 Chapel St Prahran ph: (03) 9882 3345 Dixons have quite a lot of stock but a lot of it is 70s and 80s – worth a look, also have a few other stores. Mainly Jazz 94 StKilda Rd StKilda Never been there as I’m not into Jazz. Often ride past it so I know it is still going. Pure Pop 221 Barkly St StKilda Been once, a fair range of new records. DMC Records 211 Commercial Rd Prahran Specialises in techno and deep house. I’ve been there but this ain’t my kind of music so I can’t rate it. As far as I recall there is another shop for DJ style records on Izett St in Prahran. Don’t know the name though. Camberwell Dixon’s Recycled 736 Burke Rd Camberwell VIC 3124 ph: (03) 9882 3345 Dixons have quite a lot of stock but a lot of it is 70s and 80s – worth a look, also have a few other stores. Collingwood/Carlton/Fitzroy Dixon’s Recycled 414 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3065 ph: (03) 9416 2272 Another Dixons, seems to have decent stock. The Last Record Store 304 Smith St Collingwood VIC 3066 ph: (03) 9416 2000 Been once seemed OK, worth dropping in. Goldmine preloved CDs and Records 369 Nicholson St Carlton North VIC 3054 ph: (03) 9347 0882 Reasonable range of second hand, they also new records. Well worth a look. Northside Records 236 Gertrude St (near Smith St) Specialises in Soul and Funk Title 183 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy They carry new stuff from some really great labels (ECM, Telarc, etc.). Lost and Found 12 Smith St Collingwood Basically this is a bit like Chapel St Bazaar and has a fair stack of records. Small Screen 420 Rathdown St Carlton Never been to this one, I think records are only part of what they sell. The Searchers 93 Smith St Fitzroy Fair range of books and records, worth a visit. Elsewhere Dixon’s Recycled 64 Railway Rd Blackburn and 150 Walker St Dandenong Blackburn seems to have quite a bit of stock, never been to Dandenong Quality Records 269 Glenferrie Rd Malvern VIC 3144 ph: (03) 9500 9902 Great range of classical, they keep a large stock of new records, probably more than any other shop. I go there regularly. A close second to Licorice Pie. Vicious Sloth Collectables 1309 High St Malvern Take your credit card! Can be a bit pricey but they do have some amazing stock. Hard to find records are often here but you will pay. Only open Thurs, Fri and Sat. Have an online catalogue. Essendon Secondhand CDs, records and books 20 Russel St Essendon VIC 3040 ph: (03) 9372 9100 Been once, not a great range but ok. Vinyl Solution Shop 5/ 10 Park Rd Cheltenham VIC 3192 ph: (03) 9585 0133 Good shop, quite a lot of stock, new and used. They have an online catalogue. Arkitekt Records 81 Lygon St Brunswick East Been once, seemed a reasonable range, new and used. Round and Round Records/Toot Records 513 Sydney Rd Brunswick Toot and Round and Round have joined forces and are in the one shop in Brunswick where Round and Round was. Decent variety of records well worth a visit. Radical Records Shop 3-4 The Hub Arcade Dandenong Never been there, no idea! Record City Collectibles 433 Nepean Hwy Frankston Been once, seemed reasonable. Is in an arcade at the end of the arcade away from Nepean Hwy. Alley Tunes In a line of shops going towards Glenferrie Rd from Glenferrie Rly Station I used to go here when I worked at Swinburne, not bad from memory. Mussel Shoal 504 Lygon St Brunswick Lots of fairly cheap records, well worth visiting. Only open 11am to 5pm Wed to Sat White Rabbit Record Bar 176 Belair St Kensington Reasonable range of records and you can get a coffee Music Jungle 746 High St Thornbury Decent range worth a visit. Eight Miles High 895 High St Thornbury OK, worth a visit 222 Retro and Vintage 222 St Georges Rd North Fitzroy This is a retro shop but has a pile of records, not great condition but pretty cheap Prepared by DavidSSS
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    I found an extra dimension to my headphones one day. The sound was especially 3D and seemed to extend out into the room. Very surreal. I listened for about 30 minutes and marveled until I discovered that I had not switched my main speakers off...
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    Alcohol with vinyl is the way to go - I find it easier to coordinate pee breaks with record changes.
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    jg, if you have come from the Grado Platinum I am not suprised. I had the same experience trying a 2m blue. The grado / ortofon switch is like chalk and cheese. Most folks would gravitate in one direction or the other - you could be a grado man. I have a Heybrook TT2, Rega 300 and tried all manner of tweaks but still found the 2m blue too bright for my taste. I am quite partial to the Grado sound, glorious mids, decent bass etc. The Platinum did not quite work on my set up due to sibilance. But if you asked me which I would prefer to keep, The Grado would be the one. Give it some more time, but if it doesnt work, could I suggest a Benz Micro Ace SL. I have just gone to that and found it to be the best of all worlds - detail, bass, gentle highs. highly recommended. good luck adam.
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    It staggers me that someone would go to so much trouble and expense to assemble a superb system, and put it an acoustically disgusting room.
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    A friend just gives the phone to his 3 year old son and lets him talk. He loves it!! Greg
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    Maurice Durufle - Requiem Op 9, IX. In Paradisum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnRTuf7aA4o The most quietly moving piece I've ever heard. I defy anyone not to be moved by this. Turn it up for full effect
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