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    Philosophical Rant: When nothing but science and knowledge rested on 'peer review' it may have been a good system. Nowadays when $millions in research money may depend on a 'peer review' it's all too easy for "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" to be a guiding force. And remember that PhD's are the *start* of a researcher's career, and the peer review process here is likely to be a couple of professors who also mark term papers. As someone who reads a lot of research (not in electronics!) and has an actual clinical use for the results, I can say categorically that **all too much** research is nonsense. Just look at all the peer reviewed and tested medications that are withdrawn a couple of years later because they cause all sorts of problems that, somehow, nobody found during the research phase. :mad: Greg
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    Wow Just finsihed reading this thread. As a realtively new SNA member it is these sort of divisive and hostile threads( and members) that have actually put me off posting and replying. Imagine someone walking into a school wanting to learn more and being told "it is pointless" because it is impossible for $4000. Why would anyone in this forum want to discourage another person to enjoy the virtues of Vinyl. I recently returned tio Vinyl and if it weren't for the positive and constructive tips of various SNA members I would still be listenening to CD (urgh!) A year ago I had a secondhand P5 with an Ortofon Rhondo Red MC and a Cambridge Audio 640P (all up cost me $2200) and it was the most fun I had listening to music since I stoppped listening to vinyl 20 yrs ago. I have since begun my slippery slide to the Dark Side and now have a SME 10 TT (cost just over $4000 so it MUST be good) and yes I love it; yes it is better than the Rega P5 but the Rega P5 did things for me that the SME does not. There are plenty of TT/Cartridge/Phono stage combinations that will sound fabulous for under $4k!!!!! Enjoy the Dark Side
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    http://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/downloads/Windows_7_Optimization_Guide.pdf Using the process described here, I managed to remove the dropout/unlocking problem between my PC and my NAD M51 DAC. Hope it helps everyone.
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    We'll start testing as soon as my portable kit arrives. If your prelim testing showed a difference, it presents us with a question for the test. So being logical people, I think we should proceed and find out some more about it through measure, which will undoubtably create more questions but let's hope it might answer one or two.
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    I read that and thought this guy sounds familiar, then read your name :lol:
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    I would suggest that is not so much "having too much power " ... as having the level of the sub set too high (relative to the main speakers). Regards, Andy
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    Caution: there are a lot of gullible people spouting sincere but demonstrably false garbage in this thread. Speaker wire doesn't make a jot of difference to the sound of your system. Buy a roll from Bunnings Warehouse and spend the savings on better speakers! On the start of the whirlpool thread. Not sure I agree entirely
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    Maybe a few measurments will help as the 'widely available' measurements proove to not be as widely available as many people mention when they use such material to form the basis of their argument. I like Arg's explaination of why this information would not be so widely available. The point being that if we had a few of us agree on what to measure and compare, we can then look at the measurement but also look at the users perception of the equipment. Either way it is a win-win situation because you will either find out that there is an actual audible difference (after a 2nd test following measure) or you will get a better idea of what makes you gravitate towards one particular speaker cable over the other and why you believe it sounds better. It's no secret that the mind can make you hear and see things that are not physically there, listening to music is no different. Honestly, I would be just as interested if the test proved no measured difference yet the majority of users in a testing situation gravitated toward a particular cable. I'm up for it, let's measure some systems
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    Alice Coltrane: Ptah The El Daoud Impulse vinyl. I paid over $50 for this, and it just arrived today. A lot of money for one album, but it is a first pressing in mint condition, and as per the norm with the Impulse label... it sounds superb. Sometimes you just have to fork out for something you really want.
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    That's a pretty good rate for a days work and a shiny box. I was being a bit facetious, only a bit though. I have an idea how economies of scale work but I still have nothing but contempt for the makers of $10k cables. I see it as nothing but a piss-taking money grab however you spin it. Did they feel the world had a need for another $10k cable, did they listen to the thousands of other cheaper cable on the market and decide that none were good enough, that the fact their hifi didnt sound like the real thing was that it was that particular wires fault? I struggle to think less interesting job in audio or less worthwhile job in the grand scheme of things that spending ones day listening for changes to test tracks that border on the imaginary. Really, what a proper waste of one's time on earth.
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    I'm not game to try as my recipe uses 20 drops of Windex per litre and I'm told Ilford 'Wetting Agent' is toxic as it Kodak 'Photoflow'.Besides, I gave up drinking spirits some years ago.
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    All good. I have heard it said that French is language of love, German the language of technology and English the language of politics - capable of expressing a great deal or nothing at all.
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    Cheers mate. As I am sure you would be aware, this was posted in good humour and as a student of the English language I like to celebrate those who venture beyond the square on occasion
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    Perhaps a little. I try not to take myself too seriously.
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    That's Ok but I do have a question unrelated to the topic, but one which I must ask in any case. Under your user name, you have used a word meaning a habit of describing something as worthless or little value and I was curious if your audio and forum perspicacity was affected by that altar ego?
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    I generally listen to stereo and usually only switch to multi-channel for DVD soundtracks. As far as music is concerned, it really depends on how well the mix is done. I reckon the majority of multi-channel music mixes are not very well done, to be honest. However, I do have a very small number of 5.1 music recordings where they really got it right. With those recordings, there is just sufficient mixed into the surround channels to give the impression of a sense of depth to the music. These seem to be exceptions to the rule though, unfortunately.
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    I think the Theta's are using the more powerful, non-diy, module - the NC1200. I think this is also what will be used in other OEM amps as well as the 'in house' Mola Mola amps. Hobbyists can only buy the lower powered NC400, as far as I know. I don't think there is any reliable opinion yet on whether the NC400 sounds the same or worse than the more powerful NC1200, as enthusiasts only have access to the first one. I've owned 3 Icepower amps so far, still have one now in fact, so it will be interesting to compare the two. From what I know, the Icepower's are far more load dependent than the Ncore's, and Hypex measurements tend to be more honest re power delivery, and they sound better than Icepower too, from what I've heard. It's certainly an interesting topic to follow, especially some of the 'exposé' articles which compare the prices of various amps which are usually containing the same Icepower boards, from Wyred4sound or Rotel at the lower end, up to Jeff Rowland and beyond at the top end. Other than the casings, the amps are usually 99.9% the same, but varying in price from reasonable to ridiculous. It will be interesting to see if the same thing occurs for Ncore.
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    Well then I'll just sell all my audio gear and sit in front of the fire reading the results of empirical tests and get off on square wave screen shots. Who needs music or ears?
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    Over: stereo equipment Under: music
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    Here's an even better one for debate: spade terminals. I was reading yesterday of a speaker cable that costs just shy of 10k for a terminated one meter length. Additional meters cost $3.5k. So one effectively pays $6500 for spades. Either a Nobel prize up for grabs here or a case for the fraud squad.
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    I see you have a level headed approach to the question. So let me explain why you will have difficulty finding academic papers on the subject. Academic institutions are not going to assign the high cost, huge amount of time, and limited research resources, to questions that are not in dispute in the academic realm. Also, a PhD student is only going to get the doctorate if the thesis paper advances some aspect of academic knowledge. So, "speaker cables compared" is not the subject of a doctorate that is going to get a PhD unless it shows that speaker cables DO sound different even when they have the same R, L, and C measurements. That would indeed liven up the scientific world. However, no supervisor is going to allow a naive PhD student to waste public and private resources, the supervisor's time, and the student's own time, on something that has a miraculously low chance of coming off. On the subject of less academic investigations, enthusiasts have carried out reasonably well organised and analysed, controlled listening tests of speaker cables. Never have I read of one that provided the slightest evidence that any two speaker cables with the same R, L and C measurements can be distinguished by sound alone. However, at this point I suggest the thread be moved to the Great Debate area, and the OP look at some of the other topics debated there which overlap with the direction this is sure to take.
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    Ears are not reliable in the slightest, they hear what the want to hear. Peer reviewed literature is as reliable as you can get.
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    I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.
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    I should perhaps my earlier post a bit further. The issue is stale oils which build up in various places in the equipment. The hopper, in my case, was a major culprit. But also there are bits of coffee grit in filters, etc, etc. If you have a good, well maintained machine, and a technique for ensuring that you have a consistent dose, everything will be "lined up" for a good cup of coffee every time (provided your beans are fresh).
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    Nowt unusual about that. The only original parts on my LP12 the top plate and the ARO fitted to the deck the day it was bought. Linnism fit a new motor for me last year ( Hi Craig!) but that already STR given that a Radikal was installed a couple of weeks ago. Same goes for the chassis etc since the Keel/A arrived, the NAPSA and the prefix......
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    Here's a few pics of the completed refurb of the 710 case. Maple veneer, finished with the teak stains, finish and danish oil. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41878[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41879[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41880[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41881[/ATTACH]
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    Just purchased this little baby from a fellow SNAer,
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    This surprises me. If I thought vinyl sounded better I would definitely use it. I greatly prefer the sound quality of digital over TT's which makes the convenience factor (given I'm a streaming fan) a complete bonus.
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    Sure vinyl sounds better but I find using it very annoying.
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