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    Apologies that it has taken so long to come back to everyone on this. The winning offer was $500 (we actually had a couple at that level, so the unit has gone to the first one received). I would like to thank everyone for their interest and participation. As this combination was dropped off to us at no charge we will be donating the $500 to Variety - the Children's Charity.
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    I agree and understand 100%. At a few different times in my life, I have felt the same way and sold off all excess gear, leaving only a bare bones system. During those periods I did not read any reviews or anything about audio, avoided hi fi stores and I completely disassociated myself from any involvement in audio as a pursuit. I look back on those periods with great happiness because it just came down to playing music for its own sake and not wondering if more was possible. This actually made me appreciate music far more, rather than less and I would recommend this type of sabbatical to absolutely anyone. Just being able to play a record and not even noticing the system, brought me far more joy than Dragon chasing and it reminded me of the times when I enjoyed music more than anything, which was back in the day when equipment was schit and it didn't matter worth a damn because it was about the music and the experience thereof and not the gear. I hear many audio people saying it is just about the music, but more often than not, it is just as much ( or more ) about the gear. I hasten to add that this is not a put down to anybody and I myself have been guilty of the same hypocrisy myself on many occasions. I think half the problem is encapsulated in what we call the journey which often has very little to do with music in and of itself and a lot to do with achieving higher standards or music replay in the hope that we will find that elusive X factor that will take is to Nirvana. I wouldn't dream of trying to talk you out of this Andy and I reckon it would be therapeutic and liberating. In time you may or may not come back, but if you do it will be with a lot of perspective. I trust that the above has not offended anybody and this is merely my own experience but I would be surprised if I was alone
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    Seems our SNA community might be getting more and more flippers. That is people buying hifi on SNA, only to see it for sale very soon, sometimes days at a higher price. Cleary not buying it originally to use and enjoy. Personally, I find it poor form and against what SNA should stand for. How do you make other members aware of this practice if one is not allowed to call the flippers out in their classified ads? Or does it even matter? What do other members here think?
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    I wonder if you had me in mind? Have certainly gone through a lot of gear over the years and it is reflected by my high feedback count which has been good. Reason for that is I have always been ethical and treated people how I want to be treated. Never really made much of a profit at all - bought at a fair price and sold the same. I was dudded in a big way with a purchase off someone on SNAand the item was defective straight away but he wasn't interested in helping. So I took a massive hit, sucked it up and moved on. Recently I bought an item on SNA and was advised it was a fantastic bargain. I tried it out with a good friend who has better ears than me and he told me it was not a good match and my wife was very unhappy as well with it so decided to sell. I was advised to put it on ebay and put it at a certain price (which was usual market price) and see how I went. I ended up selling it with a very narrow gain on what I paid and I copped grief from a few people calling me a flipper. If I had resold on SNA for a profit - fair cop but the one time I try and make a few 100 profit to make up for over $1500 I lost I'm classified as a low life flipper!! I believe I have given a lot to SNA through various ways and am sick of the spiteful nastiness prevalent with certain members. There I've outed myself, but you know what - I have nothing to apologize for, other than for the negative element residing on SNA devouring their own! !!!
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    Wide view late morning!
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    Item: Tannoy Westminster royals se reproduction copies Location: sunshine coast QLD Price: $18,000 Item Condition:handbuilt replica Reason for selling: Selling because of personal family issues Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only Extra Info:Regrettably i am selling my tannoy Westminster royals that i built from scratch because my father is loosing his other leg and will be coming to live with us so my hifi room will be converted for him and most of my hifi collection sold. Very emotional for me but it has to happen so time for someone else to enjoy them. these speakers are unique and handbuilt from scratch to spec. Over a year of hard labor and love went into these you can see full build on here. I was very particular and did everything as close to original as i could down to front panels and crossovers. Ive even added extra bracing as originals can rattle after time for lack of bracing. An exception sounding speaker and my dream speaker that met all my expectations so very sad to see these go. Am open to offers. Pictures:
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    The system ATM mix of solid state and tube while the long wait of full tube horn system is on the way.Both systems will be used .To use a car analogy....The Vaf and Vitus will be my everyday BMW and in the background the Horns Linemagnetic Tubes system will be my 56 Chev.
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    I'm feeling extremely happy this morning...🎶🎵 maybe if I stop buying vinyl for a while...I could save up for some room treatment to take her to the next level...ah well one day.
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    My thoughts. And I wouldn't know any of you at all if it weren't for those early (and semi-regular) GTGs - particularly Clive, where I met most of you long before the Hi-Fi shows got off the ground. One of the problems is that as members have gotten to know one another more its become a little clique in Victoria, and a lot of the GTGs have gone underground. Ie. Invite only and via PM. The other problem, and I'm still very saddened by this - I had a camera lens accidentally taken by a member of StereoNET at one of my last GTGs. I still maintain it was accidentally taken as I would hate to think it was stolen. Sadly, despite posting up in the GTG thread, it never emerged. I built my room with the intention of it being a semi-regular location of GTGs, and I even named it the Open Invite Room in my build thread. I have been very reluctant to host an open invitation since. Which comes back to my first concern raised above, then. I would personally like to see GTGs get off the ground once more. I will do my best and put up a thread for one for when I return from Auckland in two weeks. However, I will be only allowing two new or unknown members to attend. And I will be limiting the GTG to 12 people. I feel more comfortable opening my home to people with those few criteria in place.
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    Got a day off work...so today I will be busy spinning some/many vinyl albums, got a delivery yesterday..🎶🎵 Gorillaz -demon days...finally I have a copy, reissue, gave it a clean & imo SQ is excellent.
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    Item: Garrard 401 TT and plinth Location: VIC 3107 Price: $3500 Item Condition: mint condition Reason for selling: too many Garrard Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: The Garrard 401 is in mint condition (nos) ,untouch all original with box . Plinth is one of a kind custom made . The whole set is a dream for someone who looking for first class tt . I post it on SNA forum thread “show us your TT “ page 97/98 you can find all info there . Currently set up with FR 64fx tonearm / Shindo spu cartridge , audition can be arrange to genuine person to see and hear how its performance and you won’t be able to find a tt like this any where . For sale is only Garrard 401 in the box as photo (nos) and plinth not tonearm / cartridge . Will donate to sna if sold here . Pictures:
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    Some more photos of the Holton One-Zero-Zero Preamplifier. The case for the preamplifier at this stage is uncoated except for the front and back panels. So more to come soon. Sounding absolutely pristine with an inky black back ground. We are very close to a release date, just a little more programming refinement and case refinements.
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    Shuffling some Pink Floyd currently.
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    Precisely why I have raised this thread. Too many good members have already lost interest. We need to keep this as a music and hifi loving community. Cheers
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    Happy to be in my room again. This was taken a few days ago.
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    I seem to be collecting horns. A small part of the collection.
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    I wonder whether CD sales are plummeting in the same way that vinyl sales did in the '80s. This leads me to think that perhaps they will come back in the same way that vinyl has. All those people who are giving away their CD collections may regret it when they become fashionable again
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    At the risk of negativity, I have become concerned by the sudden drop off in the last few years of GTG's! Others have discussed it with me as well. I hold one often around once a Month, and despite many people saying they'll have to hold one - never appears to happen. Don't get me wrong, there are a handful of members who hold one every now and then - however nowhere near enough for such a large forum like this! With the increasing amount of new members joining Stereonet, many of which are in major cities of Australia - GTG's are a perfect chance for them to introduce themselves and to listen to sound systems in a home environment away from the pressures of Hifi retail stores. Hell, it was the way I met many of the characters on SNA and formed long standing friendships! I just feel we need to occasionally look inwardly at ourselves and strive to improve - Melbourne Audio Club of which I am a member holds Monthly GTG meetings at members homes in several different genres. Maybe we need subsidizing to be motivated enough to hold them - although we could copy MAC's format of bring a plate and easing expense. Thoughts invited?? Mods @Marc @:) al @wolster
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    Hi All, Have been meaning to show a few pics since purchasing the EAT C-Sharp, came with an Ortofon Quintet Blue, which I have been using for the past fortnight, will change to my Benz Micro Glider or Hana for a listen in the coming week. JJ
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    IMO flipping is not in the spirit of the StereoNET community, but we have no rule against it, and nor would be ever. I believe that we cannot dictate what buyers and sellers do. I've receiver over 10 PMs in the last fortnight asking me what our rules are on flipping. We don't have one. The nature of flipping is not against our website guidelines. It is of course, frowned upon by all within the community though. I unfortunately probably set a precedent recently when I commented in a classified advertisement that even I was against the flipping practice and in hindsight I should not have done this. The rules and guidelines will not change on this. The nature of flipping for profit goes against the spirit of the StereoNET community, but the practice is not breaking any rules. The rules on white-anting still apply though, and those white-anting a sale or calling out a flipper IS against the guidelines, and action will be taken by Admin/Moderators when this occurs. This has been made entirely clear now. We need to stop threads like this, and the turmoil which is ruining our Classifieds Ads at the moment while this was not spelled out. @metal beat - I am thankful you have approached the problem head on, and it has brought about a clear message regarding how we handle this going forward. This thread, and others relating to this topic will now be closed. Let's move on and enjoy StereoNET for what it is. If you like the price of an advertised item, buy it. If not, simply move on.
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    Whether you support flipping or not is a personal decision but unfortunately this topic has just cost this community one of its most valuable and I would consider well liked members who has helped so many of us with great advice and his vast experience over the years. To me that is a terrible shame and the forum is a lesser place because of his exit. cheers Terry
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    Here is some sneak peek photos of the Holton One-Zero-Zero Preamp during assembly. More to come in the next few days
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    The room as it is today. Getting very close to not wanting / needing to make any changes now. Very, very pleased and I've found the elusive 'Synergy' I've been hunting for years ever.
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    Hi All, Some early Pink Floyd to start the day, JJ
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