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    Thanks to Lee and Leon at Kyron Audio, I'm currently playing around with these - the ultimate home demo! The Kronos system - just stunning
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    Item: TAD Drivers Onken Cabinet Horns & Arum Cantus Ribbon Tweeter (SALE WITHDRAWN) Location: Auckland New Zealand Price: N/A Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving to smaller room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: SORRY NO LONGER FOR SALE These speakers are something very very special. Many would argue TAD drivers are the best on the planet. Still in production the drivers alone would cost more than these speakers. This is a fully sorted speaker system & come supplied with wonderful Werner Jagusch crossovers custom built for this project using NOS vintage parts. He builds crossovers for Shindo loudspeakers ? They replaced my JBL 4350 studio monitors which is no mean feat & I never once regretted the swap. Selling only because a move is forcing a downsize of my speakers. They look fantastic with marine ply Onken cabinets stained a pleasing warm hue. I polish with bees wax to finish. 98db efficiency means they can be powered by tube amps beautifully. Would deal on classic JBL L300 or similar speakers. Bass - TAD 1603 in Onken enclosures. They have caster wheels to lift off the ground & make moving easy. Powerful controlled bass that will move you. Mid - TAD 4002 Compression drivers on TAD TH-4001 Exclusive copy laminated timber horns. Some would argue one of the best mid compression driver horn combo ever made & very hard to find in the market. Articulate powerful & moving. Upper treble/super treble - Arum Cantus ribbions. The shimmer & sparkle is never harsh or distracting. Drum rim shots to die for ? Werner Jagusch crossovers Hookup cable by Dueland A chance to buy an appreciating speaker system that is ready to play..... Pictures:
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    A few more from our SE Qld trip: Blue-faced Honeyeater Australasian Darter Australian White Ibis (Bin Chicken) Comb-crested Jacana Australasian Swamphens Rainbow Bee-eater Cheers mick
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    The last picture shows that it is in fact 1 month into the future ?
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    Rearranging the gear this morning, changing things up a little ?
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    Relaxing with some monster valves and a ridiculously small, and ridiculously cheap, ridiculously good DAC
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    Not so much in the morning, but listening to the system very late in the afternoon with the sun almost down.
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    Back together and sounding better than ever.
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    Nothing two systems won't fix.
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    I thought it was about time to post some details on my cave dwelling. It has been a long project (read takes me forever to research and make a decision). The system as it stands is; Kuzma Stabi S turntable with PS 2 power supply (an absolute must in my opinion). Audio Origami PU7 tonearm - great synergy with the Kuzma and my Dynavector 17D3 cartridge. Les Davis Mat - the first mat to work on the Kuzma Whest PS30R phono stage and my favourite the Lavardin IT integrated amp (around 8 different amps tried before settling on this amp) - I would have loved a tube amp but the roof gets hot enough as it is. There are windows at the front and another in the next room for air flow. Speaker cables are Kimber 8TC which really gelled after trying a few different pairs - thanks Ross. Speaker cables are uneven and it makes absolutely no difference to the sound (lots of research went into that decision). The only restriction Kimber recommend that the shorter side be no less than 1/2 the length of the longer side. Speaker stands are Partington Broadside with atabites in the middle chamber and sand in the outer rings. Speakers mostly are Silverline SR15 and when the wife is away I bring up the ML1 Reference from the family room system. Corner bass trap added by the wife while I wasn't looking and I'm not game to remove it. The room is 4.5m x 3.9m with the height in the middle 2.150m and at the low end 1.2 m with the speakers almost 1/3rd of the way into the room. I'm not sure why but the room lends itself to very easy placement for good sound - but when I move the speakers in to 1/3rd of the room the sound stage and imaging is fantastic. The next stage is to permanently replace the SR15 with an upgraded pair of speakers. I am looking at either small floorstanders or something like Graham Audio BBC style speakers. I heard the Brigadier Audio BA2's last weekend and I thought they would be too big for this room. Any suggestions would be appreciated budget yet to be determined but could go to 7k for the right speakers (although the ML1s are now sounding excellent and will hard to take back down stairs). On Sunday night the speaker move back towards the wall and the rug rolls out for a more aesthetically pleasing room for others in the family who use the room - I never should have bought the tv.
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    Here is the Holton Supreme with the feet set wider. ?
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    Taken with a 10" Meade and a Sbig camera. 24 images stitched due to small FOV.
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    Diesel and Dust
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    Huh me? there's way worse on here for the ever revolving door of gear changing awesomeness. Yeah it's been slow for a whole lot of reasons as its frankly its been a bit of a harsh year for me with all kinds of stuff going on in the background. Was speaking with a fellow SNA'er today about the difficulty i've been having getting back into the groove (and no that aint no Madonna reference ?) as listening has taking a backseat to all the other stuff going on around me but the good news is im getting reinvigorated and infact as we speak am in the process of giving the JBLs another french polish to remove some tiny marks on top by placing stuff there when it wasn't fully cured (takes over a week apparently) so here's a couple of live pics just for you.
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    Hmmm, I think you need to change the thread title to "I think i have struck gold".
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    Here's my new ZYX R1000 Airy3X (which I recently bought from @lovetube ) - mounted on a 12" ebony Univector and running in: Sounds very nice - although currently a bit less visceral than the Stanton WOS CS100 mounted on the arm in the background (a Magnepan Unitrac). But I read that the Airy3 needs 70 hours before it settles down ... so have another 180 sides to go! ☹️ Andy
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    Holton 101 Pre-Amplifier Update! The Holton One-Zero-One Pre-Amplifier boards have finally arrived this afternoon, Here is a few quick photos of a mock-up of the preamp. Its going to be a fun weekend, myself and my friend Mike Cruse from Definium Technologies will be assembling and programming a couple of these boards over the next couple of days. More photos and updates to come very soon. I will be trying out a couple of different opamp types to see which ones perform the best both subjectively and objectively. Be sure to stay tuned and please add some comments. ?
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    Moondance, 2008 reissue remaster Remastered from the Original Analog Tapes by Kevin Gray at Acoustech and Pressed on Virgin 180-Gram Vinyl at Record Technology, Inc.
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    Well, I'm afraid tubes just don't thrill me and if things don't thrill me then I'm far less likely to go buying examples of them, listening to them and writing reviews on them. Some level of personal excitement has to be present to motivate me to put myself through all three buying, listening and writing steps. And my experience with tubes/valves has not excited me. I bought a valve amp that several people said was a good example of the type at its price point, it had won a few valve amp competitions so I thought it was a good example to aim for. That was the JLTI EL34 integrated amp. I tried it and yes it did have nice vocals and a nice listenable shine to its presentation but it just didn't do anything special for me. I kept it for quite a while, gave it several chances to work its magic on me, but it didn't seem to catch on. So if that's a competition winning valve amp then I came to the conclusion that valve amps aren't for me. I also bought, a while ago now, an Audio Aero Capitole cd player. A very expensive piece that was meant to change the world. It was warm and smooth like no other component I had heard before but it was not selective as everything played through it was warm and smooth. Call me picky but I firmly believe that a hard played electric guitar should not sound warm and smooth, ever! (or at the very least not until the end times.) Warm smooth drums? No, no, no, a thousand times no! Not in my listening room. Keep in mind my music preferences here too, I would choose Evanescence over Alison Kraus any, and every, day of the week. And while I don't mind Diana Krall I would probably choose to listen to Lita Ford or Alannah Myles instead at least 9 times out of 10. So I like to listen to music that tubes generally do not do well. I have heard a couple of high end valve preamps that sound absolutely awesome, but at that price point they bloody well should sound awesome and I didn't really have a solid state comparison available for reference at the time. However, having said all that I am open to having my mind changed it is just that, from my past experience, I don't expect it to be changed.
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    Found these Red-backed Fairywrens at dusk tonight - can't wait to get back there when the light is better. cheers mick
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    I saw this movie about 20 years ago at a tiny theatre in small-town, coastal NSW. It may have been Sawtell but not sure. I promised myself at the time that I would get me a copy of the soundtrack, and now I've done it. Listening now brings back memories of the viewing, and that tiny Art Deco theater.
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    Probably my second favourite Zorn album first up, the 15th anniversary edition of The Big Gundown gets the favourite guernsey, but I digress. I think it might be the first Zorn album I did hear though, and it sucked me into the avant-garde world for a bit. Damn fine album. Then some Pink Floyd. Not bad. Probably didn't play it loud enough though ha. And then onto the majestic pomp that is Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Hadn't actually played this one in a while, so good to revisit. Currently listening to Swans To Be Kind, but at this hour, I probably won't finish the first CD before I have to do stuff. Oh well. Some Swans is better than no Swans.
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    A few more tubes from my system – Elrog's excellent new ER845 with inverted graphite plate assemblies, plus a couple of input and driver 6SN7.GTBs in my Absolare 845 SET monoblocks.
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    Munich HIGH END - here we come...
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