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    "Hi honey, just bought a new CD player"...... !!!!
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    Most vagabonds I knowed don't ever want to find the culprit That remains the object of their long relentless quest The obsession's in the chasing and not the apprehending The pursuit you see and never the arrest Tom Waites
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    tem: TAD Reference One Mk2 speakers Location: warrnambool Price: $65000 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Absolute world class speakers. One year old with maximum 200 hours on them. Present as new without a mark on them. Original shipping packaging supplied. Can ship but local pickup is preferred. RRP $88000 USD Asking $65000 AUD http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/tad-
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    R U OK? Day (ruok.org.au) is an annual day in September (today, 12/9) dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, "R U OK?", in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference and even save lives. So have these conversations today with your fellow Stereonet members, family and friends as well as next week, next month and throughout the year. We should all recognize that our comments have consequences both positive and negative. People don't participate on a discussion site to be attacked or bullied. While some people may say 'suck it up' and that people should not be so sensitive, we should be aware that we don't truly know the people behind these accounts. At Frank Prowse HiFi today, the coffee machine is on, come in, have a brew and a chat - it need not have ANYTHING to do with audio today. 🙂
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    He's been dealt with
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    R U OK? This raffle seeks to support one of our own, a charity giving drive by respected not-for-profit, The Wayside Chapel - Sydney "...Today is R U OK? Day and for the occasion, all Wayside staff across both locations are going to come together to celebrate each other and talk about how we are doing. There will be a few fun activities in store for them, including a pie-tasting contest. News has come through this week of a sports-star that has died in a “single car accident”. He was an unofficial campaigner for men’s mental health and I will always remember when he talked about his struggles. As a young man he once shared they had always been told to forget their emotions and suck it up, and later he realised that when we struggle it is important to take our hand and stick it up, and say, “I’m not going so well”. Our lives are a journey and not an event, so we will re-commit to walking and talking together as we care for all those who fall by the Wayside. We will remind ourselves that we don’t need anyone to be an expert, we just have to be present enough to look someone in the eyes, ask how they are and listen. We know that when any of us walk away feeling met rather than worked on, then positive action is a likely outcome...." Please follow the link to see where the raffle funds will go: https://www.waysidechapel.org.au/precious-and-fragile/ How it works: · the record (and postage to anywhere in Australia) is offered FREE as a prize to SNA members. · ALL raffle funds donated in this raffle are going straight to the above link after close. · A receipt of the funds given to Wayside Chapel and will be posted here with the video draw. · The winner gets the prizes posted to their door, FREE. · Everyone else feeds, clothes and supports in a myriad of ways, the homeless. · Unlimited $$ donations accepted until 10pm, Thursday 19/09/19 Donate here: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8i9ygo9iJC * Please drop a note in this thread to let us know you’ve donated and I can allocate you a number. No number requests please - they will be assigned in order of receipt of a donation. * ‘The Hat’ software will do the draw. It’s old and creaky, but it does the job with a GUI front-end I can film, as we do the draw together. The SNA Admin and Moderator Team will have full oversight of this process. The prize is: VINYL VARIOUS ARTISTS - TRAINSPOTTING - 1996 Double vinyl original UK 1st pressing (EMI ‎– 7243 8 37190 1 3) like Brand New. These in such great condition are *really* hard to find - and can be worth anything from AU$100+ and up. Play it, display it, flip it, your choice. IEM's Ortofon e-Q7 in black (as donated by @A J - thank you!) worth around $400 when new in box. So get into this...help the homeless with a small donation of anything you think worthy, and maybe carry away these wonderful prizes. thank you. Donations go here : https://paypal.me/pools/c/8i9ygo9iJC (PayPal POOL set up specifically for this cause)
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    Home made linear tracker. Currently being upgraded.
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    To conclude the deals are done and today is a fresh beginning and no spending for a while apart from new house / listening room and racks maybe 😁😁😁😁 thanks to all of you for your help and advice. Here is the new system on paper. Gryphon Sonata Pre amp Gryphon Antilleon Signature Power amp B and W 802 Diamonds. Esoteric E-03 Phono Stage Esoteric P-03 transport Esoteric D-03 Dac Innous Server Streamer VPI TNT turntable Rega P10 Turntable Acoustic Energy AE2 rears on original stands Analysis Plus Silver oval 8 speaker cables and interconnects Echole Obsession XLR interconnects ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To sell to cover but should work out. PS audio direct stream dac used for a day max,mint Ps audio transport used for a few days max, mint PS audio p10 power generator 2 nd owner mint Vitus RCD101 2nd owner after Adent RI100 2nd owner after Adent RS100 Bought new last year. Tom Evans Groove 20th Anniversary phono stage vgc but scratched lid. Audio Research ph6 phono stage 2nd owner Bryston Blp1 turntable brand new Redefy Audio 2 floor standers vgc
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    How does it sound ? Okay without out actually playing a record, one thing that comes to mind , it's damn quiet. There are no squeaks or rattles or creaks from the belt and its seems to spin up quickly for a belt drive. No records on and the blackness of the platter, you actually have to double look that it's actually spinning, the platter is very "straight" there's no wobble. Musically initial impression are a good "solid" sound , bass seems good and well controlled , mids likewise and the highs seem derailed without being overly bright. The output of the cartridge works well with the phono stage of my pm10 integrated. Playing a tracks from the half speed master of Japan's Gentle take Polaroids provides a sound that I can best describe as "solid" or " natural" nothing seems over emphasised. On the track "swing" Mick Karns fretles bass and Steve Jansens drumming hold the song steady while the keyboards and David Sylvians voice come across fine. On the slow piano track, "nightporter" the piano sounds like a ....err....piano. I couldnt hear any shifting in the piano notes. I also increased the tracking weight to 2.1g, seemed better with that extra weight. One thing I have found , the optional record weight does seem to make a difference/improvement in the sound.. I've not used record weights or clamps before. But simply playing the same track with or without the wight is easily to do and quickly - the sound seems to be more "focused" or " in focus" . It's hard to describe exactly, but I'll do some more listening on various albums and tracks and give some more thoughts.
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    The Bris-Vegas Connection... Amp: Pass Labs HPA-1 Source: Luxman D 05u Earspeakers: Senn HD 800 & Oppo PM1 Power Conditioning: Isotek Sirius Rack: Quadraspire Bamboo
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    Grab yourself an Ikea "Lack" table.
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    all this talk about the new Tool album got me to give Tool a physical spin. Tool ‎– Ænima - original 1996 US pressing. wonderful kick asss sound. these things go for over $700. crazy. time for a repress.
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    One of the hard to control variables with this sort of comparison is whether the CD version was the same mastering as the streaming version.
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    Hi All, I have been listening to Queen, A Night At The Opera prior to going out for lunch JJ
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    Dexter Gordon ‎– Doin' Allright - another 2019 analog reissue hit from Blue Note
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    Item: Morel 3 Way Large Stand Mount DIY Loudspeaker System Location: Perth Price: $1800 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The system offered comprises of 2 large 3 way bi-wired stand mount speakers in a curved Cherry 21 litre cabinet. Also included is a Dual 31 band Graphic Equaliser and an Omnimic V2 Acoustic Measurement System & 2 sets of 700mm stands. To ensure a flat frequency response is achieved I have implemented a 31 band analogue graphic equaliser and Dayton Audio Omnimic V2 Acoustic Measurement System which runs sweeps from either a cd player or thumb drive. To achieve a flat frequency response, adjustments need to be made to the 31 band graphic equaliser in real time whilst running sweeps from the Omnimic measurement tool. These speakers will sound as good as speakers 3 x my asking price. I have Bryston Mini T 3 way Stand Mounts at RRP $6000.00 to demo against. I have attached photos of Frequency Response graphs taken 1 metre away from the speakers before and after applying EQ (In room response). Below is a breakdown of system component list and parts purchase prices including delivery in $AUD: 2 x Dayton Audio MTMC-0.75CH 21l MTM Curved Cabinet Cherry = $469.00 4 x Morel TiW 634FT Titanium Series Ferrite 6” Woofer 4 Ohm = $900.00 2 x Morel TM4055-8 2" Midrange and 1-1/8" Tweeter Speaker Plate = $520.00 4 x Dayton Audio BPP-SN Premium Binding Post Jack Pair = $110.00 2 x Dayton 800-HPF-8 High Pass Crossover 800 Hz 12 dB/Octave = $ 34.00 2 x Dayton 800-LPF-8 Low Pass Crossover 800 Hz 12 dB/Octave = $ 54.00 2 x Dayton 3.5k-LPF-8 Low Pass Crossover 3,500 Hz 12 dB/Octave = $ 22.00 2 x Dayton 3.5k-HPF-8 High Pass Crossover 3,500 Hz 12 dB/Octave = $ 22.00 31 Band Graphic Equaliser = $355.00 Dayton Audio Omnimic V2 Acoustic measurement System = $389.00 2 x pairs of Stand Mount Speaker Stands 1 x wood 1 x steel/Glass = $275.00 Baffle driver holes cut out by professional = $100.00 TOTAL $3205.00 The speakers are 8 ohm, the 2 Morel 6” 4 0hm woofers are wired in series equalling 8 ohms. The Woofers crossover at 800hz to the midrange, then the midrange crosses over to the tweeter at 3500hz. Internal speaker wiring Van Den Hull Clearwater. Internal cabinet walls are lined with Response combination Butyl/foam super sound deadener. Magnetic Grilles. Cabinets are very sturdy with a thud response when knocked on Both speaker stands can be filled with sand/filling. Dimensions H 508mm W 215mm D 342mm Each speaker weighs 14.5kg Local buyers only at this stage, however if there is no local interest I can ship interstate in 3 separate boxes, speaker stands will not be shipped therefore local buyers consider the speaker stands as a freebie. I will help setup for local buyers. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I finally got around to strapping the outputs of my Audio Technica AT33PTG, which I had retipped earlier this year, and after couple of false starts, the end result is very satisfactory. It should put thoughts of dedicated mono cartridges out of my mind, at least for a little while!
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    As long as cassette's don't overtake CD sales🤮
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    Inspired by the previous Radiohead posts. Hail to the thief.
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    It just occurred to me that there's been no substantial change to my hi-fi since March when I finally completed my speakers (apart from fixing things that were misbehaving.) While I've mentioned possibly considering the ARC 160Ms a number of times, and expressed interest in the Reference 10 preamp, the reality is I don't have a burning desire for either. If someone wants to buy my 250SEs I'd sell them and get the 160Ms, but I'm not gonna bother trying hard to do so. Along the same lines, I'd only buy a Ref10 preamp if one came up second hand. That means that my hi-fi is in that steady state stage now where all I do is listen to it, and I just replace valves every few thousand hours. End game system? Hmm for this room, perhaps it is... for now. The last pair of speakers I made that I was was happy with, I used for 20 years. There'd have to be something pretty dramatic to make me change anything now. So it's just a matter of listen and sharing the hi-fi with GTGs now. Maybe I should use this thread to blog some of the things about hi-fi that I really want to say on other threads but would get shot down for saying, or perhaps I should start inviting more people over.
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    Thanks Mark... out with family, they love Sami Odi, but all great wines.. Lots of aloha to everyone...🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🙏🙏
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    Item: Marantz 6200 Turntable with brand new Ortofon 2m Red cart Location: Bondi, Sydney Price: $250 - Sold pending Payment Item Condition: Good. Reason for selling: Bought a new TT Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Great TT for anyone looking to get into vinyl or looking to get a retro style look. The fact that this TT comes with an 2m Red is great value, very detailed and robust cart. There's an automatic function which allows the needle to be placed onto the record with the push of a button. I no longer have the lid for the turntable, however an after market lid could be fitted if desired.
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    Hi All, VIKINGS CHANT - SKALD and Heilung - Lifa JJ
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    Movie night in the 2.1 system, can't really cool it a home theatre, but it's a good to escape to and chill out
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    Whangamarie Stream #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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    This is only showing as Guest, as the member has long since been shown the door. If it's still being reflected on your account I will fix that up for you (was not able to do it from my phone last night when we discussed this).
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    This is still a great value Aussie Red. Selfishly hoping it doesn’t get too discovered.
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    Anikas choice this week.. understated syncopated scifi keyz and boppy thythms tooz.
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    We have my MoFi, his SS/RL and the Classic (the latter two have just arrived). Beers are open and will update tonight or (more likely) tomorrow. 20/20 hindsight: should have kept the 2014 pressing for the face off... though I have tidal and qobuz (MQA and the FLAC hi-res) to add to the mix.
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    seriously. Marsh must have threatened to bring out the donkey photo's. We can't bat except for Smith, so we drop a batsmen and put in guy who can't bat or bowl well because we need more bowling support. Please, its illogical and starts our tail at #5 with 3rd wicketkeeper. Why not rest Cummings and bring in either Patterson or Siddle if we are that worried about bowling. bowling has not been our issue.
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    It’s a 50/50 really, some pe/pros sound better accepting a digital signal and others sound better accepting an analogue one. Your idea of listening comparisons is the best.
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    Hi All, Playing another one of today's new arrivals, Heilung, Lifa purchased after seeing the youtube clip last week, see below album photo. JJ
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    Alright, alright. Your incessant nagging has finally wore me down. Put me down for a no dessert and send me the payment details. Only 3 to go... Thanks again for your effort Clive
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    Never been a Bob Dylan fan but every now and then I play something to try to like him more than I do. Up this morning, "Greatest Hits Vol. II" (a thrift store pick up). But first a bloody clean! That looks a lot better!
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    Item: Pioneer PD-9700 CD Player Location: Wollongong Price: $300 Item Condition: Used - Otherwise in good nick Reason for selling: Cambridge Audio CXC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased a couple of years ago from an SNA member. The PD-9700 has the Stable Platter mechanism which was one of Pioneer's greatest innovations in CD playback. The player has options for coaxial and Toslink digital out and can be set at analogue only (via its inbuilt DACs), digital output only, or both analogue and digital output. In case you weren't aware, the disc goes into the machine with the silver side up. Happy to deliver if you aren't too far away, for a negotiated price. Can pack and send via courier anywhere in the country for $30. I do not have the manual or original carton. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Item: Thorens 160 B MkII turntable with SME 3009 tonearm and Shure V15-III cartridge Location: Canberra Price: $1350 plus postage (if applicable) Item Condition: Very good for age Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: The Thorens TD-160 turntable is a tweaker’s heaven and arguably one of Thorens’ best. This one is in very good condition for its age and sounds great. It comes with a SME 3009 tonearm and Shure V15-III phono cartridge - an iconic matching with the Thorens. The SME 3009 has a reputation for being the perfectionist's tonearm, so if that is your thing you will not go wrong with this setup. Just send me a PM if you need more information or any specific photos and I will be happy to assist. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Having lived with three M Scalers (okay, two M Scalers and a Blu 2) with four chord DACs, the DAVE, TT2, Hugo 2 and Qutest, and having compared the M Scaler to PC upscaling via Roon, I don't agree. It is true that the M Scaler sounds a bit better than PC upscaling. Rob Watts clearly tweaked it to produce a warmer sound than conventional upscaling. But it still sounds bright, brittle and etched to me - the same as software upscaling - just a bit less so. In other words, not an improvement at all and in my opinion, a significant downgrade in sound. The effect of the M Scaler is to remove the natural warmth, fullness and texture of the music, and replace it with an artificial sense of detail that people seem to hear as an improvement. For a couple of years I drank the Chord Kool Aid and convinced myself that the Blu 2 improved my DAVE, and that the M Scaler improved my TT2. I posted gushing reviews of which I am now embarrassed. When I briefly listened to the DACs without the M SCaler and found that it sounded warmer, fuller and more natural, I convinced myself that I was mistaken. The M Scaler made a remarkable difference, so of course it must be an improvement. Except that it wasn't. Try making a digital recording from a known and repeatable audio source - eg from an LP - play it back over a Chord DAC without the M Scaler. And then play it again with the M Scaler, compare it to the source, and you will find that it becomes a bleached, etched replica of the original. The first time I heard the DAVE and Blu 2 at a dealer a couple of years ago we swapped back and forth with another well-known, reputable high end DAC. The DAVE/Blu 2 sounded so radically different that I thought Rob Watts had discovered some hitherto unknown principle of digital playback and that what I was hearing was a revolution. I wasn't sure I liked it but it sounded so radical that I ordered the DAVE on the spot. But I know now that most of what I heard that day was the Blu 2 upscaler. In that unfamiliar system, it was the Blu 2 producing the massive difference between the DACs, and if I had heard it in my own system that day I would probably have recognised the bright, colourless, forensically lean sound it was producing as grossly unnatural. Unfortunately, like many others, I interpreted difference as improvement, and strangeness as innovation. Of course, I am in a minority. Most people do seem to like the M Scaler, and believe that it is in an improvement. But I know I am not alone, there are quite a few others who have similar views of the M Scaler to mine. But if you own a Chord DAC, definitely listen to the M Scaler before buying one and be sure that the difference you are hearing is a worthwhile one before spending big money on one.
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    Selected every part of them. For my first effort working with wood it turned at as well as I could have hoped. Nothing pre-cut. Built myself from the ground up.
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