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    Hi guys. Over the the last few months, I’ve been battling the big C. As have a lot of us over the years. It made me think of the enjoyment I get out of this site and you clowns has actually got me through a few tough times I’m feeling pretty good now and will beat this. ( I still have my hair, not that I have much anyway ). As many of you know I’ve been making cables for members for a few years now. Low cost alternatives to the sometimes overpriced commercial ones. Anyhows. I was thinking that maybe some of you from mainly Brissy and the Goldy might want to learn how to 1. Solder 2. Make some cables 3. Have a couple of beers or wines. ( soldering and booze should be ok Right ? ) This is will be free. And you’ll walk away with something you can actually use . This is an expression of interest I suppose ( was thinking small groups of maybe 3 on a weekend or even night ) Cheers
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    I just picked up a new Luxman PD171A with a Ortofon PWti cartridge
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    Trimax EL34 monoblock EL 34 power amps circa about 1968 feeding Toshiba SS30 speakers circa about 1965. Some wonderful synergy here and the room suits the speakers. The Toshibas can sound jaw dropping in the right system and room.They are best in a smaller room where they benefit from some bass room gain.They are very efficient and sound lightening fast and dynamic and have superb imaging. I really need to find a 1960s front end to complete the system I suppose.
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    Ok. Sooo there has been a massive shakeup in Pops palace.The Thiels are gone, the Kenwoods are gone and all the Meridian gear is gone. I really loved the Kenwoods and would really loved to have kept them but I’ve had my time with them and it was time to move onto something else. Besides I wasn’t using the pre, tuner or cdp so was a little bit of a waste. The Thiels are amazing speakers but really didn’t suit my room or music. I soo wanted to like them as they were a speaker I have always wanted to try but the bottom end was lacking in my room. The imaging and detail was amazing but fell apart in my room below that. Meridian makes awesome gear but unfortunately it was sitting there doing nothing most of the time so it all had to go. So im down to enough components to make one system, I’m happy, the missus is happy and I think I’m going to have a system that gels together and is the sound I’m after. The speakers turned up today, in very nice condition and only took a week to get here from Tasmania. I have listened to about 4 sets of Audio Physic speakers before and every time I have heard them ive been impressed. They have a side firing woofer so the front baffle is very thin. The missus likes the look of them and even sat down for a listen when I unboxed them today. At the moment I have a Musical Fidelity A5 cr power amp driving them very well thanks to @jakestar. I will more than likely be going with this combo but I’m having a bit of a shootout this weekend with another amp to decide which I like best. I also have a new dac coming hopefully next week. By then I should have my head around the AF’s and will be fun throwing the dac in the mix. Cheers Dave.
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    They dont have one. But,,, they do. Going back a step. I wanted a hifi rack with adjustable shelves, and more than 4 (7 to 8 preferred). I'll be stuffed if I could find an affordable one for a half reasonable price. I only wanted it for the bedroom,,, looks were *not* paramount. Function over form. Also, I just dont have the wood working skills, some of you true DIY folk have. Screwing stuff together, is about the limit my skills take me. So, I scoured the Ikea website, looking for a solution. In the end, I had to improvise. The Ivar system was the answer. It's an adjustable shelving system, and the closest thing they have was shelves measuring- 124cm high x 42cm wide x 50cm deep. That doesnt work for hifi gear, it isnt wide enough. So I turned it on its side. I used..... 1. 2 x (124 x 50) sides 2. 9 x (42 x 50) shelves 3. 2 x Plywood sheets The ivar system uses metal rods, to brace the shelves and stop them from rocking. But I decided to use some plywood sheets to brace the sides instead. The result,,, function over form. May not be the pretty-est shelves you have ever seen, but it works a treat. It may look better with a coat of paint, but I dont mind it the way it is.
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    I went to Simon’s (simonon) GTG on the weekend. It was lovely to catch up with other members, to sit around and listen to music, and chat, and enjoy the snacks. The drinks were fine, the weather was very pleasant and sitting out the back was relaxing. So, what’s the problem? –GTGs are expensive! Not only is there new music to buy and artists to explore but occasionally I run across new gear that “I just have to have.” There was a new jazz group to audition, and some blues artists to seek out—all fine, but worse was to come. See, Simon has a new turntable, so I brought along an old Return to Forever album—Romantic Warrior. Before he put it on, he ran it through his ultrasonic cleaner. And this is where it starts to get horrible. Not only were some (but not all) of the clicks and pops gone but the ones left were somehow less intrusive, and there was a clarity and detail to the sound that I didn’t get at home. OK, no real issue--it’s his system and venue. “Take a cleaner home,” he said, being very co-operative. I said I’d consider it after I listened to Romantic Warrior at my place. On my system it had the same differences I’d noticed at Simon’s, so a couple of days later he lent me a complete cleaning system and made sure I knew how to use it. I discovered that my records were already pretty clean of dust and dirt. Yes, after cleaning many clicks and pops disappeared, but some were still evident. I guess they might be “non-removable” although I’ll give them another clean or two just to check. Unfortunately the improvement in clarity was on every LP. D*mn. I listened twice to a very old original pressing of Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, and after the cleaning some “moulding noise” that has been there forever turned into the breath intakes of the flute players. I remember when drummers placed leather jackets or blankets in the back of kick drums to give the sound more “thwack”. The slap of these drums was also more emphatic on many tracks. Grace Slicks voice on Red Octopus was…better, if that’s possible--thrilling. I told you, I hate GTGs—they can be expensive!
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    Evening Lads & greetings from a chilly West Wyalong. Finally arrived at Mum’s place last week, on the road for 25 hours, including a 4 hour sleep in the car, and stopping every hour for the Blu boy to drink and take a wiz. I drove through the night, a night after the full moon; it was clear and a bit nippy. It was a magical journey with the moonlight, especially south of Sydney heading out west where there was quite a frost. As the day broke a fog had formed and it gave the landscape a spooky atmosphere and it was at this time I decided to play some music. With such a long drive in the older car, I drove without music for most of it so I could hear the engine, wheels etc. But, with the finish line in sight, the car not missing a beat, and such a “magestical” view and atmosphere, I decided to take the edge off with some nice tunes. First up I went with... Radiohead ‘Kid A’ Being new to this album I thought it appropriate for my new life out west. Loving this album big time.. It was what I could only describe as ‘a perfect listen’, the timing and situation, and also my state of mind. How could I follow it? Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’ I’m familiar with this album and at the time it was the perfect follow up. Having my newest, second hand CD’s at the ready, I reached for the next one... Black Cab ‘Jesus East’ Australian, Indie Rock/Electro/Psy with some eastern sounds/instruments. I have been listening to this in the car ever since. ’Tis good to be back. Suffering music withdrawels without the Cosmic Rig, still only have the laptop to play with and I’m missing good, deep vibrations. Mum is doing well. I started at the pub today, back to cooking now after over ten years of gardening. Feeling good and confident I’ve made the right decision. Cheers Big Ears Ant. Sorry ‘bout the delayed post, it was so memorable for me I had to share.
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    My system this morning - plugged in my new (to me) preamp. Just need some decent cables now.
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    My oldest is going to high school next year. How did that happen? The years have flown by far too quickly. He has been asking for a tv in his room, for a little while. But that's not really cool with me. Since a young age, he has liked background music to fall asleep to, so I decided to put together his first stereo and gift it to him, for his bedroom . The idea came to me, when I saw a nice pair of speakers in our classifieds. And after putting it altogether and having a listen, I have to say,, what a lucky young man he is, he doesn't realise what he has got. [emoji41] Ok, here it is. A bedroom system on a budget. Speakers: Whatmough Opus 20's, $150 thank you SNA When I plugged these in and played them, I had a double take moment. Warm bottom end, airy open top end, nice easy listening. I have not been familiar with Whatmough speakers before, and I am a bit of a fan after hearing these little beauties. Amp: Yamaha RX-396, $75 thank you Gumtree. This is just a basic humble 2ch integrated amp, never heard it before but it was the right price so grabbed it. It is functionally perfect for this use case, as it has a remote, allowing the young man to control volume while laying in bed. It also has a sleep timer, so it can turn itself off when he falls asleep listening to music. Finally, it has 2 sets of speaker outputs, allowing me to bi-amp/wire the speakers. After listening to it,, I have to say, the moniker "Natural Sound" that Yamaha puts on its gear is very appropriate. CDP: Yamaha CDX-396, $40 thank you Gumtree. A basic no frills player, but sounds nice, and can be controlled from the amp remote. Turntable: Yamaha TT-400, $185 thank you Gumtree. The most expensive component, not sure if I paid overs, but they aren't that common, and it's aesthetically nice to have a system with matching brand components. Also had to drive over an hour to get it! I bought it from a audio enthusiast tinkerer, who is a Yamaha fan, and he took the time to refurbish it back to 'as new'. When I told him what I was buying it for, he had a smile from ear to ear. So, this is just a basic TT right, I wasn't too fussed about sonic supremacy at all. It has a very ordinary looking cartridge, and it's just a basic entry level unit. I just wanted the young man to be able to play records when he felt like it. Well, I get it home, and plugged into the amp phono inputs, played a new clean record. And it sounded lovely, with sweet clean highs, and the rest of the music was in place. I was surprised at the sound, and have no qualms at all by the second hand price paid. Great value, all things considered. Streamer: Wintal DAB17C, $140 on eBay. The only new component. Nifty little unit this, it adds internet radio, dab radio, dlna streaming (from my home nas), and Bluetooth input so he can stream music from a tablet. DAB tuned in fine in his room, using the supplied aerial cable, and it sounds clean and nice. No hums or any other nasties. The streamer just adds that current touch, to the system overall. The cabinet was mine, that housed my first system over 30 years ago. It was in the garage with boxes stacked onto it. It's nice to finally put it back into use. And to accompany the system, I got him his first record and cd,, newbies, to get him going. Music I know he likes. So, sitting and listening to it all in action,, I found myself a little shocked at the quality that can be had, with humble entry level second hand gear. I have new found admiration for Yamaha equipment, and for Whatmough speakers. Solid brands, that are great value for money, and sound very very nice. [emoji106][emoji7]
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    Hello all. I’ve been informed that there will be a 20% off sale on cds and records at JB tomorrow. Seems like one day only in store and online I believe. Cheers. M
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    What a tank, got a hernia now 😁
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    A few more pictures, just love the look of these babies, you can tell I grew up in the 70s and 80s 😁 A nude pic too for @mikey d
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    Item: WAVAC MD300B Amplifier plus extra 300B's Location: Paddington, Sydney Price: $2600. $100 donation to SNA. Sharply priced so low ballers and suspected flippers will be ignored. Item Condition: Amp - Excellent. See note below re spare tubes. Reason for selling: Taking up room in the attic Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A stunning amplifier both in looks and sound. I bought this from Victor 5 years ago and it probably hasn't had 100 hours on it since. I just fell in love with the Wavac sound -- I subsequently bought a Wavac LCR-X2 phono for my main rig. Can be used without a preamp, so a bargain to enter the world of Wavac and 300B tubes. Currently running with Golden Dragon 300B Super. I will also include a pair of Full Music 300B/n. PLUS a pair of Elrog ER300B which I purchased new. About 3 years ago when using the Elrogs the amp let out a nasty sound from one speaker. No magic smoke. I instantly disconnected and put back in the Golden Dragons. I have never had the Elrogs checked but as most know the early ones were notorious for failing. I suspect one of them is cactus but buyer is welcome to take them and have them checked. I have run this amp at a GTG using my Eclipse TD712 MKII speakers. These are 84db and therefore you would expect with the Wavac they should sound terrible. A number at the GTG preferred the sound over my 110W Pathos Logos. Happy to demo either with my Eclipse speakers, some much more efficient Blumensteins, or BYO. Original packaging included. Original add from Victor which has more info. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I dont buy many extra tubes but here is a few links from another forum you might check! http://www.tubeaudiostore.com http://www.emissionlabs.com http://www.jacmusic.com http://www.vacuumtubes.net/ http://www.kcanostubes.com/ http://www.dougstubes.com/ http://www.vacuum-tube-shop.com/ https://www.watfordvalves.com http://www.natubes.com http://www.shuguangtube.com/ http://www.mafaudio.com/pro/propage.aspx http://www.jjyaudio.com/products.asp?menuid=161&menuid1=255 http://www.brimartubes.com/ brentjes@audiotubes.com http://www.tubemonger.com/ http://www.cryoset.com/ http://tctubes.com/ www.analogtubes.com http://www.tubedepot.com/ http://www.thetubestore.com/ http://www.tubemuseum.org/ http://www.triodeelectronics.com/ http://www.electron-tubes.com/ http://www.house-of-tubes.com/home/hot_home.asp https://www.tubeworld.com/index_high.htm http://www.starkelectronic.com/tubes.htm http://www.tube-shop.com/ http://www.mullardtubes.com/ http://psvanetube.com/wordpress/ http://www.upscaleaudio.com/ http://www.vacuumtube.com/ http://www.valves.uk.com/ [UK site] http://www.vacuumtubesinc.com/ http://www.vacuumtubes.com/price7.html http://www.r-vac.com/tubes.htm http://www.tubedata.org/ http://stores.ebay.ca/SaleRCS http://www.vac-amps.com/homepage.htm http://members.aol.com/etetubes/ http://www.audioasylum.com/scripts/d.pl?audio/faq/joes-tubes.html http://www.audiotubes.com/ http://radiodaze.com/ http://hktubeaudio.homestead.com/files/tubecode.html http://www.musicdirect.com/ http://classic-tubeshop-kunisch.de *You can email Annette Kunisch in English. http://www.tube-and-valve-electronics.co.uk/ http://www.mcshanedesign.net http://www.partsconnexion.com/ Scroll down for preference http://tubemaze.info/ http://www.hifitubes.nl/catalog/tubes-c-21.html http://www.chelmervalve.com/ And tube tweak links http://herbiesaudiolab.net/ http://www.thetubestore.com/tuberings.html http://www.vintagetubeservices.com/Dampers.htm http://www.jenalabs.com/ [Tube Cryo-ing service - JenaLabs] http://tubeman.com/ [Tube Cryo-ing service] http://www.elusivedisc.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MHEATDAMP Tube Guide - http://hktubeaudio.homestead.com/files/tubecode.html Date codes for RCA - http://mysite.verizon.net/tubetronic/PDF_FILES/RCA DATE CODES.pdf [RCA date codes] Quick reference to Amperex, Mullard, Philips, and Valvo Tube Codes - http://www.audiotubes.com/mullcode.htm Foreign substitutes list for American type tubes [research thoroughly before any tube purchase!!!] - http://www.tubedata.info/usa2for.html
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    Vacuum tube audio sp14 preamp with premium parts. Time to wire her up...
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    When the acoustics guy who measured my room split the upgrade into three stages and told me that first off I should do the Bass traps and front wall I decided that I knew better and would do stage two and some of stage three being the side walls and ceiling. Anyway last weekend I bought some Viacoustic Bass traps from Kelossus that he recently advertised for a very reasonable price in the classifieds. Well now having installed the Bass traps I have to admit that I should have listened to young Mr Corsini the acoustics guy in the first place because the improvement caused by the bass traps on their own out weighs the side walls treatment. ... One interesting outcome from the Bass traps installation again comes down to system and room synergy. I have spent several days swapping and trying out different combinations of components and my preferred sounding PrimaLuna cdp in this room now doesn’t sound quite as good as the Droplet does, that is providing I swap out the Aurealis 12g Dueland cables for the Osborne speaker cables between the Superchargers and the speakers. With the PL cdp installed the Aurealis cables work much better than the Osborne cables. Go figure!
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    Another LDR attenuator. This one uses arduino to create an attenuator that does not need matched LRD's and can be calibrated for perfect channel image and variable input impedance up to 50K ohms to match whatever amp your connecting it to.
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    Here’re a few from our recent birding trip to Singapore and Malaysia Cheers mick
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    Item: Bonsai trees, please see pictures and associated descriptions Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: Varies see description Item Condition: Healthy Reason for selling: these are extra projects that I acquired many years ago, but being time poor will have to go to a good home. I still have many Bonsai trees, so not quitting this wonderful hobby Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: 1 Port Jackson Fig - Close to 15 years in training - $150 2 Ficus - Big base, with wonderful root structure very easy to train the top for a classic bonsai shape - $180 3 Ligustrum - Close to 15 years now, a classic shaped bonsai that is ready for a bonsai pot. Very hardy and easy to look after - $120 4 Japanese Maple forest - A stunner to say the least close to 20 years now, stunning intricate pattern leaves. One of the more desirable maple species. With just a little training and a shallow bonsai pot, it will be a classic bonsai that you see in all the Japanese bonsai books. A must if you have a collection or just want the one to enjoy and care for - Sold 5 Port Jackson Fig - An absolute stunner, close to 20 years now - $155 6 Ligustrum - An absolute stunner, close to 30 years now, has a driftwood feature. Continue to refine or place in a bonsai pot to enjoy. A real collectors piece - $400 Photos:
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    Item: tannoy the limited edition 15” dual concentric drivers in a folded horn design, comes with a pair of Tannoy ST-100 super tweeters and Mike Lenehan “Foil-Flex” interconnecting cables Location: Brisbane Price: 15,000 ONO Item Condition: beautiful condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: for sale is a pair of Tannoy Ronald Hastings Rackham limited edition 15” dual concentric speakers with a pair of Tannoy ST-100 super tweeters and a set of Mike Lenehan “foil flex” speaker cables to connect the main speakers to the super tweeters super rare speakers, limited edition, which sound simply fantastic, surrounds recently professionally replaced by local Tannoy/speaker repair authority some minor blemishes to the cabinets consistent with age/use easily bought back to A1 condition Happy to freight, however ideally wood prefer buyer to personally inspect, listen and enjoy prior to sale if you would like additional pictures/information please contact me Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I bought a Luxman L-507uX from the classifieds here & to say I’m happy is an understatement. I can’t find a mark on it Very very nice Happy Brad
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    @STROP yes mate there are a few suggestions that I need to catch up on, all top shelf no doubt. All- I am so happy with the 4367's. These babies just don't stop delivering. I mucked around with some things this arvo, played with the crossovers but have gone back to my original preferences, toed them in a bit to start with but the soundstage was very solid so toed them back out to where to see them in the image and that's a good compromise. In my room with my system they work well with bugger all toe in. Maybe 50-75mm out of parallel. These things throw a massive soundstage. Another thing I tried was bi wired (latest Lenehan speaker cables) vs the JBL crossover wires. Very surprising, a big difference. Bi wiring the JBL's using Mikes speaker cables was a significant improvement over using the supplied (robust) JBL crossover wires. In my gut, I always thought bi wiring was a bit of a tug but in my system with the JC1's bi wired to the JBL 4367 terminals, it makes a real difference. Synergy? A crossover designed for such things? Just the difference between so-so speaker cables and well designed ones? I canna answer that, I only know it really worked for me. The Stratos dac/pre is heaven sent and I just kept nudging the big JBL's higher and higher and all that happened was my ears cried enough. I am in love. It sounds so good that I am wondering if I even need to spend God-knows-how-much on an audio room. All is so fulfilling as it is. A concert experience right here in my own lounge room.
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    Slowly setting up the system after the move, got the speakers up but need to get a small stand, a bit low atm, next is the second TT.
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    feet and system from a few years ago. when i was too hung over to get off the couch or say anything.
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    This ad is formally nominated as a contender for the 'Best Written Classified Ad on SNA' for 2019 👍
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    Item: Duntech Crown Prince Location: Victoria Price: $4000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Funding Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale are a beautiful pair of Duntech PCL-1000 speakers, aka The Crown Prince. I have enjoyed these superb speakers for over two years now and they have performed beautifully. They feature new crossovers built by Kiat at Duntech. I changed the colour of the socks to a lovely grey which lessens the intimidation factor somewhat! They stand tall at 187cm. Not a speaker for the feint of heart. They probably work best in a big room but in my little 5.5m x 3.6m room they are superb. Probably not getting the soundstage width I'd like but in every other respect the Dunnies are spectacular in my room. all drivers are in excellent working order. When i first got these, one tweeter was not working so, after a search, i found a pair of bookshelves (the brand escapes me atm) which used the exact same tweeter. The faulty on was replaced and so there is a spare tweeter to go with these. Several people have heard me state that the CPs have been the best speaker I've owned. I still stand by that however, i have been recently incredibly impressed with another speaker which is why these are up for sale. If you know these and have been looking for a pair then here they are. Auditions are welcome however, as I'm in east gippsland, only serious buyers will bother doing this i'd guess. As you can see in the pics, these look gorgeous. The bases have a couple of small faults which I could attend to as requested by a prospective buyer. Not a big job to patch up and respray, unless you'd prefer to do that yourself in a finish other than the matt black. I have been driving these with Xindak mono blocs to great success. The Xindaks will be up for sale only once the speakers sell. Basic Specs: FR: 40hz - 20khz +/- 2db Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (varies from a minimum of 3 ohms to about 5 ohms, expect for impedance at bass resonance, which rises to apps 7 ohms) Efficiency: 90db Cheers, M Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I've just put together what I reckon is a ridiculously cheap way of having a very good sound quality streaming system, with storage, and library management, spending very little indeed. The system consists of an Intel NUC running Roon ROCK (dedicated Roon Core), a USB HDD for storage, and a USB audio device for headphone playback. The NUC is an old DN2820FYK, which is a Celeron machine. Roon says that this level of hardware won't run Roon. It does, with no problem at all. To the bare NUC I added 8Gb of RAM, and a 32Gb SSD. Roon ROCK is very small, so the 32Gb SSD still has 25Gb available for the Roon database. My 500 album library takes up 2% of this. so there's room for over 20,000 albums in the database. The 500Gb HDD has room for about 2,500 albums in FLAC format. Plus you can have all the streaming service albums as well. The audio device is an Audioquest Dragonfly Black, which has the ability to output full MQA. The ROCK can perform the first MQA unfold, and the Dragonfly does the rendering. Now, as this is not meant to work, I just gave it a bit of a stress test to see if it would fall over. With the NUC sitting there running Roon ROCK, I plugged in the Audioquest Dragonfly Black. There were some flickering lights, then the Dragonfly popped up as an output device on the Core. I selected it, and set it up to be an MQA renderer with the Core doing the first MQA unfold. This worked fine, with the purple light on the Dragonfly coming on when playing MQA material via the Tidal. All sounded fab through the headphones plugged in to the Dragonfly. I then enabled two DSP functions, Crossfeed, and Parametric EQ, and played with the EQ, with three bands modified. No stuttering, no problem browsing. No issues at all. At the moment, this low level of hardware seems to run Roon very nicely. This system cost me about $250 as I used mostly second hand bits, but if you just bought the NUC second hand, and the rest new, it would be: If I price it out: $200 2nd hand NUC with RAM and SSD (you can get i3 and occasionally i5 NUCs for this price, which would be even better) $69 1 Tb USB HDD $139 Dragonfly Black Total: $408 for a complete Roon system with storage for 5000 albums, complete with MQA playback. Not bad. A high end audio company would wrap this in a fancy looking box and sell it for $10k plus. Here's the complete system, just bring your headphones and subscriptions. And here is the browser running on the PC, and the iPad. Cheers, Jason.
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    Item: VIP Scout II Turntable with JWM9T Tonearm and Dynavector DV-20X2 L Cartridge Location: Gold Coast, QLD Price: $2,500 Item Condition: Used but in Great Condition Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Shipping or Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling my beautiful VPI Scout II turntable with JWM9T tonearm and Dynavector DV-20X2 L cartridge. The turntable is in great condition with minor wear. The cartridge does have many hours on it, but still sounds great. Included are the original Clamp, the VPI Original Jig for Cartridge Alignment, VPI Platter Mat and Paperwork I have all of the original packaging so the turntable will arrive safe and will be insured. The platter is very heavy, the total weight will be over 32 kgs. Local pickup is preferred. But I will ship at buyers expense. Let me know if you have any questions. Photos:
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    Item: SGR Cx4f Mkii (Current-Drive) Active Speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $12,700 Those wanting a new set of Mkii's are looking at a RRP of $33,000. Item Condition: Close to perfect High Gloss finish. No scratches, no dings. Front covers never used. Speakers come with Spikes and Spike Discs to protect timber floors. Genuine Isotek Evo 3 Premier Power leads connect to the separate Power Supplies designed by Stuart. Reason for selling: New Active Speaker direction. Payment Method: Bank Transfer If a sale is local I will arrange a suitable drop off. Interstate Purchaser will have to enter into discussion re covering the Transportation costs. Combined weight would be 100kg+. I have the original cardboard boxes and packing but that may not be a enough for a Courier road trip, across country. Extra Info: https://www.sgrloudspeakers.com/collection/convex-series.html https://darko.audio/2018/05/strayaaa-sgr-cx4f-munich-high-end-2018/ https://www.stereo.net.au/features/sgr-audio-from-humble-beginnings-to-the-world-stage These speakers have become highly revered here on SNA and across the Audio forums. Those who have upgraded from Mki to Mkii have been glowing in their subsequent reviews. I have attached some links to SNA threads over the years relating to both the Mki and Mkii versions. Those who have met Stuart and his father Harry (Ralston) will attest to their wonderful Customer Service. Both are absolute gentlemen and if you have ever been treated to one of Harry's 'Lunches' out in the East of Melbourne, whilst undertaking an SGR listening session, you will also know their hospitality knows no bounds. I had my Mki speakers converted by Stuart to the Mkii's in May 2017. The conversion program is no-longer available to my knowledge. With the 3 year warranty these Units have just under 12 months remaining. I will arrange with SGR to have the Warranty Transferred. SGR's search for perfection has ensured the high gloss paintwork is flawless. The fit and finish to the speakers is truly world class. At 45kg each there has been no scrimping on the structural framework. The Mkii's afforded me all day, fatigue free listening. The mids are beautiful and open and the top is not harsh. In my room the bottom end could shake the windows even with all EQ set to '0'. With my room boost there was measurable bass at 10htz. With 4 x 6.5 inch woofers in the sealed box the bass is fast and tight. If you absolutely feel the need to supplement them with subs (For HT) the necessary connections can be found on the rear. (see images) These locally made speakers are 'A bit Special'. You will not be disappointed. PM is you need more details please. Regards Cazzesman PS. Thanks to another SNA member for some terrific photos of the speakers (and spell checking :-p).
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    Little old friend came back home last week. A very nice man gave it a going over. There is a segway. It could be the pug of stereo's if its eye's were a little bigger Swapped some motorbike parts or a motorbike in the 90's for it. Gave it to my brother. He passed away earlier this year. It came back home. Before that I promised him I'd try to get it going again. Have to say for what it is its pretty cool. Vol pot in pre was lunched. Very nice man found a replacement but the shaft needed modification. Lucky for me I have a machine shop. Lucky for me Very nice man and I worked together and got the job done. The dial illumination meant the pot shaft had to be machined. The way the dial is constructed made any alternative difficult to consider. Its a really fun little amp that does a whole heap of stuff very well. #Toshiba Aurex "System 15"
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    My favourite- @BuzzzFuzzz @Capone @awayward @Tubularbells @deanB @Davo1972 @candyflip @08Boss302 et al
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    Moved today... the important bit is set up...
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    Yikes. Plants on top of speakers. You must be married?[emoji3]
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    Prices Pier, Melbourne Z7 24-70/f4 S @24mm Nisi 6 stop ND filter Nisi 2 stop hard ND Grad 25sec @f10
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    An update on my stereo pair of Phantom Gold. Spent a lot of time positioning the speakers in the open plan family room, but still not compromising the room’s everyday use. For those who have read my journey, the Golds have been rotated 90 degrees from its previous orientation, now facing the length of the room. This has resulted in a more even response between the left and right speakers and more flexibility (but not total flexibility) to position them for optimal sound. The Golds are on Triangle S04 speaker stands and Isoacoustics Aperta 100 stands. For the keen eyed, the smallest Ikea bamboo chopping board made it easier and more consistent for the Golds to sit on the Aperta stands. Together, both stands isolated the Golds from vibration and allowed them to be positioned at ear level. The Golds are steady on those stands, but not recommended when there are young children or pets who love a chase! Still using UPnP to connect to the Golds, with BubbleUPnP on a Samsung tablet controlling the music from a NAS. BubbleUPnP also provides access to Tidal. Decided not to adopt Roon because UPnP’s wider and fuller sound stage was more compelling for me. However, other Phantom owners like Roon for the metadata management, music recommendations and Tidal integration. Roon can also overcome some of the Phantom’s limitations (see first post in this thread). These Roon advantages were not enough to convince me, but your use case may be different. Setting up room correction took time and effort. Had to learn how to use REW and rePhase to do impulse and phase correction and am still refining the process. Running the convolution files using Minimserver on an Intel NUC with SnakeOil OS. The end result is a superb stereo system with a wide and full sound stage with lots of detail and good resolution. Delighted with the sound stage where it is possible to tell each musician's "space". Instruments and voices sound natural with good tonal balance between the bass, mids and highs. While it is best in the main listening position, the Golds perform well off axis with the music filling the room. It has clearly surpassed my previous set up. For people looking for a simple setup that can produce music comparable to a high-end conventional system, I strongly recommend a stereo pair of Devialet Phantom Gold.
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    Hi Matt, I have been following that thread with great interest. The evaluation board looks massive! - I have a feeling it is probably $1000+ AKM referred me to Arrow Electronics for the evaluation board but it doesn’t seem to be showing up there yet so I don’t know where Markw4 got his. Anyway I finally got my own evaluation board yesterday and and I’m just waiting for a few more parts to finish it off. It is a very basic evaluation board that I designed mainly to get an initial operation up and running and test out control codes. It was a bit of a challenge soldering the 128-pin HTQFN package - super fine pin pitch. Anyway I should have it finished next week so it will be very interesting with the first testing process.
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    Elizabeth Street, Melbourne on a cold, wet night. Nikon D750 + Nikkor AF-S 24mm f/1.8G @ f/5.6 1/30sec ISO400
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    Tried it for one track without subs. Nope, love my subs, they just keep that little 5% of subterranean bass foundation there for the rest of the music to tower tall on. So next is to re-test the DSPeaker management through the Ayon and play a bit more with speaker position and crossover settings. My music seems to sound nicer with the 24/192 upsampling switched off and on filter 2. Sounding very bloody nice right now.
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    Blasted the usual test tracks. Initial crossover settings The other new beast. Seems to like Tool, the evil bastard.
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    It seems that not only the birds give you the eye, found this Brush Tail possum in a nesting box (soundbyte built) next door this morning.
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    PLX 1000 Gold Note PH-10 Vitus R-100 Line Magnetic 502 DAC Pi Roon streamer with Digi one hat lenehan ribbontek into Lenehan ML1 Reference speakers. It’s my Ironing room system - pity the acoustics are ordinary
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    I’m enjoying these DIY Edgar Horns at the moment. Got the DBX Driverack analogue crossover dialled in ‘just right’ . Virtually zero coloration from the horn section, but still maintains a desirable horny effect. Reckon I’ve got all the theoretical frequency spectrum holes plugged for the first time with this set-up ...the excellent German Eton 11-581 is in an 80L bass reflex box is strong down to 25Hz; Acoustic Elegance Dipole 15” in an H-frame open baffle is good from 30Hz-500Hz gently crossing to the Dynaudio D54 Edgar Horn mid section; highs are taken care of by a 109dB efficient Audax PR120 Horn ring radiator crossing at about 4kHz; and the ultra high frequency rolled in around 14kHz is handled by the original Raven R-1 ribbon tweeter good to 40kHz. The whole shebang is run active with the Driverack and five stereo amplifiers headed by the Supratek Cortese VT-99 preamplifier, which is adding greatly to the sound with its tube goodness. Overall sound is close to the finesse (well, not quite) of my Orange Direct Drive ESL , but with the added dynamics and excellent image depth that a well set up horn system like this one gives. Steve. ...some iPad shots .
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    DIY is a path paved with blood sweat and tears. Suck it up and solve your problems yourself - the pot of gold waits for you on the other side. We do DIY work not because it is easy but because it is hard. No one is born with soldering skills - you have to practice to get better.
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