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    my recently purchased pile is getting larger. Need to put some records into the record racks soon Loving the Glorious Record boxes - almost like being at a record store. Pity I have no more room for more.
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    2 low ballers now blocked - surprisingly I’m not willing to sell this for $2500...
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    Still not 100% but pretty close.
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    Some temporary guests have moved in, still trying to get the best out of them via positioning. They haven’t got the illuminators slam nor is their bass as deep and articulate but they certainly have something . Dreaming of mods that could really really lift them to epic status. Oh and they are certainly thirsty when it comes to power. Thanks to @ppsa who was a complete pleasure to deal with for the purchase.
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    Way back in 1991, I heard my first pair of Apogees at a Hi Fi store in Melbourne. In 1992, my brother was stationed in the US and he purchased a pair of Apogee Centaur Majors for me. He bought them back with him, following his posting in 1994. At the time they were $12,000 in Australia but $3,000 US so this was the only way I could afford them at the time. I still have the Centaurs as the rear channel in the surround sound theater system. In 2011, I decided I would upgrade the Centaurs. I flew to NSW and spent time at Bill McLean's listening to Magnepan 3.6's and then to Audio Connection where I listened to Martin Logan CLX's. I settled on the CLX's and was extremely happy with the sound, but one day I noticed that the speakers were starting to fall apart, with the crossover box beginning to separate from the rest of the speaker. Martin Logan replaced these speakers under warranty and have addressed this issue in the new ones. While this was happening, a pair of Apogee Diva's came up for sale in Australia, so I purchased them sight unseen. Unfortunately they were not in a good state and I was forced to look at my options. I sent them to Graz for an assessment and the report back was far from encouraging. I has some aged Jarrah hardwood that I wanted to be used for the fronts but Graz convinced me that it was a bad idea as it would compromise the sound. He said that he could come up with a Diva design, that incorporated the Jarrah wood and would surpass that speaker in all areas of performance. This was the start of a three year journey, visits to his home where the build was taking shape, many emails, swearing's of secrecy, friendships made, illnesses and accidents to us both at different times, listening sessions, input into crossover values etc. etc. and the wait. I have to say that during this whole process, Graz has been the consummate professional, at no stage has he skimped on any parts costs and his build quality would put many car manufacturers to shame. His attention to detail and attitude to tolerances would have to be second to none and I have nothing but praise for the work and effort that he has put into these speakers. I have attached images so that you can see the finished product which is currently the only pair in the world. Unfortunately with the current pandemic, I am locked at home with these amazing speakers.
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    system been sounding nice tonight
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    Nothing new, but pulled the whole system down today. Gave everything a wipe and clean, separated all cables etc. Sounds a treat.
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    Trestle table moonlighting as my work desk. #WFH
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    Hi everyone A warning to be careful of scammers and this email is also to notify admin. I posted a wanted a few months ago in the classifieds, seeking a Naim Star and recently received a private message from Rob Moller stating he had a friend that had one and to email him if I was interested. I emailed the said person and received the following email: Dave - Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the delay in response as I was busy with meetings. I just got a chance to check my mail. Yes, I have a Naim Uniti Star for sale in excellent condition. Absolutely mint condition. Purchased two months ago. I have decided to stick with my Uniti Atom as I don't need the CD player and extra power. All original packaging, accessories and manuals are included. I’m selling due to lack of use. Price is $3050 shipped. I'm in Sydney and will ship via UPS. Payment will be sent to my bitcoin wallet or bank transfer. What is your complete shipping address? Kind regards Richard There were immediately a few alarm bells raised at the mention of bitcoin wallets, UPS, bank transfers and shipping addresses prior to any real discussion about the sale. When I emailed back and indicated I happened to be in Sydney and could inspect - surprise, surprise, no response and deafening silence. Be careful out there everyone. David
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    Hi all been a long time since I have posted ! mainly because of a new loudspeaker or should I say a new concept . Some of you may know I've been designing a new loudspeaker for Bill Hobba called the Magnesium limited . This speaker uses the 5.5inch Seas Magnesium bass driver and the Morel 1 inch neodynium tweeter. After what was a long long time with Xover design we ended up with a loudspeaker that exceeded the performance of the drivers I currently use in my ML1 ML2 and ML5 loudspeakers At 65 years old I was seriously considering retiring at the end of the year ! was it boredom ? anyway back to why I'm fired up now ! These new Magnesiums are simply incredible and finally exceed what the Peerless Nomex drivers are capable of , let me explain why I virtually retired with the Peerless Nomex's . These drivers use Carbon fibre impregnated synthetic paper cones . OK so what ? We all know that lightweight paper cones produce exception midrange sound but are not that great in the bass . The main reason for this is that the paper produces superb vocal and mid sound because of papers low moving mass and it's ability to dampen mid harmonic resonances at the top of it's passband. So with the Peerless nomex drivers we have a situation where the nomex behaves very much like paper in the mids but also has a carbon filament which makes the drivers sound like more rigid bextrene or composite diaphragm drivers which equates to excellent bass. (is anyone bored to death yet ? ) OK I've tried all the expensive super drivers and ! well ! sorry but no go , the rather inexpensive Peerless Nomex 830883 bass driver at $120 simply beats them . UNTIL now ! I will be using the new Seas W19NX-001 Graphene Magnesium woofer and Seas T35 Exotic 35mm tweeter in a new design . Theres a lot more to this story so I will continue tomorrow ( I need another Chivas Regal and dry ) Cheers Mike Lenehan
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    New DIY Bamboo hifi rack.
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    Just received our first batch of Line Magnetic integrated amplifiers, first cab off the rank, the LM-805IA. Wowwee! What a stunning performer and the stock photos we saw do not do the products justice! So beautiful to look at and even the straight-of-the-box sound is sensational!
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    Perhaps a PM with your generous offer will be more appropriate, considering you are lowballing on a great price for a fantastic sounding bookshelves Neo
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    Ahhhh.... that's better.
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    I have recently adopted the "less is more" approach.
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    Further information: Here I have a pair of Yamaha NS-1000M speakers in custom Ebony veneer all refurbished in Japan. The previous owner imported these all done in Ebony veneer gloss at great expense. I reworked the crossovers, and terminals, to take these speakers to the next level. They look stunning, and are one of a kind. Now they also sound fantastic ofcourse. All drivers are in as new condition. A very special pair indeed. Similar to Kenrick Sound ones. Some minor marks and scratches, and blemishes on the gloss finish. Matching serial numbers. Pickup only. Photos:
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    Remove John Farnham from the first page and you can probably charge 15k 😁
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    Life seems to have gotten in the way the last month, but it’s always there when you need some comfort. Linda Ronstadt.. Simple Dreams, singing some Warren Zevon tunes....❤️
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    Studer A80, This 1/4 inch machine has been fully rebuilt by the ABCs head tech over a 2 year period. It is in perfect working order and has 2 remote controls, one is a cordless. Included are hubs and trumpets, but no reels. This early machine is considered to be the more analog sounding A80. Pick up would be nice from North Richmond NSW. I could not imagine the price to buy and then rebuild one of these today. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Home with the kids. TV with sound through the system. Most of it was wiggles on netflix. I got a new rack made by Like Butter in Kensington.
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    I picked this up very cheap (free in fact) from a fantastically generous SNA member a few weeks ago. Braught it home, cleaned it up and everything works. Sounds great. I think this last thing was meant to go on a submarine. It just spins and makes me dizzy...
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    Still missing my Illuminators😢 wanthem back from the fix it shop already. 😢 The fish tank is gone, New couch, new rug, floors polished, fresh acoustic panels and a color change. with the dark walls it feels like I’ve just upgraded my PJ.
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    Hi all been a long time reader so thought it’s about time I showed my setup. Today I moved my hifi into the home office.... best day at work this year!
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    The current COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and we would be lying if we said we haven't seen a downturn of traffic through our retail store, particularly over the last two weeks. The health and well-being of our clients is our top priority and we understand that people would prefer to stay at home and limit their movements while this period of uncertainty hangs over all our heads. Although this may be considered a small gesture, for those of you (understandably) reluctant to visit the store but keen on a new purchase, we are happy to offer free home delivery (within the Perth metro area) to any clients spending $200 or more. As we are a small independent, your help, patience and understanding in locking in these deliveries for mutually agreeable times is appreciated. We will also consider in-home demonstrations to potentially serious buyers if the need arises. For any queries please dont hesitate to contact the team at Frank Prowse HiFi dave@frankprowsehifi.com.au jacob@frankprowsehifi.com.au mark@frankprowsehifi.com.au
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    I reckon a well designed amp, when paired with suitable speakers, can play any type of music irrespective of the topology. A poorly designed amp, or one with speakers that are outside of it's "comfort zone" will show strain.
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    Here you go. This weekend I’m lucky enough to try some Big Blue Bricks! My son replicated the room by LEGO which I think is pretty good
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    As a postie, lockdown may not happen, at the moment I am working 2 hours longer,as we do not have parcel home delivery,in my small country town ,so we have taken on ourselves to do home delivery, it saves people coming out to pickup items , I leave them in a safe spot,and now we are going to do P.O. Boxes with people who live in town,, farms will still need to pickup parcels but mail is in their boxes still,,the less contact the better, New Zealand have closed all post offices , but delivery is still done,both letter and parcels, best practices have been issued to all, in the industry, there is near ZERO chance of catching c 19 from any item in the postal system, experts say 12 hours on any paper surfaces ,is as long as the virus could survive , seeing it takes up to 10 days to get lps from Sydney to perth ,we are pretty safe , just keep your distance !!!!!!!!
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    Actually, none of those reasons are correct. This was a deliberate ruling in conjunction with a number of other restrictions/checks to stop scammers. I would rather not publish the exact requirements needed to simply sign up and scam members. Vague - yep. Intended? Absolutely.
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