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    My ever evolving system, McIntosh phono stage is the latest addition.
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    Must say I’m not a fan of nominating an “SNA champion” as this forum is built on the participation of so many members, the donated moderation by the Mods team and the administration by Marc. To try and single out one member as a “champion” is a little naive when one thinks about the numerous amazing contributions from the above mentioned groups. SNA has made it possible to meet so many great people and share the passion of music and the hobby of hi-fi. That is something to be valued and celebrated without the need to declare some better than others. There’s another thread recently started, availing members the opportunity to publicly thank other members for their help or contributions; isn’t that enough...?
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    So let's find a day that we can all celebrate: Federation Day - January 1st, arguably more relevant, the day that the nation of Australia was formed 3rd September - the date that Australia formally ratified the statute of Westminster and became an independent state
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    My system has changed and simplified over the past few months. Out: Magnepan 1.7, Elektra power, Aksa Swift GK1 pre. In: Proac 1s, Weston Topaz KT 120 I picked up my Topaz on Monday and it’s just magic with the little Proacs. They sounded pretty good with the Elektra but Earle’s amp has lifted the SQ by quite a margin. I was thinking to get some floorstanders but it sounds so damn good I can’t see a reason to do anything for quite a while.
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    After extensive testing and tweaking, the long-suffering search function has been greatly improved. I just searched Osborn Epitome, as an example, and it returned 3 pages of results dating back to 2006. Their is a little delay, but with over 3.7 millions posts to trawl, I think it's working very well. The entire search index is now being rebuilt (re-indexing the entire website) - it's been running around 24 hours now and is 66% complete. This process will be slowing the site response a little at the moment while this takes place. Once complete we should be back up to full speed and full functionality.
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    Yes sad news, I got to meet Malcom Young 1996, I just got married and we stayed at the Park Royal at the Rocks after our wedding, said to my new wife lets go to the bar for a drink, walked into the cocktail bar and these crazy looking dudes started congratulating us and said "have a drink on me" it was AC/DC and all the road crew just after their gig at the Entertainment centre, they made us feel special and had a good chat to Malcom for a good half an hour, he was sipping Tea, I told him we had Sydney's premier Blues Band "The Foreday Riders" play at our wedding, he knew of them and respected them, great chat we had just wish we had a camera Anyway he gave us tickets for the Sunday nights gig at the Entertainment Centre, great seats and what a great way to end our wedding, thank you Malcom, I'll never forget that night
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    satin flycatchers were nest-building today: Satin Flycatcher female Satin flycatcher male 1 Satin flycatcher male 2 cheers mick
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    You’re correct, and I do apologise. It was a personal attack and I shouldn’t of made it. But do you think his comments were warranted or helpful? I’m a 41 year old white Australian, born in Geraldton north of Perth. Geraldton has a large aboriginal population of Yamatji people. We had a Yamatji family living next to us for maybe 10 of the 20 years I lived in our family home. There was some good days and some bad, but that happens. Growing up and into my 30’s I was very racist. A product of the town I grew up in, what I experienced as a child and the attitudes of family and friends. I used to be scared to go to high school. It was almost a weekly ritual , sometimes daily,to be threatened of being bashed or worse by the aboriginal kids. It wasn’t just aboriginal people that I was taught to be afraid of, it was the “boat people “ , the wogs, the muslims etc etc I agree that some of the things that cafe described can be confronting and having to deal with these on a weekly or daily basis is pretty hard. I have lived it pretty first hand for a lot of years and yet my attitude has changed, WHY? Empathy, I empathise with their struggles, I try to put myself in their shoes. Not just aboriginal people but all marginalised people. Try and understand what’s it like to live the way they do. Also through my own struggles with addiction in recent years. Gambling and alcohol addiction have almost torn my life apart in the last 5 or so years as some of you may be aware of my posts in the off the grog thread on SNA. Im aware of the impact that alcohol can have on families and especially the children in those families. It is a hideous problem that can be passed down to others in the family. The drinking culture in my family and Geraldton in particular was exceptionally harmful. Drink to get drunk, was the name of the game. I picked up most of my fathers bad drinking habits. What has has also helped to change my views is the younger generation. My missus kids and their friends have a lot my empathy towards people, they don’t see race or gender or sexuality as much as we did growing up, they see human beings. The future does look good in their hands, I hope that next generation from them will be even more compassionate and understanding than them again. To to be honest with you I don’t know what the answer is or how to fix it. I’ve tried to do my little bit to help a few people in need. I have been a regular at one of the soup kitchens in Perth, not just for aboriginal people but for all disadvantaged people, they also have a great program for the children at schools that don’t get fed properly, or get any food to take to school. It’s pretty hard to learn when you have a hungry tummy. I have also been a regular at an addiction program that helped me through my troubles, again not just aboriginal people but definitely a high percentage. A lot of the time court imposed and they don’t particularly want to be there but if I can make them feel more comfortable and positive hopefully it can make a little difference. Drugs and alcohol play a major factor in the issues aboriginal people face but it is also more than that. How would you feel, when every day you step out your front door you are looked at and made to feel like a second class citizens. Like your not welcome in your own country. The argument that I hear all the time and has been mentioned in this thread is they get all these handouts, blah blah blah. Go and get a job. How hard do you think it is to get a job when you’re aboriginal or Muslim for that matter? Ask yourself this. Would I give an aboriginal person a job if they had exactly the same qualifications as a white person? Would race or religion make a difference in that situation? Why do I think aboriginal people or steal cars do break ins etc? The same reason white people do. Low incomes, bad home life, being abused at home, trying to get money for drugs to try to escape reality for just a brief moment. Do I think this is ok ? No of course not, but it is reality and until more people empathise and understand this I don’t think things are going to change. These people should be held accountable for their actions, but the court system and detention or jail or not the answer in a lot of cases and can and does make things worse. Its no ones culture to steal and rob people, to say that is just ludicrous. I think ancestry and the way you are bought up has a great deal to do with how “racist you are”. A lot of English people I know are some of the most racist people I have met. But so are a lot of aboriginal people, who are by definition very racist. Things need to change on both sides of the fence for things to improve. Do do I think that changing the date we celebrate this great land of ours will help? Not really, but it may help a little. Little steps can lead to big changes in the future. This whole thread was about the hottest 100 and should it be changed to another day? No I don’t think it should have because it has nothing to do with Australia Day, it was about music. Again in I apologise to Cafe , I shouldn’t have attacked him for his views. Cheers Dave.
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    I've said this before but I think it bears repeating: one of the greatest wins for the Right is the way they've engineered public opinion so that people feel like the Left engineers public opinion.
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    Item: Harbeth SHL5 in Eucalyptus with Skylan Stands Location: ACT Price: $3000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: They are lovely and in excellent condition no issues with these they have been well looked after and babied. I have the original packaging for the speakers but not the stands however I would much prefer pickup. Pictures:
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    Found these orchids today Arthur Pieman Conservation Area. Heaps more area to cover, so expecting a few more. Not so good with these, gusty winds hampered my efforts, hoping for calmer weather tomorrow. Calochilus paladosus white morph. Calochilus herbeaceous Calochilus paladosus
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    I have heard the 833S many times at the past Melbourne Audio Club. George is correct; but when you listen to it, the supernatural presence of the sound overrides any misgivings you might have about the FR anomalies. They are touted as 125W, but they are knock offs of the Japanese 100W WAVAC which first light of day (you can read a newspaper off the glow of the output tube!) 15 years ago for $USD350k. The owner of the company is a road building tycoon in Japanese, and he threw everything at the design and execution. The Chinese version is almost as nice to look at but is almost two orders of magnitude cheaper. It also runs at 900V B+, about 300V less than the Japanese original. I really like this amp in David's setup. Not so convinced about the Monuments, but they are imposing and beautifully made. The sound is wonderful, very engaging and musical. Nothing transfers emotion like a single ended tube, cheap, expensive or middle cost. I have a 6EM7 spud SET which I find is a reference. Hugh
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    A big day out again photography wise yesterday, but decided to have relaxing day today. Play time for a few of my images taken earlier this year.
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    My Kuzma Stabi S now has two Kuzma arms - both the 9 inch and 12 inch versions of the Stogi Ref - and the additional platter upgrade. Sounding very nice, and very close to the Stabi Ref in performance.
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    Managed the last few hours of the first day.Here is a taste for the eyes!
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    Hi @adwaski I am happy for you or anyone else to make an offer.
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    Yep playing my hard rubbish find , giving them some juice now. So amazed what these guys are capable off. Definitely no Illuminators and not great lookers in today's market but jeez they can sing.
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    After having been involved in some discussions about analogue and digital and the relative costs vs quality debate I have taken the plunge and upgraded to a new turntable. My contention is/was, was/is, that in order to realise sound quality equal to that of a good CD player you have to spend more on a turntable. My 30 year old Rega 2 had never sounded so good as it did with my new system but it was not as good as my new cd player. F/F to last week and I took delivery of my new turntable and have had the opportunity to play it on a few occasions. I was initially very impressed with the performance and kinda thought that was that. It is a match for my CD player? Yep. Then I stumbled upon a video of Michael Fremer setting up a turntable... After watching most (too much) of that I wanted to kill myself. Knowing all of that extra goodness was perhaps locked away in my turntable and it would take the same cost as my turntable worth of ancillary measuring equipment and an order of magnitude more patience than I will ever have in my life to realise. Now I already have purchased a protractor and some scales to align and set the tracking force. I didn't have anything but my eyesight to measure the vertical tracking angle but it looked ok once I had installed the cartridge. The instructions for the turntable said that it could be used with or without the turntable mat but the VTA would have to be adjusted to keep it level. Well, Micheal introduced this previously unknown setting to me of the "stylus rake angle". Basically saying that the tip of the stylus should be at 92 derees because that's how the cutters were set up. Not "level". As it transpired I experimented over the last couple of days with and without the turntable mat and found I liked the sound without the mat better. This may have been the absence of the mat or the fact that the tip of the stylus without the mat was now altered slightly and may have been closer to 92 degrees than the original 90.. I don't care. It sounded tighter, clearer and more CD like. Yes, I like that. As my arms' anti skating is optimised for cartridges with tracking force of 2g and my cartridge recommended tracking force is 1.75 I was concerned that the "automatic" anti skating may be an issue. As it turns out the range of adjustment for my cartridge is up to 2g. Cool! And the instructions for the arm suggest setting the cartridge tracking force to the maximum the cartridge is recommended for. Cooler!!! So set tracking force to maximum. Back to tonight. Playing with the mat removed and the tracking force set to max delivered a "fast" and revealing sound. But it eventually became a bit " hard". Fatiguing. A bit of tweaking with the tracking force, backing it off, and everything sounded much better. So what have I found? Yes, this turntable set up now equals the sound quality of my CD player. I can listen to either source with equal satisfaction and enjoyment. Nearly. If I choose analogue I will have to accept the clicks and scratches that are part of that medium. I have found the new TT arm combo is more sensitive to scratches and has skipped tracks. On a record in mint condition though, the sound is equal to my CD. I am impressed. 1 point to the analogue people. I also grock some of the "allure" of analogue vis a vis the tactile engagement. Sitting and listening to music and watching the TT do its thing, and I happen to think mine looks pretty cool, provides an added pleasure. But, as it stands the turntable and ancillaries cost more than the CD player to achieve the same result. 1 point to me. And my CD player sits there silently while I **** about with minute adjustments to tracking force, remove and replace platter mats, clean records and the stylus, get up every 20 minutes to swap sides and muting the amp while I lift the tone arm and looks at me as if to say, "really", are you enjoying this?...
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    New cart installed yesterday and a long session followed. Really enjoying the Shelter Harmony cart.
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    Woo Hoo! We got an award at the 2017 International HiFi Show!
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    I hope he's also on SNA and starts his own thread!
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    Item: First Watt F4 Location: VIC 3148 Price: $1650 $1400 + shipping Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), COD Only Extra Info: A unique amplifier design. Provides no voltage gain so you need to make sure there is enough gain in the rest of your system. I believe all of these units were hand built by Nelson Pass himself of Pass Labs fame. 25w/ch into 8ohms 40w/ch into 4 ohms no negative feedback class a design. Great sounding amplifier but doesn't have quite enough juice to drive my speakers hence the sale. Sonically very transparent when not taxed and beats many other amps that have passed through my system, including the Sanders Magtechs... after all it's the First Watt that counts. More info here: http://www.firstwatt.com/f4.html Pictures:
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    have not played this in a while. Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason. original UK pressing
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    OJC reissue vinyl. Very good pressing. Classic Monk.
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    Another milestone moment last night...the first permanent external panels are screwed onto an amplifier...have a look... Six SET channels = six ammeters to show the B+ current of the power tube. These are not strictly necessary but they sure are convenient compared to putting in test points and measuring current with a multimeter. I will make up some custom faceplates for them so that it is easy to identify the channel I am adjusting. The five LED lights are for the various stages of power-up of the amplifier based on the status of the power supply box. These amps will be set to take at least 3 minutes to power up. Up top are two l-pads and a knob for hum-bucking the DHT heaters. All OPT's are wired up and pretty much all that is left to do is the signal wiring for the actual amplifier. I've started wiring up the amplifier circuits. They all fit on the one bit of aluminium as seen below... A closeup of the input section of the amp including gas regulator tubes for the bias, 4 first stages and 2 single stages (yes - two single stage SET amps for the higher frequency channels)... This is the top level of the amp and below is a photo of it sitting in place... Above this is the actual top plate of the amp. It is constructed of damped 8mm aluminium plate and screws to this 'rafter' plate that the tubes fit into. Hopefully it all will prove to be rather inert and I won't be able discern any tube microphonics. Happy days! There is still quite a bit to do to finish off this first amp but in the meantime I am going to build the other one up to this stage while I still remember what I have done.
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    Hi All I will get right to it - my USB only GROB simply blows away the Direct Stream. That's right - a 2.3k or so DAC takes out, and make no mistake about it, the difference is not subtle, the much much more expensive Direct Stream with the latest software etc (I think its about $8k or so here in Aus). Here are the details. The system was: 1. An old Macbook running an old version of Audirvana and my little Windows machine running HQPlayer up-sampled to DXD. HQplayer easily bested Audirvana - but I have to emphasize this was a very old version running on an old machine. New versions running on more modern Mac's would almost certainly be a LOT better. 2. The Direct Stream and my USB only GROB DAC. 3. An ISO Regen using Clay's power supply. 4. The BHK Pre 5. The 250W BHK amp with new NOS tubes from a tube nut (well he is a nice guy actually with what many consider the best system in Aus- so 'I shouldn't say that - but I am sure you get my drift). Its the best my BHK has sounded. 6. A pair of standard ML1's - no Duelunds or anything like that the maker, Mike, uses in his more upmarket speakers - just the standard version with Erse capacitors. 7. Curios USB cables used into and out of the regen. Mostly the critical listening was done with my standard critical listening track - Diana Krall - Case Of You but we did try some other stuff including Tidal MQA via the Tidal application which only does the first unfolding and compared it to some rips I had - one we checked that way was Diana Krall - Wallflower - full unfolding will need to wait until I can connect my Aries LE to it and see what happens. We didn't try the Bridge on the Direct Stream to check out full unfolding of MQA because it wasn't connected up. Ok - started listening to he GROB via Audirvana - not bad - not bad at all. Switched to the Direct Stream. Hmmm - a little different - maybe slightly better harmonic texture - but it was close. Switched back - and as often happens in such comparisons when you go to something better the difference was more pronounced - I thought the GROB was better. Better detail, bass and flow. OK lets get rid of that old Audirvana and put in HQPlayer upsampled to DXD. Holey cow - now we are cooking - it was at another level - it simply sounded so dynamic and real. Switched to the DS - flat and dead by comparison. Switched back - again now very alive. Tried some other tracks - Air Supply - Best Of in 88.2. Same thing. Then John Williamson - 40 Year Anniversary - wow - I never heard John sound like this - he was there. Boogy With My Baby just bought an involuntary smile. OK I have Tidal on my little machine so lets see how it goes into the GROB. We tried 44.1 Wallflower - blah - not that big a fan of 44.1 through Tidal - its OK and I listen to it a lot - but stuff on my disk is better - except for MQA. Pity I can't run it through HQPlayer. But I have a ripped copy of that on my machine so played that though HQ Player - now we are cooking again. Played the MQA version - it sounded better again - a comment of someone else there was - listen to the bass - it was amazing. I said that's it - my DS is going. This is a USB only version - Clay will build me a SPDIF only version I will use for my HT stuff out of my Oppo. Why not simply get one where you can switch between the two? Clay will probably kill me for saying this - but I say it how I see it - my opinion is you will not get this type of performance out of a version with a switch on inputs. I think the performance I was getting is due in part to it only being USB and internally all connections from the USB board were kept as short as possible. However until a comparison can be made with a switched version it's just conjecture. I mentioned it to other people and everyone (except one person) said - no - it couldn't make that much difference. I just am not that sure - I have heard stranger things in this hobby. That one person however is a DAC builder and designer himself (Rawl99) - he said - could be, could be - he only has one input on the DAC's he mucks around with - but much prefers the I2S interface. So there you have it - a stunning result - well done Clay. Thanks Bill
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    Oh yes. That sacrosanct day. This great tradition of Australia Day that started in 1994...... No Australia Day hoo ha when I was a bairn. Today morphed into drunken morons staggering around at the beach, wearing the flag like a superman cape and dragging it in the dirt (was a hanging offence once). Yep.....real respectful of an ancient tradition. Chuck in some abuse of immigrants and a couple of burnouts and it's a fun filled day ! Pfffft.
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    Ok all ive been away for a while and had time to listen and play with the tannoys they are sounding good on everything The highs are just right and the lows are unbelievable they just travel through the room. On the 211 amp they come to life So much clarity and musicality. All i want to do is listen to them. Mind you did i mention how heavy they were moving them to the main room was a challenge least the wheels are still on.
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    2 left feet & The Black Keys...
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    Couple of beauties to enjoy on a rainy day John Coltrane-Live At Birdland Miles Davis-******* Brew
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    Here is the latest product from Holton Audio. Holton DC Blocker One AC mains conditioner. If your amplifier has ever suffered from a noisey buzzing power transformer that seems to come and go depending on the time of day. Your sound system is most likely suffering from DC on the AC mains. DC on the mains is generated from a lot of modern appliances like air conditioners, laser printers, switchmode power supplies etc. its causes clipping of the AC mains waveform and this generates direct current to be formed which is piggy backed on the AC mains. The result is it saturates power transformers primary winding creating a very loud acoustic buzz which can more often than not be heard across your listening room. It also robs the power transformer of power and dynamics, which in turn rob the amplifier of sound quality. The Holton DC blocker is a very high power AC mains conditioner which not only removes the DC from the mains but also filters high frequency noise from the mains as well. The Holton DC blocker is capable of power devices as high as 2400 watts from your standard Australian GPO without any drop off in power delivery. The DC blocker also comes with high quality AC volt and AC current meters so you can see exactly what is happening with what you are powering. The result of using the Holton DC Blocker is restored dynamics and resolution in your sound system and no noisey power transformers. See holtonprecisionaudio.com to purchase.
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    Starting the morning off with Charles Mingus - Tijuana Moods Speakers corner release Love this album
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    Speaking of Kiwis..... Split Enz ‎True Colours. Mushroom ‎ L 37167 Australia 1980.
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    The short answer is one step at a time. I design a bit, think about it for a while to see how I feel about what I see and the reiterate the design to suit. It has taken many, many hours in CAD. I design large scale agricultural projects for a living so I am familiar with solid design process and how to identify the important parts of the design and then iterate the process into smaller and smaller detail. Also remember that in essence I am basically duplicating an existing well documented system so I already know many of the basic design aspects because someone else has already done the hard-yards in terms of what works sonically and what does not. This has allowed me to take my time and plan it as thoroughly as I feel necessary and concentrate more of aesthetics than if I had been developing this system from absolute scratch. Here is the current incarnation of the system I am copying...it is 7 way...you can see the amps behind each tower...only SET amplication is used, even for the three bass channels. As you can see my design follows the same basic layout: I've moved the amps onto the horn stack and have made the bass arrays more modular. As far as the laser cutting goes, the amps are meticulously designed, just compare these two images, they are the same:
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    Are we that p iss weak and mean spirited that we just can't say yep you blokes were robbed and that we understand it from your pov that it is invasion day, are we that p issed weak and mean spirited we can't do a simple thing like move Australia day to another date, how anyone could be such a mean spirited carnt is fxxxxxx beyond me.
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    The John Coltrane Quartet ‎ 1961 Africa/Brass. MCA Records ‎– VIM-4609, Impulse! ‎ AS-6 GAT, Promo Japan 1980. Pressed by Victor. the label is white. Discogs have it listed as a promo & as it has Japanese script on it is unlikely to be a MCA rainbow label misprint.
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    at least you know your system is well earthed
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    Found this guy in the back yard, first time I've really got close to MFD on the 100/f2.8 macro with a living subject. Hind sight I should have pulled out a flash too and dropped the ISO but just wanted to grab the camera in a hurry while I knew where he was.
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    Newly installed today [email protected] Shelter Harmony. Still running in but sounding superb. A touch cleaner than the Ruby. Natural sounding cart
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    Hi All, Some oldies, but goodies, to me anyway: JJ
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    @Rob181 those mellow songs would certainly send everyone off to the fart sack. Which would be appreciated the next day. @Kaynin hullo big fella, you know I always try to avoid 'serious' as much as possible, it tends to find us anyhow but yes, I am seriously telling you that with my own ears, in my own room, on my own system with my own tastes in music, they are on another level compared to my old beloved 1038Be's that worked well for me for just on 5 years. And you touch on the main issue, Mikes speakers are not dotted around the country ready for an audition. Not to my knowledge anyhow. I am lucky enough to have been exposed to Mikes stuff early on as he is just 2.5 hrs up the road from Che Daz. A hi fi mate of mine introduced me to Mike (and the hi fi rainbow chase in general) back when my super reliable old 80's mid-fi system was finally carking it. Am wondering if we can convert him from his beloved 802 D's. Once you sit in Mikes little factory-unit at Ashmore and he fires up the PS Audio front end, your speakers may not sound the same to you again. It is hard to type down what one hears and feels. To put it into dollar value, Mikes ML5's are 15k, base model. There are a few special sauces you can pay extra for and the foil resistors (sorry if I mucked that up, as a tech I am a good carpenter) I bought for an extra $600 are massive bang for the buck. Focal 1038 Be's are RRP 15k and you would haggle of course, got mine for 12k but if Mike sells the ML5's for 15k then the Focals should be around 8 to 10k RRP. But to be a good fair Libran I need to say this isn't apples and apples and will revisit in a moment. Much like when you see a nice Nicole Kidman image, we'll start from the top down... Tweeter- Focals Beryllium tweeter was the best I had heard and won out a bass pig like myself during initial auditions (go figure). To date (sine 2013) I haven't heard better until I heard Mikes SEAS version he uses, it just does everything better, clearer, fuller, higher and more engaging. It got me on the back foot a bit, was a Be convert up until that stage. Mids- I always thought Focals mid range was OK, nothing amazing but OK. Mikes speakers have gorgeous mid range and the one thing that really gets you is the human voice and instrumental real-ness. I don't know how he has done it (Savant-like personal drive and testing of a zillion drivers one assumes) but the way the recorded singer will grab your attention and make you sit and listen to their story, poetry and song is remarkable. Very engaging. Yes, engaging is the common word here. Very human and very real. Lows- Focal 1038's do excellent bass if you feed them big current and the room allows. The three woofers work well but Mikes will let you hear different levels of bass, sort of like a woofer that behaves as clear as a tweeter, if that makes sense, again, on a different level. Focals just play deep bass. Excellent stuff from the ML5. My subs went back to about 50% of what they were set at with the Focals but now are back to maybe 65% as I positioned the ML5's further out again from the back wall for even more massive soundstage. Some don't like my sub settings but I try to go for a live-ish sound so a bit of boomp is required. And it's my party and I'll cry if I want to. Which brings us to soundstage. Twice as big as the Focals in width, height and depth, the end. If you want to go loud, they go loud, slightly louder than the Focals before the woofer gives a warning 'thwack' as it runs out of travel and you back it off. Mike advised me that this doesn't hurt anything with that driver. One assumes too many thwacks will wreck something and I shall endeavour to not go there, ahem. But IMO there's not a great deal in it which is respectable for a 'production line speaker' like the Focal. I simply need a breathalyzer on the JC2 remote. Looks- Mikes speakers look better in the flesh than in pics, they are an understated speaker (my Mrs approves) and the finish on all of Mikes speakers is absolute top grade, hand made stuff, feel the love. You cant see it in pictures, you have to stand next to them to see the depth and quality of finish. The Focals were also a very nice finish, I found the vinyl wrap 'veneer' a bit tacky but it looked good in it's own right, if you will. The glass top is nice but as Mike remonstrated, who puts glass anywhere near a speaker?? Haha. I like the understated look of Mikes speakers as well as the slightly smaller dimensions. It also shows I am not compensating for anything. Sorry...serious... But for me, keeping all of the above in mind, I fell in love with the massive soundstage and the heart breaking honesty within the sound of the human voice, it really startled me. By comparison, the Focals are making a nice sound, the ML5's are making amazing emotion backed up by a very beautiful sound. No contest. Interestingly, my average recordings still sound as average as they did through the Focals, maybe a bit more 'air' with nicer voices whilst my good recordings seem to sound twice as good as they did before! The good recordings really shine now. Now back to apples and apples. Mike would flinch at me saying this but he is an artist, constantly tinkering, constantly looking for improvement all the time be it cables or speakers or isolation platforms or.... I mean, if in doubt, look to the obvious. This would work against him if he had speakers sitting all over the country, slightly different versions would be distributed. Back when I had the woofer issue with the 1038Be's (Focal fully supported me) I learned that my speakers were made in 2009. So they were sitting somewhere for three years before I even decided to buy some. There have been no changes to 1038Be's that I am aware of since their inception. This would be common with all mass produced speakers, or anything for that matter. I guess Mike could have an SGR approach and have base model ML5's etc sitting around and the owner could send them for upgrades if he/she wished, but the man is always working on improvements, that's how he prioritises his time. So one needs to keep this in mind when reading my post, this is a handmade street machine vs a respectable XR8. He is a speaker manufacturer and one of the best, he isn't a salesperson nor a website designer. If anyone is keen to hear Mikes product, he is at the Gold Coast ferchrissakes. Your family wouldn't want a long weekend at the Goldie? Coolangatta airport has hire cars. You would only need a day to sneak out to Ashmore and that would be that for you. Considering one would (or should) be doing a bit of travelling when considering parting with the best part of a bathroom refurb for some speakers, then I cant see this as an issue. Alternatively, it's maybe 30-45 mins from Brissy which also has a few good spots for speaker auditioning. And just my 2c worth but I think it would be a good idea to check out the scene sooner rather than later as I think prices might go up soon, Mikes speakers are way too cheap, as has been stated many times before. A guys gotta eat. Anyone who doesn't like the sound of Mikes speakers should certainly weigh in to give balance to the public discussion but for me, sorry to come across all 'fanboy' but am as happy as a pig in sloppy stuff right now. Next thing for me to try is his speaker cables vs the mighty Valhalla's but in my own room. The Nordost were outdone at Mikes unit. Hope I have been eloquent enough with all of that. Hell Kaynin, if you're really keen come to my place for a few days, we'll line up Mike, grab @Jventer and go up to the Goldie and listen to all of his gear (ML1, ML2, MLT3, ML5 all in various guises, cables etc), come back, beers and GTG and you head home again.
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    Great turntable. Mine saw off some much more expensive contenders (including the RP10). It is good enough to be an end game turntable, and I could have lived happily with mine if I didn't feel the irrational desire to spend large amounts of money unnecessarily .
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    In my humble opinion the Post Office is actually selling this style of basic record cleaner for what they should sell for given how inexpensive these types of cleaners would be to manufacture. At $40 the Post Office version makes the similar $140 Spin Clean version look way to expensive, which in fact it always was. Still I bet if someone marketed a similar design spin clean version but said it had rare high altitude albino virgin Yak fur infused brushes some in this hobby would be mug enough to pay $500 for one. cheers Terry
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    I finally set my daughter's system up in her bedroom 18 months after I bought the overachieving Pioneer PLX-1000 with some old classic gear I had stored. Pioneer PLX-1000 with audio technica AT25 Naim Nait 2 Naim speaker cables Goodmans Sterling point 1 speakers. Sounds bloody good - alive and sprightly - I have missed the "Naim" sound over the years. for a number of years I had LP12, Naim Nait and Linn Kan's in my first flat - got me on this slippery slope. those were the days
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    First to hear them this morning bought the package with the centre channel. Thanks for all the interest!
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