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    Review Setup GIESELER Groß DAC with usb only input option (standard has s/pdif & usb inputs). Groß connected to Sotm SMS-200 with Audioquest Carbon usb cable. Used XLR outputs to SGR CX3B (Mk 1) powered speakers. Bass optimised with dual subs (SVS SB13U, SB-2000). SMS-200 bridged to Synology DS414 NAS to access music. Used MPD server on SMS-200 and MPDroid on phone for playback. External Appearance & Remote The unit has a smart looking front, with a power button and 4 line display. Update 17 Oct: new firmware removed Channel, now 3 line display The rear panel has a usb input, XLR and RCA outputs and a 9V AC input from an external transformer to feed low noise internal PSU's. Update 17 Oct: Note that Groß has output transformers which allows it to be directly connected to power amps or powered speakers. Smaller and much lighter than previous Audiolab 8200CDQ (DAC plus pre-pro, CD player, headphone amp). 8200CDQ displayed both the bit depth and sample rate but Groß only the sample rate. Groß display could do with brightness adjustment because it was too bright at night. The remote was slim and easy to use. Red power button cycled through home menu, screen off, large volume and filter display. Channel Up/Down cycled through filters, Volume Up/Down, plus mute button. Volume control was digital with a bypass available for a pre-pro. In my case, requested that bypass be disabled to prevent an accidental overload on the amps in the CX3Bs. Setting up on the SMS-200 was straight forward. After plugging the usb cable into Groß, the SMS-200 picked up the DAC. Then, manually changed DAC setting from non-DSD to DoP in Eunhasu MPD setup. DAC Comparison As expected, Groß out-performed 4 years old 8200CDQ (which was highly acclaimed then). The difference was marked when switching back to the 8200CDQ after a few hours on the Groß, with less detail, transparency and naturalness among many things lacking. Looking forward to reviews of others comparing Groß with more recent DACs. Listening Experience Most of my music consisted of ripped 16/44.1 flac, with some purchased 24/96 flac and also have ripped DSD64. Groß is my first unit able to play native DSD; previously DSD converted to PCM during playback. Long time favourite, Parce Mihi Domine (Jan Garbarek & Hillard Ensemble, Officium, 16/44.1 flac) had never sounded so good. Jan Garbarek’s saxophone was more natural and transparent and there was clarity in the position of the saxophone relative to the Hillard Ensemble. In numerous 16/44.1 flac, Groß managed to bring out the details and improved the imaging, depth, sound stage. Vocals, particularly female (e.g. KD Lang, Hallelujah, Hymns of the 49th Parallel) had a presence. Even relatively poor classical recordings sounded cleaner. Groß does 16/44.1 flac very well. With higher resolution music, the piano in Gjeilo’s North Country II, Stone Rose, 24/96 flac was natural and as close as I have heard to a real one. When the flugelhorn comes in, imaging was good and realistic. Diana Krall’s My Love Is, from Love Scenes, 24/96 flac, had deep tight bass bass, tighter than I knew, with an excellent voice. Groß managed to improve the bass a bit more in an already optimised dual sub setup. Groß’s DSD capability is outstanding. Eagles’s Hotel California from the same named album was a revelation in native DSD64. Detailed, transparent, nice sound stage. Much better than 16/44.1 and beat 24/96 version. Similarly, Arnesen’s Magnificat 4: Et Misericordia from Magnificat album (DSD64) on 2L label was very good. However, in an unfair comparison, it could not (& not expected to) match the atmosphere and presence of 5.1 PCM with the piano and organ behind the conductor. DSDs came across superbly on the Groß. Could have written a lot more about how good the listening experience was but above was a fair representation. Update 17 Oct: The listening experience improved after 30 to 40 hours of use. Not sure whether this was because I was getting more used to the Groß’s presentation? Female vocals continued to capture my attention with their presence. And still amazed by the details in PCM material. DSDs remain outstanding, problem now is opening wallet to get more DSD material. Filters The Groß with the AKM AK4497EQ DAC chip came with 6 filters: Super slow roll-off: no echo reproduces natural sound Short delay, slow roll-off: minimal echo reproduces original sound Slow roll-off: minimal echo reproduces original sound Short delay, sharp roll-off: post echo enhances bass sound Sharp roll-off: pre & post echoes make powerful sound. Low dispersion short delay: sound quality optimised Selecting the filter was via the remote and could be changed on the fly for PCM. Filters do not apply to DSD. There were supposed to be subtle differences between filters, but was beyond my old ears to resolve consistently. Firmware Owning the first USB unit is wonderful and exciting but came with imperfect beta firmware. The firmware was derived from the Gieseler Konverter (same AK4497EQ DAC chip plus pre-pro) and still displayed channel in first line. Also, there were pops when skipping DSD tracks, and occasional pops elsewhere. Will get update once these niggles have been resolved. Update 17 Oct: Firmware has now been updated which removed channel in display, eliminated the annoying pops/clicks. It turned out that the Konverter firmware had the same problem. Both sets of firmware now been overhauled and improved. Skip Groß If You … Like the unboxing experience and want to make a YouTube video of it. GIESELER Audio has spent R&D dollars on how it sounds and none on the packaging (but unit was well packed with 3 layers of bubble wrap). Bonus was no one was tempted during shipment! Update 17 Oct: Clay has sourced a double box for shipping Desire international brands with big reputations, leading edge look & feel and extensive reviews. GIESELER Audio have well regarded niche products here on SNA. It may yet gain a wider acceptance as a result of Groß! Conclusion Proud and delighted to own an Australian designed and manufactured DAC which delivered superb audio. In summary, WOW! Update 17 Oct: a theme coming through from the early owners is that the Groß DAC is addictive and we want to listen to it even more. p/s Clay Gieseler @Gieseler Audio is a fantastic person to deal with and service is second to none.
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    Well the classifieds here are certainly busier than they’d have ever been. After giving this some thought, my ideal would be much the same as @generichs. One section for all stereo equipment and one section for home theatre, including AV receivers, speaker packages and singular speakers used for home theatre. The separate section for software (CDs, vinyl, bluray etc) is a good initiative and I would like to see it retained. As far as sponsor ads are concerned, , why not let them decide? They pay to be here (thankfully) and should be able to choose whether to advertise in their own forum or in the two main sections.
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    I procured this cartridge some months ago with a long-term plan to replace the Benz Wood when it eventually goes for re-tipping but 'best laid plans' and all that, it got mounted today... Transfiguration Axia-S. This is impressive out of the box with dramatic scale and deep but tight bass. Plenty of detail as well and a very mild hint of warmth. Synergises very well with the Valab LCR. Very different presentation to the VdH DDT (which is more midrange focused and sounds lighter) and the Benz (more warmth but less impactful bass). Enjoying this very much![emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today at the Victorian Archives Centre Gallery, Catwalk to sidewalk - Melbourne's street fashion photographic exhibition where I managed to be one of ten people selected to get their pics included in the exhibition. Print display runs until March in the Lobby Gallery, after which I get the print and then they all go into the permanent digital archive. Phantom at Flinders Street.
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    So far, 1. It's clear the majority would prefer: Classifieds - Audio (Turntables, Speakers, Sources, Cables etc) Classifieds - Visual (Projectors, AV Receivers, Screens, Bluray Players etc) Classifieds - Vinyl LPs, CDs, Blurays etc. Classifieds - Commercial (Trade-ins, Special Offers, Promotions etc)
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    Well we were listening to a vinyl recording of Queen, A Kind of Magic. I had a cd handy and swapped it. She instantly knew something had changed and said the vinyl sounded much more natural. The digital sounded artificial. Best night of my life.
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    The fourth and final installment from this trio just prior to the passing of Scott LaFaro in 1961.
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    Item: Osborne Grand Epitome ref MK III Location: Perth, WA Price: $ 8500 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: too big for new listening room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: I am listing these speakers again, very reluctantly. I had a change of heart the last time but after setting up my new listening room, even my ESL 57 seems too big for the room. I don’t want to move these big boys all the way there before finding out it doesn’t suit and then moving them back to perth ( my listening room is in my new place in Busselton). Due to work reasons, I will be moving to Busselton soon, hence why I set up my listening room there. These have spikes, that I have never fitted. Speakers are in excellent condition. They have been driven only by the Consonance 845, Am Audio 805 and my Yamaha AS3000. Happy ,to organise a demo for interested parties. No shipping as I dont think this is practical. Cheers Pictures:
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    a couple of pretty birds out today: Flame robin with lunch white-fronted chat cheers mick
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    Oscar Peterson/Exclusively for my Friends Vol 5 - Mellow Mood
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    Trying out some Jazz tunes through the Brinkman Edison Lee Morgan - Sidewinder Analogue Production 45rpm Very very good pressing. Big and alive. Lovin it. Hard to believe this is an old recording.. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Hi All Some of what I have been listening to today: Alice Cooper - Million Dollar Babies Blind Faith - Self Titled Deep Purple - Purple Passages Black Sabbath - Self Titled Black Sabbath - Paranoid Uriah Heep - Very 'eavy, Very 'umble JJ
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    OK Lads here is a link to one of the Youtube videos for the construction of the LK1 Kit loudspeaker . This will be one of around 8-10 videos available on youtube for the detailed construction of the loudspeaker . We have about another 4 videos to complete and we are ready to ship. yes Lads I know delays ! but these videos are essential I think and they have taken a mountain of time to complete . Anyway take a look and let me know what you think or if you have any questions . Regards Mike Lenehan
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    Horace Parlan-Speakin' My Piece John Coltrane Quartet-Africa/Brass, really love this and Ole from Coltrane's catalogue
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    Item: DIATONE DS-1000HR speaker pair Location: Keysborough VIC 3173 Price: SOLD. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Had these speakers in my collection for the past few years, and compared then to the Yamaha NS1000Ms many times. These are equivalent, with a bit better midrange, top end, and soundstage in my opinion. Somewhat more compact than the Ns1000 with 10" woofers, but very handsome, and exquisite workmanship.(29 Kgs each) Some marks on enclosures, and some tarnishing on the "gold" plating but excellent for age. Need 450mm high solid stands for best performance. No grilles, as I never had them (or needed them) See specs here: http://audio-database.com/MITSUBISHI-DIATONE/diatoneds/ds-1000hr-e.html NO POSTAGE, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Pictures:
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    A quick listen to an album that is quickly becoming a favourite. Lee Morgan - the sidewinder Some great tunes before heading off to see Beautuful at the Star (Carole King show). Sounding very smooth [email protected] Mark's Wavac Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Hi All, Further to my post last week, here is some feedback I want to share regarding my new Turntable Rig. I say “Rig” because I changed my turntable, arm and cartridge all in one large 'switch-out'. New Rig Details · Turntable: Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 · Arm: Kuzma 4Point – 11” · Cart: Lyra Etna SL Rest of the System · Speakers: Kef Reference 205/2 · Amplifier: AudiaFlight FL-Two (Integrated) · Phono-Stage: AudiaFlight Phono Why change? Previously I was using a VPI Classic One (the first iteration), standard VPI 10" uni-pivot arm, external string motor by Scheu Analog and a Lyra Delos moving Coil Cartridge. This was a great setup, I had never had such a dynamic, balanced sound. It was also my first experience with a uni-pivot arm and I was very impressed, I heard little uni-pivot 'chatter' that people often speak of. I used the external String Motor by Scheu Analog (soon to be sold on SNA) because I felt that the motor in the VPI plinth was a little too loud (vibrations through bearing) and tended to smear edges. The external motor was a huge improvement. Did I need to upgrade my setup? Absolutely not. Everything about my previous combo was awesome, I was sufficiently far enough up the 'law of diminishing returns curve’ that it would have kept me happy for years. However, my Lyra Delos was coming to about the mid-point of it’s useful life and I reached a fork in the road. I was so utterly impressed by the Delos (my first Lyra cart) that It started the cogs turning about an upgrade. The thing that kept bugging me is: how is it possible that the Delos is only the entry model for Lyra? In the end, I upgraded because of pathological curiosity. What does that incremental 10% “better” sound like (albeit at 3x the cost). Note: The outlay for this upgrade was considerable and by no means within normal expenditure for me – some people have a passion for cars, mine is vinyl. Upgrading to the Lyra Etna SL meant an upgrade in everything (the car needed to match the engine and so forth). So in reality it’s really the Lyra Etna that drove the entire upgrade. Preface I will not make comparisons between my setups because its normally not useful for others and is usually accompanied with too many asterixis, despites, howevers, keep-in-minds… Besides, the minds-ear has bad tricks it plays on your memory (and visa versa), without a direct A/B under perfect conditions any comparison is fairly useless. I will also not comment on ‘build-quality’ other than to say the components are as good as you would hope. It took a good month in order to get everything setup correctly. This probably would have been quicker but I was getting used to a new arm and turntable. The Lyra design is fairly congruent across the range, so there were no big differences in the geometry between the Delos and Etna (other than the strange asymmetric design – slightly off-putting at first). Tracking The Etna + 4Point combo tracks exceedingly well. Through difficult passages of music it never seems congested or ‘strained’. Everything is retained in a cohesive image, with no harsh/distorted elements. The impressive thing about the Etna is that it retains its ‘character’ under any conditions (more about character below) – that is to say there is no discernible changes in its ‘response’ with difficult tracking. Some cartridges can sound thin or bloated in complex passages (even good ones), the Etna appears not to. On the Hi-fi News Test Record I managed to pass all torture tests except the very last (though this doesn’t mean much). For fun, I pulled out my copy of the 1812 Overture pressed by Telarc – the one with REAL(!) canons. The combo breezed through the canon sections like a hot knife through butter. Interestingly, this is the first time I had been able to clearly discern other instruments at the point of explosion when the canons hit (/shortly thereafter). Normally (at least in my experience) the cartridge/arm is so occupied wrangling the 6hz tone modulation that everything else tends to go out the window. (Note: those who are thinking of getting a copy of the 1812 Overture by Telarc, I highly recommend doing your research before playing, this vinyl is potentially damaging to your system - I DO NOT play it often, it’s a once-a-year party trick). Sonic Character (the really subjective part) I will speak of the sonic character of the Etna as a proxy for the entire Rig, this is because I think the job of the Arm and TT is to interfere as little as possible in the sound-reproduction process. (that is not to say the individual elements don’t have a Character – of course they do, but you need to start somewhere). If I had to pick one word to describe the sound of the Etna it would be “Solid”. It may sound simplistic but after 2 months of listening, that is the one word that I keep coming back to. The mid-range is dense. The Etna has an unwavering solidity that has the effect of sounding like tape. I think this partially relates to how well it tracks: because there is low tracking errors, there is a higher consistency in the sound, and therefore you hear less “vinyl” and more music. I’ve often heard Michael Fremer say that good vinyl systems sound like ‘tape’ and I’m starting to understand more what that means. In terms of frequency response, the Etna does not appear to exaggerate anything. Highs are open, airy and fast (like all Lyra carts), without sounding bright. The bass extends low (very low) and is well defined, without being bloated – all ticks here. But you’d expect that from this kind of product. What the Etna doesn’t do is make average records sound better (some carts do that but at the expense to too many other elements). What it also doesn’t do (which many high-end cartridges fail at miserably) is that it doesn’t make them sound worse (important if you like listening to music….). You can read many reviews of the Etna where the reviewer states “it just makes you want to listen to more vinyl” - and I couldn’t agree with that statement more. However (and this is the exciting part), when you play a truly well mastered and pressed vinyl, hold onto your pants because this is where the Etna really shines. The Etna is so utterly impressive with dynamic slam, even-handed response, solid mid-range, it is out-of-this-world. Example One: Is a German press I own of Jimi Hendrix’s posthumous live compilation album ‘Hendrix In the West’: Listening to the iconic recording of Little Wing on Side-B is so utterly real, it left both myself and a friend speechless when we first listened. I’ve listened to this recording more times than I care to remember (mostly because it’s my favorite Hendrix song), when listening with the Etna you feel like your perched in the front row and you can hear everything from the skin of the drums to the buzz of the Marshall Stack 5meters away. Without sounding cheesy, it was like listening to it for the first time. Example Two: I picked up a copy of the newly re-released ‘LeGrand Jazz’ pressed by Impex Records (Bernie Grundman Mastering). There really is no ‘good place to start’ with this record, it contains some of the best musicians to ever live and is one of the best recordings I’ve ever heard. Listening to ‘Night in Tunisia’ and ‘Blue and Sentimental’ on SIDE-A is hands-down some of the best Jazz music (from both an audio+music perspective) I’ve heard. The dynamic swings in Night in Tunisia have a scary immediacy about them, in no way does this recording sound like 1958. If you want a good example of how things have potentially ‘gone backwards’ in terms of recording techniques, ‘Night in Tunisia’ is a good place to start. Shifting gears to ‘Blue and Sentimental’, a considerably more ‘laid back’ (“Blue”) track, the instruments have tangible timbre, so intimate you find yourself looking in the direction of the speaker to confirm it’s not right there in front of you! Summary As I said, this isn’t an upgrade I needed to make, nor was there much rationality in the decision-making process. Having said that, I’m sitting here 2 months later, considerably poorer but a very happy man. Sure, a 10% improvement is still only 10%, but I can say without hesitation that what this upgrade does to vinyl in my sound-cave is worth every penny. Buyer’s guilt = zero If you’re a little unhinged and/or looking at divorcing your partner, the Lyra is a good place to start. If you are single and/or have perfect mental health, don't shy away from giving it a go.
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    I'm fascinated by the apparent change in colour in the wing feathers of this common bronzewing due to refraction in changing light conditions: cheers mick
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    i use my Sony SCD-1 SACD player as a door stopper
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    Do these look genuine? Bought then online, they sound a bi muffled.
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    It has come to our attention that abbreviations have caused problems. Also for clarification we offer the following: CD = Concrete Disc DAC = Digitally Altered Convenience NAS = Network Advanced Spaghetti MM = Miniscule Movement MC = Billy Crystal
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    spotted pardalote: strong-billed honeyeater: cheers mick
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    Can someone post this on Whirlpool so i can have some entertainment, i can't becasue i am banned.
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    What remains of the old jetty at Cleveland Point: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35 lens @ 16mm, f/11, ISO 100, 30 seconds. --Geoff
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    Crazy realization today. I have spent the last 6 or so months upgrading my system but came to the realization today that for the moment ive gone far enough and i need to start focusing back on the music, in this case LP's. I've spent the best part of 6K upgrading my system in the last few months and while it has brought my records to another level and has definitely been worth it im glad i sort of caught myself this week otherwise it may have gone too far. I say caught myself as i was very close to seriously bidding on that RP10 on ebay last week, hell i was in it up to 4K! That added to the fact that i really didnt need the HD800's or the 1k plus tube headphone amp. The HD600's i already have and a massdrop Darkvoice (to upgrade my Rega Ear MK1) would have been enough really. Putting that to the side i was looking at the "Music" classifieds yesterday and decided to grab a couple of things for the first time here. Anyway it got me thinking that in the time i dropped 6k on gear i probably only added 20 LP's to my modest collection of around 250 LP's. That along with the fact that ive had a fair bit of time off work the last few days with the very dismal weather here in Brisbane so i have had the chance to actually use my upgraded system more than usual and really do some critical listening. It was upon listening to a rather weird German released Deep Purple greatest Hits collection double LP today and Hendrix's Cry of Love that i realized my system is now very close to what i imagine my perfect sound to be. Cutting this off now even though i may have been a little over exuberant i am super happy with the result but if i hadnt stopped and looked through the "Music" classifieds and realized that i really want a number of titles i dont have and havnt even looked for them in months i probably would have ended up still looking to upgrade things further and would have really regretted if i had stayed in and bought that RP10 because i could buy 200 records for that and as it turns out my system is already 95% of the way i want it to sound (at least for now) and i havnt even tried my NOS tubes yet. Anyway don't lose sight of the music!
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    Quick spin tonight Thanks [email protected] and @metal beat for this one. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Hi All Another evening spent cleaning some older LP's, most cleaned well with one wash, a couple will require another go as there still seemed to be some background noise. These came up particularly well considering their age: JJ
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    Well, the project sorta morphed into something greater than initially intended to be honest. "Knock something together" changed into "let's do this right" and all the ocd behaviour that that entails. I'm definitely still enjoying the project but how could I not? I'm building everything...room and room treatments, horns and speakers, amplifiers, equipment rack and isolation platforms, cables, power distribution, music computers, preamplifier/headphone amp and plenty of other stuff too, all entirely from scratch except for a few pcb's that I have not designed. One day I'll even get to reconditioning a 1980 FM Tuner (that thing is a sexy beast - it lights up beautifully at night - I'll post a photo one day). At the start I disliked woodwork, could barely solder two wires together, had little electronics knowledge, had never been interested in anything other than listening to speakers (certainly not building them), had a tiny shed (it's ok, I still feel like a man - haha), my painting skills were, and still are, primitive. Talk about a learning curve! But I've had good help. My mate Al set me up with the woodworking basics, Romy has been nothing but helpful this whole process, @davewantsmoorecontinually brings me back to reality, Lucas from Black Art has not only provided just about all of the iron for the amplifiers, but has dispensed so much invaluable advice and information for which I am extremely grateful, the powdercoater has enabled me to do a lot less painting and my wife and family have given me a lot of leeway to get this stuff done (for about a year there my son thought I built speakers for a living!). I've also devoured a lot of books on a lot of audio subjects in the past few years. It has also led to some very amusing moments. My young daughter, on the double-up bike behind me as we were on our way to childcare says to a complete stranger at the traffic lights "This is my Dad. He's not very smart but he likes to build things." She's onto it that girl!!
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    A workmate drove his GT in today. Unrestored and in his possession for around 40 years. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Marvin Gaye/What's Going On
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    Like all you guys, I listen to a lot of music but Coltrane affects me more than any other. It's the tone, just majestic.
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    Thelonious Sphere Monk - The Riverside Tenor Sessions (Analogue Productions, 2009) Happy birthday, Thelonious Sphere Monk. And thank you so much for all the great music!
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    Item: Garrard 401 from Audio Grail Location: Melb East Price: $3000 Item Condition: Mint Condition Reason for selling: Bought as spare in July 2016 and never used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal to a friend Extra Info: Original finish late version Garrard 401 with original 401 mat fully rebuilt by Audio Grail. The original unit was kept by previous owner as spare with no mechanical wear. Ironically, I purchased this table as a spare and have never powered it up either. Audio Grail shipping box was opened to inspect the table. This is a reluctant sale as fully serviced 401s in this condition are very rare and sought after worldwide. Pictures:
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    I have now had the opportunity to try out Clays new Grob dac. My system comprises Antipodes music server, Curious USB cable, PS Audio Direct Stream dac, Icon Audio tube amps, Aesthetix Calypso preamp and Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers. I have a Intona galvanic isolator and Singxer USB converter added. So how did the Grob compete with Direct Stream ? For a fair comparison I took the Intona and Singxer out of the system, ie USB direct. My first impression was an increase in detail. I heard this increase in detail with the Direct Stream only when I installed the Singxer, but with the Grob this was just USB. In some cases an increase in detail there is a cost: a sterile sound that will quickly become fatiguing. With the Grob this was not the case. Time to play my test music. 1. Leonard Cohen: Did the Grob give LC his deep gravel and textured tones. Yes 2. Classical orchestra: The Grob gave a presence I was not expecting. 3. Big band jazz. James Morrisons band sounded big, powerful with a tight bass. 4. Cassandra Wilson: Although I am a fan of Cassandra Wilson I rarely listen to more than two tracks in a row. Can be a bit tiring. With the Grob I had to tell myself to move onto something else for my limited listening time. 5. Piano: Close my eyes and the piano is in the room. No need to say any more. So, would I be happy to have a Grob in place of the Direct Stream. Yes. I now tried the Intona in the sytem. The benefits the Intona gave to the Direct Stream were similar to the Grob. A slight increase in sound weight. This is not necessary but it is what I am used to. The Singxer in the system using Coaxial connection did not improve the sound as much as when connected to the Direct Stream. This could possibly be that the Grob USB input is superior to the Direct Stream.( just a theory) So how did the Grob compare to the Direct Stream? In most cases I would say both Dacs would be equal but the Grob just sounds more natural, almost addictive. Considering the reasonable price and high sound quality of the Grob this is a true bargain. Congratulations Clay
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    Picked this up in Juneau, Alaska while on a cruise recently. 1962 Columbia 6-eye pressing, near mint condition...sounds so good
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    More speakers that, I believe, fit into the 'Spectacular Speaker' category come from the German company Blumenhofer Acoustics. http://www.blumenhofer-acoustics.com/Distributors/Distributors/Distributors.php?lang=EN Again, as a woodwork teacher, I fancy the exotic veneers that have been applied to some of their cabinets. I may may be interpreting 'Spectacular Speakers' incorrectly, but in my mind, they must be visually arresting/pleasing etc. and I would hope they sound as good as they look! Make up your own mind, do they fit in this thread? (The pair above = my favs!) Kind regards, Michael
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    Japanese repress of a '63 classic.
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