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    AM's now in place and working splendidly
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    Love the sound .
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    Day off today. Yay 😃
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    Cool streaks of red light have illuminated the wall behind my amplifier this morning.
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    Dam -my speakers are garbage😕 .I was there too and could not understand why they were using VAF speakers in a VAF HIFI centre.This hobby is just Crazy.. Stump P.S I haven't tried JB Hifi or Harvey Norman Speakers to compare with Vaf yet so I am not an expert..
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    Item: Onkyo (integra) M588f/ P388f Location: sydney Price: $2990+ Free postage!! PRICE DROP Item Condition:Mint/ Excellent Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi Everyone. I have a set combo of Onkyo(integra) high end pre/power combo. This is a true 240 volts interchangeable unit was sold brand new in sydney around 1994. I am the second owner and this has been sparingly used by both of us. where do i begin..the best combo of pre/power i have heard till date ..period. If u may know the integra was a higer end of onkyo division producing some amazing components..and this is the holy grail of onkyo.The Power amp M588 sits just below the monster grand integra..and it can pump out 300watts of pure power each channel @ 4 ohms.!! Soundwise it puts out a 3 dimentional engaging powerful sound. Extrememy detailed and natural. With the right set of speakers/sources..this would be end game for some. The power amp uses the super balanced circuit design and twin monouaral design transformers! Massive amount of high grade capacitance/ balanced inputs/outputs, gold plated terminals and input rca!! beautifully lit with meters lights This beast weighs in at 32kgs+ Same applies to the matching pre amp. 3 transformers and high end massive capacitors, balanced inputs /outputs are some of the features. All controls are at the tip of a touch..and also an Original R1 Remote is supplied which controls volume and other inputs.( will add pic later) Everything works 100% with absolutely zero static or hiss... as if it just came out of the box. Inside and outside condition is LIKE NEW! Not a single mark! On either units If u look closely at the pics u may see some tiny threads..they are fabric strands from my silly cloth wiping skills. Both units are immaculate and a real oppurtunity for someone to own this classic combo for a fraction of the price. These were 300,000 and 200,000 yen when they came out!! importing these from japan nowadays will set u back at least a solid 5000$ and then u need a step down transformer to run it..which is a pain! These will be packed with extreme care as i have sent many items in the past with no issues. 8-9 layers of bubble wrap/ 2 layers of heavy duty cardboard/ shrink wrap/ pallet strap..this is how nicely it will be packed ! It will take a whole day for me to pack these babies..which is the only way i will be doing this!☺ Sorry for this long post but i think it is important to mention things as clear as possible. Some info https://audio-heritage.jp/ONKYO/amp/integram-588.html Pictures:
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    Item: Sophia 2 Location: Canberra ACT Price: $8800 - near offers considered Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Looking to try something new, possibly Hulgich Audio Duke or B&W 802 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these from another stereo net member and I’ve owned these for about a year now. I believe I’m the third owner. Sophia 2 where in production around 2006 - 2011. Serial numbers are 2425 and 2426. What can I say about these Wilson Audio Sophia 2 that haven’t been said before in plenty of glowing reviews. Amazing bass response and beautiful presence. The speakers stand 105cm, 32cm wide and 46cm deep. Each cabinet weighs 73kg. Finish is Fly Yellow and looks stunning. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) inverted titanium-dome tweeter, 7" (178mm) paper-cone midrange unit, 10" (254mm) aluminum-cone woofer. Frequency response: 29Hz-22.5kHz, +0/-3dB. Sensitivity: 89dB/2.83V/m. Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, 3 ohms minimum. Recommended power: >12Wpc. I have the original tools, manual and crates - so you are getting the complete package. I’d prefer these to be picked up as they are insanely heavy once snug in their crates. Alternatively if you can arrange a courier that will pick them up for you I’m happy work with that. Pictures:
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    Soooo... the amp has a good few hours on it now and the valves seem to have stabilised their current draw, the giant filter caps and others are probably well on the way to being fully formed and it sounds truly excellent. Detail retrieval is insane but the sound is balanced, delicate and powerful. I am so, so happy.
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    My humble setup, Klipsch 160m and Onkyo 9030 being fed from a Topping dx3 pro
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    I have a treat of nostalgia for the spinners A classic album Although I love the leading track - War Pigs I absolutely love some of the more subtle tracks like Planet Caravan One song that’s did not make the record ( so the story goes ) is due to not being able to fit on the record is also a favourite and that song is called - When A Blind Man Cries ( and came out on Machine Head ) Ahh I love this record The walls of my room are shaking Artist - Black Sabbath Title - Paranoid ID - 6360 011
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    FS: Linkwitz LX521.4 System PRICE REDUCED "MAKE ME AN OFFER" I really need to sell this system ASAP Location: Charlestown Lake Macquarie (just south of Newcastle) Condition: As new, recently completed Reason For Selling: Need the money, and will be moving soon to a house half the size of the one I’m in! If you’d seen my garage you’d know that’s going to be a problem 😊 What are they Like: I thought my original OB’s were great (which I still have) but they have been downgraded to very good now I’ve listened to these for a while, these are great. There is only one way to be sure, come and listen. Incredibly detailed sound Price: $10,900.00 ONO Pickup preferred, could deliver within reasonable distance. Cash on Pickup, Bank Transfer or Bank Cheque. $120 donation to SNA Warranty: I don’t do this for money but I do have a lot of pride at stake so I am willing (as I have been with other sales) to give a 2-year limited warranty. I will pay the first $150 for any defective components (as long as there not cooked by lighting etc) and labour is free. But you will need to get the item back to me for repair and pick it up when it’s ready. I built my sister a system (she only paid for the components at cost no labour of course) one power supply and one-amp module was fried by lighting, as noted that sort of problem isn’t covered 😊 After the 2 years I will help with the repair if required. Amplifiers · 2 x 5 Channel 300w Icepower amps, using 10 x AS Series Modules · Key Specifications: o 300W at 1% THD+N, 4Ohm o 260W at 0.1% THD+N, 4Ohm o Full power bandwidth (20Hz – 20kHz) o 113dBA dynamic range (300W, 4Ohm) o THD+N = 0.005% (1W, 4Ohm) o Audio input impedance 47kOhm o High output current limit = 20Ap o Low output impedance = 6mOhm o Damping factor = 660, 4Ohm o Thermal Protection o Over current and short circuit protection o DC output protection o DC servo for low DC offset · Used silver coated copper wiring for Input signal wiring and places I probably shouldn’t have bothered 😊 · High-quality gold-plated RCA Inputs · High-quality silver-plated speaker terminals · 12v Triggers, this has been setup for my DAC to control sequenced ON-OFF, but can be changed if necessary to suit your system (probably 😊). · Custom crafted cases with Mackay Cedar (Red Sirus) trims, you won’t buy this in the shop. · High-quality IEC Power Inputs are filtered and fused on both Active & Neutral · Amp modules are also fused & EMI filtered · Green LED for ON-OFF · Red LED for Fault signal · The cases are constructed of high-quality plywood, veneered with fiberglass internally & carbon fibre externally, sprayed with texture coat and cover coated with automotive lacquer. ASP.4 · 1 x 10 Channel Active Crossover · Mako ASP.4 Boards · Using all recommended components · Used silver coated copper wiring for Input-Output signal wiring · High-quality gold-plated RCA Inputs · 12v trigger input, this has been setup for my DAC to control sequenced ON-OFF, but can be changed if necessary to suit your system (probably 😊). · Custom crafted cases with Mackay Cedar (Red Sirus) trims. · High-quality IEC Power Input is filtered and fused on both Active & Neutral · High-quality linear PSU using Twisted Pear Board · The case is constructed of high-quality plywood, veneered with fiberglass internally & carbon fibre externally, sprayed with texture coat and cover coated with automotive lacquer. · http://www.linkwitzlab.com/LX521/Supplies.htm Speaker Cables 2 Sets of Custom Crafted 3m Cables 2 x 4 Pin 3m cables 2 x 4 Pin 3m cables Van damme Black Series Tour Grade UPOFC Classic Pro Speaker Multicore 2.5mm ANTI KINK CORETECH cable · High-quality gold-plated connectors, everything is soldered together · Custom crafted Mackay Cedar Plugs & Sockets, the connectors are imbedded in resin. · To be honest I’m amazed how well these worked out, MANY hours of work in these. Speakers 2 x LX521.4 · 4x Seas 27TFFNC/G (H1396) 1" Textile Dome Tweeter · 2x Seas MU10RB-SL (H1658-04) 4" Curv Cone Upper Midrange · 2x Seas U22REX/P-SL (H1659-08) 8" Curv Cone Lower Midrange · 4x Seas L26RO4Y (D1004-04) 10" Aluminum Cone Woofer · I purchased the design documents directly from Siegfried Linkwitz and faithfully followed the design intent. · The Top Baffles and the Woofer Bridges are made from waterproof plywood veneered with custom cut Mackay Cedar. The veneers are approximately 1.2mm thick · The Top Baffles and the Woofer Bridges have been sprayed with shellac and overcoated with very tough water-based finish. The shellac under helps with the appearance and brings the best out in the wood. · The Woofer Boxes are made from Water Resistant MDF an sprayed with Duratex texture finish, this is also a very tough water-based finish. PS: The reason the speakers are sitting on the hard black foam is that this room has had water get in some years ago & with the recent rain event I was paranoid the water might come in again, but it didn't, better to be sure that sorry ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. Pictures:
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    The playing list so far today. All recent arrivals through the week. Except for Hank Mobley, all Japanese releases. Excellant, all of them. More to come as the day goes on. **though I can't guarantee my typing ability as the red wine starts to take over.. (though most would be used to that by now).
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    Steve here - been a hifi appreciator for the best part of 20 years but can't justify going full-on as I've got too many other hobbies plus have just completed building our own house (yes, owner-builder) on Port Hacking. Anyway, my system for the last decade has been: . Sony XA3ES CD player . Rotel RC1070 pre-amp . Rotel RB1080 amp . B&W DM602S3 bookshelf speakers (barely bookshelf!) . Rondo Supra speaker cable, QED interconnects . Sony MDR-CD1700 headphones (had a dedicated Musical Fidelity valve headphone amp but it didn't gel so gifted it to a friend) I dabbled in 5 channel surround sound but went back to two channel for simplicity. For years this was good enough, I was happy. But lately I become interested in seperate DACs, and also NAS storage. It's amazing how draw-fulls of CDs don't get listened to just through convenience issues. Soon after the new house was built another great mate offered a Musical Fidelity A1008 DAC/pre/power-amp he was no longer using. Sure - I'll give it a try! Next level. Soundstage, bass, gravitas, tonal clarity...yeah I'm keeping this! Pics of progression: So, now using the MF onboard DAC attached to a Bluesound Vault NAS/streamer. Even the wife finds it intuitive & is an active participant in my hifi remodel. At this stage we've settled on Tidal for our streaming services - can't convince her to move to the (more expensive) hifi subscription but man, does this setup deliver anyway! The room is certainly acoustically compromised but I don't mind. It's a big room, those speakers fill it with gravity & we are enjoying both our existing music collection & new titles together. It's working out... P.S. I recommend those IsoAcoustics stands. Aside from bringing the speakers to the correct height, they tightened everything up nicely.
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    Hi All, Currently listening to Grace Jones whilst prepping dinner. JJ
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    Attention all! i have hidden numerous posts that are not related to or have any interest in this for sale item. Guys , you know the rules!
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    Bit of an old pic now, but here we go.
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    Listening to Muddy Waters
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    Safe and sound, what a long day 🤩
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    Black Sabbath 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' (1973). My first and favourite Sabbath album featuring the 'heaviest' guitar tone of all time.
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    Accuphase C-37, 3 input phono stage with memory and separate ground connections, connected with Diectrich aka Acoustical Solutions silver 4 input selector with separate grounds. This config gives me 6 phono inputs - using 4 atm as the Linn phono cable is not long enough. the Accuphase is certainly been the most pleasurable phono stage I have had the pleasure of using over the years.
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    Late March start on my Time Machine Pre amp I am told, it will be as follows- Polished copper transformer covers. Figured oak (if available) plinth. XLR inputs on input 1 XLR and RCA outputs RCA subwoofer outputs No headphone output No speaker outputs Brushed stainless base. Coupling caps upgraded to Mundorf silver oil Waiting is killing me, haha. I have the full suite of PS Vane glassware waiting as well, ready to go straight in.
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    Soooo, something happened on Sunday morning... O. M. G. a DSET is on the horn stack! Two mates wandered over on Sunday morning and we put on some Pink Floyd, carted the amp upstairs, polished the roller cup isolation mounts that this thing sits on and then tried to sit the 100kg amp on the stack...oh sh&t it does not fit! It was hung up! We took notice of what was grabbing the amp in the wrong place and with much sweat and steady effort from the three of us removed it to the carpet...the table was too far it seems. The amp is a tricky wriggle to get in place and requires quite a bit of finesse and control over its movements which was fine when we three were putting it on but it was a big effort getting it off. I consulted my CAD model and found the issue. I had installed the valve assembly for the pneumatic isolation to the left instead of the right so it took 10 minutes to swap the parts from the right horn stack to the left one. With the bits pointing in the correct direction we hefted the big fella back up onto the stack, put some air in the pneumatics and got her sitting there in the right place and all jiggly on the isolation. We three then took some step back into the middle of the room to ogle the new creation and right on cue PF blurts out... Which although is perfectly timed for the occasion, is quite ironic when the actual meaning of the lyrics are considered in the context of the entire song. It was a nice moment anyway. Please ignore the sweaty hand prints on the black powerdercoating, but the whole thing looks absolutely fantastic in my opinion. It is unique, purposeful, a little bit plain and industrial but that was the goal and it is still lovely in the scheme of the entire installation. I am very happy. I had an enormous urge to hook everything up and light her up and listen to something with the horns and cannons that I have in the room. I was very, very tempting, but I was just a little too excited and would have glossed over something important for sure, so the rest of the day was spent getting minor details sorted that hopefully means that once I start her up I won't have to power her down to get these other things done. One of the minor things is the humpot for the DHT Channel that I have blown twice. It goes off the end of the track, which is easy enough to do , and it fries that little part of the track and it is caput. The circuit has been modified to alleviate this issue and the final parts should arrive today which means I may even get some glow happening tonight...maybe.
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    I don't really do flowers...
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    The Incredible Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special matched with Glenlivet 12.
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