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  1. FS: Linkwitz LX521.4 System Location: Charlestown Lake Macquarie (just south of Newcastle) Condition: As new, recently completed Reason For Selling: Need the money, and will be moving soon to a house half the size of the one I’m in! If you’d seen my garage you’d know that’s going to be a problem 😊 What are they Like: I thought my original OB’s were great (which I still have) but they have been downgraded to good now I’ve listened to these for a while, these are great. There is only one way to be sure, come and listen. Price: $12,500.00 ONO Pickup Only, must audition first. Cash on Pickup, Bank Transfer or Bank Cheque. $120 donation to SNA Warranty: I don’t do this for money but I do have a lot of pride at stake so I am willing (as I have been with other sales) to give a 2-year limited warranty. I will pay the first $200 for any defective components (as long as there not cooked by lighting etc) and labour is free. But you will need to get the item back to me for repair and pick it up when it’s ready. I built my sister a system (she only paid for the components at cost no labour of course) one power supply and one-amp module was fried by lighting, as noted that sort of problem isn’t covered 😊 After the 2 years I will help with the repair if required. Amplifiers · 2 x 5 Channel 300w Icepower amps, using 10 x AS Series Modules · Key Specifications o 300W at 1% THD+N, 4Ohm o 260W at 0.1% THD+N, 4Ohm o Full power bandwidth (20Hz – 20kHz) o 113dBA dynamic range (300W, 4Ohm) o THD+N = 0.005% (1W, 4Ohm) o Audio input impedance 47kOhm o High output current limit = 20Ap o Low output impedance = 6mOhm o Damping factor = 660, 4Ohm o Thermal Protection o Over current and short circuit protection o DC output protection o DC servo for low DC offset · Used silver coated copper wiring for Input signal wiring and places I probably shouldn’t have bothered 😊 · High-quality gold-plated RCA Inputs · High-quality silver-plated speaker terminals · 12v Triggers, this has been setup for my DAC to control sequenced ON-OFF, but can be changed if necessary to suit your system (probably 😊). · Custom crafted cases with Mackay Cedar (Red Sirus) trims, you won’t buy this in the shop. · High-quality IEC Power Inputs are filtered and fused on both Active & Neutral · Amp modules are also fused & EMI filtered · Green LED for ON-OFF · Red LED for Fault signal · The cases are constructed of high-quality plywood, veneered with fiberglass internally & carbon fibre externally, sprayed with texture coat and cover coated with automotive lacquer. ASP.4 · 1 x 10 Channel Active Crossover · Mako ASP.4 Boards · Using all recommended components · Used silver coated copper wiring for Input-Output signal wiring · High-quality gold-plated RCA Inputs · 12v trigger input, this has been setup for my DAC to control sequenced ON-OFF, but can be changed if necessary to suit your system (probably 😊). · Custom crafted cases with Mackay Cedar (Red Sirus) trims. · High-quality IEC Power Input is filtered and fused on both Active & Neutral · High-quality linear PSU using Twisted Pear Board · The case is constructed of high-quality plywood, veneered with fiberglass internally & carbon fibre externally, sprayed with texture coat and cover coated with automotive lacquer. · http://www.linkwitzlab.com/LX521/Supplies.htm Speaker Cables 2 Sets of Custom Crafted 3m Cables 2 x 4 Pin 3m cables 2 x 4 Pin 3m cables Van damme Black Series Tour Grade UPOFC Classic Pro Speaker Multicore 2.5mm ANTI KINK CORETECH cable · High-quality gold-plated connectors, everything is soldered together · Custom crafted Mackay Cedar Plugs & Sockets, the connectors are imbedded in resin. · To be honest I’m amazed how well these worked out, MANY hours of work in these. Speakers 2 x LX521.4 · 4x Seas 27TFFNC/G (H1396) 1" Textile Dome Tweeter · 2x Seas MU10RB-SL (H1658-04) 4" Curv Cone Upper Midrange · 2x Seas U22REX/P-SL (H1659-08) 8" Curv Cone Lower Midrange · 4x Seas L26RO4Y (D1004-04) 10" Aluminum Cone Woofer · I purchased the design documents directly from Siegfried Linkwitz and faithfully followed the design intent. · The Top Baffles and the Woofer Bridges are made from waterproof plywood veneered with custom cut Mackay Cedar. The veneers are approximately 1.2mm thick · The Top Baffles and the Woofer Bridges have been sprayed with shellac and overcoated with very tough water-based finish. The shellac under helps with the appearance and brings the best out in the wood. · The Woofer Boxes are made from Water Resistant MDF an sprayed with Duratex texture finish, this is also a very tough water-based finish. PS: The reason the speakers are sitting on the hard black foam is that this room has had water get in some years ago & with the recent rain event I was paranoid the water might come in again, but it didn't, better to be sure that sorry ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. Pictures:
  2. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Lucky me

    Thanks to the Melbourne International HiFi show and B&W I am the proud owner of these ! 😀😀 (First time I’ve ever won anything)
  3. Enjoying some time in front of the new speakers. Trying to put some time on them.
  4. Guzzista

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Well I have been an audiophile for many years and last week took what for me was a huge step! (i was not sure if it was going to be forwards or backwards), so I decided to take what for me was MY entry level TT unit. I see many amazing turn tables on this thread, I went for something simple to start, a Rega P3 TT, Elys 2 cartridge and a Rega Fono MM phono stage amp. So a week ago I made my purchase, set the TT up and played my first record in 30 years, Pink Martini's "hang on little tomato", wow I wont be buying CD's anymore, its final, its vinyl!
  5. Item: Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable (mint condition) and Denon DP-59L Turntable (also mint) Location: Perth WA Price: Both decks now SOLD. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Lovely collectable items, but can't hang onto everything. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: see below For sale are two magnificent turntables from a by-gone era of Golden Hi-Fi. Firstly, a beautifully preserved Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable from England in original museum quality condition both cosmetically and in good working order, and with all the accoutrements (bells and whistles). This is the deck that started the craze for hi-end turntables worldwide (the precursor to the Michel Gyrodec, Linns etc). The Transcriptor is an iconic piece of hi-fi and was featured in the cult movie "A Clockwork Orange", it is hand built in the best British tradition with every metal piece meticulously cut on a manual lathe. It is in perfect condition including crystal clear perspex lid, includes the horse-hair stylus & record cleaners and a balanced down force pressure gauge. Even the 18 carat gold plating on the record support pods are untarnished and look jewelry like, amazing. It includes the original Hydraulic Reference Tonearm (the arm tower is filled with hydraulic fluid to dampen arm resonances). The deck originally belonged to a Doctor who brought it out from England with him - it spent 10 yrs under the bed, unused. The deck has since mainly been in storage since, so has had very little use over in the intervening years. Suffice to say it spins and works perfectly. You may never find another Transcriptor in this condition with all the accessories intact, truly a piece of audio history. I would rate the sound of the Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable and arm to be pretty respectable, probably similar to that of an older Linn Sondek turntable (before the usual upgrades) or a Thorens TD-160. *This Transcriptor needs to go to the home of an audiophile collector , someone like @demmauhong 'David' or @palexsiaetc on Stereonet ...to be appreciated and cherished for many years to come. The second deck on offer is a Denon DP-59L direct drive turntable from Japan. It is in near perfect cosmetic and working condition other than some minor wear and tear. This deck spins with deadly accuracy and sounds fabulous, similar to my in-use Technics SP-10 Mk II, to be quite honest. The Denon Servo Tracer Tonearm is very good and flies under the radar of audiophile pretensions. The arm contains tiny gears controlled by servo circuitry to iron out vibrations and dampen resonances, it's sound quality is at least the equal of something like the Rega RB300, maybe better. This particular DP-59L came from a German couple who brought it with them to Perth when they immigrated. Both the Denon and Transcriptor run on 240v mains voltage. The sale does not include the cartridges shown or the gold TT Weights USA 400gm disc clamp. The price of both turntables reflects their superb condition. Perth buyers are welcome to audition the units in my home and the turntables can be shipped Australia wide at cost, though I would prefer a local buyer as they will be difficult to pack. Regards, Steve.
  6. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    A few birds from Reifel Marshes, S of Vancouver: Hummingbird Sandhill Crane Wood duck Taken with the Nikon D500 and the old Nikkor 70-300mm - pity I couldn't bring my good lens with me. cheers mick
  7. I'd just like to thank @evil c for all his hard work in putting the Dinner together. It's not an easy task and it's great he is so passionate about keeping the social aspect and StereoNET 'community' aspect a priority as after all, that's what StereoNET is all about. Thanks, Clive, your work is sincerely appreciated. I'd also like to apologise for having to leave relatively early despite my best intentions. After arriving at the hotel venue and starting to put the show together from the Tuesday prior, we were exhausted and I was struggling to hold a conversation with anyone even after just one beer (generously thrust into my hand by 125dbmonster as a peace offering). It's so inspiring to see a group of 40+ people all in one place at one time, sharing a common interest, and all possible because of the humble little webspace I created nearly 20 years ago. As big as StereoNET has become locally (and more recently, internationally), it serves as a good reminder (to me) that StereoNET is only possible with the support of the members and readers who make up our audience, and not forget where we've come from. Onwards and upwards - as we look towards Sydney for the first time next year I do hope we can replicate the success we have achieved with our show in Melbourne and count on your support for the locals, and those willing and able to travel interstate for the show. I've got grand plans to make the shows more appealing, informative and educational, and to offer showgoers even more value for their ticket entry fee. My only aim is to make Australia's only locally owned show the best it can be and one our entire industry can get behind and support, and be proud of. A number of our international visitors who attended all commented to me separately that this year's show is rising as one of the best 'domestic' shows in the world - that statement blows me away! See you all next year, and if not sooner at a GTG or store event. Thanks, Clive once again, and all of you for your continued support.
  8. JohnA

    Why was the Politics and Economics thread closed?

    i never went into that section, so wont be missing it, Politics and religion should never be discussed in public forums iMHO
  9. Item: Krell KAS monoblocks (100kg each) Location: Melbourne but can be shipped at buyers expense. Item description: performance as expected from such amplifiers. Effortless power, ultimate control and never ending headroom. Price and price conditions: $15999 LAST PRICE ADJUSTMENT BEFORE I JUST KEEP THEM FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS. Reason for sale: New pre-amp. Extra info : Priced to sell! Given the exchange rate these are the cheapest KAS I’ve ever seen advertised. THE DUAL CHASSIS KRELL KAS ARE NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE LESSER QUALITY KRELL KAS2 SINGLE CHASSIS UNITS, THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL. Have been serviced and recapped at considerable expense with less than 50 hours since. These units are still considered to be one of the best high-end amplifiers ever built in the history of high-end audio. These are as rare as rocking horse....... Original metal remote control that if you hit a burglar with it's game over is included. FOR THOSE WONDERING ABOUT THE DUAL CHASSIS, THE BOTTOM IS A FULLY REGULATED POWER SUPPLY, THE TOP IS THE AMPLIFIER. WILLING TO DELIVER AS FAR AS SYDNEY FOR SMALL FEE (HIRE CAR & FUEL.) https://www.stereophile.com/content/krell-krc-hr-preamplifier-audio-standard-power-amplifier-audio-standard-power-amplifier Info:
  10. Over the years of finding the odd surprise bargain here and there at my local Op Shop the universe aligned a couple of days ago for me. They cost me $7 apiece which is more than usual but I didn’t mind paying extra for these. All discs are in near perfect condition. I think I should give up checking again after this - I have used up all my luck for the next decade or two.
  11. I would like to thank all those who have visited us in room 1311, I was fortunate to partner with Antony Holton and achieve great sound with his amplifiers. Our speakers sounded remarkably well, although sometimes our larger model could not expose its full potential in a small room. The Nina model also produced a great sound, but its image was not the best, since it was very laborious to move the Dukes from their position, but that decision allowed us to exchange from one system to another without major inconveniences. In general, we are very happy with the results and we hope to form a team in the future with Hulton Audio, since all together they worked without problems and setbacks. A special mention and thanks to Aaron Reynolds of Vero Vero Audio for the use of The Metrum Jade DAC. Also a big thank you to Marc Rushton and his great team for the organization of the Show. I do not even want to think about the amount of time and effort invested in organizing such an event. Very grateful for giving us the opportunity to show what we love to do.
  12. Would it? If you have no noise problem with your supply, no filter would do any improvement. Just like the best umbrella will not keep you drier when there is no rain. Regenerator? First thing that happens to mains as it enters power supply is that it is rectified, that is you perfect sine is destroyed and turned into ripple. Again, this is like slicing your meat into perfect cubes before mincing. I think these audiophile solutions are a product of an industry preying on the unawares.
  13. Janjuc

    Currently Spinning

    Hi All, JJ
  14. pnes_nv

    Klein III owners thread

    Intro Well, I guess I’m one of the few owners mentioned that owns one of these remarkable DAC’s. As this is my 1st ever gear review, I trust that I’ll do Clayton’s new baby justice. I apologise upfront for the lengthy post, but I believe this product deserves the complete story. History A little bit of history 1st as my journey to a final choice of DAC may resonate with others looking for a solution to their digital needs. Like many aging audiophiles, I’d dumped a serious analogue rig way back in the latter stages of last century, thinking that the much-lauded CD and encompassing digital content was the way to sonic nirvana. Like a person with failing sight, I gradually stopped sitting down to simply “listen” to music. It had become something that was played in the background while working or during dinner parties & BBQ’s. As the years rolled on, the joy of “listening” to music and being lost in the soundscape of a musician’s creation became a faded memory. This all changed in mid-2015 when a health issue and doctors’ orders necessitated I find a hobby and ease up on work. I had fortunately kept my Vinyl collection and the one thing from my analogue rig that I couldn’t relinquished…..my beloved Linn Sondek LP12. A hobby was rekindled. The last few years OK, now I’ve got a bit of history out of the way, suffice to say I rebuilt my Linn and pulled together a wonderful vintage 2 channel rig. My escape from the digital wasteland was complete and I had rediscovered the sheer wonder of good vinyl spinning on a quality deck and sitting back to just “listen” to the music once more. Now having said all this , I still had a substantial library of digital content and a Tidal subscription, both being delivered via a SONOS Connect, but never for serious listening sessions. Over these last few years, I’ve watched the digital space gain significant momentum and acceptance as a valid medium for high quality sound, mostly due to higher bitrate platforms like Tidal and delivery systems like Roon & Audirvana and the additional bandwidth to support them. It was the eventual demise of my SONOS Connect that motivated me to do some serious research with the view to sticking my toe back into the pond of “1” and “0’s” and look for a serious level of digital quality. The search begins Without the SONOS unit, the delivery of digital music library was now going to be via an existing Intel NUC Core i5 mini PC that also handled the delivery of Movies via KODI, all stored on a 4TB NAS sitting on my home network. The DAC’s in PC’s are at best underwhelming and less-than-ordinary. Listening to the best quality digital recordings from my PC’s DAC and naked USB connection was like fingernails being scratched down a chalkboard. Listening to poor quality recordings via the PC was simply sinful……..women, children and small furry animals fled in fear. My search for a quality stand-alone DAC, that I didn’t have to sell a kidney for, started in earnest. As I was not requiring more than a USB DAC for inclusion into an existing Hi Fi rig, the criteria I set was pretty basic. I desired a DAC that had been designed where the core expense was in the design and components of the DAC function, not spread over a bunch additional functions i.e. portability, headphone. Bluetooth, Digital Coax…etc. I was also not looking or expecting a dedicated DAC to rival the sound of my Vinyl rig, but I was seeking a DAC that could make my digital music a bit more analogue and pleasing to the ear. The other “must-have” it had to be under the $1K price point. Finding contenders Well as you all probably know, there’s a myriad of choices under the $1K price point and it took many weeks of research, consuming reviews, and online product comparisons to properly assess the better options. Actual auditions of DAC’s in my own rig was not really an option as a couple of the preferred DAC’s I had my eye on were not available via a bricks & mortar retail stores in my area. Actual in-store demos of a stand-alone DAC’s are at best pointless and about as useful as a chocolate hammer in the middle of summer. However, I did get to audition a mates ARCAM irDAC II in my system and the difference in sound quality as opposed to the raw USB/DAC output from my PC or the retired SONOS Connect was significant to say the least, but functionally and sonically not the ideal choice for my rig. The ARCAM unit was at the upper end of my budget and sported a raft of additional functions that I was never going to use, but I was still considering it. I was now encouraged to see if I could find that DAC where the development $$’s was squarely focused solely the DAC function and its ensuing sound quality. A choice is made Now this is where you’d expect me to start fawning and waxing lyrically over the Klein DAC III, but it’s not. I didn’t even know it existed when I made my choice. At this point I wish to state that I do not desire to mention competitor brands in a negative sense. I say this as one man’s meat is another man’s poison and what sounds good to me, could be frowned upon by another. OK, that said…. I finally settled for a boutique DAC from the US that was well inside my budget and had gotten rave reviews from the Hi Fi press. It was virtually everything I was looking for………a single USB function DAC, albeit with semi-portability and headphone interface. It was ordered, along with high end RCA connects & a quality USB cable. A week later it arrived and after installing the required drivers on the PC, configuring ROON and hooking the DAC up, I was ready for sonic bliss. After playing the usual suspects for an hour or so, I couldn’t help but think I was still missing something. It wasn’t that it sounded bad, on the contrary, it was a major sonic upgrade to the overall sound. Good sound stage, fast and accurate, great extension, but for the want of better words, it seemed to lack “meat on its bones” and still a world away from me enjoying lengthy listening sessions. I initially put this assessment down to a lack of “burn-in” and reserved my final judgement for a couple more weeks of use. The final assessment Two weeks passed, and although it performed better, I was still not convinced that this new DAC was all that it should be and decided to take it around to my mate’s place for some A/B’ing between it and the afore mentioned ARCAM unit and a second set of ears younger than my own. I’d listened to the ARCAM unit in my mate’s system many times and was always impressed as its suits his needs and rig perfectly. As soon as we started to A/B the 2 DAC’s my mate commented immediately that although my DAC was very good he would have difficulty living with it full time. My new DAC was certainly more accurate and rivaled or bettered the ARCAM in most instances, but we both agreed my new DAC was not engaging or involving to our ears as the ARCAM unit and it is this crucial element that’s missing. Maybe the budget of $1K was an unrealistic value to set, to get a DAC with the required sound and feel. Regardless this, the new DAC was retired immediately and prepared for sale. Undeterred, I revised my budget upwards of the $1K mark and I set off once more seeking a replacement DAC that would deliver a level of quality that would be in line with my expectation. If my search yielded no result, then the ARCAM unit would be revisited Finding the Klein III This time my search criteria focused squarely on an “analogue sounding” DAC’s and eventually, Stereo.net.au’s thread on the Klein II DAC popped up. Needless to say, after reading the posts and doing further research on the Klein range I was impressed with all the glowing reviews for Clayton's designs. As I’d previously decided to purchase based upon online reviews and ended up disappointed, I was reluctant to buy the Klein unit without some serious communication with the guy in charge. An email was drafted to Clayton explaining my situation and my desired outcome. I received a very quick reply advising upfront, to properly assess his new Klein III DAC, it would have to be used in my own rig and he was happy to offer one for a period of evaluation. I was immediately struck by Clayton’s commitment and confidence in his product and once he explained his design philosophy for the Klein III I was very keen to audition the product. After meeting Clayton and enjoying a wonderful chat about the Hi Fi industry, past, present, and future, we shook hands and I headed home with a new Klein DAC III, keen to see if Clayton’s assessment of his product rang true. The Klein III Audition With the required drivers installed on my NUC PC and the Klein III hooked up and configured in ROON, I was genuinely hoping my search for the elusive analogue sounding DAC maybe over. It took the 1st few tracks to know the Klein III was delivering a simply stunning digital rendition of one of my favourite Vinyl pressings. I wish I could avoid the flowery sonic descriptions and cliché’s normally associated reviews, but I have to say on my 1st impressions, the sound stage of the Klein III was off the charts….I mean seriously good. This is a depth and height of field that does not impede on the stable placement of instruments or vocals. Width of sound stage rivals anything my Vinyl rig can serve up. The extension and smoothness throughout the frequency range is astonishing and lifelike with all digital grit and grime eradicated. Lower frequencies are accurately delivered with a complete minimum of fuss without overhang or smearing. Mid-range delivery is where the magic is as I didn’t think would be possible from a digital recording. Top-end is completely devoid of the tizz & fizz with high hat and cymbals sounding natural and lively. Surprisingly, recorded sibilants were not overemphasised and added to the natural sound of vocals…..big bonus here! In comparison to the DAC’s that I’ve heard, this thing is in a different stratosphere Conclusion After just 2 days with the Klein III, I contacted Clayton and said the evaluation unit was not being returned. Apart from the sonic qualities of this product, this DAC was well under my original budget of $1K and after listening to more expensive products, I’m convinced you’d have to spend well in excess of my budget to rival the sonic qualities of the Klein III. I’ve owned the Klein III for just on 3 weeks now and I’m well into my burn-in period and this DAC just keeps getting better. As testimony to the Klein III’s overall performance, I state hand on heart……..since it’s been installed, it’s the 1st time in 20+ years that I’ve actually sat down and “listened” to digital recordings and gotten lost in the sonic landscape. Yep, it’s not much of a looker, but don’t be fooled by its austere appearance. It has it where it counts………try it, you won’t be disappointed. Well done Clayton, you’ve hit this one clean out of the park. Now if it just had a 12Volt trigger input, I’d offer up that kidney I mentioned!! Note: All digital recordings used were basic 16bit 44.100Khz or 24bit 96Khz Flac’s and Unbalanced inputs used exclusively.
  15. Hi @Tubularbells, perfectly fine to say that - and I would have to be in agreeance. Being honest, we just weren't prepared enough for the kids to be coming through early on - while I did have a 15+ age warning on the ticket booking page there were a few families on Saturday that hadn't seen the booking page to know. I tried my best to have a chat to each of the parents but couldn't get to everyone. In hindsight, we probably would have created a 'kid friendly' session... on that same note though, many people weren't prepared to wait even 15 mins to the next session, let alone one at a specific time of day. There were almost no children on Friday, minimal on Saturday and tons on Sunday! There were a lot more walk-ins on Sunday, and we were better prepared with ear-plugs and content - however it doesn't change the fact you were shortchanged for your demo, and I completely agree that the kid friendly demos were quite lacking in comparison to the others . My apologies and I wish I had have known, as I would have tried to get you back after the last session (or another session) for a movie pick of your choice. All going well in Sydney next year, if we can replicate the scale of the room, please let me know if you are attending and I'll get you in for the calibration and 'full' test of the system. For your info, when I showed Scott your Simpsons video on the other thread (weeks before the show) he couldn't stop laughing. So I know he would have wanted you to get the whole experience. Moving on, thanks for everyone's comments and it's great to hear that so many enjoyed our demo, our crew got just as much a kick out of it as you. We managed to find some tricky and very unique problems that come with a world-first demo of this scale, which meant that most of us were lucky to get to bed before midnight for the three nights before the show. We were even re-plugging cables and adjusting the equipment 7 minutes before the first demo! We got there in the end, and while we ran a reliable and solid setup for the demos, we think that the large majority of attendees took a lot away from it, whether it be a little more learnt about what immersive audio is, or just the huge grins we could see on the faces of viewers. We have learnt a lot and if doing similar next year we will perhaps host some more advanced sessions for forum members/tech-heads that go a little longer and are more technical, or a 'BYO movie' session to test out your favourite scenes. Just some ideas... if anyone has any, we would love to hear them. From our whole team, it was an absolute pleasure to meet so many friendly and passionate people at the show - forum members and newcomers alike. I think the vast range of attendees speaks a lot for the organisation of the show and the audience it was able to reach. We thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you to all who attended. Cheers, Michael To answer your question @superaaaa, we should have some photos on our facebook/blog soon or as @Pete54mentioned, Selby have some up on their facebook page already. As for acoustic treatment, we had around 60 Sonitus panels (as used by many rooms around the show) and around 35 Martini Absorb 100mm panels as well.
  16. scuzzii

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Another purchase from record fair Miles Davis Excellent pressing
  17. Look, it’s very simple. If you can’t hear a difference either, a) your system isn’t resolving enough, b ) your ears aren’t good enough good luck with your journey
  18. bzr

    Show us your tubes

    813's & 814's
  19. Neurone

    Currently Spinning

    Shuffling with the trusty A&K some of the following.
  20. hired goon

    Post some pics thread...

    Happy snaps from storm chasing this arvo: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35 lens @ 16mm, f/8, ISO 100, 1/80 sec. Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35 lens @ 16mm, f/8, ISO 100, 1/25 sec. I bravely ran away soon after this. Hunter S. Thompson says that a man must brave the storm to truly live, but I'm allergic to lightning. --Geoff
  21. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    This. Exactly this. U2 up the late 1990's are two bands: the big stadium rockers with the trad '70's guitar sound, and the experimental art-rock band. First band gives you air-guitar joy. Second band gives you really interesting music to return to. Find them in the B sides, EPs, "Passengers: Original Soundtracks" and the many side projects and guest appearances. They don't get enough credit as an experimental band. But a byproduct of the second U2 is the third U2, caused by the reaction to "Pop". The problem with Pop is that the songs were undercooked. The live bootlegs from that era show the band growing into those songs live on stage, but the problem was they went into the studio too early. Their solution was to throw lots of hired guns at the songs to get them to work. Bad move, because what comes out of that process is lots of Band #3 U2 trying to sound like Band #1 U2, or at least that's the only songs that the band will approve for release. In the last couple of albums they've tried to remove the hired guns and get back to their roots, but the fun has gone. Meantime, hereabouts we have this on the platter: "Across the Universe" remains one of the Beatles finest moments. But this is either a spotty album, or a diverse album that coheres only because it shows the diversity of what was going on with the band. I'm in two minds, but if I want diversity I really think it's the white album, please.
  22. Neurone

    Currently Spinning

    It should be my last week using only my A&K and a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to listen to music, but today have been shuffling:
  23. Hifi be buggered- THIS is what stereonerd.com is all about. Mates. I genuinely love putting new faces to well known usernames, and spending more time with blokes I've met previously. Seeing my old mate "the artist formerly known as Dr X" all the way from Darwin after 8 long years was the absolute best. Spending time with old favourites like Joz, Yamahaman, Evil, Darth, Tubular, Luc, Marc, Scuzzi and more, plus meeting new faces like Jakeyb, Bass13, Sirmorebeer and Martykt is one of my favourite things and I'm so very glad I made the trip. Absolute corker of a night from go to whoa! You have my respect and gratitude Clive, cheers to you! Edit- if I've forgotten anyone, it's beers fault. Not at all deliberate.
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