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  1. Some very rare solo Daddy time. Yep it's 10:30am on a Saturday and yep that's a full strength craft beer. Because? Subs are Sonique Thunderbox 1200s paired in stereo via a preout. Speakers were a drop dead gumtree bargain - vintage Tannoy Mercury M4s in time warp condition. They kick hard. As you'd expect being fed 200w RMS a side via a Rotel RB-1080. Source is a Rotel 991 AE cd player. No plans to add vinyl as it's simply too expensive these days..... Also because young kids.
  2. audiohippo

    Audiohippo's System

    And then time to listen to some music
  3. Hi everyone, I recently installed viacoustic cinema round panels on my loungeroom ceiling. Thought I would share how I installed them in a way that they can be removed with minimum damage to ceiling. 1. Made a wooden frame out of pine with a rebate. 2. Glued a piece of mdf to back of each panel. The mdf lip on the two sides fits into the rebate of the frame. 3. Installed timber between ceiling joists and then screwed 6 hooks into the timber. 4. Installed frame using cable ties. This allowed for easy adjustment of frame. 5. Installed each panel into frame. Note I spaced the cross member of the frame so the panels could be placed in and slid across. I was initially worried how it would look, but I chose the white coloured panels and it looks better than I hoped. Any questions let me know. Chris
  4. Current System Music Wilson Audio Alexia Audio Research REF6 Dan D'Agostino Momentum S250 PS Audio Directstream DAC + Transport + Powerplant P10 Wireworld Gold Speaker Cable Wireworld Platinum XLRs + HDMI + USB Home Theater Wilson Audio Mezzo CST Bryston SP3 + 9BSST2 Majestic 2.37 CinemaScope Screen JVC X7900 4K Projector Krix Atmospheric A20 (4) Panasonic UB900 4K Bluray Player Velodyne DD15 Wireworld Gold XLRs Acoustic Treatments Vicoustic CinemaRound Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Premium Vicoustic Wavewood System Timeline + Mcintosh MC501 amplifiers and C220 preamplifier + B&W 802 Diamonds in Gloss Black + PS Audio Directstream DAC, Transport and Power Plant P10 + Wireworld Silver Eclipse SC + Wireworld Gold XLR (3 pairs) + Wireworld Platinum HDMI + USB cable + JL Audio Fathom F110 Subwoofer + Wireworld Platinum USB cable - B&W 802 Diamonds in Gloss Black + Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2 - Mcintosh MC501 amplifiers and C220 preamplifier + Audio Research REF5SE and REF75SE + Bryston SP3 + 9B-SST2 - Polk LC265i LCR + LC80 - Audio Research REF5SE and REF75SE + Audio Research REF6 + Wilson Audio Mezzo CST + Dan D'Agostino Momentum S250 - Wireworld Silver Eclipse SC + Wireworld Gold SC - Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2 + Wilson Audio Alexia + JVC X7900 4K Projector + Panasonic UB900 4K Bluray Player + Majestic 2.37 CinemaScope Screen + Krix Atmospheric A20 (4) + Stillpoints Ultra 5s (8) + Wireworld Platinum XLR (3 pairs)
  5. Just one final comment as the SNA show organiser in our own defence - our show only exists after being approached by the now-defunct Australian Hi-Fi Association to run an independent show as a result of many within the industry being displeased with the existing show's performance combined with the fact it was/is foreign owned. Running a show is an immensely stressful exercise and comes with massive personal financial risk. There's a hell of a lot more to it than just "jumping on the bandwagon", thanks. Let's put it to bed in any case, and focus our efforts on embracing the shows Australia does have now, whether it's 1 or 2. It's a win for the consumer/attendee in any case.
  6. Selling something , be it small and seemingly insignificant or large and expensive, requires the same strategy and as most people on this forum aren't sales people in the first place and have relatively no grasp of how to market a product in order to sell, most ads for equipment on this forum are poorly photographed, poorly described, poorly presented, incorrectly priced either too high or too low and subject to commentary completely inappropriate in the thread. The units that do sell quickly are presented with appeal, both in visuals and information. Don't photograph the item in situ, take it out of the system and clean it and present it as a seperate item, mentally it presents as an item currently not in use and not surrounded by someone's current life and clutter. Simple things that can increase the appeal factor for little effort.
  7. KenTripp

    Post some pics thread...

    The MFP garage on a quiet day. D750 + Nikkor AF-S 24mm f/1.8G @ f/5.6 1sec ISO50
  8. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Incoming... cheers mick
  9. Willy71

    Grills on or off

    Just interested For me off. Everywhere inside and the garage. Do show Please Cheers
  10. Laser cut/etched cart alignment tool I knocked up on my laser machine based on Conrad Hoffman's custom tonearm arc tool (http://conradhoffman.com/chsw.htm) I call it the A-Track Could make them available to purchase if enough interest is shown. Edit: There seems to be a bit of interest so I'll go the next level with it. I'm going to perfect the design and then offer it for commercial sale. I'll most likely setup a website where you can order them. Put in your turntable's variables and I will generate a protractor specific to your table. I've got a decent file for a strobe disc also so I'l make that available. The other thing I was thinking is using mirror acrylic so might offer a special edition in mirror gold or silver. I'll keep this post updated over the next week or so with some photo progress.
  11. liquid12

    Vintage HiFi

    My late 80s Yamaha system in home made rack with Pioneer S-T300 speakers. The amp is an ax-630 which is an active servo (AST) model that takes a cartridge for AST-S1 speakers. It came with the cartridge and speakers but the speakers were blown so never got to test it out. TT is a P-850.
  12. Spearmint

    Post some pics thread...

    A few snaps from the weekend... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
  13. Kafunis

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Kenny Drew-Undercurrent .
  14. hired goon

    Post some pics thread...

    I wandered lonely as a clown at Nudgee Beach on Sunday. I was looking for a certain mangrove tree that I hadn't seen before, but the combination of clouds and low tide proved to be irresistible. Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35 lens @ 23MM, F/16, ISO 200, 1/80 sec. Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35 lens @ 17mm, f/4, ISO 200, 20 secs. Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 50mm lens @ f/11, ISO 200, 3 secs --Geoff
  15. I think we all have the same fear of our wives... that when we die they sell our audio gear for what we said we paid for it, rather than what its actually worth!
  16. Neurone

    Currently Spinning

    Shuffling today:
  17. Item: 100% dysfunctional and decrepit LNP Govt - well past "Use By" date Location: Australia Wide Price: I'll pay you to take them away.....really! Item Condition: Absolutely 150% ^&*%$#@(*^^^ Reason for selling: Need to replace with something that actually works Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Let's hope the independents so the roght thing and put these guys to the sword in a Vote of No Confidence Pictures:
  18. A J

    Speaker topper

    So - I once tried the AMG toppers way back when they did the rounds on my candy apple red ML1 +'s - the jury was out but I did notice a difference - it may have been placebo, who knows but they certainly looked like they should be adding value. …..anyway - fast forward a few years and I have sneaked in a pair of ML1 REF's and also found some matching tunestands. In my quest for sonic bliss I was thinking maybe I should try experimenting again - knowing that the toppers are very hard to come by. I must admit, having recently spent some time in the Lenehan factory listening to Mike pontificate on tuning waves and sonic isolation theory while I was busy drinking beer and listening to his ML5's - triggered a few thoughts. One issue with hifi gear is that has about the same ongoing financial impact on the balance sheet as if I flushed a $100 dollar bill down the toilet every time I had a number 2. I knew that not only were the tuned toppers now unicorns, made from unobtanium - but that if I did manage to get a set they would be tres expensive and if I ever got hit by a bus, my wife would probably chuck them out in the rubbish along with all of my priceless caps and tubes not realising how many hair colours she could have financed. I had a flash in the pan moment of inspiration and here's my plan. It was either silver or gold, inert - non ringing, able to be flogged if the proverbial hit the fan. The issue with gold was that it is approximately $53,786.13 per 1KG bar making it a bit of a stretch for a pair. That left Silver, less than $800 a bar, small form factor and just a little bit blingy to impress my many mates. Lets just say this experiment has rendered me speechless - it has tamed the speakers and just added a little bit of coherence, almost a shine and polish to the top end while it seems to have added a little weight. I'm experimenting with different grades of sorbethane to get the tune just right but for me this has just been a great little tweak. I can tell in a blind test if the topper is on or off (closed eyes wife trying to steal the family silver while I'm listening)
  19. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    The Smashing Pumpkins ‎– Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. the brilliant 2012 4LP box set reissue
  20. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Frankie goes to hollywood - welcome to the pleasuredome, Great album...🎶
  21. Neurone

    Currently Spinning

    Playing some Supertramp during the day:
  22. mrbuzzardstubble

    Peter Dutton is going, going,...

  23. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Maybe that is because we owe so much to those who went before us. I post a meme, not endorsing it, but just saying what can be done. They missed a few things, like removal of Uni fees, and other stuff that matters coz I was too young to comprehend a legend vs all the wanna be narcissists that we have become accustomed to. Pollies who have convictions and by virtue of their office have been able to make peoples lives better (with the burden of being in government and all that entails). What we have now, just some problems that a normal person with reasonable intelligence may have been able to address, if not put in place to "fix" - A buggered and expensive NBN Medicare? NDIS? Centrelink? eg, pension rates. Stupid thoght out work for the dole. Indigenous relations? Electricity prices that are making the economy and individuals bleed? Govt debt that children and grandchildren will pay for? (Not Mals fault, but he did nothing to fix it). There are a few other things, but that is a good start. I very much doubt whether Sco has any inclination to do anything. So, maybe people are being slowly warmed like a frog in lukewarm water to think that it doesn't matter.
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