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    Well, I'm really quite excited to be involved and exhibiting at this years' show[emoji16][emoji16] Teaming up with my longtime mate Keith @cheekyboy and his Wyndham Audio goodies, and a new friend Ben @Nanoat with his delicious Aussie made tube amps, I'll be showing off the high efficiency "crossoverless" speakers from Contrast Audio, a newly developed rack design and of course The Satchel!! Free hugs for SNA members (only from me though, I can't speak for Ben or Keith!!)
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    I was told once that if you smoked a joint before listening to the hi if it would be , a very cheap upgrade,
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    A little something turned up today. 😁
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    Actually this is why the frequent calls for double blind testing happen. Imagine the scene: two fanbois facing off against each other on a misty moor at dawn. Each turns to their seconds, who open a lined leather-bound case. After a polite murmured, "After you", "No, after you", each fanboi carefully selects the dac of their choice. They walk away from each other a certain number of paces to what each deems to be the best listening position. Both appear tense, running their hands over the controls, feeling the sharp edges and corners, contemplating the whiplash of the power cords and the dangers of electric shock promised by the labels "Caution! No user serviceable parts inside". A voice calls: "Final chance. If any fanboi wishes to stop this matter now, speak up." But both men, so eloquent and garrulous in the past, now are tight-lipped. All is still and silent on the moor. The silence is inky black like a 24/96 recording transcribed directly from the half-speed master. "So," the voice continues. "It is dacs at ten paces, gentlemen." Almost unconsciously, each man (for these are proud, stubborn men, you don't think a woman would be out here at the crack of dawn when a cuppa and a good bowl of muesli in bed will do), gently feels the weight and heft of their dac in their fingertips, like Australian cricketers contemplating sandpaper. "There is but one thing remaining," the voice says. "Seconds, the blindfolds please." With care, each second ties a black cloth over the eyes of their combatant and checks the integrity of the other's blindfold. Satisfied, they nod and step back. "You may now hurl your best shots. Good luck." To the ordinary human being, hitting a target at ten paces while blindfolded can be rather challenging. But these are audiophiles, ears carefully curated and fine-tuned after years of listening. In an instant they can pick the difference between mp3 and flac. The shortcomings of CD versus LP redbook are child's play to discern. They know when a supertweeter is in use, and whether a speaker cable has fallen to the floor from it's dinky little plastic stand. Each man pauses, listens, decides, and hurls. Those sharp corners! Those knife-edged casings! The sheer weight of manufacturer-skimped electronic components! Of course, both men miss their targets completely. Ego satisfied, they shake hands and go home. It could have been a lot worse, were it not for the blindfolds. It's possible even that one or both may have struck a glancing blow! This is why double blind testing is the best and safest method to resolve disputes among audiophiles.
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    Been faffing around for awhile now with some speakers I bought here on Stereonet for my daughter. They were ‘Mod Cubes’ by Hermann that I purchased from Steve @Alpine Electrocats. (If anyone has more info on provenance of these I’d be interested!) I’ve sprayed the cabinets satin white, sprayed the grills, made up some terminal plates and put on new terminals and laser cuts some badges that I felt suited the ‘Mod Cube’ aesthetic! I have just finished some stands out of Tassie Oak and added a MDF spacer that I glued to the base of each speaker so that they can’t slide off the stands. (Two square pieces of 10mm MDF painted black) Will bring home from work this weekend and hook up to her Sansui Au-101. Will play from her phone..... Sorry about that! No doubt Spotify! The thing that should be good is when her violin teacher records a piece for her to play along with, which she normally plays from her phone. Hopefully this should be better and work well! We shall see! Will take a few piccies when set up in her room. In the meantime these are the speakers! (Still in the workshop) Cheers, Michael
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    I can see why you are disappointed. Have a look at this shot from Elac's website. No sound insulation and the drivers are not even connected.
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    Maybe someone could then post those photos here for everyone to see?
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    The view from my bed when I awaken. Mmmm. To all you heathens who scroll through their non-existent collection on a "device", how painfully 21st century of you.
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    and only seconds to send an email and keep customers in the loop.
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    A few images from yesterdays wander #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
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    Great speakers that I think punch well above their price point. I'm sorry I let go of mine which were very similar. Nice, musical SB acoustics mid and plenty of projection and air across the room without harshness with the ribbon tweeters. They give you a lot of what the middle sized vintage Klipsches do in terms of sparkle at a distance with, to my mind at any rate, more refinement across the board and deeper bass.. and, unlike many speakers, if something dire happens and you need service, you have a very helpful gentleman with genuine concern for his customers on the same continent. 😎
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    My DIY turntable based on DENON DP 3000 with SME 300 tonearm and a DL103 Gold Limited edition. Magnetic sustentation of the main board.
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    Very early listening session..
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    So, the AU Alpha 907MR was suffering from cracked side panels, as is often the case with late model Alphas that have copped a few bumps. The side panels are a type of MDF which are very smooth and have been finished with some kind of vacuum-formed plastic covering (as opposed to vinyl). It is probably around 0.5-1mm thick and has the inner wood-look finish with a hard, brittle clear layer over the top. Below are the damaged original coverings which have been carefully removed: The smooth MDF finish beneath: I decided to use a 3M Di-Noc Bubinga gloss vinyl to refinish the side panels, just as smurfer77 used on his 907 Limited (albet in birdseye maple finish). The Di-Noc vinyl is very pliable once heated, and can be stretched to confirm with curves and corners. It takes some practice and patience. I recommend buying slightly more than you need, cutting off a test piece, and mastering the process. One panel complete: Both panels done - all trimmed up, holes cut for the plastic lugs to be inserted, and screwed into place. Very very happy with the result - the colour is similar, but with much more grain and visual interest. Frankly, I'm amazed at how good this 3M product is! In terms of the appearance and grain, it is slightly better than the factory finish on the 907XR that is here, which is a birdseye maple type finish. They have done such a brilliant job in achieving variation to the finish and giving the impression of depth.
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    Item: Lenehan Audio ML5 Reference Speakers Location: Waterview Heights Price: $7,500.00 firm, pick up only or arrange your own courier pick up. Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Going JBL Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new in Oct 2017 for $15,600.00 Floating on Townshend Speaker Bars of correct spring weight. http://www.townshendaudio.com/hi-fi-home-cinema-equipment-vibration-isolation/seismic-isolation-bars-for-speakers-subwoofers/ Heaps of info and some build pics from here onwards- https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/112497-ml5/?do=findComment&comment=1887053 My versions have the ML5's have the Duelund Silver bypass capacitor upgrade instead of the Jantzen Superior capacitors. One driver died after 12 months, replaced and have had no issues from anything since. Excellent WAF factor. The biggest strength of these speakers in my opinion is the timbre of instruments, just other-worldly, the hollow echo from a guitar body, the steely resonance of a bass string, the skin void thunk of a kick drum, absolutely magic. Unbeatable finesse. If you listen to good-to-audiophile grade recordings, you wont find better than these. Can meet someone halfway regarding pick up, within reason. Apologies to WA and uN Zud, haha. No smoking inside or pets near them, Grandkids are scared of them. Am open to haggling, will also consider trades that involve high end valve pre or dac. Ayon pre amp would be excellent, no dacs with volume control though, thank you. Fantastic WAF, my partner doesn't want them to go, I will be sad to see them go as well but JBL's seem to agree more with my musical tastes involving average recordings. Mikes speakers hold back nothing. PM me if interested. No need to post 'PM sent', I get notified anyhow and it will attract an Egg...hmm, he might buy them, haha! Around 80kg each, 965 high x 455 long x 245 wide. No boxes, there were never boxes, Mike wrapped them securely with protective wrapping and they went straight into my car. I will cocoon them in bubble wrap and probably send/transport the bases separately to prevent any damage to the springs. Cheapest ML5's in the history of mankind. Pictures:
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    G'day all, With permission from joz, I though I would jump in and answer any questions y'all have about our cables. ScottR shared our Mission Statement which we feels sums us up pretty well (albeit the grammatical errors that have since been fixed!) "Our mission is in our name, ‘No Bullsh*t Speaker Cables’. We want to provide good quality, ‘Aussie as possible’ cables without the hefty price tag. We don’t claim to have the ‘best’ cables or claim the title of ‘Audiophile Grade’. We simply provide Australian Made cable paired with good quality plugs all at a reasonable price. It’s as simple as that." We are simply another offering. We believe in low resistance = quality. We don't believe in a lot of the claims made by some manufacturers but we are not here to bring them down or tell people they can't hear what they believe they can here. We have no issues with those that spend thousands of dollars on cables. If you spend $10k on cables and feel it improves the quality of your audio experience and are happy with your purchase, then you'd be silly to buy anything else. You're welcome to read our 'About Us' page to see how we came about, but long story short, we are a 2 man army (brothers in fact!), that struggled to find well assembled cables without a hefty price tag, so started the process of sourcing the materials and making cables ourselves which turned into a business offering. We try and keep things as Aussie made as possible and are fortunate enough to have Tycab who manufacturers cable here in Australia which is the 'backbone' of our cables. We pride ourselves on our name, 'No Bullsh*t' Speaker Cables. We have nothing to hide and aren't here to make bold claims. We are the first to admit that anyone can purchase the materials we source and make the cables themselves that will sound no different to our cables. Some people just don't want to make up cables themselves and can't see the value of spending thousands, or even hundreds on cables which is where we are happy to jump in. We aren't about to retire on making a few dozen cables a month, especially for the price we sell them for. But the small profit we do make gives us pocket money to spend on our own systems. While we take the assembly of our cables and the quality of our product seriously, we like to have a bit of fun too. This can be quickly picked up by spending a few minutes on our website. We've sold a few hundred cables over our short 11 month lifespan and have been humbled (yet overwhelmed) by the positive feedback we have been receiving. At the end of the day, we're all very fortunate to be in a position to enjoy audio which at the end of day is a luxury. We feel we fill a gap in the market that means our customers can spend more money on the components that we feel makes the biggest impact on the system.. ie speakers! Happy to answers any questions people may have. Thanks again for the opportunity!
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    Just a quick update on how I am progressing with this. I have sample chips, evaluation manual & a data sheet but it is going to take a while as it is a very complex chip compared to previous versions. The evaluation board will be a big help but still no ETA on this yet. I will first build a basic prototype for testing & development & then go on to a production version. I think the ETA on a production model will be at least three months away. It will be very different from the Fein/Gross series & have a new name. Cost wise it will also be a big jump & probably several times the cost (of Gross/Fein) however it will certainly have more features & options. Sound wise it is hard to predict & being current out I will no longer be able to use the simple Jensen transformer output design. This is a bit disappointing as I loved the sound of that & the simple design. The good part is the word on the street is that the AK4499 will probably be the new benchmark in SOTA DAC chips & with performance to match. Fingers crossed! I will update this topic when I actually have a working prototype.
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    A few pics of the Thiels in the system.
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    Hey mate, Got home yesterday and was feeling pretty average, went for a run then got to the speakers. Straight out of the box I was a little taken aback by the looks. The quality of the fit and finish is very good but they definitely aren’t your average looking speaker. The shiny driver really threw me a bit to begin with, it’s very shiny. The more I look at them the more I like them. Also the outriggers that @Grizzly made for them are very well finished and work an absolute treat, the speakers are rock steady. I would highly recommend getting in touch with him for any racks or outriggers etc. I set them up in roughly the same spot as the Sonique’s and hooked them up. I was pretty disappointed with the sound straight up. Don’t get me wrong they did sound good but I expected more. My head was thumping so I left it at that. Got home today feeling a lot better so decided to play around with things. I have been swapping a few tubes in and out so decided to go back to my favourite combo. Then started to play around with placement. I’ve got them approx 200mm closer to the back wall, about 50mm closer together each side and toed in less than the Sonique’s. Everything has seemed to snap into focus. A lot more bass weight, imaging is a lot more focused, not a lot outside of the speakers like the Soniques which I now think must be due to the room. There seems to be a lot more depth of image as well which is a little surprising as they are closer to the back wall. I’m sure I can pick more detail as well, but I don’t think there is much in it. Im pretty happy, even though I think it has been more of a sideways move. I loved the look of the 6.5’s and I really think they suited the room a lot better but the Thiels are really growing on me. More time and experimenting is definitely needed. Cheers Dave.
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    Nudgee Beach sunrise from Friday morning: Nikon D750 camera + Tamron 24-70 lens @ 36mm, f/8, ISO 100, 0.3 seconds. --Geoff
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    Item: Celestion Ditton 551 Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $550.00 Item Condition: Excellent for the age Reason for selling: Too many speakers to hang to these. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal friends, COD Only Extra Info: This set of 551s came as part of complete system I bought to get a hold of a rare Luxman TT. The speakers were in pretty good overall condition, but one tweeter was dead, so both have now been replaced with SEAS 19TFF1 tweeters that are a perfect fit and even allow fitment of the original Celestion marked trim rings. Both original tweeters are included in the sale. While waiting for the tweeters the crossovers were recapped (by Speaker Bug), the front fascia repainted in the original colour, by roller, to match the original finish. The cabinets have been cleaned & oiled and have come up a real treat - probable the best condition 40yo cabs I've had. (There is only one small mark - as per the photos.) The grills are an 7/10 but would be an easy recover, or even make a complete new set and keep the originals as they are very 70's. The tech bits are all on the web along with reviews, but in basic terms these are a three way base reflex, front ported speaker, made in the UK in the late 70s, are 720h x 395w and 328d and weight 25kg each! Obviously local (4105) pickup is preferred, but I'm happy to drop to my local Pack & Send - who I know quite well and would do a good job packing them onto a pallet or skid. HiFi Shark pricing shows most good condition 551s in the A$700 - $1000 range, but I think I'm realistic in my pricing due to fitting the SEAS tweeters and re-capped crossovers. If you after a vintage three way that gives a great sound and looks sensational, then these might be the ticket. Can be demo'd with 24hrs notice. Pictures:
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    I found placement of the (ex)missus worked best for me, I placed her out the door. It even sounds better when the stereo is off.
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    @Luc I had to try it!!!😀 You may be onto something!!!!................... At first I thought using Han Solo was ridiculous (it has to be placebo surely) but then I noticed the spaciousness between the instruments and an improved sound stage. With the cables off the carpet there was an immediate feel of musical cohesion I had never noticed before. Although the Sondek somehow had a 'Darker' feel to the music🙉.
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    They are really growing on me ☺️
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    Item: Infinity IRS Delta/Gamma speakers Location:Sydney Price: $6500 Ono Item Condition: Good/ Refurbished! Reason for selling: Too many speakers in the house, Infinity Betas , Kappa 8 , Kappa video, reference 2, & Deltas Payment Method: Pickup - COD Only Extra Info: I imported them too Australia from the USA with the walnut surround, Magic Marksy refurbished & checked them before exporting them to me. They are fully functional & working beautifully, a couple minor scuffs on the under side. They can be upgraded to the Gamma if you can get a Servo controller . I have tested them in Gamma mode with a servo controller & they fully functional with the Original Servo woofers still in them. You can find all of the RS model infinitys and Kappas, for sale. But the IRS models are very rare and are the flagship models Infinity sold. • Drivers (per channel): — Woofers: Four 12” Polypropylene/Graphite — Mid Bass: 2 L-EMIMs — Midrange: 1 EMIM — Tweeters: 1 EMIM/front 1 EMIT/rear — Super-Tweeters: 1 SEMIT — Nominal Impedence: 4 Ohms • Finish: Walnut • Dimensions: (WxDxH) Woofer module: 16 1/2” x 14 1/2” x 64 3/4” (41.91 x 36.83 x 164.47cm) Mid/tweeter module: 17” x 1” x 64 3/4” (43.18 x 2.54 x 164.47cm) Base footprint: 18” x 17” (45.72 x 43.18cm) • Weight: Woofer module: 140 lbs (63.64kg) Mid/tweeter module: 75 lbs (34.09kg) • Special Features: Monster cable ARC wire Solen caps Wonder caps • Frequency Response: 15Hz to 45KHz ±2 dB • Crossover Frequencies: 100Hz, 750Hz, 4500Hz,10kHz • Passive Crossover Controls: Super tweeter level Tweeter level Upper midrange level • Mid/Tweeter Amplifier 75-300 watts/ch RMS REQUIREMENTS: •Bass Amplifier Requirements: 150-500 watts/ch RMS PRODUCTION HISTORY: • Introduced in 1987 • Discontinued in 1992 • Original Retail Price: $11,950.00 todays money $60K? They are bridgeable . They are Lovely speakers These refurbished vintage beauties will outdo most modern speakers 5 times their price. I love these speakers , Its like a concert in your room with the rear firing super tweeter giving excellent staging & presence. Im only selling them because I bought a pair of Betas at double the price for negligible difference. be warned They are a very detailed speaker & will tell tales on poor quality equipment. These need Amps to be stable down to 2 Ohms I also have a vintage Aragon Amp for sale. The Aaragon can run these on its own , I highly recommend Bi amping with a tube amp running the top end for maximum enjoyment When I first set these up I heard details I never heard before in albums I'd listened to for years! Pictures:
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    Where's my invite, grrr!! 😁 Criminal having a bedroom system of that quality BTW - exceeding most mere mortals main systems! Shameless pic of my current, (main), setup! 😉
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    The size of the drivers tells you very little about the sound quality of the sub. Neither the size nor the moving mass are good predictors of any subjective quality that audiophiles are looking for. Myths abound here and quite often it's because they are very often quite intuitive - they feel like they should be true! My experience in building, testing and integrating many different subs over the years suggests two things that contradict expectations: 1. Subs that appear radically different can be made to sound near identical within their linear range. An extreme example might be an open baffle sub vs a huge horn sub. Most of the differences can be removed with calibration. 2. Larger and heavier subs are more likely to perform better in any measure, whether subjective or objective. Yes, it sounds like a contradiction to my previous point! However, this has been my experience generally. Let's suppose we could compare a pair of sealed subs, using drivers from the same range. One is 8" sealed, the other is 18" sealed. Cabinets equally solid. Placed in the same position. Calibrated so they have the same frequency response. Operating at exactly the same level - let's say 90 dB which both could handle. I'd expect the bigger sub to sound cleaner and more accurate but it would be a subtle difference. It's only when you move beyond the limits of the smaller sub that they start to sound very different. The extra clean output of the bigger sub in actual use translates into an experience of greater authority and punch. You find yourself turning it up more, without realising. It doesn't sound louder, Instead, it feels more full, powerful and clean. This is why many audiophiles would actually be well served with a sub that is bigger than they think they need. When it comes to the choice of a sub in terms of its size, I'd suggest you have two main things to think about. Keeping things simple, big enough to give you satisfying bass depth and output. Small enough that you can live with it in your room. Getting the balance right is a fairly personal decision.
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    My very modest system last night, in a less than ideal room. I've been battling with a very bright SQ the last weeks, and not particularly enjoying the sound very much, but I realised I've been playing this Pioneer vintage amp at very low levels. I know these little Missions can handle a lot more than they've been being asked of late, too. While the wifey and child were out with the dog, I took the opportunity to crank up my vinyl 1st press copy of Cold Chisel's 'Twentieth Century', and the track 'Saturday Night'. Ahhhh....now that was *much* better. Still a little bright, but the power of that song, at that level, wiped away a lot of doubts. It's funny: when you're single, living alone, your volume setting and music choices are often quite different. Sometimes you need to go back to that feeling, if only temporarily, to know what is possible with the sound.
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    Japanese goodness!! We decided to document a recent setup of the beautiful Lumxan PD-171 turntable with Ortofon Cadenza Black that we undertook for one of our clients. Enjoy the pics!
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    Item: Weston Acoustics Artisan KT150 Amplifier Location: Brisbane ( North ) Price: $ 5800.00 firm , pick-up only due to size & weight Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Too many amps and about to head down the high efficiency/low wattage road Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Dual mono design on large chassis ( 620mm x 450mm ) , Jarrah plinth with polished stainless steel top plate , Copper transformer covers This amp will be supplied with unused pre-amp valves ( Tung-Sol 6SN7 ) and rectifier valves ( 5R4 JAN Cetron ) , also included will be a new matched quad of KT150's ( receipt available ) The RCA 5U4GB rectifiers & Hytron 6SN7's as shown in the supplied photos are not part of the sale This is a regretful sale however I can't keep everything and space is now a premium , the RRP for this amp is 8K along with the long lead times so I believe this is a great opportunity for someone to jump in and enjoy one of the Weston products. Pictures:
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    Item: Technics SE-A100 -- 2 Channel Power Amplifier Location: Langwarrin VIC Price: $1700.00 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Thinning the herd Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The SE-A100 is generally regarded as a superb amplifier and it introduced the VC-4 Class AA configuration amplifier design. The amplifier was released in 1985, (yen300,000) and was in production to 1989. This example is a 1987 build. The amplifier that followed, the SE-A5000 is simply a facelifted SE-A100. Class AA is a simple yet brilliant idea. Four amplifiers, two per channel. A voltage control amplifier and a current drive amplifier. The voltage control amplifier is isolated from the load by a "Class AA" bridge. The bridge is a series of resistors in circuit between the Class A voltage amp and the Class B current drive amp. I sourced this amplifier from Japan. These are very rare amplifiers in any country out of Japan. Technics did export these amplifiers, in numbers I'm not sure of, however over the years I have been researching and looking at this range of Technics power amps, they are rarely for sale in Europe, the United States or any other country. And if you see a nice example be prepared to pay very big $$ for one. Note the "timber" side panels, these were only offered on the Japanese models, all export models are sans timber sides. Build quality is very good, nice weight at 34kg. Cosmetically, not mint but very nice, straight nothing major, presents very well. The design and presentation of the amplifier is first class. The dark overtones, with the black, with silver highlites, the slightly smoky beveled full glass front panel and the subtle incandescent lights (there are four lights per meter) make for a very attractive and classy piece of audio. Power ratings 170w @ 8 ohms - 200w @ 6 ohms. Sound can only be described as amazing. I have a few nice amps and this one is right up there. It has good authority yet the detail and finesse are there also, really nice. Please note this is a 100VAC Japanese model. Please note this amplifier is pick up only Pictures:
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    I used to have a room that was small yet had a nice sweet spot for one seat - that's how small it was. But it had a wonderful enveloping effect from the 7.1 setup. Things changed, and I moved to a flat with a more open place. I had Atmos, with a full 11.2.4 setup, but that small room was still something I really enjoyed.. it also had room for trinkets, like an original Star Wars 1977 poster. Recently I managed to move back into a large place, and I managed to get permission from the Boss (yeah, she's the boss) for the top floor with a high roof to be made into my own den. It's modest in size, around 4m wide, 3.92m long and 3.02m high. So as part of the work done to the house, I took down the original false ceiling, and replaced the wooden beams with new and more sturdy ones. Reinforcements were also added where the speakers will be sited. Rockwool filled the gaps and also the entire ceiling on top of the wooden grid. As for power: The house has a three phase 63A supply, and I pulled a direct power line from the main DB to the room, which only supplies the power sockets and nothing else. The lights, aircon etc all draw power from another DB. The diffusers and such will arrive in phase II
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    is that a kiwi version?
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    My point was, I suspect ALL are commenting without actually having used one. At a party recently where one of these was in use, all those present were able to connect very simply from their own phones directly to it with the click of a button and play their preferred tunes. You unbox it, plug it in, and away you go. Show me a PA system for the same money, ease of use, connectivity options, and flashy lights that are actually enough to satisfy most small parties and gatherings. Anyway, not here to argue, but just to add some balance to a thread for a product that is actually very good, despite how ugly some might consider it. The audience here is absolutely not the target market.
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    Great to see a young woodworker take out this years Wootha prize at the Maleny wood expo. He loves his vintage gear and had a nice collection of vinyl as well. The Wootha prize is hotly contested and worth a cool $10.000
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    I was reliably informed some years ago about cable lifters and I liked the bloke so I went and bought what he recommended. I also 'Naruto'd' a speaker driver to see if I could hear the difference. Jury's still out on that one. 😝 But in all seriousness, I think our hobby is just an open target for the naysayers and I've long since stopped trying to justify either the ongoing cost to my wallet and also to all the people outside of our little audiophile world. I've made some very good friends here because of my hobby and and I've seen enough serious weirdness that is almost borderline certifiable in some peoples set-ups (and the people...lordy lordy)...to never cast a stone at them. If you think it works or if you like it then that's fine with me. It's my hobby and it makes up a huge amount of what I find pleasurable in the world and if I want to jam Naruto into a compression driver then I will. The only thing I draw the line at is @Yngvi 's mancave whisky table or man with belly table. It's a distraction and takes away from the eye candy in that room and of course the musical entertainment. Pass him on to Zinger, Eggy or send him up to @Telecine * Postscript. Lefthand speaker sounds like it needs fiddling with the toe-in and yes...you guessed it, it's the Naruto'd one. Oh dear what have I done.
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    Finally I have stage one of the main listening rooms acoustic treatment done. As previously mentioned the room seriously suffered from high frequency reverb, the slap test almost made your ears bleed. So after having a couple of ‘professional experts’ provide quotes I went with the bloke who actually bothered to measure the room (Corsini Audio). As I said this is stage one, as per normal I choose to go against everyone’s advice on what to treat first and got the walls and ceiling treated rather than corners. So far the improvement has ranged from confusing to truly impressive, while the room is much calmer detail has been greatly improved and is now truly impressive along with clarity compared to what it was. Its taken quite a bit of speaker shuffling to get it sounding the way I wanted it to and needless to say there is still more to go as I figure out how this works. One thing I didn’t quite expect is the room upgrade has changed the rooms acoustics that much that a number of the components that used to sound best in the room have now been moved to the second room and swapped around with other components that previously came second sq wise, this swapping gear provided an instant improvement, again this brings home it’s all about synergy and that includes the room. The steep learning curve continues on. .... cheers
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    Item: Magico S1 Mk1 Location: Barossa Valley Price: $6900 ono Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Raising Funds to build home Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are 4 years old. Detailed and transparent without being edgy. Being a sealed enclosure they work well even in smaller spaces. Will not ship interstate as packaging for freight is rather fragile. Pick up from Barossa Valley or deliver to Adelaide and environs. I am raising funds to build my new home and if these sell will also be selling my Vitus RI-100 amp and Vitus RCD-101 Cd Player. If anyone wants to buy the lot make me an offer around the $16500 mark. Pictures:
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    Oliver Nelson - The Blues And The Abstract Truth
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    Started the day like this and now my second DV505 has a home.
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    Easy listening for the end of a public holiday.
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    If you take a utilitarian approach to this issue the answer is simple and two folds: 1. if you can hear a difference between a $5.00 cable and a $50.00 cable, then congratulate yourself, as you have what we call in the industry a pair of golden ears and/or a highly resolving system - either or both are good. (but then again Bob Carver demolished some of those golden ears and resolving systems.... https://www.bobcarvercorp.com/carver-challenge) 2. If you cannot hear a difference between power cables - again congratulate yourself as you have saved yourself heaps of money (that could be spent on music) and the agony of sleepless nights thinking about the next best power cable. So as you can see it is a win-win situation.
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    Pretty much completed this resto/mod of a thorens td150mkii. The grace 707 with a shure v15 MKiii cartridge goes nicely with this turntable. Can't comment if the solid plinth really makes a difference but I am loving the tight low end and noticable soundstage. I can't compare it to an original td150 mkII as I sold my second tt before I finished this one. Few small adjustments required but certainly at the stage of just sitting back and enjoying this now.
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