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    Hello folks, Well, to start at the beginning, I drove down from Tuncurry in NSW to Melbourne late last week to deliver a new pair of our CH1 loudspeakers and to take the chance while I was there, to spend time with my three daughters that still live and work in Melbourne. The trip down went well and I arrived at my eldest girl's place in Altona early on last Friday afternoon. After a bite to eat I decided to bring in the new CH1s, both to let my daughter listen to them and to be sure they had made the trip down safely and were both working well. Here's the CH1 in low sheen black finish, just prior to making the trip to Melbourne. I managed to carry the first CH1 enclosure into my daughter's living room, went back out to the car and I was carrying the second enclosure in through her front door when I tripped, started to fall and unfortunately I was not able to catch my fall and I landed heavily in her foyer area and the top of the speaker enclosure hit her foyer wall. I was devastated to say the least that I had damaged the paintwork on this enclosure and of course, I could not deliver these to our customer, due to be made on the Monday morning, in this condition. A desperate call to Harry Ralston at SGR Audio was made to find out if Harry might have the time during the following week to help me out with a paint repair and if so, I would make the call to our customer to tell her that the delivery of her new CH1s will have to be delayed. Harry asked when I was scheduled to make the delivery and when I told him that I was due to deliver them on the following Monday morning, he said that I better bring them in the next day, last Saturday morning. I arrived at the SGR Audio factory in Templestowe early on last Saturday morning and around 5 hours later, Dr Harry and myself stripped out each enclosure and Harry had blocked back the existing low sheen black and they were ready for a prime coat. Here's Harry preparing one of the enclosures for priming. Once Harry had completed the blocking back and the preparation of each enclosure [both enclosures had to be painted, as it would have been impossible to match the colour on the enclosure that was not damaged] they were moved into the spray booth for priming. Here's both enclosures and the base units in primer. Both enclosures and base units now had to be left overnight and Harry returned on Sunday, sanded and applied multiple coatings with his low sheen black finish. I was able to turn up on Monday morning and with Harry and Stuart's assistance, fitted out each enclosure again and Stuart tested them both, giving them a clean bill of health. Thanks to Harry and Stuart at SGR, I was able to make the delivery of these new CH1 loudspeakers to our customer on time, so I just wanted to thank Harry for his outstanding work and skill in preparing and painting these for me following my unfortunate accident carrying one of them. Thank you to Stuart for allowing us to use the factory facilities at such short notice...........it was much appreciated, mate. You may or may not be aware, but I must let you know that Harry would be the best cabinet painter I know and he is extraordinarily talented with a spray gun. The finish on these enclosures is absolutely flawless and our customer was extremely happy when my daughter and I delivered them and set them up in her system. Here's the LHS CH1 set up in our customer's system. Thank you SGR Audio for your co operation in helping me out when I needed it so desperately last weekend. Thank you Harry for your undoubted skill and the many hours you put in last weekend to make this happen. Absolutely first class, mate. Cheers, Keith
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    Most annoying sound is "turn that down!' .. [emoji41]
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    Just a reminder that responding to an ad with ‘PM sent’ is discouraged in our guidelines. The reason is that it means absolutely nothing and can discourage others from buying or making an offer. If you want to respond this way, then please add an explanation e.g. PM sent with intention to buy PM sent with intention to buy the digital cable in an ad for multiple items PM sent with offer PM sent with cheeky lowball offer PM sent for further information etc Thanks .
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    Oh. My. God. It is freakin' huge. I knew it was going to be big, but, well maybe not that big (apologies for the mess!)... and from the sweet spot... I need some time to digest the sheer physical size, well the height mostly. I'm 6'1" tall and if I stretch as far up with one hand as possible I can juuust get to the top of the Bass Cannon. Wow!
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    Hey everyone, Just sharing some photos of the space where I get so much pleasure listening to music, almost every night. I used to have a dedicated music room which was nice but every time that I would use it, I would feel a bit anti-social so eventually, it became a bedroom and my system moved out into the shared space of my living room. One of my great pleasures is playing music to whoever I manage to convince to sit with me. Quick summary: Analogue Source Michelle Orbe SE turntable with the Gert Pedersen Upgrades Schroeder CB Tonearm Phasemation PP-2000 Phono Cartridge Enklein Amphora phono cable RCM Sensor 2 Phono Preamplifier Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform Digital Source Innuos Zenith Mk II 4TB server Enklein Trek USB cable Line Magnetic Gold Series Tube DAC Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform & Spiral Groove Strange Attractors Amplification Avantgarde Acoustic XA Pre-amp Avantgarde Acoustic XA 150W Power Amp Townshend Seismic Isolation Pods Speakers Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Mezzo XD Cables DIY (with A LOT of research) Hope you folks are enjoying your systems as much as I am enjoying mine. Cheers, George.
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    FFS, Let the man advertise his stuff - quit the whingeing.
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    That would be a leading question. Several of my clients are women. Their partners are not overly interested in sound reproduction, but the women most certainly are. I readily acknowledge that they are in the minority, but they are music lovers and see the technology as a means to enjoy the music. Males, OTOH, often (but certainly not always) see the technology as an end in itself. The music is incidental. Worse, it is often a case of buying equipment for the bragging rights, rather than to achieve accurate reproduction. Women tend to think differently. Bragging rights are not their aim. Music is.
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    Oh OK. I didn't realize all this had happened as i don't come to the site each day. Yes i'm from DTV. No this is not a wind up! Actually i have no idea why you'd think so? You know what? I didn't know what a power amp was ok? I've loved and played music all my life but i didn't know what a power amp was! I've only had very basic stereos in the past. Yes, that's right, i'm old and i and my mates still often refer to all of this as a stereo. Now this obviously may not be correct, and in the past i've always felt like i had to make sure not to call an audio set up as a stereo for fear of ridicule. However i feel i've been ridiculed anyway! I've never been able to go to a hifi[is that correct?] shop over the years and buy seperate components. Most of my stereos in the past have been what we called 3 in 1 stereos with the cassette deck, radio and turntable all rolled into on big lump! I did have a couple of seperate amps in the mid seventies, the only one i recall was a Sonophone, this was in NZ so it may of been a budget kiwi brand? Buying seperate components always seemed out of my range tbh, for various reasons, one being money of course. Back in the old days i found all of it to be a little intimidating tbh, and a bit posh. Now of course there are more items to choose from and with prices for all budgets. I'd wanted to ask some of the questions i've asked on this forum for a long time but felt really embarrassed to in case i was made fun of, and i was. I've often thought there are SOME people on forums like this, and other forums that have a lot of members who identify as 'audiophiles'[hate the word] that can be quite snobby at times. I came to the forum just now coz i had another question, but i won't bother asking!
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    A pair of these I was 15 I had no money of course but I convinced my dear old mum I had to have them these started me on the path of decent sound I knew was out there so I consider this to be my best audio purchase. Should also say my Audio GD Ref 7.1 is up there too no matter how many DAC's I try it keeps getting put back in the system I have never regretted buying it.
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    My man cave .. stereo, surround sound, a few guitars and valve amps .. happy camper ..
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    Happy Australia day folks. My first system slowly evolving. Need a hifi rack next..
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    I thought I might take a few minutes to share my opinions on my new audio system. By way of background I've held an interest in audio for many years and have previous owned equipment from Redgum (amps and speakers), Legend Acoustics (Tikandi and others), and other main stream products from Bose, Denon, Marantz and others. My more recent update came from a need to simplify my system from the Legend Tikandi active speakers and Deqx to a more simple and easy to use set up. I felt like I wasn't doing the Deqx and Tikandi set up justice perhaps limiting their potential. In November I duly attended the StereoNET Hi Fi show with an ear to find something reasonable sounding to fit by modest (in relative terms) budget. While there I came across the Hulgich Audio room and like many others was incredibly impressed with the sounds particularly from the Ella MkII's. I remarked to Nick HULGICH, who I had the pleasure in meeting for the first time, how beautifully musical they sounded. Clean but with a real warmth that gave the music air. We discussed the unusual Nord amps he was using and I was surprised to find they were class D. After a couple of more sessions in the Hulgich room it was off to do some thinking and number crunching. Speaker selection was a no brainer. I settled for the above components for a number of reasons which I won't bore you all with, but budget, simplicity, recommendations and reviews all played their part. All components purchased, picked up, ordered and delivered the Hulgich Ella's were the last to arrive. I actually drove to Adelaide to collect them. The system has been set up and running for nearly 3 weeks now. I'm by no means an expert but I know what I like to hear and this system has it more than anything I've owned. Looks - The Ella's are beautiful period. High class finish, materials and design. No problem what so ever getting spousal approval here. These things don't hide in the corner they're there to be seen and enjoyed. The other components simple facades undersell their capabilities perfectly. Function - The PS Stella DC DAC combines with the Bluesound Node 2 via the Coaxial link thereby utilising the superior PS DAC. The Nord is fed a Balanced signal from the Stella. The this set up is seamless, simple and functional. The Node 2 accesses its material from FLAC files on a network connected NAS and steams from Tidal and occasionally Spotify. The BlueOS App is easy to use and so far bug free The Stella pre amp is a slick piece of work with features galore and a lean towards the high end of town. It's a "jack of all trades" that masters most. Sound - Immersive. Beautifully balanced. The Ella's have such presence, weight and authority. Voices both male and female are palpable. The bass goes deep very deep and the Nord grip never runs out. The soundstage is quite open and instruments easily pinpointed within it. My room has an issue with reflections from the rear wall which become unmanageable when the level goes up too far, I can only imagine the room filing sound these components would bring in a more forgiving room. While I listen to mostly contemporary music I have found myself drifting into the classical area thanks to the Tidal playlists. I've found the dynamics of this system to be jaw dropping. The music is never fatiguing and is presented in such a natural way. In the end, at the heart of the system is the Hulgich Ella MkII's, they connect the music to the listener in a truely beautiful way. They are a credit to Nick Hulgich and his team and they are an example of what can achieved in this county by passionate people with talent, drive and attention to detail. I hope this short insight might help others looking for some new gear. I'd put each of these components on the audition list. I realise I haven't mentioned a bunch of measurements or features those can be found on the web for those interested. Cheers.
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    Hi Guys Thought you would like an update on the preamp and integrated amplifier. Currently I am buried in the design of the stand alone pre-amp, which is moving ahead very well. Between getting prototype panels machined and developing new technology to handle the functions within the preamp PCB design of main board and front panel electronics it all takes quite a lot of time. The integrated amplifier will have all the good stuff from the stane alone preamp once it has been developed. Here is some photos of the prototype front and back panels. Just trying out some different components for the panels, the volume knob is a custom machined out of solid aluminium and designed to fit to the Goldpoint Stepped attentuator. The front panel switch and headphones jack shown are just tryouts they will not be used they will have proximity switch input selection and power on/off.
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    Yes yes I hear you ask..... "Martykt, how do I attach my Rockport Linear tracker to my skeletal design Audio Verismo Turntable.... ?? 🤔"...... I'm glad you asked , that's a very good question !! So to answer that very fine question I have endeavoured to write this the...... Definitive Guide to Installing a Rockport Tracking Tonearm to an Audio Verismo Turntable Step 1. Drive to the Death Stars Engineering Department somewhere in deepest darkest Country Victoria left a bit past the black stump where @darth vader himself will be heading up the build. Step 2. Measuring and mockup. This is best done not only with the usual measuring implements like ruler and such but also a Kamahl record to help with positioning. Tip, if you don't happen to have a Kamahl LP at hand any Mrs. Mills record will do !! Step 3. Join two pieces of metal together using the darkside of the force. Tip, in a pinch you can can use a single piece of metal that's sized correctly but lets face it what's the fun in that..... !! Step 4. Metalwork Step 5. Make cylindrical internal spacers out of 316 Stainless Step 6. Shape Arm Board with a cutting disc and grinder Step 7. More metalwork Step 8. Turn some end caps out of 316 Stainless Step 9. It's milling time !!! Step 10. Order a bag of chips and a $3 Aldi pizza from the Death Star after hours catering service. Step 11. Even more metalwork Step 12. Make up locating spacers out of 316 Stainless and weld to the Arm Board Step 13. Drilling and tapping Step 14. Final finishing and bevelling to make it pretty !! Step 15. Basque in all that shiny stainless finery !!! Step 16. Crawl into bed as it's waaaay past your beddy time !!! Step 17. At a later date polish Acrylic Boards and final square up and installation. Add cartridge and start spinning !!! A Special thanks to @darth vader and Kamahl for making this project happen.
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    Usually one of the first acts of a retrograde, right wing government with the scent of change in the air - not blowing their way. Limit or erase the archives, reduce access to knowledge, dumb down the population even further. In reality, such an act is a sanitised version of Nazi book burnings, or the anti-Beatles record bonfires in the States in the sixties. Aussie Liberal Governments of the past thirty years have always been blatantly anti-intellectual. They really do believe knowledge is a dangerous thing in the hands of anyone who is not one of 'them'. Look how readily TURNBULL embraced that whole ' intellectual/ educated = elite" crap imported from the States, and tried to get traction with it last year. Deplorable and cheap dog whistling. You can just imagine the selection criteria for the " this can go " pile. Billy.
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    Best news I've heard all day. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/we-gotta-protect-what-s-right-cherry-bar-to-ban-phones-at-live-gigs-20180220-p4z0zt.html Finally, a venue is taking a stand against people who hold up mobile phones to video gigs. I'm sick and tired of my view being blocked by people inconsiderately holding their phone up to video a live performance. I'm there to watch the event live, not through someone's phone screen. Why they do it, I'll never know. The video quality and sound quality are average at best. There's plenty of live performances of just about any muso you care to mention shot on professional equipment available free on the net. I hope this quickly spreads to other venues and I hope they widen the 'ban' to include selfies as well. Rant over...
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    Before I ask my question, I'll relate a sobering experience I recently had. Until recently my system was a "classic" valves plus horns setup: Avantgarde Unos, Line Magnetic 300Bs and a Holo NOS DAC. All good and happy until I committed audiophile heresy and bought a Devialet Le 120 amp/dac thing. Class A (yay!)/ Class D(boo hiss!) hybrid thing. This made me very unhappy. I loved some things the Devialet did, superb bass, great midrange, lovely form factor and replacing 4 boxes with one. Not to mention that I could listen to music on hot days (the Line Magnetic is a blast furnace). But the top end… well the top end was harsh, unnatural, hyper detailed…. you know …"digital". I struggled with this, listening to my test tracks over and over. Asking advice of audiophile friends - some agreed with my harsh top-end assessment but felt that on-balance I should keep the Devialet (and pocket the change from selling the rest of my kit). Until finally my wife says to me "I reckon they sound so close to each other that I have no idea why you're making a fuss. Let's do a blind test" So, proper (single) blind test… I need have eyes shut of course otherwise I'll see when the valve amp is on. I sit down for the first amp… it's bloody obvious, how on earth could anyone not hear that refined top end. That beautiful tube warmth but still with all the detail. Clearly this was the Line Magnetic. Switch amps, and suddenly I'm not so sure. How can this be. Has she tricked me and not changed amp?? After a couple more switches I think I know which is which and which I prefer…. but honestly the difference is so small that I'm embarrassed and have to admit I'm guessing a little bit. And the big reveal, of course the one I think I preferred was the Devialet ! So to be clear I could barely hear a difference between two completely , utterly different sources: a Class A/D Hybrid integrated amp plus DAC and a valve amp plus external NOS DAC…. WTF !!! As I said, a very sobering experience and one that I'm still struggling to come to terms with. But if I'm honest with myself, my audio beliefs have been shaken to the core! So to my question (finally): You are likely to have views, some strongly held, about certain aspects of audio. Just look at the heat that has been generated in recent threads. My question is: what would it make for you to change your view In my example, I have to now admit to myself that under certain circumstances, amps sound much more similar than I thought (I'm not yet ready to say that under certain circumstances, they all sound the same - it's really hard to change a belief) So again, think of your own audio beliefs and tell us what would make you change your view. To be clear this is not about whether cables do or do not sound the same (or amps, or whatever), it's about what it would take for you to change your own view. Not someone else's, just yours So be honest with yourselves and share if you dare ! And keep it nice please
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    Hi all, We are holding a demonstration of the Ella MKII and the Mastro models Friday 02/16/2018 at the Carclew House in North Adelaide. We will use the same audio system that we present at the International HiFi Show in Melbourne last November which consists of: Source: A Mac mini running JRiver Media Center and Audirvaana 3+ SACD: fully modded Oppo 103 done by Oppomods DAC: Audio-GD NFB7.38 Pre-amp: Class A JUNGSON JA-2 LUXURY EDITION Mono block amps: NORD ONE SE with Sonic Imagery 994 Class A Discrete Input Buffer Speaker cable: Fabulous Hulgich Audio FTM Speaker Cable For more information I have attached an image of the invitation. We hope you can pay as a visit. Best regards Nicolas Hulgich HULGICHAUDIO
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    Item: EOI: SGR Audio MT3.2 loudspeakers (Graphite Finish) Location: Melton, Vic Price: $32K (No Shipping) Item Condition: Great Condition, A few small marks on the paint around the base of the speaker very hard to see. Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Expression Of Interest for these world class loudspeakers. I have owned since new for the past 4 years. Hifi setup only, never been over driven or had a single performance issue with them whatsoever. They now sound the best they ever have sounded, vivid and engaging. Easily the Best speakers I have ever owned. If you are looking for a bang for buck high end solution without compromise, these are hard to beat. These MT3.2 Active Speaker System Features: 3x built in Class AB amplifier channels with all analog active crossover circuitry. 800 watts RMS in total per speaker. Two Fully sealed enclosures: - The Head Units have a 40Khz Tweeter and optimised 5 Inch Midrange with WBT binding posts. - The Main Unit has Twin 10" long throw Custom Drivers as well as the main electronics. Individual HI and MID level adjustment with centre detent. +/- 3dB adjustment. Selectable room gain compensation helps tune the bass response to suit any room. RCA single ended & XLR balanced inputs Microprocessor controlled with auto signal detection and auto standby. No turn on delays, activation within milliseconds. Dual parametric EQ stages with variable frequency, level and bandwidth. 30Hz to 300Hz, +/-12dB Real time monitoring with clip detect and self protect mode. Internal power supply with custom low noise shielded transformer. Magnetic attachable grilles. Australian Designed and Made. Thank you for Reading
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    Moderator post: Well @Cafad has summed this up perfectly. It seems apparent that some members have got the wrong end of the stick here. I am going to leave those posts intact to allow those members to apologise to @iceblinkfroufrou, which I think is warranted in the circumstances but leave that to you. @iceblinkfroufrou, I also ask that you not be put off and go ahead and ask your next question. Most here are only too willing to help.
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    Guys, it’s been a while since I have had to hide so many off topic posts in a classified ad. Please remember that we have a chill out room for jokes and debates on property. They do not belong here.
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    She actually doesn't mind what gear I buy. What annoys her is when I play the same tracks over and over !
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    Just for you Rob... First the Safety Dance... Apparently a blanket helps you spin better...she knows things that girl... Old fella's still got it!! You can't push her...she's close to the eeedge... Photo's courtesy of my 9yo son. Only had to show him once how to use the camera.
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    Yeah. Soo many of her supporters threaten to shoot George in the groin area. Regardless of party politics George has not dis associated himself from violent ,disgusting and sexist comments made by his supporters. If he was a human being he would do so immediately. As I have previously stated I am no fan of Sarah. I think she shoots from the hip far too often and at times indulges in a degree of hypocrisy but those Facebook comments are beyond the pale in any civilised society and I am saddened to see that you have not condemned them.
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    After using newly made interim crossovers for the past year and having the rebuilt originals sitting in a cupboard waiting, I finally had them installed yesterday. Rather than attempt it myself, I thought I’d try something. So I placed a request in the local notice board thread on Facebook for an electronics expert who could solder these in for me. Lo and behold, I got a response from a guy who happened to be coming here from Melb this weekend. He’s had 50 years experience and suggested that this would be a simple task. He came over yesterday morning and, armed with Kiat’s specific instructions, he went about the job. About 90 mins later it was done. I reinstalled the crossovers into their little drawer space and nervously played some music. All speakers firing... so far so good. Once Chris had gone I settled into some initial listening. Oh dear, three hours later I decided to get on with the other jobs I had planned for the day. I had a smile from ear to ear. I’ll post some more detailed impressions later, after I dress them up with their new socks. I’ll take a couple of pics too. For now here’s a crappy shot of the xover in place.
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    Item: Thorens TD160B Mk II in custom plinth with Audiomods Classic Tonearm and Ortofon 2m Bronze cart Location: Sydney North Shore Price: $1700 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Change of environment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this TT from Greg ( @Hensa ) just shy of two years ago. I first saw it at his place when he was helping me with another TT, and was absolutely taken by the beauty of it. When it came on the market I couldn't resist. When I got it home, the sound exceeded the looks, so i was a very happy camper. I couldn't imagine myself ever wanting anything else. Time moves on, and we moved houses. Although I do again have the luxury of a dedicated listening space in the new house, the floors aren't quite what they were in the old house. They are much more bouncy, and as much as I try to prevent it, and have tried to fix it, that transmits to the TT far too much. Unfortunately, it is too big to put on a wall shelf. It is driving me insane, which has stopped me using the TT. It's such a waste to leave such a beautiful sounding and looking TT laying idle, so I have decided to move it on to a new home where it can be both used and admired. The Thorens TD160 has grown in stature over the last few years, as it well should given the superb sound it produces. It is very sought after, driving the prices higher. A custom plinth of this quality is not cheap, with "pimped" versions of a standard TD160 going for over $2k from Germany. The Audiomods arm is an absolute delight, and would cost over $1k to land a current spec Classic II from the UK. When i was corresponding with Jeff from Audiomods about the arm, he said given the extras on this one, there was very little difference from a current spec Classic II. The Ortofon 2M Bronze is a great cartridge, and can be easily upgraded to a 2M Black with a change of stylus only. The custom plinth is a thing of beauty "in the flesh", and measures 530 x 440. Finally, the custom perspex cover fits perfectly, and is in excellent condition. It is with a heavy heart I offer this for sale, but I want it to be enjoyed. Greg put this package together, for which I am very grateful, but unfortunately I want to be able to enjoy my TT and this one just doesn''t work in my new, bouncy house. N.B. The last photo is taken from Greg's ad - he just took better photos than I could! Pictures:
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    Someone elses subwoofer from a neighbouring house or passing car.
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    Good question! And please treat this as a vignette - it is not my intention to ignite a holy war about dig v vinyl and I love, use and listen to both, including streaming! But, in a light-hearted spirit of answering your question for fun, here we go. I use an Air Force turntable. They are essentially the evolution from Micro Seiki, which was founded in 1961. Thomas Edison announced the invention of the phonograph in 1877. The first CD was pressed in 1982. I have also spent what can only be characterised as an obscene amount of money on the vinyl front end, including the Air Force TT, Acoustical Systems Axiom tonearm, Lyra Atlas cartridge and the phono stage in the Dartzeel preamp. I won't even go into the cables! On the other hand, my digital front end (by no means cheap), is much more moderate. So my vinyl rig is very close to the top of the line evolution of a 141 year old technology, and my digital front end is an entry level high end interpretation of a technology that is younger than me. I think my mind will continue to change, and I think that digital will continue to get better while vinyl is likely close to being tapped out in terms of evolutionary performance. And all of that said, I will be going home this afternoon, knocking the top off a beer and streaming Radio Paradise!
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    I'm excited to announce the brand new Krispy Audio HQ! Located in Berowra NSW, it's been 3 years in planning (long story). We took the keys early Sept, then single-handedly fit it out including constructing some of the furniture and all of the acoustic panels/treatment. That's taken 4 months just to get to here, and I'm sure this will still evolve indefinitely.The aim was to create a warm, home-like experience with less emphasis on product bombardment, and more on the whole musical experience. Some of you have already visited, but I'm going to host an official opening on Saturday 10th Feb from 3-8pm. Due to space limitations this will be invite only at this stage pending confirmed numbers. But alas, we are open for business right now and available almost every day by appointment for a look/listen. We will be offering some fantastic specials on opening day, so stand by for these offers shortly. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, whether you've been a customer or not, because it's your support and enthusiasm that has enabled this to happen. The best moments for me are when I see you smile, shake your head in disbelief, or even cry as a result of a demo or something I've supplied that has enriched your life. It's such a great reward for all the effort.
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    No long term damage should result. If you REALLY want to save electricity and the planet, then do the following: * Fill in your pool. * Stop using heating/cooling systems. * Buy an efficient refrigerator. The standby power consumption of the Marantz CD6004 is 0.3 Watts. Let's put that into perspective. You could operate the CD6004 in standby for over 4 months: * For every hour you run a pool pump. * For every 20 minutes you run a large, single phase air conditioner. * For every 5 hours you run an LCD TV set. [EDIT] I filled in my pool two years ago. The result was a 30% reduction in electricity consumption. And no cleaning the leaves from the pool every week.
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    invited by @evil c for one of his lovely gtgs as apparently a new amp in the midst and post an altercation with a meridian (apparently some history of this) so walking in it was .... Hello ! Mr Johnson I presume ! you will note the much loved melody has decidedly moved many rungs down the ladder in the rack there ! with the CJ taking pride of place a MF 2100 conrad - johnson power amp in the mix ! as turns out evilc has been bathing himself in the joys of conrad johnson of late. not a brand ive had huge exposure to in the past so was a good opportunity to appreciate but not to leave things there, evilc proceeded to pull a rabbit out the hat with another CJ ! in CA200 integrated. and an interesting piece it is, with a passive pre integrated in ... hence removing all the fluffing about that goes with passive pres and working in with its built in integrated power which is a gutsy thing. Overall in brief listening it had quite an ethereal feel to it I thought, definitely quite airy sounding vs the CJ power we listened to prior. but as goes with evilc gtg, was a good chance to catch up with some of the usual suspects, and with evilc cooking up a storm ! with what looked like some quite delectable char grilled chicken and it was rather tasty i can tell you going with moroccan potatores and very nice ratatouille (courtesy of mrs evilc) we got back to listening after, with also inclusion of some very interesting vivid stand mounts (far to brief a listen to comment) Very much enjoyed what was a relaxed afternoon with great company, lovely food and to experience some interesting gear. thanks evilc I'm most interested to hear how the CJ gets up against the meridian power when it finally makes a 2nd coming !
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    Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger. Bought this on CD when it came out. Just grabbed a copy of the 2003 EU re-press. It's cheap as chips and sounds fantastic - great pressing and great mastering. Easily blows my CD out of the water with its dynamics.
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    Mamiya rz67, fp4 @80 iso, d76, digital negative scan and tint.
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    The old gas works stripper tower thingy, in davies park west end brissy. Voigtlander Bessa I folding 6×9 camera Kodak Trix 400 120 film D76, 1:1 9.75mins Not too bad for a 60-70 year old camera
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    my latest table - clearaudio champion 2 se,with graham 1.5 arm,zyx cartridge
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    I feel JJJ is a great station and is perfect for teens/early 20's looking to move on from Katy Perry/Taylor Swift. JJJ promote Australian music, unlike the commercial stations. My eldest daughter is at that stage where she lives and breathes JJJ and that is certainly a huge step up from 2day fm etc. Like most of us who learn to find our own music, she will also move on from JJJ at some stage. Do I still l still listen to JJJ - absolutely, just not as often as I used to in the 80's and 90's. It still has good new music to listen to. Long live JJJ.
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    Well Mr Wong arrived around 10 ish yestie, we unloaded a lot of large heavy boxes with PS Audio written on them and then sat down for nice cup of tea (and a dart for Wongy). Then Mr Lenehan arrived and the rest shortly after that. Have heard PS Audio gear many times and this time it still sounded pretty much the same except with the Directstream (am used to the Perfectwave) there was a bit more detail, bass and depth. Or is it the pre? Or both? Waynes comments on my rooms acoustics were understandable (2 dimension soundstage and all a tad cluttered) as he has a covered aircraft runway for a listening room. I have a small helipad. Sounbyte made similar comments when he and his partner visited some time back and at the end of the day, it is what it is. Some reno's one day, maybe. The PS Audio gear sounded fantastic but had a slight harshness on 'skinny love' which was surprising but apart from that, there were no other issues. I still love the user interfaces and clean designs of the PSA gear but I found the graduated clicks on the remote dial a bit strange (very pronounced, not sure what they are for) and it would occasionally ever so slightly cut out when going up and down the volume scale (numbered on the display). CDT wouldn't stop playing or eject once but as with all computer stuff, switching off and on fixed everything. The BHK250 stereo amp is a bloody lump! Quite heavy. Two- man job when moving it around. Speakers were as awesome as ever, listened with subs off (No one present that is as big a bass pig as I am). I think I might shift the speakers in maybe 100mm each as the soundstage is centred but they are quite a ways apart. Wongy and Mike packed up and took off this morning, MikeD and Wayne hung back and listened to a few songs on the Parasound gear and also departed, I assume they would be back at their own caves by now, if not far off it. All in all, to be honest I think it was mostly social, haha, a lot of talking, drinking, laughing, did someone say music is playing? Haha. Was nice to have such a cross section of hi fi geeks and royalty underneath the roof for the night, quiet one today, everything back in place again, was going to try and walk off some stale pi$$ but it is raining pretty good right now and just kicked half of the bottom-front of my left foot off on some brick garden edging so the universe has spoken, dammit. Was very glad that I got the AC put in, as Wongy reckoned he sweet spot was in front of that, haha. Quite warm and humid outside until maybe 7:30 when the house was opened up. Gentlemen, thank you for your company, was good fun. Hope everyone has arrived at their destination
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    Sunflower and sunflare: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 24-85 lens @ 24mm, f/16. ISO 100, 1/50 sec. --Geoff
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    So. Carpet went in and stereo installed as well as home theatre. There are a few issues to sort out but generally very happy. 4k won’t go from the Xbox one S to the tv through the amp. I think it’s a cable limitation rather than an amp problem. I didn’t lash out on the hdmi but looks like I might have to re run a proper one direction cable with built in amplifier or some other nonsense. Perhaps hdmi to Ethernet. Set top box and Xbox won’t transmit to the projector through the amp. Everything else works fine though, crazy and annoying. Anyway, all things that can get sorted out in good time. Blinds go in on the 19th , lounges on the 3rd march then it’s pretty much done until I can save for a decent Martin Logan centre and surround. Some pics for your enjoyment.
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    Ludovico einaudi - elements 2lp set
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    Wishbone Ash - Argus
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