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  2. Klipsch’s answer to your question would be the R-51PM, the active version of these speakers. Could the sale of your existing speakers and amp, and acquisition of some used R-51PMs be worth considering?
  3. Looked for a pair of these a few years back but came up empty handed for the reasons described, just too popular and went with my big JBL's, absolute bargain here.
  4. Great advice. The other option for the high-pass passive is to include it in your calculation for the tweeter crossover. Then you can spend the extra you would have on the size (at 3-4 octaves below roll-off) on a better cap. After all, it'll always be in the signal path, and a 10uF cap is much cheaper than a 160uF cap (for the same quality). One other thing which I was glad about (protection) when I was testing, was the crossover 'thump'. I was initially using Behringer pro stuff to test what I was looking for, and those buggers have an almighty thump if you have the a
  5. I did, but I see how your way works maybe better! Aris
  6. Interesting Thanks Snoop. I’ll have a bit more research now
  7. Hey Aris, nope I did it that way as it allows me to ensure it’s butted up firmly against the underside of the mid box brace and the front baffle. Did you put yours in first?
  8. Ben Harper - Both Sides Of The Gun - 33rpm 2LP on Virgin Records. A terrific album and sound quality is excellent.
  9. I think 5 & 6 should be reversed? Aris Speakerbits sells the same I think. Aris
  10. On paper, the Behringer looks and sounds impressive. However, when mine (DCX2496) was upgraded, realised that the input and output stages were not as good as they could be. And I was using it to feed my SGRs! 🤯 😢 @Bill125812, I suspect that your best sounding option under $1K is to get the SRC 2496 and order this upgrade kit. https://www.behringermods.com/src2496.html It comes with a full set of instructions and I think will be a cinch for you to put together.
  11. Where do you put the couch in the room? Relative to the mains? I'll hazard a guess that the seating location and the best (or even good) position for the sub will not be the same. Out of interest, have you made a sofa before? I'd imagine they're difficult to make comfortable?
  12. Sorry, can add the Denon PMA-800NE to that list as well. Would love a 1600NE but that might end in divorce...
  13. Not really looking for tactile response, as much as I am a convenient place to put a big sub box. Some shake would be nice, but looking for more like a bass fog, rather than directional bass. I guess my greatest concern over the two options is bass cancellation.
  14. There is no easy answer. Let's say the max junction temperature allowed for the FETs is 25 degrees C. You can't measure that of course, and the device's case temperature at that junction temperature will vary according to the thermal resistance of the heatsinking it is attached to, forced cooling rate etc etc. Another thing to consider is the working temperature inside the case, for the other temperature sensitive components, such as electrolytics. To fall back on another well used folk tale, treat it like a coffee cup. If you can tolerate the heat on your hand if y
  15. @scuzzii Got the 2013 AP reissue. Shame it’s not the numbered edition! Otherwise I’ll sell - check the asking price on Discogs!!! https://www.discogs.com/Sonny-Rollins-Saxophone-Colossus/release/4403277 This probably sounds similar to your version. Or perhaps 20g better as this is 200g pressing you know!? 😂
  16. How are these not sold??? $40K+ speakers and a sound quality and presence that is reflective of the price!
  17. In its current 4-seater configuration it is 3.5m wide. The wedges are 300mm at their widest point.
  18. Ok, let's make sure no last minute mistakes: 1. Glue rear baffle on ensuring wires are clear. Acoustic foam installed in rear sections first. 2. Drill front baffles for driver screws 3. Run wires to mid driver box, binding posts etc, glue in mid box rear panel felt (left it off to allow me to thread the wire more easily) 4. Scrape out rebate for tweeter and paint edge black. 5. Glue front baffle on after putting acoustic foam in. 6. Glue tweeter box in (remember to remove wood used to wedge it in) 7. Drill grill frame plug holes (using jig - thanks Br
  19. Hi....I built a set of these but not selling. However I can tell you they are fantastic. I got all the parts and pre built crossovers from joe Rasmussen, and had the timber cut and routed at a kitchen cabinet place on their computer router cutting thing. I just used midfield in white melamine with black screws and they came up quite well. And they do sound like they cost 25 grand. Absolutely top notch. So thoroughly recommended as a diy.
  20. Thanks Jon It can be hidden away in a cupboard as my sister sits on a very solid sideboard. The only issue I have with it is in David’s @gibbo9000 review, he mentioned there was a hum Can you give me a bit more info on that David Other than that it looks perfect
  21. Hi all, Can I please get some opinion on the below predicament. We have one living area for all (my wife and I and three young children). This is for our TV and hifi, I am not interested in home theatre. At the moment the setup is: Project Debut Carbon Evo/PC/TV ---> Schiit Modi 3/Schiit Mani ---> Exposure 2010s2 ---> Focal 706. At the moment I also have a Chromecast Audio (CCA) I would love to use but I don't for two reasons, first being I don't have enough power points, and second the Modi 3 only has one optical input which needs to be the TV
  22. This is actually quite interesting. Really would like to see a bit of targeting to 18-35 year olds from retailers and brands. I know a pretty younger-skewing Aussie latte + milk brand “Minor Figures” are holding a competition to win a Planar 6 and a pair of Klipsch’s. Would be great to see some brand collaborations and sponsorships with younger Aussie artist/producer types as well and really get some fresh faces into the growing hi-fi community.
  23. I just bought David's Schiit JIL ADC unit, Bill, and only because I needed that perfect USB output, so I can digitise some vinyl. But for flexibility in other ways and for multiple system configs (and if you don't mind the look of it), the Behringer would have been my next choice at half the price. 👌
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