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  2. At the moment I have a pair of Focal Stellia and previously have owned a pair of original Audeze LCD3.
  3. Sorry not familiar with a hash filter? Could you link?
  4. What do you have at the moment, that you know well to compare?
  5. i found for actual rears with 2 rows of seating (but a room with questionable design ) mono poles worked better than bi pole. so much i decided to get the same speakers for sides as well. works better imo. i have tried centre speakers in the rear and as side surrounds and they also work well.
  6. This looks really interesting Will get onto this. I just toed the left speaker about more and it's made a positive difference, so while my speakers are now not uniformed it seems on a quick listen to have acted a bit like a balance dial somehow I'll run the audiocheck too with speakers as I had them and also where they are now.. The OCD in me would prefer them positioned identical but if the room dictates a slight difference for the better sonic experience then I'll obey
  7. Great laptop and brand. Full aluminium body as well. My first backlit keyboard.
  8. Thanks, Greg. I believe the original price was around US$1000 from a comment I read somewhere recently, so factor in 30-40 years of inflation to figure out what the current price might be! I also recall that it was originally compared favourably with the SME V, with some preferring the SME and others the Alphason. I wouldn't necessarily describe the Alphason as "better" than the 4 Point in an absolute sense. The 4 Point is certainly an engineering masterpiece and the ability to have repeatable fine adjustments of VTA and VTF is definitely a big plus for the Kuzma. It also extracts detail from records to a degree I have never before experienced. But the Alphason seems to suit my musical priorities better - it gives up some detail but is faster and more energetic and, for me, just more musically engaging.
  9. Out of interest how would you describe the sound signature of the Final headphones?
  10. Thanks everyone for your views. The 7dj8 option sounds interesting and prices are much more reasonable for NOS. Are there any CJ owners that have tried this? I guess it could be a matter of trying a few 7dj8 and 6dj8 types out. The Siemens pcc88 looks promising but I may start out with a Genalex gold lion 6dj8/6922.
  11. Happens occasionally, usually fixed with a router reset.
  12. Yeah, hence the WTB. Borrowed (mistakingly) a pair of D8000 Pro. Ugh. You heard both? I haven't heard the non-pro Weight doesn't phase me too much, been coming from ZMF so accustomed. No headstrap but I'll pilot pad them
  13. Item: Audioquest Diamond USB cable (0.75m) Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  14. I use ledr tones to check speaker positioning, and the relationship to the room. I downloaded the tones many years ago when illegal downloading was all the rage. I’ve found this online site if you are able to stream it. A very useful tool. https://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_ledr.php
  15. I found it underwhelming, but stuck with it and wish I hadn't!
  16. Welcome aboard! But you mentioned 'The War'......................
  17. Switched speakers and cables etc, same thing. It's not dramatic but as we all know, when your listening to your system as much as the music once you hear something a miss it needles you constantly 😂 Now I can't unheard it I've tried everything from brutal death metal to Kenny Rogers and John Coltrane. All were similar. It's almost as of the left speaker disappears but the right doesn't
  18. Not much to be honest. I built my new rack but that's really it. I noticed it a while ago but thought it was in my head - and still could be confirmation bias - but on my old amp from 18 months ago (Yamaha AS1100) I had a balance dial which would now be very useful to just play around with
  19. Problem the same after switching spkr cables rules out source and amp. Have you physically swapped spkrs? Maybe use REW(Room Equalization Wizard) need a mic also take some time to learn how to use SW...
  20. @gibbo9000 Good post and summation of how you have achieved what you have achieved. Two things I have learned are that the mini dsp units have come a long way. I had to look up your version and it has an impressive array of inputs and outputs. Secondly the Dirac optimised result is very interesting considering the Kii system is considered/optimised to have good internal crossover management.. Thanks again for the well written explanation, I am interested to know if you have tried AES/EBU from the mini dsp to the Kii system ?
  21. Stays the same, this is my frustration, I reckon it's due to one wall (the right wall) being plaster then to an external wall and the other bring plaster to another room and maybe more reinforcement in right side? A preamplifier with balance could work too I thought but I like my amp and don't want lose its sound lol Would moving the left speaker to more toe or something act in any way?
  22. You have been a SNA member for a while now and not mentioned this before, so is it a new issue, what has changed recently?
  23. MCS = Mono Crystal Silver, so yes, just the wire.
  24. +1 on spkr stands/tweeters at ear level when seated in normal listening position. The AU-555A is a very nice amp.
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