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  2. Hi all, just wondering if a Quad aficionado can help out with some advice.. I have a Quad 22/Quad II setup in full working order. However I cannot deduce exactly how the damned thing works. I have a Type AA adaptor for the disc input, but no adaptor for the tape input. When i input a turntable to the disc input with a Shure m97xe cartridge I get a decent but definitely lacking depth sound. When I input a cd into the tape input I get a quite low thin sound.. (obviously due to the lack of adaptor on that input i assume) When i input a turntable with my external phono pre into the radio input i get a beautiful warm sound out of the thing.. Does this all sound correct? Anything else I can do here with the disc input to get a better sound or is that just the inherent quality of the Quad AA type adaptor? or perhaps just mismatched cart for that adaptor... Thanks
  3. Lovely speakers Blakey, but I'm after an amp. Funnily enough, the HiFi rack in the picture is exactly the same as mine.
  4. I know Carlton AV have taken on Spendor now. So Melbourne members can perhaps get a listen to them there.
  5. Thanks. Interested to know what you have moved on to? I don't need it to do HT duties. I just wish the ElexR had a bit more power. Same with the Roksan K3, don't need blue tooth, or digital connections. Just need a good high end amp to drive the PMCs for around 3k. For music duty only. Don't require all the bells and whistles. May have to go back to the Exposure. But how does it handle rock? Nothing heavy, but guitar based, mainly Prog rock. I get the impression that it is more of a classical/jazz/acoustic/vocal type of amp. I know Blake swears by them, but l don't know what type of music he listens to. As anyone out there got a Roksan Caspian or K3 amp with their PMCs? Limited to what you can buy in the West. So will probably have to buy without listening, something from over East probably. Hence why I'm asking the PMC gang all these questions.
  6. Personally I think the Peachtree wouldnt be an improvement - I dont find this and the B&W a good match to be honest.
  7. I hope someone can help me, I remember watching a movie possibly on vhs or maybe even DVD, I’m thinking in either the late 80’s to mid 90’s, that was all about indigenous dance and music from different ethnic groups and tribes from around the world. There was no talking in it at all, it just went from one piece of music and spectacular dance scene and tribe to another, near the end it had the Whirling Dervishers doing their thing. If I was going to describe it then I’d almost call it Deep Forest sounding music in style, I hope my time line is correct and I’m not just confusing things more. Any assistance in remembering what the movie is would be appreciated. cheers Terry
  8. good to hear am glad to hear your AVR has worked well with these with enough oomph to drive and not needing something else I would check sennheiser locally for a longer cable as very affordably priced for genuine article
  9. I'm pretty sure you blokes have scared off the OP with this talk of 6K subs and lesser K's for subs. A small build, small style speaker( with compression drivers) placed in pretty much the same spot as his B+W's but open baffle...which are very forgiving of room acoustics and placements but poke out bass in a way small boxed standmounts can't, might be worth a listen before he lashes out on subs. Just a thought.
  10. Yes, i understand that but a slight tweak would be better than factory would it not? Not wanting to hijack this thread but I understand its not a one shoe fits all calibration but is there a generic 9300 calibration i could follow floating around?
  11. That is correct, the A49 has this feature. There are workarounds but they aren't ideal.
  12. There’s an Arcam A38 just popped up - would work well
  13. Sorry champ, someone did a ninja and PM'd me to buy it. Sold. and $2 donation to Stereo.net
  14. I would keep the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100 for now and concentrate on integrated stereo amp with HT bypass. There are at least 20 amps at the price of around $3000 to choose from. At least few of them are really good. The best way to find out which one is the best for you is to audition as many as possible. I would be looking for amp at the RRP $3000 - $4000 range. I prefer not to have DAC inside amplifier.
  15. Item: Premium Jazz Collection Location: Armadale (Weekdays) / Vermont Price: Fixed Price below / Shipment Item Condition: See below Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Friend's option), EFT Extra Info: Media/Cover Records are sold in lot(s). Min 3 titles per deal please Postage is at buyer's cost. 1. Eric Dolphy Memorial Album Recorded Live At The Five Spot $29 EX/EX 2. Bill Evans Trio ‎– Waltz For Debby Riverside Records ‎– SMJ-6118 $50 EX/VG+ 3. Thelonious Monk ‎– Thelonious Alone In San Francisco Riverside ‎– SMJ-6163 $45 EX/EX 4. The Jazz Messengers ‎– At The Cafe Bohemia Volume 1 Blue Note ‎– BN 1507 $50 EX/EX 5. The Jazz Messengers ‎– At The Cafe Bohemia Volume 2 Blue Note ‎– LNJ-70126 $50 EX/EX 5.1 Clifford Brown ‎– Memorial Album Blue Note ‎– GXF 3006(M) $48 EX/EX 6. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Impulse! ‎– YS-8503-AI $45 EX/EX 7. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman Impulse! ‎– YS-8505-AI $45 EX/EX 8. John Coltrane ‎– Coltrane's Sound Atlantic ‎– P-7506A $45 EX/EX 9. The John Coltrane Quartet ‎– Coltrane Impulse! ‎– YP-8572-AI $45 EX/EX 10. Miles Davis - Relaxin' Prestige LPR-88001 $45 EX/EX 11. Miles Davis ‎– E.S.P CBS Sony ‎– SOPL-164 $42 EX/EX 12 Miles Davis - Cookin' Prestige ‎LPR-88004 $40 EX/EX 13.. Miles Davis ‎– Bags Groove Prestige SMJ-6520 $42 EX/EX 14 .Miles Davis All Stars ‎– Walkin' Prestige ‎– LPR-8851 $42 EX/EX 15. Sonny Stitt ‎– Sonny Stitt Cadet ‎– MJ-1016M $26 EX/EX 16. Sonny Stitt ‎– Sonny Stitt ROULETTE YY-7004-RO $22 EX-/EX 17. Sonny Stitt Bud Powell J.J. Johnson Prestige LPR-8801240 $39 EX-/EX- 18. Wynton Kelly ‎– Kelly Blue Riverside Records ‎SMJ-6114 $25 EX-/EX-
  16. Consider Yamaha As2100, Roksan, Musical Fidelity etc. Separates like a tube or SS preamp $1k with all the functions plus a solid state or tube (60W KT88) amp $1k would be better audiophile sound. For example, Audiolab 8000Q preamp $500 with Bryston 3B power amp $1k or similar combos. Naim combos also go well with Proac. For integrated amps see regular forum poster Cafads many reviews of amps.
  17. A bit of interest in these! Have I priced them too low? Both sold pending payment.
  18. Today
  19. Great buying, I’m pretty sure this model doesn’t have ht bypass
  20. If he is buying only one stand. I'll buy the other one.
  21. In the course of my exploring LP12 speed controller options, I have read about 24v motors used on LP12 with the Number 9 speed controller. Upon reading about the Rega neo controller, it occurred to me to wonder whether this would be an option to drive one of these motors on an LP12- the Neo has the ability to adjust speed at the controller (with an allen key), along with 33 and 45 speeds, and I have also read about tuning the phase of the motor to the controller to minimise motor noise. It also has the advantage of not being the size of a rack mount component. I would imagine you would have to cannibalise an old linn motor for the pulley to use on the rega motor, but that sounds do-able, at least in theory. Has anyone else done this? Or perhaps more pertinently, is there any reason why this shouldn't work? The price of the Neo is compellingly un-Linn-like. Cheers Justin
  22. hey mate, does this model feature a ht-bypass connection ?
  23. If it was hexagon, it was likely an Audemars Piguet or Hublot.
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