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  2. Nikon COOLPIX B500 I had an earlier model of this thing and took a large number of macro shots of bees. They are all about the same anyhow when it gets to light if you want auto , but that type is a step up on main stream instamatic as a programmable. (Not from the camera i mentioned) My bees a year back.
  3. The winning system is the one you own and like.
  4. It belongs to a mate who Im selling for ...I have it here and havent even had a chance to plug it in but he says its very good.
  5. The Sony 1000xm3 would be my choice, the noise cancelling and SQ leaves the Bose 35II wanting.... you can get the Sony 1000xm3 around the same as The Bose if you make an effort in bargaining.....
  6. Wow super price mate. How did did you find the inbuilt dac ? be very tempted if I could move on my s2000.
  7. I have finally got the Acoustic Solid and Origin Live tonearm setup and playing tunes [emoji16] A few months without vinyl has been tough, but hopefully a fading memory! I chose to start off with the Dynavector 10x5, it’s a really trusty little beast and seems to love a Rega geometry arm!
  8. You can buy one Kef Ls50 or maybe that Kef CI200RR-THX 8" Uni-Q.
  9. Hi all, I have pretty much read most threads re: the topic and have done plenty of googling! Seems most threads are getting on a bit and wondering if people have thoughts on what is currently available? I have an upcoming long flight (10ish hrs) and the last time I did it I vowed to get decent headphones for the next trip, the constant drone of the planes engines did my head in. Would prefer to be spending no more than $300-$400 From the research I have done, seems like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II are the pick of the bunch for that price range? Comfort is a big plus, so prefer something that can be worn for a long period without being too uncomfortable Would like to hear others views/opinions etc and what I should be looking for Cheers
  10. I sim like that becomes difficult to get a flat response without needing EQ (aka. electronic help). Which is fine, but the customer doesn't want to use EQ. Not sure what you mean. A LF vented box (like you posed) is going to need EQ to get a flat response anyways .... so? The driver just has too much motor force to a good candidate for a ported box at such LF. If we were having a LF SPL competition, then I'd do it.... but otherwise, why!? The port just doesn't operate over a wide enough bandwidth to make it work. You can do just about anything with a passive filter.... but should you?!
  11. With Salome it was seven veils. The real questions are was is meant by the expression "lifting a veil" and what can be done to achieve that outcome? There can be a number of veils maybe even more than Salome' seven. John
  12. We were similarly over at evils ooogh... and oh yeah good afternoon of listening big vitus, pass labs powers and all. And just by chance we thought listen to evils melody ... ah now that was a surprise to all these were in his hulgich, certainly reminded not to discount valves ...
  13. Jimmy Smith, Keep On Comin'. Elektra Musician ‎ 60301-1 US 1983.
  14. Almost exactly equal. Perhaps nothing like as much as you think. Sounds transmits through the cone Sound pressure does not generate enough force to "move the cone" (or at least not as much as you think - given the quote above) These things are not at all the primary concern for the SQ of your sub. I'd urge you to focus on "what matters". If you take measurements of an otherwise identical dipole (open baffle, no box) vs a monopole (box) .... then we can see there isn't a lot going on. Not quite sure I follow what you're suggesting .... but I'm curious. However I think this "energy dissipation thing", is likely energy which doesn't exist (or isn't a problem) ..... so no matter what neat solution we come up with - it's not going to actually solve a problem. But like I said, if you can explain the idea a little more!? In the end, we kinda got SL around to the idea that this wasn't "no box" sound .... it was "dipole" sound. If you think about the magnitude of "distortion" we are dealing with here, between: The radiation of monopole vs dipole Reflections, etc .... caused by the box+air attached to one side of the driver We're not even in the same universe .... when considering a "reasonable" box. YES! (That's what I'm saying above) That's true.... but the differences are surprisingly small, until you reach quite high Hz (and even then). The key (as we've been saying all through the thread and above by Grant) is the frequency response. OB subwoofers won't work well without EQ (which isn't allowed here). Otherwise, it would be a suggestion .... although I do think that the benefit is in the upper subwoofer to 200Hz odd range. For a true subwoofer only, I'd go for a box.
  15. For those who might still be on the fence, something a little more recent..... http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/naim-supernait-2-integrated-amplifier
  16. Not sure on that one, but I think dave Bautista is a good actor ( marauders) but I guess he'll just get stuck in these sort of roles
  17. Tonight’s album is a unique Jazz Bop - First released in 1962 The music seamless blends in perfect unity and flows in harmony and loaded with passion for the music Artist - Dexter Gordon Title - Go
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  19. Hey, if the stand doesn't get sold, I am willing to buy it
  20. to the forum... What is your budget and also some info on your room. The SB-2000 is a good idea, better still 2! Dual subs to even out the bass is one area to look at. Also, are you open to other AVRs ?
  21. Leafcutter John - The Forest And The Sea
  22. Thank you for letting us know you sent a pm.
  23. Thank for letting us all know you sent a pm.
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