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  2. That’s a really low number.... but with a number so low, I would have expected it to be a top opening copy. If I were you I’d ask on the Steve Hoffman forums what they think it might be worth, that place is full of Beatles obsessives.
  3. This looks sensible and appealing. Sata cable
  4. Were the driver replacements new? Speaker driver burn in is a very real phenomenon with a known mechanism since they're electromechanical devices and demonstrable measurable changes over the first 100 hours or so.
  5. I bought the pair in Melbourne. You can’t go wrong with it. GLWTS
  6. The DAC in the Oppo 103 isn't amazing and you can get a relatively cheap DAC like the topping D30 that can be used with the Oppo and will be an improvement. For playing CDs I recommend ripping them rather than playing them but that's up to you of course, at least it saves the disc drive/laser in your Oppo from use
  7. They don't. They can only render whatever frequencies they're capable of rendering. I'm trying to understand exactly what it is you're worried about as they do not alter the phase of higher frequency information, it is usually just dramatically dropped in amplitude proportional to the frequency. Whether rendering ultrasonic frequencies at all alters human perception of sound is a point of great contention itself though, and that's up to you to decide.
  8. Likely a combination of the drivers needing to loosen up after years of inactivity and cap / wiring burn in. I've also found if tinned copper wire is used those need burn in all over again if unused for a time. Prior to burn in its just harsh and hard on the ears....
  9. Listening to some Bonnie Prince Billy
  10. Hi @shmb, From what I gather, the Sansui “A” series from the 1980’s were not particularly well regarded, hence not a great deal of knowledge/interest in them. Sorry to see no one has been able to help but this may explain why. Regards, SS
  11. Another Way to Die - Jack White and Alicia Keys
  12. hi all,just recently purchased a new laptop as my old one running windows 7 home premium,just didn't want to play nice any more,it was a fairly old laptop,since updating to a new laptop with windows 10 pre installed I find I am going through twice the amount of data compared to my old system,have not changed my usage habits ,anyone having similar results,
  13. If you ever need to test some power valves in the interim, feel free to drop by and I'll put them on the tester for you. It only takes 3 minutes to test 4 valves at a time.
  14. Did you read my original post? I know the basics, as I indicated in my post the sampling rate is double of frequency. That wasn't my question.
  15. I picked up a LeManja head amp on the weekend - if this is anything like it, I can highly recommend it. Fantastic guy to deal with - terrific products. Cheers, M
  16. 96khz is the sampling rate, not the frequency output.
  17. Thanks Snoopy, thats what it boils down to I suppose. So for movies I might get better bang per buck from a multichannel elektra, as suggested by Happy Sacks, but for music I would be better off with an integrated. If I put in an integrated amp does all the AVR's power that is saved from the L&R channels end up being rerouted to the centre and surrounds, or is it not that simple? My surrounds are small satellites, so I would hope most of the power would be thrown into the centre channel where it is needed most. Or does each channel have an allocated power limit somehow.
  18. I’m hoping the Melbourne Audio Club (MAC) might run the show. I’ve emailed a key MAC member to see if we can make this happen.
  19. Many thanks for the advice Audiofeline, I have pm’ed Sootshe and secured the purchase. Can’t wait to experiment with the new toys.
  20. Hi all, apologies that it had taken me so long to say hello. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! Kind regards.
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