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  2. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  3. One of the best SS preamps you will ever hear, criminally cheap. Wont last long.
  4. Thanks all and there's some great ideas here....intrigued by the Cymers and will look about for a pair....AN Conquest second hand also comes to mind. Sugden is an interesting option that I had not thought of but is relatively easy to hear in Melbourne.
  5. Welcome Al Plenty of knowledgeable people here who can answer your questions. Enjoy!
  6. No payment as yet so yes, still available.
  7. good luck Peter K... I have a quassimodo and i'm done. No need to keep looking for amp. Smooth and detailed. I love mine but i had some upgrades made to make it feel more premium with good quality volume and input selector and feet.
  8. So, if you've read my other thread, I've been on the hunt for a new Amp and I've finally settled on the NAD 316BEE v2, which I managed to pick up at a decent price. So far so good. However, given I predominately listen to vinyl, I've been playing around with the NADs inbuilt phono stage and the Tube box. I know the amp is going to need some significant run in time, so it's probably too early for any serious critical analysis, but these are my early impressions the tube box has a sweet, rounder midrange and more 'weight' (whatever that means) the NAD phono stage has a little more detail and more detail - especially in the bass Is this consistent with what you'd expect? I would have thought that the tube box would blow the NADs internal stage out of the water, but while I am finding there are differences, albeit subtle, it's not a David/Goliath battle I expected. Thoughts?
  9. Hi all, I bought a Project Tube Box DS a couple of weeks ago and I was offered the above, I'm using the RCA cable that came with my Pro-Ject 4.1 turntable and it sounds great to my ears. What will be the benefits of getting the Inakustic? From the website the cable features are: Double shielding Solid metal plugs Conductors made of high-purity OFC copper 24c gold-plated contacts Cheers, H
  10. For the various persons watching this advert in case you missed my earlier comments on trading I have just updated the final paragraph to better highlight the point that I would consider a trade for something else interesting in the HiFi range plus or minus cash depending on what it is, Speakers, amp, dac etc. I will only leave this advert up for a few more days and after the weekend if not sold or traded then the advert will be taken down and it will be advertised else where. cheers Terry
  11. thanks @Snoopy8, i'll read this through the day. what ive done now is move all my music files from my desktop ext hard drive to a portable usb powered ext hard drive and run this directly into the back of my Oppo into a usb port. I'll read up on your article and then also over the weekend have a good look at the apps suggested and see if i can use the apps and oppo some how not really in position this week to buy the node 2i, but if once i've read through your article i get familiar with streaming and how it all connects through the house i'll get moving to secure one. As @betty boop also said, i like the idea of being able to plug my portable ext hdd into the back of the blue sound also - or at the least a thumb drive, so there is some very favourable functions i will use.
  12. Perhaps 20 years ago, the political environment in Australia might have supported a proliferation of nuclear power plants, but the green vote is very powerful today, and the memory of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is still fresh in people's minds. Where I reside in SE Queensland solar panels have become very popular. Except in the winter months it is quite common for households in SE Qld with 5kW inverters to export more electricity than they import. The pivotal factor for household electricity in the future in many parts of Australia will be affordable battery storage, the same pivotal factor as exists for electric passenger vehicles. Yes, very enticing. A prestige electric vehicle that performs!
  13. Hi everyone Been a member on here for a few weeks now and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm pretty new to the hi-fi world, finally moving on from years of reliance on Sonos gear. I have a very healthy vinyl addiction which I am sure stems from my middle age and a misplaced sense of nostalgia. My current set up involves a Project Debut TT, NAD 316BEEv2 amp, Acoustic Energy AE100 speakers. Oh, and a Project Tube box which I am not sure about. As I'm a rookie in the world, you'll find me asking somewhat rudimentary questions. Thanks Al
  14. I've never heard anything like that with my streamer but I'd like to try an external PSU that's available for it to see if there is an actual difference but it's a bit exxy just to buy and try.
  15. Latest map updates and head unit firmware now available from https://au.map-care.com/.
  16. The great Cat, love this album it’s different to the other ones that I have Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat
  17. I found this link. http://ambiencespeakers.com.au/reference-series/
  18. An old thread I know.... I was just listening to “On the Beach” this morning. What a brilliant album! I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never heard it before
  19. Item: Parasound JC2 Preamp Location: Canberra Price: $3300 include delivery in Australia Item Condition: Excellent working condition except a few scuff marks on the top plate. Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pick up, Cash or Bank transfer. Extra Info: i have sold the JC1s and this has been in the box since. It's in excellent working condition, come with remote control and power cable. It's a perfect match with the JC1s just been listed not long ago. I have gone back to integrated due to lack of time for critical listening. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  20. Still available?
  21. Today
  22. Boy no interest on this. Is it not on people's radars?
  23. Well this is Alto's reply. Not that impressed. I have resembled the fader and will put it back to see if it is now ok. Costa, Michael <mcosta@inmusicbrands.com> 12:11 AM (6 hours ago) to me Hello , This MX-20 mixer s a discontinued item with replacement spare parts. Best Regards, Michael Costa Parts Administrator – Parts Department inMusic AIR | Akai Professional | Alesis | ▲lto Professional | Denon DJ | Denon Professional | ION Audio | M-Audio | Marantz Professional | Marq Lighting | MixMeister | Numark | Rane | SONiVOX e. mcosta@inmusicbrands.com p. (401) 658-3131 x 1403 f. (401) 658-3654 www.inmusicbrands.com Note: Due to the volume of email received, please include the complete contents of this message in any reply. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE This message (including any attachments) contains information that may be confidential. Unless you are the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the intended recipient), you may not read, print, retain, use, copy, distribute or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received the message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail, and destroy all copies of the original message (including any attachments).
  24. play the ball not the man. do a google search if you dont know what that means. we are here to discuss electric cars and not make this personal.
  25. Hey F, welcome to the forum [emoji106]
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