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  2. Though I'm new here with no feedback, I'm a trustable user both on eBay and Headfi. Please buy with confidence. I also posted on Headfi and you guys can check my trading history over there. Thanks. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fs-cyrus-one-hd-integrated-amp-headphone-amp-w-bluetooth-and-dac.917615/
  3. No horse in the race but Robert Harley in his excellent book “The Complete Guide to High End Audio” suggests that you should forget about optical unless you have no other choice (extract provided containing his reasons). Earlier in the chapter he said companies promoted TosLink (optical) because it was cheaper to make and easier to meet regulations on radiated noise. I’ve used TosLink for my Sonos and HA1 and couldn’t tell the difference, but then again that’s a step (or 3) away from high end audio.
  4. Very good explanation, each point covered in detail so this post couldn't be any shorter. Maybe in the future candyflip will cover bootlegs - I remember buying a Little Feats bootleg from a live performance , it had a strange name which I can't remember from an 'alternative' bookshop owned by an American draft dodger ( good move). It had a fantastic sound BUT the vinyl used was too soft and after only a few plays the magic was gone. I'm sure candyflip will cover vinyl produced after the beginning of the 80s, mostly it's better to buy the CD version which is much cheaper nowadays as this vinyl is digital, not analogue. However audiophile LPs produced in the 90s' were superb. I sometimes questioned why I was paying £15 upward for an LP - now some sell for hundreds. Over the last few years I have seen mint vinyl copies from the 60s/70's 'in it's original cellophane' sell for crazy money on ebay sites - oh dear! - I well remember the queues at HMV on a Saturday in the 70s' with buyers wanting their money back for badly warped LPs or with rogue pieces of vinyl stamped into the disc, as always caveat emptor.
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  6. Highly, highly recommend a listen to this guy, Orville Peck. A Canadian singer and this is his first album. It’s country with echoes of Elvis, Roy Orbison and (dare I say it, opera). I’ve been listening to it via streaming (hanging also purchased the download) but today my vinyl copy arrived. Excellent sq. Give it a go cowboy Orville Peck, Pony
  7. Gotta love the interweb - everything there is there forever - cautionary tail - don't post stuff you don't want to live forever...some quick googleweb searches found my room photos... @vivianbl - apologies for off topic but the back story to my journey with acoustic treatment is amusing... we moved house to an old QLD'er in 2010 - at that point I'd never heard of the terms "acoustic treatment", or "bass traps" I couldn't believe how bad the stereo sounded in the lounge room of our new house - 13' ceilings, VJs etc I joined Stereonet and started learning about EQ and bass traps and bought a DEQX HDP3 The sound in the lounge room with the DEQX was still shite (after nil fine tuning), and I mentioned to the boss that I needed to "treat" the lounge room - she said to take the stereo to the downstairs spare room and treat it any way I wanted (expletives deleted) the house we'd just moved into had "midnight foil" insulation, and the safety guys checked it and called it "safe", but on discussion said, "well it's now on record that you have foil insulation, so we can pull it out now, or you can leave it, and if you ever have a house fire..."...so we got them to remove it...which left our house without any roof insulation... this all happened in the middle of the insulation debacle - and I found bags of fiberglass insulation available on ebay for $10/bag An epiphany for me - insulate the ceiling and get extra bags to treat the downstairs "listening" room - so I bought 50 bags - $500 and 2 trips with the trailer I used only 8 bags in the ceiling and stacked the rest around the listening room OMFG what a difference it made to the "in room" sound - I was hooked on room treatment. My room with bags of insulation - left in their original packaging Not very scientific - but what a difference it made. Fast forward 4 years or so, and the yellow outer wrap on the bags started to split, yielding exploding bags - fortunately the batts were still contained in clear plastic, they just got a lot bigger...suddenly Along the way I'd determined that I'd rather deal with polyester batts than fiberglass batts for absorption in my room, and managed to sell all the batts (including the "exploding" ones) to fund some sheets of Tontine Acoustisorb 3. The room was naked of all treatment for about a fortnight - my wife went to listen to the stereo during that transition (best thing ever) and after less than 5 minutes came up and said, "the room is broken - hurry up and treat it again"... I sourced 4 bags of Tontine Acoustisorb3 - 3 sheets of 75mm x 1200mm x 2400mm per bag, and underestimated how much that was to transport home - the guys at the depot laughed as I strapped it onto the top of my car, "tell the rozzers to f%ck off" they said I had a cop car pass me on the way home - they left me alone I had all that insulation waiting in the garage to make "proper" traps, and the listening room still naked when the wife said f%ck that, let's just drag them into the room. 5 minutes later the room sound was awesome again. The room is still much like this The blue box on the left is my sub - it's a tapped horn 2400x600x400mm - it was meant to go outside the room but never made it... The room is lightly constructed, so all the low bass just leaks out, with plenty of absorption working above - the 18" stereo mid bass and the single sub integrate well to produce fabulous "in room" bass. Mike
  8. iPhone control to streamer device.
  9. My car stereo salesman lied to me about the car head deck being compatible to an iphone, thus Im using a usb stick there instead. Discovery of music on spotify is without peer I intuit, the spotify algorithm for choosing more songs immediately after what I've already chosen is awesome. Time and time again I'm presented with new cool music.
  10. I shouldn’t of but I did. I can’t believe I spent so much on a one record
  11. Incredibly well engineered speakers.You can really hear that because they sound very seamless and coherent.Which I suppose is what you would expect from Harman with all their engineering expertise and resources . Maybe they have engineered the life and musical soul out of them however?Which is not to say they sound sterile or cold because they don't.If anything they are quite warm and rich sounding but they also have a distant sort of imaging which is a bit unusual.I guess that might suit some music and rooms but you would have to be sure you were OK with that sort of presentation.I can see that some people might like it.Certainly some speakers are too forward sounding .The F208s are the antithesis of that.
  12. Item: Astell & Kern SP1000 AMP stainless steel. Location: Canberra Price: $995 including shipping. Paypal 3% on top. Save $200 off a brand new one. Donation will be made to stereoNET if sold here. Item Condition: Fantastic. It has been put on and off my sp1000 maybe a dozen times and in and out of it's own case. Reason for selling: Not required now that I've sold off all my headphones. IEM's don't require it. Well, not if you want to add colour/warmth to your sound. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased on the 9/10, so barely even 2 weeks old. Comes with everything that came with it new and i will forward my receipt from Minidisc. The amp hasn't even left my house. It's been only listened to in my office. Well made and looks a treat with my SP1000. As an example, my Z1R at 125/150 with just the DAP through 2.5mm balanced, the volume was 'loud' but it became congested and strained. With the amp through balanced and 2.5mm high gain, volume was about 100/150 and it was done easy. No congestion, no straining. My Tia's don't require the extra power as they are sensitive already. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Hey alllllll! I'm from Perth
  14. I heard these speakers at the hifi show. These were the best speakers at the show by a decent margin in my opinion. I have been waiting patiently for a pair of jbl 4367 to come up for sale on our second hand market and they just don't pop up. So, I am starting to look at ATC more seriously as my budget grows. I noted that the ATC 100 comes in a few flavors SCM100ASL Pro SCM100ASL SCM100ASLT The specs are identical. Do these speakers sound exactly the same? Maybe there is slight difference due to the stand, additional cabinet volume, ground coupling, weight? Has anyone compared them directly? I have linked photos to the products for anyone wondering that the differences are. The price variance is fairly massive. If they are basically identical I do not care about appearances. if the pro is the same sound and more than half the price I know what I want! Also, although I loved the ATC 100 ASLT at the show, they definitely need a sub. Hope it is OK to post this in here, there is not a dedicated sub for ATC on stereonet as far as I can see.
  15. Having quick listen now. Took me a while to adjust to the Clear / Focal house sound when I had them for a couple weeks, these are right up that ally. Everything is there to listen to, ears adjust to it. Not bright. Maybe touch warm, need to listen more. Not obviously apparent sound like say a Nighthawk slaps you in the face with how dark they are. Also don't have a soundstand that kicks you in the face like a HD800. Bass seems to have enough kick with glasses on, guess seal is fine. Cable is 1.2m, really is short. If I keep them for a while I may get a longer one, idea is to run them off the Mojo and lay on the lounge or take them on holiday, so 1.2m good for that. Build identical to the other Focals. Can't really complain. Can't A/B them with anything at the moment. Have some HD6xx at work, but can tell they have a lot more detail already (DAC/Amp at home isn't quite as good as what I have at work) $599 delivered is hard to say they lack in any aspect. Be weary to pay $1400 for them, but $599....
  16. Watched Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins) and Lana Henry. Noticed a series called Shadow Hunters based off it so started watching it.
  17. Item: Dita Answer Truth edition Location: Gold Coast Price: $750.00 Item Condition: mint one week old Reason for selling: Second set and wanting to move to cans. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Amazing iem truly impressive for single DD. Just look at reviews of them to understand sound and build quality. Have complete new set of tips so everything will be brand new for next owner. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  18. The tweeters in the Trevor Lees Speakers are yellow cone Focal TC120K Kevlar units that are different to the later model titanium dioxide grey cone 120TiD units that sound very different. Nothing to do with EQ settings they are simply blown tweeter voice coils with the hair like copper wire forming the voice coil has melted and loss of signal connection. Simply stick your ear up close to the tweeter detect if any high freq sound coming from it or if speaker biwired try different connectors to test signal. Sometimes a repairer can unwind them where it is broken and reconnect or solder them back at the point of breakage. The Kevlar units are very old around 20 years and eBay has spare coils for EUR 16, search for Focal Jmlab TC120k tweeter coil. Ask your local repairer how much to carry out labour and/or you source the parts.
  19. Great job! You must have spent an enormous amount of time building your case. Looks like you have a couple of highly customised LDR boards working away there. I have great difficulty describing the sound I am experiencing because it seems to have reached a stage where the LDR attenuator takes no part and the sound comes directly from the source. Now I'm addicted to exploring different types of music after zillions of years listening to my favourite tracks. We are lucky to have Chris to educate us with our projects so willingly. Cheers, Rob
  20. I lucked into liking good audio back in school when dad brought home some Dynamic Audio speakers that were bought from the back of a truck which I think was from Brisbane. They sounded great even on the little 15w all in one system we had at the time and lasted up until a few years ago with a Rotel RB/C 971 combo that I randomly bought one week to replace and old Panasonic cd player. I was never able to find them online but they had a 12" woofer and a horn which died and was replaced by a DT770 tweeter which I never really bothered to look into. I've been reading the forums for a bit as I dip my toe into upgrading my stereo and getting information and now that i'm getting spares it's time to start contributing so I can use the classifieds. My current setup is a pair of Tannoy XT8F's and a Yamaha SW216 sub powered by a NAD M32 with BluOS, Spotify connect and a USB connection to my PC. As you can see the room isn't the best with that hallway on the right hand side but it sounds nice to me, an upgrade from my old Rotel gear which reviewed quite well especially when turned into monoblocks like I eventually did. The pictures leaning against the wall are my only form of room treatment and i'm not really sure how effective it is. I listen to mainly metal and like the bass a bit louder hence why I originally went with this 2.2 channel amp. I recently heard the Osborn Epitome's and whilst they definitely sounded better than my system I wanted the bass a little bit more pronounced rather than the accurate curve those speakers deliver. I did just catch some upgrade fever though and wanted to try the speakers with either a solid state or tube amp so i've just ordered a Holton One-Zero-Zero Supreme to give a try with an little Yamaha preamp. A lot of the reviews said the speakers needed a good match on the amp and I agree as whilst sometimes the music just hits but other times a little off in the high end. Another subwoofer is on the horizon as well since it's now the weak point in the system although it reviewed good for it's RRP and I got it on an amazing special from JB Hifi years ago.
  21. They still could be the common denominator for someone who never uses zip-lock bags. i.e. more than one type of plastic can cause the problem.
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