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  2. was convinced by the wife given we are getting serious into the paella and especially how good it comes on the BBQ....that an upgrade of pan was worth considering .... far for me to say no... so made requisite purchase of proper spanish paella pan... thought id pick up their paella pack that comes wiht a few choice hard to get ingredients .... as a note to be honest am not sure why pan will make much of a difference... this one is perhaps a tad heavier and instead of the aldi one being enamelled this is raw steel. not sure what difference that makes.... it will need seasoning for that reason... as authentic article its not that expensive at $35 but goes to show how good an aldi pan can be I guess at only $9 anyways looks like we are set for another round of pealla and finding out of pan makes any difference or not
  3. That is a good run. My old Denon 2808 died after 3 years and Denon didn't make the spare board anymore so it couldn't get fixed. Luckily the local Denon rep gave me a good deal on a new 4311 which is still going strong. I later found out under that under Australian Consumer law the manufacturers are required to hold spare parts, hence the discount offered on a new replacement. Upgrade time for me soon as well..I was thinking the NAD T 758 v.3 or lower model Anthem..good luck with your search
  4. Andy, Yes you are 100% right the version at DiyAudio is a 20 watt amp and there is a 50 watt version also. I have built the 20 watt version and is a wonderfull sounding amp easy to build, no adjustments, and NO Unobtainium parts. If i remember correctly there is a 35 watt version using a higher rail voltage with different out put devices that was mentioned in the thread. Hugh talks about the AKSA commercial version in post #3155 DiyAudio thread. Steve.
  5. The hybrid headphone amp (LeManja) is completed and sounding good. Still trialling the limiting resistor for the reg but all else checks out. With a universal front end any 12A?7 can be installed with no adjustments to bias etc. The backend is driven by a PT2308 - a dedicated headphone very low distortion driver chip (Class A/B). The chip runs on 7V max so I’ve used a 6V reg. About to have a be a big listen. Current tube is a new Ting Sol gold pin.
  6. I use a Denon Pro CD/MP3 player as transport for CD's connected via coax to a Musical Fidelity DAC. Works a treat but still doesn't sound as good as vinyl..... 😀
  7. I could do it for $55 posted mate , that’s $40 plus $15 postage ( triple vinyl )
  8. Am loving every episode! Definately put this on your radar. There was another BBC - reenactment done a few year back on Youtube. Not as dramatic as this, but quite similar.
  9. Might be interested in Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy if there is some leeway in the price.
  10. You blokes that have Nitty Gritty RCM’s, where did you purchase them? Ive sent an email to the address on their site with no response
  11. Hi All, Yes, A Time & A Word MOV repressing JJ
  12. Absolutely loving this series, totally hooked. Just had episode 3 handed to me this morning, cannot wait to watch it this evening. Shame its only 5 episodes long. Hopefully there is a good post series documentary or something maybe intervieiwng some people there at the time. Some of the details and facts are just scarily mind blowing. On a side note, be sure to watch right through all the credits at the end, the director and some of the cast have been speaking at the end of each episode for a few minutes.
  13. Oh if that's the case I'd absolutely use them. The Sonix is very similar, just in a black timber cabinet with slightly different dimensions. If the Tryptix suited better as surrounds (easily wall mountable and gloss enclosure) then you could certainly pair them with Sonix at the front.
  14. Sugden Ia4. Has the same Audionote tone and musicality but with the benefits of SS.
  15. Well I know how to kill a conversation... I went and got one yesterday. It'll need a run in before I can give any critical response, but it's a fine looking unit.
  16. My family was heavily involved with what was the Australian Ukrainian Chernobyl Children's Foundation in the 90's, and being of Ukrainian descent myself this series is of special interest to me. Just based on the trailer I have seen it would appear HBO has gone to considerable effort in order to get the facts right. Particularly glad they cast Brits - they generally manage to convey a certain authenticity in these sort of historical dramas.
  17. Always take a roll from a paper towel or similar and a pillow if you want to listen to the tweeter cover the woofer with the pillow and place the roll over the tweeter or midrange unit. I always ask what kind of music the person likes if it's heavy metal acid rock or other bullshit I tend to either walk away or really thoroughly test it.
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  19. I regret trading in my BMW M6 V10. Was 8 years old but still going well. Clutch was a bit horrible but a stunning car (in my opinion) - many thought it was ugly. The exhaust note was awesome...
  20. So i went around to Ihearmusic house with my amp and had a little play on his setup. Turns out one of the tubes was stuffed so switched in a couple Stephan had lying around and presto, sounded a lot better! Have just ordered some Gold Lion KT77's. See how we go on my quest now! Have to say that Stephan was an absolute gentleman in letting me come around and giving his time to help me out, plugging my amp into his setup for demo and his electronic knowledge is amazing. Would highly recommend listening to what Ihearmusic has to say in the future.
  21. Big 4365's, rock out man. Avoid hi fi shows at all costs mate.
  22. THE NAKED AND FAMOUS - Passive Me • Aggressive You
  23. Hmm, that would look perfectly with my Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 🙂 GLWTS
  24. Hi All, Can anyone here tell me anything about a LA Audio A3 Valve Amp ? picture attached. Thanks.
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