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  2. I found it underwhelming, but stuck with it and wish I hadn't!
  3. Welcome aboard! But you mentioned 'The War'......................
  4. Switched speakers and cables etc, same thing. It's not dramatic but as we all know, when your listening to your system as much as the music once you hear something a miss it needles you constantly 😂 Now I can't unheard it I've tried everything from brutal death metal to Kenny Rogers and John Coltrane. All were similar. It's almost as of the left speaker disappears but the right doesn't
  5. Not much to be honest. I built my new rack but that's really it. I noticed it a while ago but thought it was in my head - and still could be confirmation bias - but on my old amp from 18 months ago (Yamaha AS1100) I had a balance dial which would now be very useful to just play around with
  6. Problem the same after switching spkr cables rules out source and amp. Have you physically swapped spkrs? Maybe use REW(Room Equalization Wizard) need a mic also take some time to learn how to use SW...
  7. @gibbo9000 Good post and summation of how you have achieved what you have achieved. Two things I have learned are that the mini dsp units have come a long way. I had to look up your version and it has an impressive array of inputs and outputs. Secondly the Dirac optimised result is very interesting considering the Kii system is considered/optimised to have good internal crossover management.. Thanks again for the well written explanation, I am interested to know if you have tried AES/EBU from the mini dsp to the Kii system ?
  8. Stays the same, this is my frustration, I reckon it's due to one wall (the right wall) being plaster then to an external wall and the other bring plaster to another room and maybe more reinforcement in right side? A preamplifier with balance could work too I thought but I like my amp and don't want lose its sound lol Would moving the left speaker to more toe or something act in any way?
  9. You have been a SNA member for a while now and not mentioned this before, so is it a new issue, what has changed recently?
  10. MCS = Mono Crystal Silver, so yes, just the wire.
  11. +1 on spkr stands/tweeters at ear level when seated in normal listening position. The AU-555A is a very nice amp.
  12. Nice work, Ross! Always good to hear of a vintage piece being able to mix it with, and even better, a modern high-end alternative. I ran a non silver-wired version on my LP12 with an AR P77 catridge for a few years and enjoyed the combination immensely. I ended up swapping it with a black Ittok which was probably a mistake. All part of the journey and I enjoyed my time with the Sondek/Ittok regardless. I must admit I hadn’t thought of the Alphason as a high-end arm rather than more of a mid-tier and certainly below the SME range toppers. Were they that expensive on release? Good to hear you don’t plan on rewiring as if you went to copper wiring it would become a standard version rather than the rarer and (I assumed) more expensive/collectible MCS version. Or are there additional differences with the MCS other then the wiring? Enjoy the new (old) arm!👍
  13. Yep, I'm hearing you. Also the Alphason.
  14. Have you heard these guys before? They're astonishingly good. While they're nothing like my preferred sound signature, at the same time they're perhaps the most impressive-sounding set of cans I've heard. They're heavy, but worth it in every regard.
  15. Was serious Marc, they do like a dance. Bought them. Sorry about the phone number mishap and thanks for covering the numbers up. I couldn't find the private message button.
  16. I’ve got an Ortofon Cadenza Red with a measly 72 hours on it (I keep a spreadsheet log). Hasn’t seen much use since I got my Van den Hul so could sell it on. Feel free to DM me if it might be of interest.
  17. Welcome Roberto. Audiokarma has an expert Sansui forum, they would be across any mods for the 555A. Apart from a recap and replacement of problematic transistors... It's a nice amp...
  18. When you switch things does the bias switch or does it stay on the right? If you have Roon you can adjust the gain on each channel. Maybe worth a try.
  19. The Gaslight Anthem - Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts
  20. Welcome, we need more "tinkerers"
  21. Looking for a bit of guidance and direction please peoples. No matter the source, analog or digital I feel like my room has a right channel bias. It does go away with substantial volume but at normal to sensible levels I feel as though there is just bias to the right channel. I have done all the normal things, swapped cables L/R, swapped the speakers and its still there. Nothing is faulty. My soundstage is fine, the vocals are by and large dead middle unless recorded otherwise, its just that I seem to be hearing more out of the right channel than the left and after a bit of listening it becomes very frustrating trying to make things sound like true stereo without pumping the volume and annoying the family. My amp has a loudness button which helps a bit at lower volumes, it has tone dials but no balance dial. Now, this could very well have become be a mental block, but now that I have heard it and zoned in on it cannot unhear it. I've used my SPL meter and both speakers are fine using pink noise measured the same spot from the speaker and from my MLP. I dont have any software or know how to produce a graph or supply measurements though. Is there anything I can do to try and replicate a balance dial on an amp that doesnt have one? Has anyone else had this phenomena, what did you do? I dont want to stick an ear plug in one ear or a heavy blanket over a speaker but could do this to trial... The room is symmetrical and both speakers are mm perfect on each side of the room equally distanced from back and side wall with nothing else around them that differs from one side to another.....I sit between them forming probably a bit more an isosceles triangle than equilateral but its a line ball on that one. Would one of those attenuators be worth a shot on the right channel only? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-Harrison-Labs-FMOD-3dB-audio-attenuator-rca-in-line-level-reducer-1-pair/272677518411?hash=item3f7cd8bc4b:g:itcAAOSwRLZUC0Gv&frcectupt=true I would plug this into the right channel of the amp input for what I am using and see how it goes, only issue is I'd prob need 5 of them for all inputs in that case I guess?
  22. Hi All, Just A Gigolo Soundtrack from earlier today JJ
  23. Hi-Fi wise, what is Ralphie into, vinyl? AVR's?...
  24. Not all class A (though biased in that direction), I have an ECI-4 that I’ve been meaning to sell for a while now. Feel free to DM me if it could be of any interest. I’m the original owner and have double-box packaging. It would be about 15 years old now and in very good condition.
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