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  2. Thanks to @unclemack for the delivery. First spin.
  3. Oppo BDP 83 good all round players they go for 150/250 bucks . https://www.cnet.com/reviews/oppo-bdp-83-review/
  4. John Cooper Clarke - Evidently Chicken Town
  5. Valerie Perrine - the border - Harvey keitel -
  6. Ozark Mountain Daredevils- Chicken Train
  7. As I said, I built a groovewatt phono stage, and his schematic has an optional mc input using the lundahl transformers. I ordered the transformers from fidelity components in Estonia.
  8. Similar discussion from another post and someone simulated not always so bad aligned on the longer wall with head against rear wall. Try whatever is practical and gauge the sound results, try both ways. In my case with 5 x 3.6 x 3.2m high room the longer wall is much better in a 2m equidistant listening triangle. Simulation below didn’t manifest those problems too badly nor am I hearing issues. Room has ample furniture with lots of reflection breakup instead of a bare very reflective room as many dedicated audio rooms seem to be.
  9. Price reduction to $2,950 for a quick sale for these lovely amps.
  10. Indeed. wasn't paying attention. Stinger is impressive and no doubt the go to if you want a new RWD. But there is more to a V8 than those results. 👂 Plus the Commy lets you turn off traction control. That where the party starts. 🤙
  11. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a laserdisc revival yet. You get all the hipster cred of retro packaging, all the joy of large physical artwork, all the sonic benefits of digital, and all the cost and inconvenience of vinyl, in one amazing product. Everyone wins! --Geoff
  12. Has anyone else got one please? they don't need anymore
  13. What a prodigy...17 years....can anyone hear Mr Morganfield....?
  14. The Boys looks interesting though I haven't watched it yet. Saw the trailer today before "Hobbs and Shaw". Massive over the top entertainment, great action sequences, about 12 minutes all in all of non action be my guess, great interaction between both protagonists. A few funny cameos, and a MASSIVE Game of Thrones spoiler at the end. Good that I'm not a GOT fan! Excellent popcorn movie. Don't ask for more, and you'll not be disappointed. Cheers, Alberto
  15. Kenny Wheeler - Music For Large & Small Ensembles.
  16. Nice and Amazing condition , The Melody 300B offers a very high level of build quality with its point-to-point hand wiring, hand-wound transformers, and NOS caps used throughout the design. It's Rare to appear
  17. I think the design of the new Mazda 3 is fantastic, interior is very nice too - haven't driven one but guessing they are pretty nice to drive, just make sure the wheels are securely fastened before take-off.. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/05/wheels-could-fall-off-safety-fears-prompt-mazda-3-recall-in-australia
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