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  2. You have to pack everything yourself with Northline but their prices are gold
  3. How would these sound on a high wattage amp connected to a 4ohm Dynaudio speaker? What did you have them set up with?
  4. Blasted the usual test tracks. Initial crossover settings The other new beast. Seems to like Tool, the evil bastard.
  5. Big Dog, How do you know that Gary listen's to music which is "compressed". If you are not aware there is a fabulous site online which gives you an indication of the DR or dynamic range of the source material. It does not matter what you listen to whether it is vinyl, CD or whatever, any music can be compressed and is highlighted by the DR rating.
  6. These will be going on ebay if they don't sell in the next few weeks. I can't see myself going back to bookshelf sized speakers otherwise I would find the space to keep them. The stands are brilliant and when you include the Atabites represent very good value.
  7. @Ooogh & @Bunno77 sorry, blasted my own stuff first, wasn't expecting the dac till Friday and was going to download between now and then. You understand no doubt. Sorry, what was that??
  8. Nothing beats the experience of a live orchestral performance. You can only dream. Or dream again by subscribing to the MSO. I reckon, now one of the better orchestras in the world. Paul R
  9. Hoi Andre, welkom van nog een andere Hollander.. (alhoewel al wel effe weg uit NL(13 jaar). Indeed much info to be found here. Improving sounds without investing may proof to be a challenge is my guess tbh :-):-)
  10. Green Milk From The Planet Orange- City Calls Revolution Tokyo outfit. Stripped down and a bit aggro at times. It's a band that causes me to sometimes feel hesitant to hit play but then I always end up having a fat time.
  11. Swap these babies out for the reflektors and install
  12. Now have the LP. Also comes with CD enclosed. My fave release of the year thus far.
  13. Have had a LP MORGAN making electric screen for 5 years. No problems, been great. Thou i never use the masking, if i could go back i wouldn't have bothered with the electric masking because my room is so dark, i don't notice the sides when watching 16:9 on my 2:40 scope screen.
  14. Are you able to PM some photos my brother is a cabinet maker
  15. Did you demo them at Caxton Hifi? I see they have them listed for $1389 (veneer version) on their website What Nad amp did you demo?
  16. Price drop $30 or $100 if you buy my other listing (misc classical 12 records)
  17. Price drop $80 or $100 if you buy my other listing (4 x Schubert symphonies)
  18. Nah, I'm at a point where my two main systems as well as computer near field setup all sound pretty spectacular so there's just no point. I've lost the will to buy something to find out just how good it is to feed my curiosity..... I'm now just enjoying the music
  19. Items: Hoover Apollo Deluxe Clothes Dryer and National (Panasonic) Genius Microwave Price Range: Free, end of financial year special (just kidding, see below). Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Old but still working. The dryer has been used less than 30 times! Microwave is built like a tank unlike the flimsy stuff these days. Dryer is 57 x 77 x 54 cm. Microwave is 60 x 36 x 44 cm Available till Sun 30 June for pickup from inner eastern suburb in Melbourne. On Monday 1 July, hard rubbish collection is due to be collected.
  20. I got my old project perspective set up again last night after a year of digital separation and some motor/speed box probs. i have 2 cartridges .. a Garrott p77i "mm" and a ortofon rondo red. The latter is low output mc and the dynamic coil P77i is high output (mm). I hook these up into a musical fidelity xlps3. (Then Avi s21 amp/quad 21l). I got the rondo red to try bonafide mc but it sounds so smooth (veiled) that i changed back to the P77i which immediately blew it away in dynamics and extension at both ends. is the likely cause the MF is a poor mc phono? ( or better mm anyway ). Maybe it's too much to ask of it. Or maybe the red is on the way out (got it 2nd hand from here). im going to install the phono board in the Avi if I can get someone to help (couple of soldering bits) and retest. thanks james.
  21. Hey all, For the first time I heard an Orchestra Live, the Philharmonic Orchestra at Bunjil in Berwick. It felt like it changed my whole perspective of sound and I feel in the back of my mind I would always strive (as many other classical enthusiasts) to try and replicate that in a home environment. The volume and depth of the different instruments was just outstanding. I have a feeling that replicating it with speakers and amps may not be affordable since it will be just me listening to it, and may be better applying it to a set of headphones and headphone amp. I once had a set of DT990 pro 250ohm headphones originally that I would just run off a A/V Receiver and I was blown away by the immersion of headphones. I would be getting a reasonable representation with say $400-$450 with a set of headphones and headphone amp?
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