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  2. The reason why I keep going back to the interconnect is because thst happened very similarly with my jc1s with a pair of xlr. Not old but some how the amp didn't like it, so fixed it with new cables. Worth getting another a21 in my opinion and bridge them. The sound difference is MASSIVE!
  3. I won't touch French cars, after I had a Citroen and found it not as reliable and my gear shift knob broken off into pieces under the sun. And my brother in law bought Peugeot 3008 bought in 2012, it gave him nothing but trouble and headaches with so many mechanical and electronics issues. Dealer mechanics can't fix it and waiting for updated software (firmware) to arrive to install and still not able to fix it. Once warranty was over, it cost him more than $5k when he faced with problems. His wife even told him to sell it off. Honestly, they are good looking cars that's all.
  4. Now that you've gone 64 bit.......................you need to max out the RAM!
  5. They are both a bit larger than the Venue.
  6. The Venue is obviously built to a price for a specific market segment. More comparable to the Mazda 2 and CX-3; not the same market as Mazda 3. Mazda 3 is actually half a metre longer but lacking the high-riding experience.
  7. Hello to all on the forum. Been visiting for a long time I have found it a useful and interesting resource as well as entertaining. I have a modest system consisting of PMC twenty5.21’s , McIntosh Ma252 and PS Audio dsj running tidal. Now that I have more time I hope to try out a few more components, after reading about it exhaustively on the forum of course. regards Eugene
  8. Hey so far this morning elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid U2 - No Line on the Horizon
  9. Now as a bulk buy for $200 for 112 LPs plus postage
  10. Morning lads. A little bottom heaviness for me before working a double shift... Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel 'Presents High Ball with the Devil' 1996 Interscope Records. Prawn Song. Flac. Very nice. The first Solo album, self produced & engineered by Les.
  11. if you are going red make sure you have something for the hangover the next day
  12. My interconnects are not that old (balanced) but I'll test them when I get home, they are not high end but I really can't see too much going wrong with them. JC1's were a rush of blood when I got them, made a vast improvement over the a21 but I on sold and used the money for more family related activities. In saying that, my gas levels have risen again.... 2 a21's was where I was aiming at when I got my first one as well.
  13. I've bought and set up one of these--superb player and possibly one of the best factory service and WW help offered in the Universe--bar none Absolute bargain at asking price! Willco
  14. Yesterday
  15. @BioBrian, do you find that the 15” drivers don’t look as large as when you first started using them? I’m finding myself looking at the 15’s in my system and wondering if 18’s would look better, even though the 15’s sound awesome and look great 😄 I’ve definitely come around to see that there’s no replacement for displacement, the sound is so unstressed, and the headroom is way above domestic needs. SS
  16. Cat Power - You Are Free Staying with cats
  17. Fascinating, then how was I able to quote you 😳 Neo
  18. Hi thanks for reminding me Neo. I had intended to send the OP a private PM but mistakenly posted a reply here. I changed the content to “PM’d” 30 minutes ago so that the original reply was gone but you quoted my original reply in your reply 22 minutes ago……
  19. @Eagleeyes nice match at the price 🙂 Hard to go wrong. Regards Cazzesman
  20. Yes, that's an antique. When I await, I had to have it. The same as our black stained English oak Rosenstengel dining table and chairs. Had to change the horrid green felt cushioning for red though. Quality shows no matter the age
  21. Assorted jazz tracks. Very chill. Regards Cazzesman
  22. There's a posthumous album of new songs coming! Look here.
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