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  2. EOI - W.A Server's developments GTG

    Thanks @Tasso for the detailed reply.
  3. The link to the original ad is above, click on the link, it contains photos of the actual speakers The finish is a light rosewood colour My listening room would be close to 4m X 7m, they sound great But with small bass drivers, if you want deep bass you will need a subbie
  4. FS: Bel Canto REF600M

    Just out of interest what speakers did you paired up with? And whats next? Thanks & GLWTS
  5. Hearing test

    Thanks mate. Some good info right there. I'll check out the Wellness Clinics for the Tomatis Technique.
  6. The Ashes

    Its official M.Marsh in for Handscomb but its for team balance and not because Handscomb faces up like my 7yr old son. Poms to bat, Smith cant buy a toss
  7. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A new discovery for me, found via a review on freejazzblog.org. An excellent piano bass drum trio from Poland. Hear and buy here: http://bandcamp.for-tune.pl/album/sch-nberg review: .http://www.freejazzblog.org/2017/08/koakowski-wykpisz-korelus-schonberg-for.html
  8. Sam Dastyari

    As far as morality goes Dastyari is Mother Hubbard’s cupboard As long as he remains a member of the Labor Party he will periodically be back to haunt them because of his behaviour he needs to be removed from the Labor Party
  9. I would be interested in real life measurements of the 1000R option up at around 10kHz (where the phase shift using voltage drive would be around 60 degrees lagging), and operating the current drive amplifier at near to its maximum output level. I cannot see how a current-drive amplifier could successfully deliver current with a phase shift of near zero degrees in these circumstances of a high amplitude, high frequency, source signal.
  10. Hi what colour are they? Would they be ok in a room 4m x 7m ? Do they need a sub? Justin
  11. Listening to The Doors best of sacd 4.0 makes me realise I definitely need full range speakers as rears, all of the drums and bass are coming from the rears and my B&W DS6 surround speakers are not designed for that.
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Someone may "emphatically believe" something, but because they cannot explain How or Why there would be an improvement, it just relegates the guy to the "Opinionated Idiot" group. I'm the president - we meet Wednesdays..
  13. Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    I just got back from seeing this. I did not like it. Force Awakens was wayyyyyyyyyyyy better IMO.
  14. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Vincent are conservative with the power specs. Independent lab testing in Europe has the Class A at 20w for the 331MK. At your listening levels you are probably staying in Class A, hence the heat. I used to wick my 331MK up from time to time and it would run a bit cooler. Agree with your early listening observations, an amp geared for musical enjoyment. If you ever decide to sell, let me know. If funds permit, I'll take it off your hands. Congrats on your bargain.
  15. 2016 Ford Focus RS

    Fake news? To quote from the article
  16. How is hi res a big con?
  17. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    I'm going to have a listen to these on the weekend. Still unsure whether I'll go for a studio monitor setup or bookshelf but perhaps the latter as it won't be a dedicated music room (maybe lounge, maybe dinning room, maybe I'll move house). These certainly look much nicer in my opinion. The advice is always to let your ears judge but what exactly should I be listening for? I've got a pair of LSR305's and they're better than my previous kmart stereo but truth be told, I was happy with it at the time.
  18. Kia Stinger

    I see what you did there but pretty ambiguous where it would be more accurate to say, This is just semantics really and I also read the situation will be fixed in a couple of weeks when our rating procedure matches the Euro standard as of Jan 1.
  19. Kia Stinger

    thats not across the whole range then innit ? on that note, sorry blybes, ive gone for a drive
  20. NBN recommendation

    Finally my home now is with Optus nbn ( wife & grand children’s want fetch tv) connect 3 days ago and they still haven’t activated home phone . Speed check 3’ Ago is ping 408 , download 3.89 , upload 7.91 then i retest speed check again 1’ later ping is 428 , download 8.24 , upload 4.50 . for the last 3 days the best speed i had is no more than 14mbs download most of time is 10mbs or less . Call them many time to activated home phone still not happen and waiting , try to talk to theirs tech to improve speed but get no help . Pay 90 /months Optus top bundle for internet. Home phone and standard fetch tv ( fetch not even arrive yet) everyday spent couple hrs on call and Optus chat try to fix this problem but I’m just waisted my time and get stress , I’m leaved it as now for few more day till next Monday then if not improve I’m going to change to new providers and hope for the best . Worst company ever to deal with , each time call them you wait at least 20’ then they take your detail and pass you around to other then wait at least 15/20’ to have some one talk to you and then nothing happen. Morning call , afternoon call then evening call , 3 times a days for the last three days . Then all they do is sent you a survey ask how happy you are ????? F...king madness company !!!!!!
  21. Current-driving of loudspeakers - Theory & Practice

    It doesn't reflect what will happen in the real world (water is subject to all the things you mention). The lag will be approximately determined by the speed of sound in water - it is a pressure wave after all. So to say it is instantaneous is not correct and leaves me wondering what instantaneous means when it comes to current. Does joe mean it truly is instantaneous (I hope not) or just that it's very quick. And how quick is very quick and what are the real wok implications if it's not truly instantaneous ?
  22. Kia Stinger

    yes really
  23. 2016 Ford Focus RS

    It's a fault that consumes coolant--i.e. coolant gets into the combustion chambers, possibly into the oil, and can cause permanent damage--we advise repairs but we're not issuing a recall.
  24. Kia Stinger

    Really? Have a read http://www.caradvice.com.au/609173/kia-stinger-gets-controversial-ancap-score/ or to quote from the article
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