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  2. Martykt

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    ..:..... (not actual boombox but may still be hiding up at my parents.... )
  3. DarkNark

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    Same here. RX something something something. Mine was like this. Loved the graphic equaliser and the red LED's.
  4. Today
  5. @PKay could you please describe how you have it all connected? Your devialet, your PC and which type of PC, which OS is running on that PC and which drivers are installed on that PC, otherwise we’ll be just guessing
  6. Pops110

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    The first system I bought myself. Man I loved this. My rc car. Tamiya Wild One, I saved for soooo long to buy this. It was killer.
  7. Thanks for the info @Krix Loudspeakers Michael. I personally would love to see a member specific session for future demos of this nature - make it into a gtg. I'd happily fly from Perth just to be involved in something like that. Would also love to see the calibration and testing process - where do I sign up
  8. Yeah, I think you could have something there. I could get it to come up pretty easily when playing back one of the HD TV channels, but not when playing back a non HD channel, I'm guessing it's because the TV is upscaling the 1080i HD signal but keeping the REC709 colour space. Ironically when you switch in the TV GUIDE while this upscaling is happening, and also have the MENU screen open, the colour space [if you check it] would have changed to Native. I'll have to try it with both my 4K disc player and PS4 Pro and report back. Despite internet searches I have yet to find if there is a service menu on this TV, let alone how one would get into it. Most of the usual settings that historically can be found in a TV's service menu are already available in the EX780a's advanced settings menu, so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't one.
  9. jakeyb77

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    Dream with Dean available on 180g vinyl 🤘
  10. explorer2203

    5 Way Active Speaker build....

    Cmon...next you will suggest mdf and car speakers lol
  11. explorer2203

    5 Way Active Speaker build....

    Lol Very serious. I am actually extremely happy with the Nexus and VAF DCX gen iv mk ii. This is about learning and having fun Do I expect to go up against the worlds best speakers? No. But they will sound great even i get them mostly right lol
  12. I'm sure you'll make a great addition to next years photos !!! 😁
  13. Gentlemen and others it was a pleasure. I bought a particularly nice single malt from the shop next door to the venue and slipped off into the night thanks to having no keys and a partner who’s unwell! I enjoyed the company and feed but had to skip the finer points of revelry! Cheers-friends!
  14. pwestcott

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    This was a great journey down memory lane. Bought one of these in the early eighties. Great sound, detachable speakers and portable to boot. I remember listening to 96 FM back in the day and recording songs to tape as they came on. Had a Pioneer turntable which I plugged in. Took it with me to my first job in Kalgoorlie. Loved it to bits and the bug had well and truly bit!
  15. Stephen Conners

    NAD AV716 Protect Mode

    My beloved NAD AV716 goes into Protect mode about a minute after switching on. Disconnected all but main speakers and still does it. Switched to an input which has nothing connected and does it still. Next step, Diagnose DSP, Caps, etc. If I can’t diagnose repair myself, I will get a pro repair. If you don’t know, these AV Receivers are amazing for stereo music. Hope she’s back to normal soon.
  16. some great looking specimens in that lot of pics - wish I was there - next time !! - I did not want to miss out on a trip to the Abrolhos Islands to sate one of my other passions (kayak fishing) - glad to say that was worth it and maybe I'll revive the fishing thread Next year .…..
  17. Max054

    I think I’m becoming a hoarder.

    Never too much!
  18. Hi @helloboi A5+ have more power, better sensitivity and "should " sound better, but best to go and listen yourself to find out, because everyone has personal taste and the Aktimate may, for you be better. JJ
  19. GGoOrz


    Great set up and great price Bargain . GLWTS A shame that I had to miss out on it.
  20. poppybob

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Thanks Owen. I remember years ago before blu-ray a mate of mine here in Perth was playing around with htpc and the results were outstanding in the day. Thanks again.
  21. yes definitely.... UM
  22. Krix Loudspeakers

    The 2018 Hi-Fi Show (Melbourne)

    Hi @Tubularbells, perfectly fine to say that - and I would have to be in agreeance. Being honest, we just weren't prepared enough for the kids to be coming through early on - while I did have a 15+ age warning on the ticket booking page there were a few families on Saturday that hadn't seen the booking page to know. I tried my best to have a chat to each of the parents but couldn't get to everyone. In hindsight, we probably would have created a 'kid friendly' session... on that same note though, many people weren't prepared to wait even 15 mins to the next session, let alone one at a specific time of day. There were almost no children on Friday, minimal on Saturday and tons on Sunday! There were a lot more walk-ins on Sunday, and we were better prepared with ear-plugs and content - however it doesn't change the fact you were shortchanged for your demo, and I completely agree that the kid friendly demos were quite lacking in comparison to the others . My apologies and I wish I had have known, as I would have tried to get you back after the last session (or another session) for a movie pick of your choice. All going well in Sydney next year, if we can replicate the scale of the room, please let me know if you are attending and I'll get you in for the calibration and 'full' test of the system. For your info, when I showed Scott your Simpsons video on the other thread (weeks before the show) he couldn't stop laughing. So I know he would have wanted you to get the whole experience. Moving on, thanks for everyone's comments and it's great to hear that so many enjoyed our demo, our crew got just as much a kick out of it as you. We managed to find some tricky and very unique problems that come with a world-first demo of this scale, which meant that most of us were lucky to get to bed before midnight for the three nights before the show. We were even re-plugging cables and adjusting the equipment 7 minutes before the first demo! We got there in the end, and while we ran a reliable and solid setup for the demos, we think that the large majority of attendees took a lot away from it, whether it be a little more learnt about what immersive audio is, or just the huge grins we could see on the faces of viewers. We have learnt a lot and if doing similar next year we will perhaps host some more advanced sessions for forum members/tech-heads that go a little longer and are more technical, or a 'BYO movie' session to test out your favourite scenes. Just some ideas... if anyone has any, we would love to hear them. From our whole team, it was an absolute pleasure to meet so many friendly and passionate people at the show - forum members and newcomers alike. I think the vast range of attendees speaks a lot for the organisation of the show and the audience it was able to reach. We thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you to all who attended. Cheers, Michael To answer your question @superaaaa, we should have some photos on our facebook/blog soon or as @Pete54mentioned, Selby have some up on their facebook page already. As for acoustic treatment, we had around 60 Sonitus panels (as used by many rooms around the show) and around 35 Martini Absorb 100mm panels as well.
  23. mrbuzzardstubble

    The Song Game Mk III

    Not at all Julie Andrews - Spoonful Of Sugar
  24. Janjuc

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    Hi, $130 shipment seems high to me, or am I missing something, also this is the 22nd Seller Name he has used on eBay, seems to change every 6-8 months. JJ
  25. martin64

    Marantz HD Dac 1

    Going the pre power setup. Rotel Rc1590. Maybe not an upgrade but a change in direction.
  26. mrbuzzardstubble

    Currently Purchasing

    Thanks should go to husq2100. To be honest I'd never heard of her
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