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  2. martin64

    Parasound P5 Preamplifier Price Dropped!

    Can you ship to Melbourne
  3. 860a on hold, 760a is available again.
  4. Thanks George I'll have a look. I'm pretty sure it's updated though. It gradually stopped working with some discs then it eventually stopped with all of them.
  5. Hi Bob, ICs can have a variety of construction methods. I would argue that some only have 1 wire --- which carries the signal ... the ground is provided by the shield. The way I make interconnects is by having 2 wires - 1 for signal, 1 for ground, under the shield. The shield is connected at one end only (the Source end) so it provides a grounded shield but is not part of the signal chain. As regards having 2 signal wires (rather than just having one thicker wire), if you believe in 'skin theory' then you won't want to use thick wire for HFs ... so if you want to reduce the resistance of the wire, you use multiple (insulated) thin wires. I've also read that some believe the earth wire should have more cross-sectional area than the signal wire - so they would use: 3 earth wires for 2 signal wires, or 2 earth wires for 1 signal wire. And btw, I see you have a ZYX Airy3. I have just bought one from Duc ... what VTF are you running it at? Regards, Andy
  6. You can get different weight counterweights from Project.
  7. StephenSLR

    DTV tuner missing after reset.

    Yep, I've set it to New South Wales. Yep and that was working fine for years, even when I brought it up to Sydney on Sunday night. After the 'reset' it only goes as far as DTV Menu. When I select DTV Menu the screen then goes blank instead of providing the drop down list to select: Setup -> installation -> Auto Search, like it used to do prior to the reset. s
  8. Ian McP

    RSD 2018

    David Sylvian guests with Burnt Friedman
  9. Compass

    Parasound P5 Preamplifier Price Dropped!

    Price Dropped....this needs to go
  10. I wouldn't offer it for free if I was you, think about if you could work out a specialized business model where you offer SNA members wives a service to try and cure husbands of their audio addiction then you would make a absolute fortune. ... and if it worked then imagine the amazing bargains that would pop up every week in the classifieds when some poor bloke was talked out of this crazy hobby. cheers Terry
  11. realysm42

    Show us your tubes

    Interesting. I don’t mind buying in quads as I’ll use them all, eventually. I use a passive preamp, I don’t know if that makes a difference.
  12. cyberkank

    projector / screen recommendation

    Might look into the JVC X9900 as it seems to be on special at the moment (under 7k shipped) which is pretty tempting and by the response, JVC has a good reputation for image quality / contrast. Deciding if I should go motorised or fixed screen and how big the screen should be. Anyone can point me in the right direction? (I like to sit in the middle in the theatre). Also, considering a projector lift so I dont need to see the projector all the time when I am not using it, any brand to look for? I've attached my room layout for reference. Due to speaker restrictions, The minimum height for the bottom of the screen will need to be 950mm off the ground.
  13. Satanica

    JVC 7900 Good With Motion?

    I see artifacts with Clear Motion Drive with my JVC X7000 in 2D so don't use it. With 3D I don't notice artifacts and so the extra frames from Clear Motion Drive are very worthwhile IMO; it removes virtually all eyestrain for me in 3D.
  14. Mat-with-one-t

    WTB: 18mm Screws for Audio Technnica Cartridge

    Awesome. We are spoilt to have such a great local community!
  15. Mat-with-one-t

    WTB: CD Player

    I often use iPhone>dragonfly red USB DAC (can use the Apple connector that allows us to stay plugged in and charge at same time)>amp. Can set this up with any old phone with the smaller charge style, and together with DAC could get in for less than maybe $250? I get better Sou d with this streaming Spotify than I get playing discs on my Denon CD player. in my mind, when talking beers, darts, etc, the convenience of choosing anything you want, any time, is more attractive! Even better, permanently leave an older iPad for easier use!
  16. edited, sorry - misunderstood question!
  17. YCC

    Currently Purchasing

    Absolutely true! too commercialised too, with so much hype!!!
  18. Check the firmware, the same happened to my DMR-PWT550, I updated to the latest firmware and all works fine now. The latest for yours is v1.63 http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/bd/download/bdt300_350/bdt300_350_euro.html Cheers George
  19. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    Vale is signed until 2020 I believe, with Yamaha. Marquez is amazing to watch at Austin, much like Chili at Monza or Stoner at Qatar, just fluid and unbreakable, excellent ride on a bloody torturous track. Dovi in a better spot now compared to this time last year but a long way to g yet. Good to see Iannone and Mav up there. Canna remember the turn number but that crested left hander with the big dip hallway through it, oi vey!!!! http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2018/04/22/5-men-in-the-title-fight-the-close-contenders-after-cota/256464?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=AME_TitleContenders_en&utm_campaign=Traffic
  20. misternavi

    Camera and Photo chat

    How's the GOdox been going for you? Shot anything interesting with it?
  21. "judder" is due to displaying 24fps content at 60Hz resulting in run-stop-run-stop uneven motion (3:2 pull down) which is dreadful and the JVC's have never done that. Movies are 24fps with is not a high enough frame rate to provide smooth motion under all circumstances. Its up to directors and camera operators to avoid medium speed panning shots that make the low frame rate of movies obvious and most of the time they do. JVC "Clear Motion Drive" is very effective at minimising the visible problems assosiated with low frame rate without making the movie look like 60fps video (soap opera effect). Its very effective, very natural looking and almost never causes visible artefacts. Seeing is believing. If you have issues with JVC's motion handling you like movies to look like video.
  22. Today
  23. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    WTB: Dynavector P75 MKIII

    Indeed, hoping someone has upgraded to the new version and is looking to offload the MK3
  24. nonsynchro


  25. Ittaku

    Show us your tubes

    I don't personally hear any difference when changing rectifier tubes, but I think it also depends on the design itself and if there's any substantial variation in current draw by the pre/amp in question during operation (or my hearing's just not that good.)
  26. Item: JVC DLA-X7900 and DLA-X9900 Price: $6099 for the X7900 (Save $2,400) and $6960 for the X9900 (Save $3,638) These prices have never been offered before. Item Condition: Brand new Aust stock Reason for selling: JVC deal runs until end of business Monday 30th April 5pm Payment Method: Bank transfer, visa and MC @ 1% Extra Info: JVC will direct ship to your door. Pictures:
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