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  2. t_mike

    The Song Game Mk III

    Garry Puckett and the Union Gap - Young Girl
  3. rockeater

    Mains in Perth - solutions??

    I second that
  4. candyflip

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    CLOSED with thanks to all who donated! Our total SNA donation is going to be : $210 thanks so much! A Friday night draw for you all tomorrow night, so be watching after 8pm.
  5. Mendes

    FS: Classical LPs

    Great music is great music first..... then comes genre....
  6. sjay

    FS: Classical LPs

    Listening to classical is my dirty hidden secret that few know about. Most think I am a mad rocker/hip hop fiend, which I am. But I do love me classical on a regular basis
  7. Mendes

    FS: Classical LPs

    Well done....
  8. Antipodean Brad

    "Designed and Engineered"

    I often see the designation "Designed and Engineered in (a place name). Made in (another place name)." What is the difference between being designed and being engineered?
  9. sjay

    FS: Classical LPs

    I will take them, PM incoming
  10. Looks to be so in this chart
  11. cwt

    Das Boot mini series on SBS.

    Yes Al ; even more invested in the poor radio operator now he was roped in to joining the sub as was his sister with the underground ; its not all black and white when you want a u boat crewman to survive Very realistic ; didn't use the Catalina for the depth charge attack like I guessed but a short sunderland instead
  12. rotur

    FS: Classical LPs

    Thought I had added them... Now included. Apologies to all.
  13. cafe67

    Kate Bush new CD Remasters

  14. Marshall_SLX

    FS: VAF i93s and Devialet 200

    Wow 2nd pair of i93s in as many weeks... unheard of
  15. Sorry for the late reply. That photo was taken BEFORE I did any soldering. My poor soldering after has seemed to fix the issue. I haven't had the chance to have a proper listen as I've been busy setting up my new bryston a2s
  16. a.dent

    FS: assorted Accuphase XLR cables

    Are these the brown ones or the blue ones?
  17. audiohifiaudio


    Back in the day this was and is a beast. Good luck with the sale.
  18. jazzdog@groovemasters

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    John Coltrane ‎ Reflections. Audio Fidelity ‎ AFEMP 1041 UK 1982. A bit cheeky to call the label Audio Fidelity, the recording is a live take at the at the Half Note & the SQ is a bit ordinary, but enjoying it nonetheless.
  19. Today
  20. digitalhome

    FS: Shure SE846 Bronze In Ear Monitors

    Still available, a decent offer won't be refused!!!
  21. Sime V2

    My System this morning

    Haha, someone better catch up with modern times
  22. Hi, maybe start with stereo integrated amp with HT bypass (around $3000-4000) for music only. Later add AV receiver if you decide to use all speakers instead of soundbar. Don't forget about the source.
  23. davewantsmoore

    Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    I'm 100% not. This discussion began with: HDCP is an example of this business model. They limit your ability to get the content. You don't notice, because HDCP is almost completely ubiquitous. My point is that this model can work if the system is ubiquitous and unobtrusive enough.... so I don't agree that MQA are (necessarily) making a mistake here. It all depends on how they play their cards. "In order to make a device that plays HDCP-enabled work, the manufacturer must obtain a license for the patent from Intel subsidiary Digital Content Protection LLC, pay an annual fee, and submit to various conditions" Sure... but you could. Right now... you don't have this "pay per quality" in MQA either. You pay for MQA, and if you don't have a MQA device, you can listen on something else and get basic quality. Just like HDCP. You pay for the content, and if you don't have a HDCP device you get basic quality. Everyone has a HDCP device, because the entire industry got onboard. In the future, MQA might implement much more sophisticated versions of that. It's all there in the MQA patent..... HDCP might implement much more sophisticated things later too. The "content certification" bit isn't a problem in video.... as opposed to audio, where there are perceived issues with "high res" formats being untrusted by consumers. They aren't doing that yet. Right now, it's just like HDCP. Compliant device = full quality. Otherwise, basic quality. The only difference is that HDCP is ubiquitous. Anyways.... Let's not get hung up on whether it is the same as HDCP. The point I was trying to make is that if you have a system where you have a situation where it's like this: That system can be one which isn't rejected by consumers, and can be not at all a bad business decision. As I've said, the MQA system in the patent can do a lot of things..... how they leverage that? It remains to be seen.
  24. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  25. Yes, and no. It is never black and white. But who cares? We simply don't know enough to know for sure. Only MQA knows the answers; and they are only providing the 'answers' allowed by their marketing strategy.
  26. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hallett-cove/speakers/duntech-marquis-speakers/1200147013
  27. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    Do people really think that the MQA process was created just so they could ensure consumers get a better product? Do people really think that the fact that this process can give them complete control over everything from recording to delivery to playback is just a coincidental innocent byproduct ?
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