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  2. I’m sure they can be, provided the PlayStation Bluetooth will make the distance for the kid on the top. Maybe some sort of wearable leggings system is in order?
  3. A Man Needs A Maid - Neil Young
  4. You will need to be prepared to nail them to the walls and ceiling
  5. Thanks for sharing warmtone. I have had them on my ESL57’s and with great results. A fast, transparent and very modern sound for vintage tube gear. Arthur Radford pulled a rabbit out of his hat with the units!
  6. Yeah my next amps to try will be some Pass “amp camp” diy’s when I get them done. Should be interesting. Interesting re Pass, as that’s what I’ve found with the OAD - great bass, fast and detailed, however just seems to have the “vibe” of my previous StereoKnight M-100 Tube amps. Best of both worlds! http://openaudiodesigns.com Maybe let everyone know your preferences (jazz, rock, death metal, classical), room (big, small) and volumes.....?
  7. If they are carrying heavy put them in the front corners , floor to ceiling will reap a better outcome , are they stackable ?
  8. Interesting idea. If you follow through with this experiment pictures would be a pre-requisit.
  9. I had wondered about mono LPs with a stereo cart for some time now. don''t have any answers, however keen to hear/read what the people in the know have to say. my suspicion is that a dedicated mono cart would yield best results.
  10. I suppose in a strange way Loading settings etc on a phono pre would go some way to “changing” the sonic signature.
  11. Hi, I intend to use the optical connection as it by passes the noisy internals of the computer, I had a look at your recommendations, seems it’s all pro recording gear, which is of no use to me, plus it seems that both USB 3 and Thunderbolt both outperform FireWire.
  13. @zonx I used to have a pair of Epitome Tower Ref, I had both valves and solid state amplifiers. I found that solid state was better for bass as it was considerably tighter. Pass Labs is a good match as it is solid state but the flavour of valves.
  14. Very nostalgic - I built one if these as my first serious audio project in the late 60’s in the days when Radford sold kits. I imported the very special output Radford designed transformers from England as they were the best available. The new Radford phase splitter design overcame problems with phase shift improving sound quality over previous designs. Nobody could believe how good it sounded compared with other valve amps of the day. Even less people believed how well it measured - delivering low distortion < 0.1% and a near perfect square wave into capicitative loads. Linearity and power response all excellent. In truth not that much has changed in valve amplifier design - what has changed is marketing hype and ridiculous price tags This is was a great amp and still is - regarded by many as a perfect match for Quad ESL loudspeakers. GLWS
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