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  2. Hey All The lockdowns early this year had me looking for things to do so I decided it was time to have a go at the DIY Speaker project I’d been contemplating for a many years. I decided to dip my toe in the water and knock together a pair of Paul Carmody overnight sensations. well “WOW” I was hooked. I paired them up with an old Luxman L3 and I couldn’t believe the sound coming out of these small speakers. Great soundstage, excellent imaging and really easy to listen to for hours. After working out how to stream hi resolution music I picked up a Bluesound Node2i and I was away. now I was sure listening was back in my life I started planning the next build. I chose the Amigas because the components weren’t too expensive and I could source the heavy midbase drivers locally so only had to ship the tweeters from parts express. I put a little more time into the fit and finish of the cabinets. We machined the cabinets on the CNC machine and laminated the rear of the cabinets with some off cuts laying around the shop. The baffles are painted in hammered metal spray paint for a quick and cheap finish. I nearly sent the cabinets to the polyurethane painter but is was going to cost more than the drivers and I thought that might be overcapitalising. So was the upgrade worth it? Well at first I wasn’t sure. After being so bowled over by the OS’s I was a little underwhelmed at first but after a few hours listening I began to notice there was just more of everything. Yes they are voiced very similarly to the OS and are easy to listen to but there is more bass, more space, more shimmer, more detail and everything is tighter. So now I knew they were going to be sticking around for a while I thought I’d spend a few hundred dollars to see how good they can be and at worst it would be a learning experience. I purchased Jantzen superior Z caps and superes resistors and soldered up new caps if for nothing else than something to do. First listen had me really trying hard to hear a difference whilst being fully aware of possible confirmation bias and psycho acoustic tricks my brain may be playing. After a couple of hours the only thing I could really describe was there seeming to be more space between each sound. Space as in it was easier to distinguish one sound from another even if they were similar in tone and timbre. That was enough for me, I knew there were these big chunky capacitors inside my cabinets and I was happy. Once I relaxed and started to just enjoy the music the speakers appeared to get better over the next few listening sessions. Were they burning in and getting better or was my mind just playing tricks. I will never really know but I can say my satisfaction with the speakers has only grown to the point of being happy with living with them for a long while. Thats saying something for me because I tend to be the type of person who is always chasing the next better thing which can be a dangerous thing in the audio world. Every time I get worked up about something new it only takes a listening session in the shed to calm me down and put things back in perspective. there is bit of a story that ended with the Luxman needing repair with I will get to one day so I’m running a Vincent SV400 which seemed to add vertical height to the soundstage and is doing the job. I’ve got about $1k in the Amigas, $900 in the Node and $500 in the SV400. So for a total of $2400 I’ve put together a beautiful system that allows me to enjoy old faves and new music I’ve never heard of before. Even genres I’ve never enjoyed are eye opening on a nice engaging system. some pics of the builds Cheers Pete
  3. Recently discovered this 70's funk group. Cymande's debut album, some sweet tunes on it. Think I may well add it to my vinyl collection.
  4. Hi Gat474 I can help you with benchmark HPA4 and LA4 pre-amps. I have hands on experience and have both in stock. please PM me for more info kind regards Geoff
  5. Item: Audion Black Shadow Mono Blocks Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of these amps. May consider other single ended 845 amps either integrated or power
  6. Can probably make you one if you're not in a rush. Still waiting for some parts to come. And depends on what cans, some use connectors that are quite pricey, some fairly cheap.
  7. How did you go mate, make something up? Looking at doing the same for some Elears.
  8. Further information: This 3metre cable presents as new. Only the packaging would be classed as "very good". These were open box so at one stage opened and shown to clients. Full warranty and price includes shipping in an Express satchel. Price is FIRM. RRP $895
  9. the price of good digital scales has dropped over the last decade, driven by the drugs industry! I volumetric dose with my Versalab, not as good as dose-by-weight in theory, but in practice the variation in bean size probably amounts to 1 bean difference. I stop the extraction when it starts to blonde.
  10. Further information: This cable presents as new. Only the packaging would be classed as "very good". These were open box so at one stage opened and shown to clients. Full warranty and price includes shipping in an Express satchel. price is FIRM. RRP: $745.
  11. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - A Night In Tunisia
  12. Rodrigo y Gabriela & C.U.B.A. - Area 52
  13. Streaming the new Sault album, Untitled (Rise), the 4th LP from this 'mysterious' UK group. It's a serious contender for album of the year for me. Vinyl not out until November
  14. Bought a one last week. Great sounding amp. Steal at this price!
  15. I guess my recommendation was the ability to fulfill both options for you, however in a raw power amp I would be considering the Hegel H30 so!
  16. +1 this seller. And +1 near impossible to beat at this price, this amplifier.
  17. C’mon man, get your act together! 😃😃😃 Serious TT pornists can’t get off on that sort of camerawork and poor prep of the objects-de-voyeur! 😝 cheers Grant
  18. Thanks for the replies and the suggestions! Terry - It is nice to find someone else who likes and appreciates VA speakers, I think they are very underrated. When I was living in the UK a friend of mine had the Parasound JC1 monoblocks and they were good from what I remember. I will try to find some here. Cafad - I never considered or heard the ATC amplifiers, I should be going back to the UK soonish so I may find somewhere to audition the SIA-150. Dean - that is a great suggestion. I agree the with Stereophile measurements of the Mahler, I seat at least 15 degrees off axis and I have updated the crossovers which also help. I have measured the frequency response, at my seating position is very good still a minor suckout at 3.7KHz but it really is insignificant, less than 1db +/- measurement error. As I said I never heard or even considered ATC amplifiers but it sounds like I should at least try to audition them. Hydrology - Yes Hegel was another brand under consideration. The only thing that I don't like is the integration of everything together, I rather keep my streamer and my DAC separate from the pre-power amplification. To me it requires a lot more engineering and design effort to come up with an all in one solution than a far simpler traditional pre-final amplification.
  19. I've ordered the brewista, and I'm thinking about a grinder upgrade.
  20. There is almost no such thing. Especially if you want it to play quite low (and EQ it so it does) ... then larger subwoofers can play those low notes with much less distortion. If you can afford the space and price, then it's a good idea. Especially given the EQ feature (IMO this is probably the most compelling reason, FWIW)
  21. The DAC guy is back. I just ordered one from Clay. Was going to get the USB only version but Clay said he has redesigned the input so there is just a relay switch in the input path so took the punt and got the normal one. Will be using it with the Auralic Aries G1 against the Chord TT2 with M-Scaler, and a Grandinote - all much more expensive DAC's. Thing to note is the Aries has a volume control so no pre required - just connect straight to Clay's DAC, then into the amp and you are ready to go. Clay will be bringing out a version, unfortuneately more expensive, with a volume control, but if you use it with the Aries - no need. Anyway once this horrid pandemic is under control a GTG for sure to check it all out. But the G1 costs $4K - so if you can save on the DAC without sacrificing sound quality it's the way to go. Thanks Bill
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