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  2. I usually keep the same optics at each end, but provided they are made to the standard, you’ll see very little difference in performance (I’ll rephrase, you should see no performance differences) if you mix and match. I don’t see much use for long haul (LX) in a home. Short haul fibre (MM fibre) will comfortably do 200m runs and you won’t need attenuators for it. just be super careful to never plug a LX fibre into a SX optic or look down the end of a LX optic with your own eyes. It’s a good way to ruin them both.
  3. The Daddy of the Range from back then....Knob's Button's Sliders...a fiddlers delight.......love to lay my hands on one.... ( Did someone say graphic equalizer? ) Tase
  4. @Comzee Awesome post! Those are so tempting. I wonder how they would sound with my brighter/detailed speakers. I find myself taming the highs and upper mids of the R8 with my tube choices. What kind of speakers do you have and how are they voiced? That will give me a better idea, I think.
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  6. You know I was gunna wait to post this until my full rundown of tubes I've tried, but I'll let this out now. I've used 6F8G in the past as 6sn7 substitutes, but there's also a 6C8G, which is a substitute for 6SL7. I've owned them for a long time, both variants. While I don't recommend using 6F8G (unless you can get them dirt cheap) in place of the 6sn7 for the R8, the 6C8G is a pretty big improvement in the 6SL7 stage. The tube cage does fit over the adapters, I just have it off for the photo. To me, they're more open, cleaner, and cuts out
  7. Yeah, I’ve seen Alan Sircom’s review, it’s very entertaining and a great advertisement.
  8. Yes I’m still enjoying them, nothing short of amazing. My ones are older versions with the same famous Peerless HDS tweeter now taken on by Scanspeak and coated paper or poly cone Peerless midbass woofers so I can’t say if the latest ones with Seas Nextel paper cones and Fountek or similar looking ribbon tweeters sound as good. They certainly look the part with possibly better drivers. Knowing how good the well proven Peerless/Scanspeak dome tweeter is I’d be reluctant to try the ribbon unit in case it didn’t retain the same sweet result. The bass in them is really deep and full an
  9. so many seller outside, I can found in Google in many sites...but consider I'm new in Naim, coul you please give like suggestion price or price consideration, even it is not exact price thank you
  10. If they were offered for sale in Perth, I would have bought them. GLWTS
  11. Thanks @Igotmearecord it's working fairly well now. Now I just need to get something cheap to clean the dusty old records I have. I even found someone in china selling replacement ear pads for the U70 headphones. Here's what I did as documentation for future if it helps anyone else. In the centre there is two screws that hold the lid down. I read somewhere that this is how it locks? So after undoing them I moved the position of the lid up slightly and redid the screws just looser and higher and this works and even the hinges are still good. Then wh
  12. Thank you for the suggestion and are they any good? I never tried Wharfedale so no idea how they sound.
  13. Experience our summer with days in the high 30's and low 40's with high humidity and no air con and you will envy no more
  14. I'm familiar with letting the amp warm up. My current amp, which I've had for about 30 years, is a pure Class A design. Even though it is solid-state, it seems to need a warm-up period. It sounds a bit harsh or rough until it's been on for about 20-30 minutes. I thought SS designs were impervious to this sort of thing, but the difference between cold and warm is easily heard. Good thing to get your R8 sent out before the CNY begins! I've had a lot of business dealings with China in the past and once CNY starts, everything seems to grind to a halt for about 15 days. If you chose ai
  15. I thought I'd try this before deleting and it did the trick! Good to hear it's back to normal for you too now.
  16. Still waiting for mine to be dispatched, order was placed on 1 / 6 / 21, according to there site any order's placed before January 15 th should ship by February 5 th. I power up the tube pre amp first, this takes about a minute or so, then the amp, usually another minute, then I give it a few more minutes to settle in before actual use, maybe 20 -30 minutes before releasing any real output.. Just what I do......😎
  17. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bob-Seger-the-Silver-Bullet-Band-Night-Moves-DCC-Gold-CD-Remastered/303842928629?epid=3139199&hash=item46be7327f5:g:tVUAAOSwpoBf-7KX&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Elton-John-Greatest-Hits-DCC-Gold-CD-Remastered/303839385209?epid=3181154&hash=item46be3d1679:g:tmUAAOSwKkVf95Yz
  18. 👍 Thanks. I didn't know not to turn on and off again like that. It isn't something I would generally do anyway, but thanks for the heads-up. I wish I was unfamiliar with the cold! Green with envy 🤢
  19. New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral.
  20. Also, never! turn the amp off and then straight back on again! Always allow it time to settle before turning it on again after a power down.
  21. Just use it, best to allow it 5 or so minutes after switch on before playing music, need to allow the tubes to reach operating levels in voltages first and stabilize, so that time will allow this to happen. Edit: I'm in Queensland Australia so am not familiar with the cold you are talking about (been 53 years since I lived in England), but the amp will be well packed when you receive it and it will take you some time to unpack and set up anyway.
  22. I was told the 3% is for a voltage range of 184 to 264V over 0 to 100% load, normal operation is far less variation than this, though not quantified. The extended input voltage range is 160-330V with reduced regulation. Also I made a mistake, it is not adjusted at 10kHz sampling rate, my model is adjusted at 20kHz sampling rate.
  23. Try the General Chillout section, deviloof. There's a couple of discussions there dedicated to guitars. Someone there might be able to help.
  24. Wichita Cathedral- Butthole Surfers
  25. In the communications industry there are communications standards. The standards are run by standards groups such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). If the device conforms to a communications standard it will interoperate with other devices that conform to the same communications standard. For simplicity I would keep the same manufacture and type of SFP on each end of a optical cable. What is important ? If you did want to use a different brand to your existing SFP and have it interoperate, the important thing is you need a SFP that co
  26. Gosh, just look at all the knobs and buttons on those vintage Rotels! 👍x After foolishly sticking with Musical Fidelity class-A for decades I made a huge upgrade to a semi-vintage Rotel amp last year. It is rather barren in the knob department, though, and that’s just the way I like it
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