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  2. Like what kinda and how high Quality Gear are you recommending ? I may have interest but no experience with these Big Banger PA 's.
  3. I had an issue using the HD quality HDMI port on my old ONKYO, but no issue on the 4K HDMI ports. On the HD port it would be confused between the TV ARC and the Audio only input, as soon as I selected the player source it would stay on it for a second then change back to tv. I thought it was a CEC issue, but moving the audio only HDMI to a 4K port fixed the issue. That sucked tho as that was why I wanted to split the video and audio to utilise the HD quality ports. Any brought a new AVR with all 4K ports and no issue. Maybe double check that you have ‘audio’ on HDMI 2 in the player and I think you want ‘Auto’ for HDMI 1. Good luck.
  4. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/new-horizon-audios-203-turntable-coming-soon Sorry, long weekend and a warped sense of humour. Cheers Grant
  5. I've just been catching up on this... labyrinth... of a thread, and noticed Silversurfer's opinion on the D90 in a headphone system (and his intention to sell his Metrum Pavane!!). In my opinion a headphone system will not tell you everything about the sound quality of a DAC. Attributes like dynamics, solidity of bass (heft), and certain frequency traits are difficult to ascertain through a headphone.
  6. I have a Dell XP15 and do like Dell. See whether you can get a model with Usb3 because @aussievintage idea of dual booting off Usb3 is excellent. Dell often has sales on eBay, so you should wait for one...
  7. hello fidelity4u, would you be willing to accept $900 for the pair? I've heard the larger brothers to these at the last melbourne show and given my work with amplifiers, it helps me to audition my gear with ancillary equipment that people understand........... Best Regards, blondamps
  8. Friday Arvo & LONNNGGGGGG Weekend !!! Time to get the Party Started .......... 🎊🎶 Madonna Music German Pressing
  9. Yes I still love the sound & power this amp has but I want someone to get a bargain 😉
  10. 😀 As Colin Chapman said--"add lightness."
  11. designed by colin whatmough. focal drivers - think of it as a whatmough 201 as a floorstander
  12. Hi there, all of no. 5 please. thanks, ron if you are happy to post that is
  13. Yes this is what I've been beginning to think too. Will need to do some more research... While I am generally happy with my system the way it is, to my ears it seems to lean a bit too much toward the bright/forward side in the lower treble/upper midrange area, and ends up sounding a bit thin as a result. The sound itself is smooth but there just seems to be too much "clarity" on some vocals, for example - you can definitely tell what tracks have had a boost around 4-8KHz added by the studio, and its enough that it kinda bugs me. Maybe what I'm hearing is sibilance? I don't know if changing the amp will fix this but it could be worth a try? What interests me is that everything I have read about my amp, speakers, DAC, and even my interconnects (Wireworld Oasis 7) indicates they are neutral, maybe just a touch on the warm side. How could the sound end up like what I have described? Maybe my ears are just more sensitive in that region. Or I am used to hearing a warmer sound - however others have commented that it sounds thin too, and I do trust my ears.
  14. Until you have worked in retail you will have no idea of the low lifes that inhabit this planet. As an old boss of mine used to say “this town is full of ar**holes and most of them have been in here”. ron
  15. Thanks. Not sure what i can do about formatting. Will have a look at that on the weekend, but have added the table as an image for now. Cheers.
  16. Any thoughts on Dell products folks https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/dell-inspiron-3000-156-inches-laptop---silver-hni359304au No USB 3. It doesn't say but it does have 8 gig ram. Regards Cazzesman
  17. Then you’re a saint Seriously, though, sales people get paid by the hour to do demos and faff about for time-wasters. If they can convert a time-waster into a sale - or just get a genuine buyer - they are rewarded with a bonus. If people had to pay for auditions, my best guess is that they wouldn’t show up. They’d either audition at a competitor or just cross it off the list. Then there would be no opportunity to convert and no chance of a bonus.
  18. Since that post I have now read the ASR and this SNA thread in it's entirety and it certainly has me reconsidering the whole purchase. I feel like I am getting sucked into the somewhat false hype based purely on measurements. I need some solid recommendations from experienced ears. Also historically the new Topping models get released on MassDrop at a discount, it might be worth waiting? I am somewhat prepared to buy it and take a possible 30-40% loss on the 2nd hand market if it's not my cup of tea. I would need to directly compare it to the Fein/Grob to draw any conclusions. I am sure a few local SNA members would be interested to see how this stacked up, maybe even Clay? I don't think it would be as good as Clay's products but that is based on nothing.
  19. Anyone know how these match up to the Heybrook HB1? Are they a step up? I gave the Heybrooks atm but the Gale always seem to be spoken of in the same context, maybe because of the stands, just curious
  20. Called in to @BioBrian 's wonderful listening location on the way back home from a trip to Cygnet. Saw these monsters in person this afternoon. Large, Heavy, Very well made so far. As usual Brian's attention to detail is very much apparent, will have to wait for a little while longer before these start making noise. The enclosures are not far from completion and with another afternoon of gluing today i would say the home stretch is in sight. Thanks for having us visit on such short notice. Russell.
  21. from Tony Allen, Fela Kuti's long serving drummer!
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