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  2. Heifetz

    What gang problem?

    Then you wouldn't be banning "people from an individual country" or based on the country they come from. I think this going round in circles -
  3. mickj1


    Brian Hyland> sealed with a kiss > a kiss to build a dream on > Dream a little dream of me > Mama Cass > Creeque Alley > Down in the Alley Ronnie Hawkins (w Duane Allman) cheers mick
  4. Trust your ears, pick the setting which sounds better. ** Or get one of the sound meter apps on phone and measure which setting gives you the louder sound.
  5. I have seen your posts on the other JVC thread and I agreed with some of your points there about 4K, so I will address this post. I agree about manufacturers' exaggerating their numbers and performances, JVC and Sony included. Everybody does this as they have their own methods to get the numbers they want in order to market better. Car manufacturers do this too. I don't think anyone is surprised by the BS of a lot of these numbers, that's why reading from several sources helps including owners' feedback. Once upon a time JVC and many Japanese brands were no-names too. Some went as far as to call them Jap-crap. Times have changed 🙂 Secondly, DLP has been used by movie theaters for decades and no LCOS has never dominated the projectors' market, this is still filled by DLP. Nobody cares whether LCOS, DLP or LCD is the greatest, they still get their arses kicked by TV technology anyway. Let's move on as this debate has no merit anymore. Thirdly, consumers' money speaks the loudest. If DLP is the driving force behind the popularity of projectors these days then LCOS needs to do a better job of innovating and developing better technology to compete. The irony is that JVC's answer to DLP is the LX-UH1 🙂
  6. Beyer guy

    Cambridge stream magic 6 v2

    Hi - PM sent with question
  7. Eggcup The Daft

    What gang problem?

    Multiculturalism is what it says on the tin - multiple cultures living side by side. It was multiculturalism that proved to be the successful strategy to avoid Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" in the UK and similar threats elsewhere. You think it's the breakdown of "Australian culture" we have to fear? No, it's the breakdown of multiculturalism that we actually have to worry about.
  8. proftournesol

    What gang problem?

    Probably about the time that Gaelic was used
  9. Cheers. Ill let you know how it goes. What is the GS Gram Amp 2 SE like? Does it contribute to the "warmth"? I had intended on upgrading from the Mani or adding the power supply everyone thinks makes a difference. I'm not so hot on it at the moment but the bug will almost certainly bite at some stage.
  10. If you want to test for vibrations etc I downloaded an app, seismometer 6, for free......you can pop it on your table or whatever, and will monitor vibrations however small. I found it quite useful for isolating my turntable. But with that kind of budget I think you should be set up pretty nicely, and any of those decks will be money well spent.
  11. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Icehouse - Primitive Man - 2017 vinyl reissue. more detailed than my original Aussie pressing so hearing more keyboard layering, but it is a little brighter. Overall better than I expected and enjoyable.
  12. same64

    Vintage HiFi

    Anyone in south east Vic that do service vintage gear?.
  13. "Just as good" covers a lot of bases. As far as resolution goes, take it from those who have actually done the comparisons objectively - Native 4K projection of true 4K material ( as opposed to upscaled 2k) provides noticeably better resolution than E-shift - even casual observers pick it . The only people you will find that deny this are those that have invested in JVC e-shift and have not done any objective or proper comparisons, and I suggest others have not even seen true 4K properly set up yet still offer opinions. Since Sony is the only company doing true 4K at the moment on a large scale, an admission to true 4K being better is an admission that Sony is better - and no self respecting, card carrying JVC die-hard will do that! Watch what happens when JVC releases their native 4k projectors shortly - what's the bet differences with E-shift are talked about more often ...........
  14. Since you bought something from Klapp already, ask them what they will do for the T758V3. You should be able get it under $2K! With HDMI, it is more the DAC on the AVR which determines the playback quality.
  15. Beyer guy

    FS: Monitor Audio Speaker Radius 45/RS1/RSC

    Price Reduced - Anyone interested - great little set up for not much money
  16. trunghoang1976

    FS: tannoy 15" ardens

    Price please
  17. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    What gang problem?

    Since when did mathematics become a prerequisite for coming here ?

    Tube friendly step down transformer.

    Thanks for that, a little more than some of the ones I'm seeing on that auction site but these seem to be of a better standard.
  19. rawmouth

    New Perth Member

    I think it does! I just feel like the Aelite 3's are just better suited to a bigger room for them to really breathe. We just don't have the space unfortunately.
  20. rawmouth

    New Perth Member

    This is what I was thinking and maybe a DAC/preamp with a higher resolution volume section. Any suggestions?
  21. The Fez

    Random cars of interest

    Bugatti Divo to be debuted at Pebble Beach this weekend. $8million each - 40 built.... https://www.motoring.com.au/bugatti-divo-hypercar-ready-to-face-the-world-114208/
  22. Leon, The Wall 1st UK pressing (TML on matrix) kills the recent Wall release. Dark Side of the Moon UK Pressing, Blue Triangle is my fave overall BUT it is old and NOT cheap for a good quality (or better) pressing. Look for the 30th anniversary release - not easy to find but much cheaper. The Funkytown single..haven't heard a different release but this one is just a dynamic dynamo!
  23. All George has told me is that my experience is wrong. I'd prefer to listen to something constructive As for DEQX, I did actually try it in my system as I was hoping it would replace my digital crossover, preamp and DAC all with a single box as well as do room correction. Ultimately I didn't go for it. The reasons had nothing to do with transparency of the processing (it was perfectly transparent to my ears) - it was more to do with the user experience. In particular, the volume steps were too big. Doesn't sound like much but I found it very annoying EDIT: just to add, the service and support I got from DEQX while I had the unit was absolutely first rate
  24. scumbag

    FS: Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) P4s (ADL)

    A great buy - http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/b-and-w/p4.html
  25. From my limited desktop searches, the Schiit stack appears to be a common suggestion (ie Magni 3 + Modi 2). Thoughts?
  26. wodger63

    AV receivers that give top 2ch stereo

    Yeah mate, I watched it the whole way through, I thing the NAD will scratch my itch. Just tonight I bought one of these https://klappav.com.au/collections/cambridge-audio/products/cxuhd-4k-uhd-universal-blu-ray-player to hopefully improve my CD playback quality as opposed to mt Sony Blue Ray.
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