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  2. Arm and counterweights both sold pending payment
  3. Life is a compromise - there's no mystery or secret. 'Endgame' merely says, "for me at this time, this is the very best I'm going to do for me". And then you can stop.
  4. Rega's new Planar 10 turntable, Apheta 3 phono cartridge, and all new power supply unit is available this month. View the full article
  5. Sime

    Kia Seltos

    Got mine Deliverd yesterday, I bumped up to the GT line, couldn’t resist, bloody great car.
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  7. Morning Fillumists, Kent State > Forrest Gump > Jenny > Died From Hepatitis > Not AIDS > As Portrayed In > Philadelphia JJ
  8. Morning Ch-ch-ch-ch-chainers The Sound Of Philadelphia > The Sound Of A Big City > The Sound Of A Zoo > Especially A Children's Petting Zoo > Pet Sounds > Beach Boys - California Girls JJ
  9. Morning Songsters, Yes - And You And I JJ
  10. Good Morning All, Starting the day with some ambient music from Endless Melancholy, Soft Steps a Bandcamp download of 27 albums and EPs for $US9+ JJ
  11. I haven’t seen the finished product yet, but here is an extents drawing. He is going to use 3 “legs” on his. dave
  12. The Lee brothers are still trading as I bought from them just recently & they sent it to me in Adelaide from Hawthorn. They are also still selling audio on ebay as they have always done under Christopher's, name "christophersaudiophilestore", & currently have a number of items listed. Trevor's amps have always been rather agriculture in appearance but that in no way indicates their performance which in my experience has always been exceptional. Labeling was commonly just pieces of Dynamo tape so has probably come unstuck & lost over the years.
  13. Yes and No. Marketability yes but meaning that an item must work in any system with any input or output impedance. Transformers, being devices that transfer electrical energy by means of induction in secondary circuit have tons of disadvantages, with very little to show on advantage side. In audio, they are mainly used as matching impedance of tubes to speakers, (because tubes are not really suitable for audio, even though a lot of companies use them for marketing reasons mainly) and for some other minor duties (Toslink, fake balanced circuits etc). The fact that some competent people are doing something does not make it right or good. C.E.C. makes belt driven transports which is a an idea as silly as it gets and some people even buy them and swear by them. But it is still silly and substandard with all the disadvantages of it and nothing to show for it but high price and reduced usability.
  14. Picked up a Hana ML with little use as a backup to the XV 1s. I have the Valab set at 150 ohms and it’s quite a nice cartridge with great soundstage presentation even without fussing with setup beyond a protractor.
  15. So you agree that it is a decision based on cost and profit, at it's basic fundamentals....mass marketability. Edit: at this point I need to point out that AMR (Thorsten Loesch, designer)use transformers in the output stage of their DAC, and Gieseler Audio (Our own talented Clay Gieseler, designer) Uses transformers in his very good and very affordable DAC's. Maybe that book of yours needs revision.
  16. would have loved to hear these monos with my (now sold) benchmark pre. i had the A200 power amp and it went well with diy pass B1 buffer for volume control.
  17. Item: Focal Electra 1038Be 2 Floor Standing Speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $6800 (RRP $15750) Item Condition: The Electra 1038Be 2 have a mark at one of the back corner and also a dint/scratch at the side of another. They are not obvious when in listening position. Please check out the pictures. Don't have original boxes so prefer local pick up or you can organize your own freight. Comes with original manual and spikes for the speakers. Reason for selling: Customer upgrade Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Cash or Paypal + charges. Extra Info: Electra 1000 Be 2 A design which suits you Technophile The high-fidelity Electra 1000 Be loudspeakers have inherited Utopia’s technology to give you an extraordinary high-fidelity experience. IAL innovation (Infinite Acoustic Load) gives the beryllium tweeter a very wide frequency range which provides astonishing sound. Home Cinema Update your new generation home cinema system with the Electra 1000 Be 2 range which has been designed to ensure compatibility with new multi-channel sources. Choose a high-definition set-up for your films with all the loudspeakers in the range. Generous The Electra line is the solution for those looking for select and refined aesthetics for perfect integration into your kind of interior. The enclosure and the finish “Made in France” are guarantees of a style which flatters your interior design. ELECTRA 1038 Be 2 As the whole Electra Be 2 line, the 1038 Be benefits from new components and settings. The awesome strength of the three 7" (18cm) woofers, endless power, is now added to the new qualities gained in terms of sound image and definition. A true weapon of mass seduction. Type 3-way vented floor standing speaker Drivers Three 7" (18cm) "W" woofers 6 1/2" (16.5cm) "W" midrange 11 /4" (27mm) pure Beryllium IAL inverted dome tweeter Frequency response - (+/-3dB)33Hz - 40kHz Low frequency point - (-6dB)26Hz Sensitivity - (2.83V/1m)93dB Nominal impedance - 8Ω Minimum impedance - 3.3Ω Crossover frequency - 230Hz / 2,200Hz Recommended amplifierpower - 40 - 400W Dimensions - (HxWxD) 493/16x1115/16x153/4" (1,250x303x400mm) Net weight - 112.2lbs (51kg) Photos:
  18. Depends on what you mean by success. What is a success to you or some DIYers is not really an achievement for an engineer. Engineer knows what can or cannot be done and why. I am merely a technician and I know my limitations. One thing I can tell you is that in my book line transformers are silly thing to do on an output. The only reason one would ever do them is for impedance matching and should be avoided whenever possible. Capacitor out of DAC might work for you and for your system but not in a commercially sold equipment. An item you buy in the shop should work with any system it is connected to. The mere fact that some guy has modified some item by fitting Delund capacitors and it sounds good to him, does not mean anything. If the product is so good, he should make 500 of them and see if anyone will buy them. Then it is a success.
  19. So you don't know and are assuming why it can't be done with success. I would suggest that op amps are cheaper than quality line transformers or high quality capacitors, is the main reason. Look up voltage out DAC's using line transformers, the same can be done using capacitors in place of transformers. I along with a huge amount of other guys did line transformer output replacing conventional op amp output stages, there is a big thread on diya using a cheap kit based on the CS4397, the thread is dominated by us all using audio line transformers. I ended up using cinemagCMOQ-2H transformers in my kit. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/137976-experience-diy-dac.html Same can be done successfully with AKM v-out dac chips. So, just maybe the same can be done with this v-out dac chip.
  20. Does the designer/manufacturer of your current loudspeakers also design/make headphones?
  21. It does seem to be more prominent at night time. Not sure whether this is just because there is less ambient noise at that time of day. I will pay more attention.
  22. Price dropped and now includes postage in AU.
  23. This looks to be a set up for audiophile interpretation of hidden messages when the record is played backwards- maybe the table has 33, 45, 33R, 45R to further enable this?
  24. Does the level of the transformer buzz or hum vary at different times of the day, day to day? Or is it same level all the time regardless? If the former it could be DC on the mains, if the later it may be the amp itself.
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