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  2. Check your inbox, I've sent you some details of an experience I had.
  3. many thanks to boop for the post above. you beat me to it! what does it mean though? It means 1) different tube amps act (and very likely sound) different! 2) the ARC will provide a flatter response than the PL for lower impedance loads assuming the correct tap is used. But it's still not flat into that load! Did anyone here at SNA buy their tube amp because "flat response" is what they were going for? If so you better have speakers rated at 16 ohms from 60hz - 15kHz and running off the 4 ohm tap and you'll want to use tubes that don't sound very tubey. NO El34s for you!!
  4. rantan. i think we have (at least) 2 separate conversations going. The "original" conversation was related to George's claim that PL "airyness" and perhaps even "harshness" might be due to an extremely small (and therefore inaudible IMO) extension above 10kHz. I strongly questioned that claim and provided some logic behind it. Instead of responding to my assertion, George decided to change the subject entirely and begin a new discussion around how PL can be poorly matched with some speakers due to its high output impedance, especially if the wrong tap is being used. But this is just tube-amp-ownership 101 ... if you make a decision to go the tube route, know what you're getting into. ALL primaluna amp owners know (or should know) that you can't expect it to "flatly" drive a great many speakers. Same with ARC owners. McIntosh owners. Cary. Quicksilver. VAC. But that was never what this post was about until George ignored my contention and went with something else off topic.
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  6. How is the restoration on these turntables progressing? I've found some info on Austral Argo (but unfortunately not on their turntables)- http://citycollection.melbourne.vic.gov.au/austral-argo-taximeter/ The City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection has a 1930s Austral Argo taximeter in their collection. From the online description - "Located on Exploration Lane in Melbourne Austral Argo Engineering Co. Pty Ltd. imported taximeters from Germany and adapted them to the local market. Established by Thomas Seymour Sharman, the business was taken over by his son Phillip. The company went into voluntary liquidation in 1943." https://sciencefiction60s.wordpress.com/capri-theatre/used-technology/ In a blog on technology used at the Capri Theatre… "Ken Novell, a worker at the Argosy during the 40s to the 70s wrote in his article The Argosy Theatre Murrumbeena in the Cinema Record 40 about the technologies used in theaters in the early 40s. At this time, two men were responsible for the cinema: Ron Dudgeon and Tom McMurtrie. They also administered an engineering company called Austral Argo Engineering Co. It was a business that sold projector equipment as well as service." The blog included this advert from the company:
  7. Any chance someone could put in a classifieds location filter. I love looking at things from all over the country but it would be nice to filter sometimes to nsw or vic ect.
  8. It was game over before quarter time. From the first bounce Port were on, and WC couldn't take a contested mark to save themselves. Port were very good and blew WC apart. Jack Petrucelli looks like a star in the making, and Jack Darling played bruise free footy as he has done this season. Time for JD to spend some time in the WAFL and bring Jake Waterman in who is averaging 5 goals a game.
  9. Hi hlov, I will take Eagles - Hotel California. Thanks, Roshan
  10. Thanks for your interest. You’re currently 3rd in line. I’ll let you know if all before you do not buy on hold pending purchase
  11. EV servicing. Is there less to do? This has been discussed a while back.
  12. Sold to Odyssey pending a few details and dispatch immediately after the Easter long weekend by Australia Post. Thank you.
  13. I currently have a Denon x3300 powering Martin Logan Motion series speakers for LCR and Rears (Motion 40, 30 for LCRs and 30XTs for rears). I use the system for mostly for movies but also occasionally audio (stereo music streamed from Spotify, Tidal, etc.) While I'm quite satisfied with the sound at the moment I cannot help but wonder if upgrading to The anthem MRX 720 would make a noticeable difference in terms of sound quality/dynamic range - just overall listening experience. The room size is about 4m x 5m and I have used Audessy Multi EQ32 for calibration. The Anthem is not exactly cheap but would it make enough of a difference to justify the cost of upgrading? Your input is greatly appreciated thank you.
  14. Would like to have this, please. Please PM your payment details. As well as location for pickup. Cheers
  15. Yes really and you know it, as does just about everyone else who has taken the time to read all of this thread.
  16. I was thinking of you when these popped up!
  17. Yes "Big Generator" CD.....needed one for the car!😃🤣
  18. Good Friday in Perth, the one day of the year we have fish and chips.....with a few vinos with my brother...
  19. Fortunately, I'm NOT in a rush to buy anything at the moment. Need to pay off my studies first then I can do a little bit more.
  20. I can understand this @Darren69 JBLs were always in your destiny... you have just been fighting the urge all this time havent you wish well with the sale, am sure the beauties here will have no problems finding a new home - I was going to say "more loving" home, but that would be presumptuous
  21. I am not an expert on all Stantons but this table seems to say there is a lot of cross compatibility https://www.kabusa.com/STANTONX.HTM
  22. I think there are Ledends for sale in commercials.
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