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  2. YCC

    Currently Spinning

    These guys need no introduction!:-)
  3. Frankeynightcrawlers

    Technics SH 8015 Equaliser

    I’ll grab it if still available
  4. Mr.Anderson

    FS: MONITOR AUDIO GOLD GX200 Speakers!! Like New

    I've got a pair of GX-100 s and they are the best I've heard so far. These are an absolute steal for the price. I would've jumped at them if I had space to keep them GLWTS Cheers
  5. Irek

    Osborn Eos Reference Elite

    Hi, I heard Eos at Melbourne hifi Show. There were very impressive with a huge sound. People where actually checking the cables connection behind speakers with disbelief. The music that Greg was using sounded really good. I would have to try Eos with faster and more detail amplifier (something like Naim, Rega, Exposure) before final opinion. Saying that it's very unlikely to find anything better under $4000.
  6. lemarquis

    Hi-End Audio system

    ⬆️ I think there is a Consonance CDp already included here.. ✔️
  7. Subsonique

    Ceiling Speakers

    Thanks for the advice .. 😎
  8. TerryO

    Klein AK4490EQ DAC (Melb)

    While there might not be a written rule about ‘first in best dressed’ I consider it as the gentlemanly way of going about a sale. I don’t think anyone here wants to encourage a situation where sellers are holding off even though someone has agreed to pay the asking price while behind the scenes bidding wars are going on for popular items. And to the seller congratulations on the pending sale. cheers Terry
  9. Tim Wilkinson

    Where have you been hiding 😂

    They are the original Cyrus Hark racks, and outside of looking more formidable than the replacement they are great in that you can mount either left or right, critical for someone with a hint of ocd and needing symmetry 🍻
  10. Item: Pioneer PD-F805 51-Disc CD player with remote Optical output Location: 3150 Melbourne (south east) Price: $250 will donate if sold Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It has 1 disc slot + 25 disc tray + 25 disc tray. So totally can hold 51 disc. 25 disc tray is manully pull and push to open and close. Tested and it's working well. It's stable when playing CD. Changing CD from the tray is also smooth. Tray in and out never stuck, 2nd 25 disc tray is a bit stiff to open but has not problem to open it. overall very clean cosmetic conditions comes with remote control -Analog and Optical output Pictures:
  11. systemawarrior14

    Capacitor advice.

    Hi Jojo, I ordered some of the Obbligato on Monday. Thought it was worth a try at that price. I have a Yamaha AS1100 amp and Micromega mydac with the Jamo's. The overall sound is quite organic and the tonality of the Jamo's is very nice. There is a chance that the Obbligatos could overly ripen the sound, but if they do I'll just get some Auricaps.
  12. roky1

    price drop - Audiolab M-Dac

    BUMP, price drop again.
  13. Today
  14. Gieseler Audio

    Line-level crossover for bi-amped speakers?

    Thanks Dave. I will have a good chat to Mike about it and see what sort of slopes & baffle correction he is using. Mikes factory it’s only five minutes from mine so I call-in regularly. I’m sure he will give me his Clio measurements - that way I can have a good look at transfer functions phase etc and see how hard it would be to match up. I will add an update once I’ve had a chat with Mike about it. You ever ever know - maybe another Gieseler Lenehan alliance coming up.
  15. buddyev

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Yes, southerners do nice things with coconuts.
  16. Snapper()

    FS: Yamaha NS-470

    Item: Yamaha NS-470 Location: Melbourne 3094 Price: $300 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: cleansing the soul .. and only keeping my Coral speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great condition early Yamaha speakers circa 1974. Very similar to the NS 670 and NS 690 but as a 2 way. Cabinets are excellent on these with virtually no damage, just occasional scrapes. All drivers working perfectly and cones with original blue grills. these are a very respectable soumding speaker! Awesome sounding. Pickup Montmorency VIC 3094 Pictures:
  17. mwhouston

    Which way to orient capacitor in crossover

    The outer foil of the cap should go closest to the tweeter. So the inner foil should be connected to the amp. That’s how I see it but I’ve never really worried about it.
  18. soundbyte

    Post some pics thread...

    Another New Holland Honeyeater.
  19. Very good speakers, very good deal.
  20. Snapper()

    Technics SH 8015 Equaliser

    Working well as far as i can tell ... ran it for half an hour or so. Silver has no place in my room 😂 Pick-up Montmorency VIC 3094
  21. Snapper()

    Sansui T5 digital tuner

    Great condition with clean faceplate. Tunes great in both FM and AM. Pickup montmorency VIC 3094
  22. Thanks all for your feedback.Youve answered all my Questions.
  23. Yes, you should be fine.
  24. wasabijim

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    Is an end date specified?
  25. Hi the current draw is only 500ma so I could supply you a custom 12v version of my standard M17 - cost $275. If you drive down & pick it up in person - $260 PM for details. Cheers Clay
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