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  2. Thanks for that. Not seen one before. I gathered it was part of the tone arm, but not the tone arm itself.
  3. @soundbyte Love the scrubtit pic. Mainlanders come down here trying to get pink robin pics, but little do they realise that the Scrubtit is the real Holy Grail - unless they're prepared to shoot fish in a barrel and go after an OBP pic at Melaleuca... cheers mick
  4. We all agree here. What do you think it is about the cable though?
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  6. @magical, it's amazing when two people have an honest conversation about what one person is after, verses what one is selling, with an agreed outcome, that someone who was not party to any of it can make (mis)informed comments, hard to judge people isn't it, not!
  7. I've sold numerous pairs of TB2's ant it's one of those speakers I really enjoyed selling. I'd know I've sold somemone a pair of speakers that they can enjoy for years. Since pmc had re-released their little DB1's it comes to mind, arn't they a perfect little speaker for to study??? I sold Stereophilus his MB2's ( I think I've sold more pairs if these than anyone else in Australia and I'm very proud of that), long process but lots of fun, though i think I'd prefer listening to Holst's the Planets rather than the Gladiator soundtrack(inside joke their folks).
  8. YAAH still hope for a non VIC Grand Final winner. Well done GWS although collingwood gave us footy fans a mighty show in that last quarter. Port Adelaide Magpies GF tomorrow - Go Maggies !!!!!!!!!!!!.
  9. Yeah agree. These can be expensive but you buck the trend.
  10. Really? Did he post the price at way to much & admitted it? I take you mean the seller said it wasn't with it. If I was selling my full Gyro with technoarm(whick I really love) I'd price it reasonably, and probably offer to go to the buyers place to reset the balance. Gyro's must be rebalanced ever time there are moved.
  11. Of course I don't talk about the speed of Ethernet???? I talk about timing errors in the prosess of "Digital to Analogue Converter". I think you misunderstood what I meant about timing? It has nothing to do with the speed of internet, tho good bandwidth is positive... Nothing really matters untill the Dac, but here payback is a witch. Lucky for you that can't hear a crappy Ethernet cable... I hear it, and Supras cost me 20 and 25 bucks plus post.
  12. I'd like you to hear, that despite you rant based on nothing, in their entire operation, Rega have never put up an add Or had printed a brochure. They are also unique in that when asked by Mag's for stock to do reviews their response has always been - go and buy them! I know manufacturers who when requested review models, recieved 60 pairs of speakers. I've been personally approached by a highly respected Australian reviewer, to sell from my home the excess units he's been given(cleatly to get a good review. This goes back to 6 spare plasma screen when a 42" was $6k.
  13. Hang on here, @Ittaku has a point. Consider what Ethernet does - data goes in packets, it's not a stream, and a lot faster than music requires. His 2nd-last post is a good read. By comparison that last link of Darko's is a few minutes of your life you'll never get back. Know the problem you're solving and solutions come easier.
  14. Great live album and what can be accomplished with a 3 piece band.
  15. This month, 20 plus years ago ...
  16. Me too. Mahler Symphony No.2 is the only one that I like. I am still trying to like his other ones...
  17. Because it doesn’t complain.
  18. https://darko.audio/2014/12/global-feedback-can-ethernet-cables-make-a-difference/
  19. @wen Mr Green these days is also heavily affected by prozac. Weird. I have everything on this on other LPs and CDs. Probably the most essential duplicate in the collection!
  20. Mighty effort by the pies in the last quarter, I was actually hoping for a win from them.( very unusual) ill go check on Pendlebury tomorrow see if he’s ok? ( he’s my neighbour)
  21. Amazing customer service when the company owner personally replies customers emails!
  22. I believe space would be a factor however if using stands a bookshelf speaker doesn't really save space at all. That said, I've gone DIY and am now running the biggest speakers I ever have. A necessity as big drivers work well in open back/open baffle designs. I find that they're less obtrusive in terms of sound than closed box speakers. It's more a big, room filling sound with extremely detailed bass rather than booming bass which will keep others in the family awake. This is much better for me and will likely move to an apartment with me in 40 years when I downsize. They're even bigger than my last speaker purchase: Klipsch KG5.5 copies, the Oatlon W2-1000F speakers.
  23. Hey Guys. I've been reading this thread regularly and it's probably listed here somewhere, but I'm to knackered to look though the whole thing right now. Is there any indication of when a standard CD release is due??? I must write that this thread has me very interested in the album. Not enough to fork out $180 and up though. Cheers. Ant.
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