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  2. A J

    2 Way Kit Recommendations

    To me the way this read - it’s full range so no crossover?
  3. georgehifi

    stepped attenuator differences

    Khozmo do make a 10kohm true ladder stepped attenuator, but she aint cheap, and still has two contacts in the signal path. Cheers George
  4. wheelz.cpw.inc

    FS: 12ax7 Tubes - Various Lots

    I best go do some reading. I'll be back...
  5. lusk

    ME Monoblocks

    Awesome amp the 850, wish l never sold mine. Is that free floating fan legit? l'm sure l've seen that brand before from china.
  6. Tony ray

    80,000 record collection.

    Metalbeat must have at least 80,000 records himself. I think his already panicking about what his daughters are going to do with them when he Karks it.
  7. Sold pending payment and pickup.
  8. Scam. I think those adds have been removed now.
  9. *I'll accept a spotters fee if one of the above mentioned nonpareils decides to grab it...
  10. cafe67

    UK 2018 trip

    Lol, today was the first day I e felt I needed to wear them, we've had a few shorts n t-shirts days here 😀
  11. Granddad leaves behind treasure trove of 80,000 records, believed to be Australia's biggest collection What is thought to be Australia's biggest record collection is up for grabs. The collection belonged to Gold Coast grandfather, Ken Perkins, who left behind a treasure trove of more than 80,000 records after his death. Mr Perkins spent more than 50 years building the archive, which would take more than six-and-a-half years to listen to in its entirety. "If anyone knew my dad, they would know he had this little black book," his daughter Natalie Perkins said. "He would pull it out of his little jacket pocket and he had just the catalogue numbers of the missing pieces, the gems he was looking for." Ms Perkins has been left with the mammoth task of clearing out his crowded house. Photo: Natalie Perkins inherited her dad's record collection, but not his love of blues. (ABC Gold Coast: Lucy Murray) "Just walking into the collection is overwhelming in itself, let alone trying to catalogue it," she said. "We did try and prod Dad to give us some sort of instructions, we knew that the day would come he would pass away and this collection would be left to my sister and I. "But he never saw this collection going in his lifetime, he wasn't interested in selling it, he didn't collect for anyone else bar himself." Notes from beyond the grave Ms Perkins was not left completely in the dark, however. The ever-meticulous collector left notes for her inside the covers of his favourite albums. "He has slipped handwritten notes into the a few of the sleeves, just indicating what they may be worth," she said. "The first one I found was just so exciting, it was beautiful. "With something like this you're looking for a sign and I just took that. It was a sign." What is the collection worth? The vinyl collection is thought to be the biggest in Australia. Modern antiques expert Dr Daryl Sparkes said he was blown away by the size of the collection. "It is one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life actually," he said. "I would have to say this is the most impressive and largest collection I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of collections." Dr Sparkes said all the records were in perfect condition, which was surprising as some of the 78s were more than 100 years old. "It says to me the person who was collecting these went beyond just being passionate about his collection, he was treating these albums like they were his own children," he said. The collection was Mr Perkins' life's work and his daughter said she had no idea how much he spent putting it all together. "Dad was from the UK originally and he was very tight-lipped about things like money," she said. "So I don't know how much over the 50-odd years he would have invested into this collection, but I'm assuming it was quite a bit." Dr Sparkes said pricing the records won't be easy. "You would have to go through each individual album and rate them for quality and also for rareness and then you'd be able to work out a price," he said. "I found some Elvis stuff, I've found some really rare Johnny Cash and people will fall over themselves for some of that stuff." "I would hate to guesstimate, but it could be anywhere up to a million dollars." Is there a buyer? Photo: Natalie Perkins with her father Ken. (Supplied: Natalie Perkins) Mr Perkins' collection spanned several genres, unlike many collectors who stuck to a niche, like an era or specific type of music. "I don't think you'll ever see another collection like this in your entire life," Dr Sparkes said. If it is to be sold, the collection would likely be split up. "There is jazz here, there is blues here, there's surf music, there is 50s rock and not all collectors collect all of that," Dr Sparkes said. "They will just collect a small niche area — it would be easier to sell it in sections rather than all in one go." Photo: Natalie Perkins would like to see her dad's collection kept together, rather than cherry picked by collectors. (ABC Gold Coast: Lucy Murray) But the Perkins family would love to see the lifetime of music kept together and not cherry-picked by different collectors. "We believe it does have cultural significance and historic significance," Ms Perkins said. "So we would love to see it move onto someone else — the right person." Dr Sparks agreed. "It is a cultural treasure, it probably needs to go into a museum or The National Film and Sound Archives," he said. "Someone at a governmental level needs to take control of this collection as it is a national treasure." While Ms Perkins waits for a buyer, she has created an Instagram account, The Ken Perkins Collection, dedicated to the gems in this haystack. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Now there's only one thing I disagree with here and that is the thought of this collection ending up in a museum. Where it wouldn't be played and would just sit there and people would look at the physical size of it and go 'Wow' and then move on. I'd rather see it being used for what music is for and that's giving pleasure and that means either splitting it up or some rich bugger like @djb or @Telecine or @buddyev or super rich bugger like @Marc or @Eggmeister buying it as complete unit.
  12. Hergest

    UK 2018 trip

    Good stuff! I knew it would come in handy during an English summer. We had countless summer holidays where we raided all the jumpers and cardigans to try and keep warm of an evening.
  13. Maybe for some people, ears are good enough. But for many, a measuring device is better.
  14. Darren69

    FS: Wilkins & Kent CD cabinet

    Still for sale!! Four hundred or best offer.
  15. Today
  16. cafe67

    UK 2018 trip

    Scarf modelling in Poldark country @Hergest
  17. MattyW

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    She's a lovely thing to look at
  18. Tony ray

    Satori 2018

    Looking great already, very industrial looking.
  19. rwangnz

    FS: JBL 4430 studio monitors

    @bababuda hiya. Yes I can send it using pack and send. Pm me address and I can get a quote for ya.
  20. NBN appears to be obsolete already. Most of the packages only match our current cable speed and for the last few months I’ve been running a 4GX wireless modem that can handle up to 20 devices. At home 4GX wireless gets me 50Mbps down and 15 up. It’s costing me $5/month extra for the extra sim card on my mobile data plan. Bought the modem outright for $400. The upload at home is better than cable and I often change over when uploading bigger design files to the cloud. In the city in a couple of clients offices I’m getting 250Mbps down and 50Mbps up on my wireless modem which makes NBN laughable. Did I already say $5/month extra on top of my mobile data plan! With further network upgrades the city speeds will be expanded to other areas and with 5G the modem can run 1Gbps download. 1Gbps is the norm for fast in the UK and mates that have just moved here are in disbelief over the NBN. There is no way I’d sign an NBN contract for anything under 100Mbps and probably won’t for the price that is being charged. Given that Telstra NBN modems have wireless as a ‘backup’ I’d be surprised if Telstra doesn’t just ditch NBN once their mobile network is fully upgraded.
  21. I’m not sure this is the right place for this topic, there is a eBay listing that just appeared in the last couple of days, very high end equipment being advertised by someone in Bondi Nsw, at bargain prices, items such as, Sonus Faber high end models, Harbeth, Macintosh, excetera, their buy now price is unbelievable, but when they say to click on the link, on the buy now price it doesn’t seem to work.
  22. Addicted to music

    2 Way Kit Recommendations

    The best thing to do is to ensure no rubber suspensions have deteriorate... the next best thing is to access the cross over and check if there’s any electrolytic caps in the signal path, replacing these caps will bring rewards.
  23. Aw man this is tempting. These look great for the office.
  24. jkn

    Satori 2018

    I have few weeks before the other ply arrives so thought to do some testing
  25. tombolo

    FS: SEAS / Hypex Subwoofer Kit

    Sadly I don't have the original boxes. It's not such a problem for the amps or the PRs, but the main driver would take some serious repacking for freight.
  26. jkn

    Satori 2018

    Yes right just checked the weight of the base box without the outer ply 67kg!!
  27. Hi Josh What did you end up with and how is it going?
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