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  2. Why are these not sold? $7900 for a $16000 speaker ?? These are a particularly fine loudspeaker. Very odd.
  3. I agree. My brother has a vacuum clean, so I can compare it with the Spin Clean. The vacuum does a better job, for sure. But the Spin Clean is a lot cheaper and unless the record is really filthy, the job it does is plenty good enough for my needs. You can always clean it more than once if it still has too much surface noise after the first clean.
  4. First DIY project, very basic. Thanks Raiden for the advice on building. Stands for the Paradigm 9se, they still need sanding, painting and speaker spikes installed (awaiting delivery). Very solid stands, using some Lego to bring them up to the intended height until the spikes arrive. Satisfying building something, lucky I have a relative with a table saw and clamps.
  5. I’m a huge fan of the CD85, and prefer it over the highly lauded CD94.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hullo Al, I have the Uniti Core which isn't a media player, no mate. It sends a digital signal from it's HDD to the dac.
  8. Oh to be rich.... lovely piece of kit, great price. Jelly....
  9. AFAIAC ... you are absolutely right (the roller can't possibly clean out the grooves)! IOW - it's an alternative (not a very good one, IMO!) to a CF brush for cleaning the surface dust off, before each play. So yes, you need a wet/vac RCM - or an us tank (with a 1 micron filter, if you don't want to have to dry each side with your vac RCM). Andy
  10. single sub is about 1m closer to LP than left main speaker I would expect to see some ripples in the FR and phase response, but maybe room modes are too dominant...I can try it tonight...with a bit of luck the mic may even be in the same spot still Mike
  11. Ill bet! Years of trial and error and $$$$$ Ah its all good fun
  12. Thanks Snoopy! unfortunately, I don't believe ARC is going to cover the formats I was hoping to. I've sent a message to EzyHD to see what they recommend.
  13. Great speakers and stands they are. https://www.whathifi.com/features/best-stereo-speakers-21st-century https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/concept-20/review https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/concept-20-speaker-stands/review
  14. @Darren69 didn’t you have a media player anyways ? Thought was it the linn or naim unit ? Plug iPad in there or play deezer of it ? Not sure need for another media player ? Unless moved on from one you had ?
  15. Welcome Tango - I’m sure you’ll enjoy the knowledge sharing around here [emoji106]
  16. I would also give a recommendation for a spin clean set up. Mine does a great job and is the first wet type cleaner I have used so I can't compare it to fancier/motorised units but from what I have found so far it does an excellent job at a reasonable price.
  17. Emerson String Quartet - Brahms: String Quartets and Piano Quintet
  18. I am now listening to some Prog from an Australian band called Madder Lake - Album Still Point While listening I searched for some history and found this short 10 min doco video of the bands history Please enjoy - also keep an eye out about the comments about the band Queen  
  19. Great speakers, punch well above their weight. The stands are close enough to the asking price here so a real bargain. GLWTS
  20. Hey Christo, Your assumption is correct about what I am trying to do. SBT- thanks or the offer, very generous but not sure I want SBT to be the main system interface. 'The shed' is Deezering just fine BTW! 'Driver' OK this is new to me, I don't know about such things, will check it our further. Right here, right now am thinking I might need a Node2 or something to do the job properly, I think I can access Deezer direct through such a device, taking the I Pod out of the equation.
  21. Good Morning All, Starting the day with Endless Melancholy, Her Name In A Language Of Stars. Ambient, minimalist, haunting piano. JJ
  22. Re amps, I had a MF M6i for about a year excellent amp that was a joy to listen to and saw off many challengers, then we got a home loan of a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated for a week to compare, it took less than an hour of listening to the PL and we were converts. In my system though I decided that I would run two sets of speaker cables and won’t use the PL in the H/T loop, the AVR looks after H/T duties, the PL 2-channel then I’m not wearing out tubes watching tv, nor do we have the light from the amp to get in the way of movie watching in a dark room. That is now I decided to do it though as I have replaced the standard tubes with expensive NOS tubes, having said that standard PL tubes are relatively inexpensive and last for thousands of hours usually. Good luck with what ever direction you choose and as others have said no matter what other people’s experiences are only you can truly judge what works for you in your room. cheers Terry
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