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  2. FS: Denon AVP-A1HDCI 3D

    All available which include 3D, Audyssey XT32 No it does not support all the new sound formats . It is 32kgs A friend/SNA member who bought the AV8802 said he missed his AVP and thought he was missing something........I myself cannot offer thoughts as I have not heard them side by side.....I have barely used it as I have been Overseas Cheers
  3. Item: Kendrick Lamar Damn, Limited Red Vinyl Signed Preorder Price: ~ $100 Item Condition: Hoping this ok to put this in the vinyl section. Looking for a copy of the Kendrick Lamar Damn which was sold preorder on his website. These were sold signed by the man himself too. Please let me know if you have a copy you are willing to part with. I kick myself daily for missing out on this one. Thanks
  4. Oswald Mills Audio Video

    Hey Cam, I didn't know you had those speakers. I didn't know I could hear them anywhere in Australia. I'd love to have a listen next time I'm in Sydney (hopefully before Christmas) if you don't mind.
  5. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    Of course we have room for you pops, I've even let Tasmanians and New South Welsh varieties come by for gtgs. So don't be embarrassed 😩 Im hoping to meet as many of our regulars as possible 😳
  6. I'm a 'Browser' who often turns into a Buyer. Most of my current set up has been purchased here (bar the speakers). I already have 1 or 2 of everything, but when I see a tasty item at a tasty price here in the Classifieds, I can be persuaded I can understand the desire to list specific items in specific sub-forums to those who are, for example, only looking for an amp or DAC or whatever, but I think many of us just like to see what new thingies are out there that may constitute an upgrade or benefit to our set up. It's like shopping at a Bazaar. Even if I don't really need any more cables, I still like to see what @scumbag has to offer this week
  7. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    I just replaced the cheapy oxygen free wire I got from Bunnings that I was using in my downstairs system with vintage Weston Electric 11GA tin plated, cloth covered, oil impregnated wire. My God, what a difference. A palpable increase in Bass, smooth and laid back. More punch, layered etc. This is just what this system needed. Well worth the time and effort, and quite cheap as far as audio upgrades go. The difference is larger and more pronounced than going to the Dueland wire upstairs, though I was already running decent wires there. Likewise this is a single run of wire from amp to the Dayton USA PS220-8 full range drivers in the cabinets with just the locking banana plugs in between. This might have overtaken my main system again
  8. With just over two weeks remaining until Melbourne's most celebrated festival of sight and sound, the International HiFi Show, recent online ticket buyers have got loads to smile about. Those that purchased their tickets over the last few days were in with a chance to win some great prizes from our friends at Sennheiser and Devialet. To find out if you've won a prize, check out the announcement here: http://hifishow.com.au/news/hifi-show-ticket-promo-winners-announced Don't worry if you missed out, another promotion starts tonight and all purchasers are automatically entered into the draw.
  9. FS: Rotel RT-02 AM / FM Radio Tuner with RDS

    No exaggeration, the RT-02 is perfect for the RC-03! You'll see them together in the pics here. I believe your RC-03 should have an RR-AT92 remote control with it, which is designed to also control the RT-02. The RT-02 I'm selling comes with a dedicated tuner remote (i.e. tuner control only). List of compatible models for the RR-AT92 remote: http://rotel.com/faq/what-other-rotel-components-can-rr-at92-rr-at94-and-rr-at97-remote-control Basically, if you have that remote for the preamplifier, you should be good to go! Feel free to PM me if you'd like to go ahead with things
  10. DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    We know all about the ozone hole down in Tassie. 10 mins in the sun and you're burnt.
  11. Just don't try the tin plated copper stuff from jaycar, horrid sounding I found. With all the raves about the WE wire and the Duelund replica I expected it to be maybe reasonable, I was very wrong.
  12. I’ve been a happy SHL5 and now the Plus version for a few years myself. Best $$ spent in 30 years of being involved with the hobby.. Where have I heard recently! [emoji6]
  13. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    I find it pays for me to listen to the music. After some time the music starts to reveal where the next system upgrade $$ are best spent. Its easy to go down the path of shelling big money out on a part of your system when the same money could have made a bigger improvement in a different area. Some like the music, some listen to their system, some collect gear, some collect music. Its a free world.
  14. Cooling setup for AVR

    Lol, that's crazy.
  15. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    From memory, though i could be wrong here but Supra sold tinned platted OFC copper cables, cant remember accurately what they sounded like but overall i thought they were good.
  16. YouTube Spinning

    I'm sure I saw them once but was too whacked to remember! Might have been at the Sefton Hotel.
  17. Item: GEC 6080 BRITISH , ECC230 Svetlana Matched Pair, Chatham Jan Cahg 6080wa Location: 2109 Macquarie Park, NSW Price, Item Condition, Extra Info: All of these were purchased for my Bottlehead Crack. GEC 6080 BRITISH - $110 - NOS - Used once to test out. British version (not fake USA one) ECC230/6AS7G Svetlana Matched Pair - 50 - NOS - Good value but they don't get any use. Chatham Jan Cahg 6080wa - $50 - NOS? - Can't find the purchase receipt for it but it works perfectly on my Bottlehead Crack Pick up or 9.95 shipping Aus wide. Reason for selling: Too many tubes for my Bottlehead Crack. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Onl Pictures: Will upload soon.
  18. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    Interconnects did you say? Any chance of listening to a demo pair when you have one available?
  19. YouTube Spinning

    Americas answer to the Zarsoff Bro's now that was one hot band of muso's to see live. Rocky Zarsoff Bluey Zarsoff Rooty Zarsoff Smokey Zarsoff Terry Zarsoff
  20. I appreciate that the cartridge will make a massive difference Qwertyqaz, but it we could start at the best Turntables per price point then in the future the cart conversation could be had. If I had asked the question including cart it would be to many variables. cheers Terry
  21. Today
  22. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    So when are you moving to old blighty? Why don't you back our Australian brewers? We have heaps of great beers in this country. And there are great beers around the world, don't justify your generalist comment putting **** on the local industry. Pisses me off -- Go forth and educate thyself --- https://craftypint.com/beers
  23. $5000 to spend on a turntable

    I don't know anything about TT's but since I've gotten one recently, my rule of thumb is I will only spend upto what I spent on the TT on the cart and phono. Obviously mine isn't fancy enough to have it's own arm, but for now, that's the rule I'm following.
  24. Lenco owners thread

    [email protected] is building it. There seems to be a que forming for his work. All-around good guy and Lencolover.
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