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  2. Totally agree that truth matters. However fighting over whether MQA is "lossless" or not isn't worth the trouble because it is interpretative. The facts of the matter appears to be: It is bad marketing for MQA to hype their product as "lossless"; there is no need for them to do that and should stop it. People wrongly placed too much weight on being "lossless", that is a mistake. The focus should be on whether the MQA filtering and processing produce better sounding recordings. Where consumers should hold MQA and Tidal accountable is their authentication process, i.e. the en
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  4. In the last day or so Dale and I have been comparing notes on the Auralic using wireless and having just had my wireless system updated to the latest 6 version my G2.1 sounds excellent using wireless, I even compared it to running it with Ethernet and I now actually prefer the sq delivered by the wireless. Up until upgrading my wireless system I would not have said that. cheers, Terry
  5. Oh, one other thing. Noise and heat. I read that this laptop (gaming laptops in general) does get loud. For context, the MacBook Pro I am using right now sounds only marginally quieter when it is fully loaded (usually Chrome), compared to the Infinity W5 on a full load on Beast Mode The internals do get hot - based on the monitoring software I used but never hot to the touch or on the keyboard which affected some early preproduction units. And overall weight.. at 2.5kg, it is heavier than my 2014 MacBook Pro but not in a very intrusive way in m
  6. The saga (windbag) continues.. Armed with more research, I knew I wanted an Nvidia RTX3000 series graphics and an 8 core processor for the basis of my "portable" VR system - as close as possible to my desktop rig. That said, Nvidia and laptop manufacturers have not made it easy for us to decipher everything. One would think, that an RTX 3080 mobile would be faster than an RTX 3070 mobile, which in turn would outpace the baby RTX3060 mobile. But we would be wrong. Nvidia now allowed manufacturers to decide how much of the system power to allocate to the gra
  7. Thanks for sharing. I had listen to Eric's demo 300b amps and that led me to this stage of having him build me a 300b amp. As many of you have shared, Eric is very communicative and is a joy to have him to build my amp. It's easy to like him and he has a sense of humor. 🙂 The latest update from him is on the layout of the top of the chassis - the placements of the parts. I had some input on this as I want it to orient east ! The rising sun ! So this is what we settle on.... there's my Genalex Gold Lion PX300b tubes delivered safely and singing well according to Eric. 🙂 @xtiva2000 h
  8. Having just tried Aries G1 with wifi instead of my collection of network 'enhancements', these Auralic Gs seem to be an exception to the common experience with wifi and audio. I havent heard Altair G1, however if it resembles Aries G1 you are likely to be able rest on those laurels for quite some time. Enjoy!
  9. The Osram/Marconi/GEC B65 metal base tube is considered by many to be one of the top 5 'best sounding' 6SN7's in the world. However, for the asking price there is absolutely no way it will outperform and sound 10-15 times better when compared to other vintage/new production types. The sound improvement on offer from the B65 is probably 5-10% better but what it will do that most other 6SN7's won't do is fill in a level of fullness. There is no best sounding tube as they all sound different. What really matters is what satisfies your ears. The Tung-Sol 6F8G's with round plates are al
  10. You at least understand that it takes skill in mastering analog. Perfect example is the 2015 Prince Purple Rain remaster. Universally panned on cd. Sounds wonderful on vinyl. There is magic in em grooves. Fremer will agree Btw, 30 minutes per side has not been mastered for vinyl for probably 25 years, it's as rare as a great sounding cd. 😀
  11. That's good to know, I look forward to reading what you think of them once the feet are on 👍
  12. Scouring the 'net for 6SN7s, I happened on this site, based in India. I have bought from these guys before and they seem reliable, and shipping was free and amazingly quick by UPS - picked up on Friday in India, delivered in UK on Monday! I get far worse service from companies 20 miles down the road. But I am starting to wonder how much of the NOS game is now a bubble and how much is real worth? Are tubes becoming the 21st century equivalent of Dutch tulip bulbs? I mean, is this matched pair really worth $3,000? How much better will it sound compared with, say, a $400 m
  13. So come on what did you buy?? , I presume the Indras went to a new home.
  14. I have a set of Richter outrigger feet under my Mission 782s shown part way down the previous page in this thread. They’re indeed very nicely made but I needed wider to suit my Martin Logans. Richter only do the one width that I could see. I did go there first.
  15. Item: Esoteric phono stage E-03 - or maybe even an Esoteric pre amp with phono stage Price Range: Market Item Condition: Used and silver Extra Info: MC - prefer option with twin inputs. thanks all.
  16. It's not daft at all. To play on your nice record player. the bass will have been smoothed out and if the side is longer than around 24 minutes, the low bass has almost certainly been converted to mono. It's very rarely noticeable until you hit 30 mins a side and they start monoing above 80 Hz, of course, but if you've heard low double bass on some jazz CDs and go back, the buzz isn't there on the LP... High frequencies have probably been pulled back to allow the stylus to track the groove. Sibilants will have been removed for the same reason. Maybe sudden changes in volume will have
  17. I think this is your pressing https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-The-Bends/release/5662088 Early pressings have red pound sign on left of label between Trade & Mark. Also this has two concentric indented circles on labels instead of just one small inner circle. The only thing that doesn’t match is your matrix number. Maybe you have a unique pressing that has not been listed yet or maybe I just can’t find it. Have a look on Discogs and tell me what you think.
  18. Alice has to be one of the greatest lyricists of all time. The tunes he turns out on these two albums are so perfect. The Song - Lost in America is just such a pure Alice song. Simplistic wordsmith of the highest order who just nails it. Wonderful. Regards Cazzesman
  19. Drove past one the other day. Really nice looking car, but personally I've come to realise there is no replacement for displacement. This would be ideal car if you live in small European town.
  20. Dennis, in case you weren't aware, you need to 'push' the tube with Eric to get the 'pull' from the pair. 🤣
  21. I have overlooked a fundamental point. It is not possible to keep 2 USB DACs in synch because both DACs are operating asynchronously. The DACS will drift over time. Hence, my experiment with dual subs is over. Have used strike through on text and removed the diagram so that people are not misled in original post. I will continue to use USB because it provides better SQ, and provides a nice to have bonus of DSD.
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