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  2. Iain Shedden. Drummer with the Saints etal. & music writer for the Australian RIP. The Saints - The Beginning Of The Tomato Party http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/iain-shedden-music-writer-drummer-dies-at-60/news-story/6013170b48c4f8ac5cf7fa3cdd204907
  3. It Must Be Nearly T Shirt Time Again

    I'm still waiting for the orange-vintage-retro Stereonet T-Shirt to come out....
  4. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    It is, justified, trust me. I for the life of me can't understand how a shop in Perth sells the new PF reissues for $55 a pop. Even had a chat with the owner, "kinda pricey for 40 minutes, don't you think?" says I. "Yep, it is" says he... "What can I do, that's the price they make me sell it for... but they sell like hot buns". Anyway, looking forward to Friday evening, a nice drink in hand and letting myself go...
  5. What are you going to run the Wilson's with once these are gone?
  6. Crossover woes

    You should also refer to this http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/189847-introduction-designing-crossovers-measurement.html
  7. Currently Spinning

    My 15" woofers are getting a hammering tonight with Mr CCR.......
  8. In at the deep end - SB 15 inch for sensitive bass

    Sorry Brian, @A9X, @davewantsmoore seems to have a good solution to pursue (vaveguide dome) Won't happen again Mate
  9. It Must Be Nearly T Shirt Time Again

    Here we go again...
  10. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    It wont be any time soon reno's do around this place.
  11. That sounds too loud for the sleeping toddler too. The big red sliding door blocks the sound from the rest of the house at the moment. There should be a place where you can go and listen to your music on high end equipment and pay for the time. Like the movies, or karaoke. That'd fix wife, children, room and budget.
  12. It Must Be Nearly T Shirt Time Again

    I know mine are fading in the wash ............. must be time for a new one (or two) .....................
  13. Tony nice to hear someone else has my speakers. I think they were pretty good for the price. What's your set up downstairs?
  14. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    No worries Gary, I saw your post and being happy to make a comment here and there on the jazz thread, thought I throw a few words in. I can see why you have been having a hard time finding any of his albums. They'd be pretty thin on the ground around here although his Electric City was released on the Australian Vertigo label in 1970, hence the collectibiity.
  15. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    please let us know if you do. that's a lot of speaker for little money
  16. @mattjtaylor2809 @jrhill Only joking lads. Unfortunately my poor humour only amuses myself...
  17. Damn, I didn't see that - ah well ...
  18. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  19. Sorry Greg, when said Progs. I meant progressive rock fans, not you personally. But thanks for providing the rating, as you say, 10/15 ain't bad but it is a small sample size, so not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Miles Davis On the Corner was in the clearance bins when it fizzled too at around the same time. Wouldn't be good to have a time travel machine! PS i picked up a copy of ELP Brain Salad Surgery out a bargain bin yesterday for memory lane-old times sake....
  20. Today
  21. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    ......... look forward to it.......
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