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  2. Wow these look absolutely fantastic!
  3. Definitely a lighter wallet [emoji1][emoji1] I wonder if you get any room correction at that price point. I'd expect Dirac ...
  4. One of the reasons I like the Rotel is because it has separate toroidal power supplies for the analog and digital sections...
  5. Hi everyone, Any of you out there have/had/heard Polk floorstanding speakers- Interested to hear what people think of the sound/Brand.
  6. One I thing I learnt since this post is that bringing the LR speakers closer results in a phenomenon called 'mid bass coupling' - this apparently improves the mid bass performance (200-500 Hz). Thanks for your response!
  7. Sounds like a winner Willmax, GTG here soon, was awaiting the arrival of an Ayre to do battle but it has had a little problem......very sad.
  8. It certainly does, in fact there is a hugely greater improvement in SQ by using better jumpers than there is by passive bi-wiring.
  9. Closure: Press Snap Closure Internals: Six Credit Card Slots, Five Additional Slider Pockets For Airline Tickets And Passport Organisation And One Pen Holder. Lining: Cotton Twill Lining Special Detail: Leather Logo Patch Detailing Dimensions (CM): W: 12Cm H: 23Cm 2Cm
  10. Yep but also positive is connected to the high and negative is connected to the low. Decent quality jumpers make a big difference over the cheap brass plates they normally supply.
  11. This is the chopping board https://m.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/art/60233431/
  12. After a visit from the tube clergy @Red MacKay I've now seen the light with a pair of a Mullard 6SN7's replacing some CV181's in my Modwright. God damn the difference is incredible...
  13. Have not heard this in years. Good test for the new speakers. Sounding great so far.[emoji3]
  14. Fantastic. I wish I had the space. GLWTS
  15. I'm guessing Hong Kong or China. Same thing now? http://www.dared.com.hk/index.php?route=information/contact
  16. My advise is not to listen to too many opinions out there. Just get it and it will take 4-5 months for delivery. Yes it is a lot harder to set up compared to my reed.
  17. Hi John The experience of music is deeply personal phenomenon. IMO there should never be a need to justify that experience. I guess people tune their systems differently depending what they seek and again that is personal. We all perceive things differently. music is a complex perceptual experience created in the brain and influenced by multiple factors including the sum of the past experiences, training and mindset of the beholder. The physical stimulus may be the beginning of the auditory chain but it is not the end of the story. The sound waves reaching the tympanic membranes of the ears are transduced by the human auditory system and converted to neurological electrical impulses. Here it can be subject to further central modulation and otherwise altered by inhibitory or disinhibitory processes. It however remains a neurological signal and not experienced as music until it is registered in the somatosensory cortex of the brain and integrated with multiple other areas of the brain. Motor responses are triggered, memory responses are triggered, neuroendocrine responses triggered, emotional centres activated and various evaluative/interpretive processes assign meaning. Cheers David
  18. Duhhh?--Nahh--a legend in my own Mind--😝 Ha! Who said that ? Willco
  19. Frodo, mate. Absolutely love the artwork on the front wall. If that also helps with acoustics. Double the love[emoji2956]
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