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Responding to Classifieds Listings

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As you all know StereoNET's Classifieds section is extremely popular with countless new listings each and every day. Some users are far more experienced with the use of forums, while for others, StereoNET may be the first forum they have ever signed up to.


Below are just some guidelines for the use of the Classifieds forum, specifically for those interested in items on offer.


Importantly, members posting nuisance replies (bagging of products, off topic discussions etc) will result in their posts being deleted, and possible suspension. You may not make any post which may potentially undermine the sale (known as white-anting), including questioning the price, starting rumors about the provenance of the unit, and so on.



  • We discourage replying to listings with "PM Sent". This does not mean anything. If you are making an offer, then post "Offer Sent". Or if the listing includes multiple items for sale, please state which products you have made an offer on. This allows other interested parties to make an offer on other items for sale.
  • By replying to a listing, it does not guarantee you are "first-in". It is entirely up to the seller who they wish to sell their products to, and in any order.
  • A seller may prefer to sell locally, rather than to someone who they will have to ship the product to.
  • Feel free to ask the seller if they have any feedback (a link to their eBay feedback is great, if they are an active eBay user)
  • StereoNET's recommendation for payment is either Paypal, or cash on pickup.
    Paypal offers buyer protection if you don't receive your item.
    StereoNET will not investigate or assist in transactions that go wrong, if Direct Deposit was used as a payment method
  • All SNA members are reminded that WTS and WTB threads are, in general, not a place for open slather discussion on the relative merits of various equipment.

The "forum" format for sales was reintroduced because members do enjoy discussing tasty equipment for sale, however, all participants in these threads are expected to respect that the OP is seeking to sell a piece of equipment and maximise their sale price.


Posters who derail threads, in particular by openly criticising the item for sale or the buyer's purchase choice, should expect to receive warning points or other disciplinary action.


So, if someone is trying to sell expensive speaker cables and you think cables all sound the same, save your opinions for some other thread or, even better, go and hang out with the dudes on those other forums where everyone believes all amps, cables, fuses, valves and electronics sound the same and leave SNA those interested in exploring the differences.




Finally, we do encourage sellers to use the Donation system as thanks for utilising this service we provide. Information can be found here. In some cases, sellers may list an item as free, in return for a donation to StereoNET (this is greatly appreciated and a kind gesture).


Over and out and good luck with your sale!

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