Posted on 27th July, 2017


When you break it down to its simplest form, music is sound organised in time. While we have no control over time itself, we can choose how we make use of it.

When the founders of Spinbox, a DIY turntable in a cardboard box, dropped an email into my inbox asking if I’d be interested in looking at one of their turntables I nearly dismissed it.

Part of my job involves listening to and writing about some of the best audio and video equipment from around the world. So what interest would I have in a $99 USD cardboard record player?

Time. We only grace this planet for a short while and what better way to spend an evening than building a turntable with your children, who are ultimately destined to share your love of music and audio anyway?

With my own fond childhood memories of Meccano in mind, 3-year old Prince Audiophile was put to bed while 5-year old Princess Audiophile could hardly contain her excitement at the thought of owning her own turntable.

Opening the box and laying out all the pieces across the dining table I was reminded that this is not Hi-Fi grade material. But she didn’t care, and neither did I.

The instruction manual is clear and simple with a humble Philips screwdriver (included) being the only tool required. I kid you not, this is child’s play, and play she did.

Assembling the circuit boards to the chassis really does resemble Meccano, and after you’ve screwed the stereo speakers in it’s time to drop the plinth (also cardboard of course) on to the chassis.

Within around 30-40 minutes you’ve just put together a fully functional, USB powered stereo turntable complete with pre-assembled tonearm and cartridge. Flick the volume switch to the on position, raise and cue the arm, and drop the needle.

The look on Princess Audiophile’s face as her only record, nothing less than a limited edition Frozen soundtrack started playing is one of those moments as a parent you won’t forget. Time, well spent.

Spinbox - a record player your five-year-old can build

Spinbox can easily switch from 33 to 45 to 78 RPM and plays 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch singles. Have you even heard Demi Lovato’s Let It Go at 45 and 78 RPM? Try it sometime. It’s hilarious.

Spinbox is currently live on Kickstarter and at the time of writing (36 days to go), they’ve already smashed their $30,000 target with $151,105 raised.. It’s well deserved. Buy one for your kids now and put it away for Christmas.

Visit the Kickstarter page for more information.


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