SAVI by Name, SAVI by Nature

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by Marc Rushton

9th December, 2016

SAVI by Name, SAVI by Nature

While not a new retailer, you may not have heard of Perth's audio visual specialist, SAVI Systems. Established in 2006, SAVI are more recently creating a real buzz within the market for their paramount service, advice and range of products.

Founded by Domenic Risucci, the business has enjoyed steady growth as it developed and is now considered a keen player in the Perth market.

SAVI Systems have been predominatly involved in the commercial side of the audio visual world. As for their residential side of their business, well in the past they were often sought out by those "in the know” as the place to go for high quality audio visual, security, HiFi, Home Cinema and home automation products with a strong focus on custom integration.

After chatting with Domenic and getting an understanding of his business, you could say that being a SAVI Systems client was reminscent of a secret handshake or even a little masonic. The bulk of their new customers come through recommendations. That's a good thing, as it is testament to the hard work Domenic and his team have put in.

SAVI Systems KEF Showroom
SAVI Systems is about best in class products for their solutions, with a concentrated focus on lifestyle designed products

As such, SAVI Systems have not had to undertake massive advertising campaigns to let the world know they exist. They've simply gone about completing brilliant jobs for residential clients and focusing on high level skill sets and performance instead.

In fact, quite a few people come across SAVI systems when unfortunately a previous contractor or so-called expert has produced sub-standard work. Eventually these clients find their way to SAVI Systems. Needless to say they become SAVI customers for life.

The good news for Perth is that SAVI Systems have now opened a large showroom in Bentley (just near Victoria Park), showcasing world class brands and brilliant solutions in all areas of HiFi, Home Cinema, Home Automation, Security and more.

SAVI Systems Shoroom
SAVI System’s showroom is unlike few others in Australia.  It is a place for ideas and solutions

This is something of a coup for our industry. In recent times we've seen more specialist outlets closing rather than opening around Australia. Is HiFi just not popular anymore? Of course it is. It's just that many of the country's retailers are not truly selling the experience. Apple set a benchmark for the retail shopping experience.

But there's also more to it than just the experience. While the internet and online sales continues to change the way in which we buy products, another big factor is the homogenisation of Australia's HiFi retailers today. When all the stores carry the same brands, haven't invested in the latest technologies in home cinema and automation, or take the care required to carefully setup and demonstrate these products, it's hardly inspiring for the consumer who has just purchased a new house or is in the planning stages of their next home.

Sadly, many retailers have just not moved with the times and kept ahead of technology.

SAVI Systems are the exception. Their approach is more akin to the trends happening overseas in places like the UK and USA.

They don't stack boxes (of last year's models) with special prices on them. They don't cater to the lowest level of audio visual performance, opting instead to sell exceptional products that offer great value for money for all budgets. There's no such thing as a 'one size fits all' for SAVI Systems. Simply, you're not met by salespeople more interested in your money, than the right solution.

SAVI Systems bridges the gap between the worlds of commercial and residential audio visual, giving them a unique offer to clients in the Perth market

What you will see are solutions and refined product. What you will experience are high levels of service and knowledge gained from many years' experience in both commercial and residential parts. Whether you're building, renovating or just upgrading a system, you will experience a full turnkey solution, tailored to your needs. After all, this is why specialist stores exist.

'HiFi' to use the term very broadly, has evolved. It now encompasses Security, CCTV, Home Automation, HiFi, Home Cinema, Multi Room Audio and Video, and the seamless integration of all these platforms, and SAVI Systems are well versed in all these areas.

SAVI Systems chooses brands that offer exceptional value for money but also high quality.

It didn't take long in our discussions with Domenic to realise all this and subsequently conclude that retailers like SAVI Systems are part of the new generation, offering complete technology solutions while posessing the knowledge and experience to see the process through from start to finish.

That's not to say that there aren't other retailers around the country that offer this level of service. The point is, Perth's SAVI Systems are here and now and setting an example. And they won't be the last, and we think that this is a great thing.

SAVI Systems are located at 1168 Albany Highway, Bentley.
Check their website for more information and opening hours.

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