Posted on 5th March, 2018


We are always on the lookout for good live footage of our favourite artists, and we dropped everything to watch this when our eagle-eyed video scout found it.

Frank Sinatra - It Was A Very Good Year (in the studio) (1965) is a live recording, complete with a full orchestra and Frank with cigarette and coffee in hand. It’s impressive to hear this live take, all those musicians and the singer in one room with no overdubs, no edits, no headphones and just a few takes until Frank is happy. The only thing the sound engineers had to do was adjust the eq levels and keep the tapes rolling, that’s it. BTW note the tiny recording console, a far cry from today’s monsters.

As you can see, Sinatra is in great form and smiling all the way, none of his supposed grumpiness here. He’s playing to a small audience of friends and enjoying himself. Just a fabulous performance of a great song and one that went on to win two Grammy awards in 1966, one for the singer and one for the arrangements by Gordon Jenkins.

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'It Was a Very Good Year' was the first of five tracks recorded that night for the album SEPTEMBER OF MY YEARS, arranged and conducted by Gordon Jenkins.

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