Melbourne’s High End Home Cinema Specialists, Entertaining Environments

Posted on 23rd November, 2016

Melbourne’s High End Home Cinema Specialists, Entertaining Environments

Why sit with strangers at the cinema, all too often listening to sub-standard surround sound systems when you can have an even greater experience from your very own home? Melbourne's Entertaining Environments can show you how.

Their purpose built facilities in Port Melbourne showcase just what you can do with your very own home, showcasing the very best in complete home automation and even more impressive, the integrated systems that don't have to take over your living areas.

With the recent introduction of UltraHD 4K content and the fully immersive 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos you may probably never leave the house again! Taddition of 4K content and 3D audio formats have seen a resurgence in the demand for dedicated home cinemas and multi-purpose media rooms.

Aside from other areas replicating zones within your home (and outdoors!), Entertaining Environments has two fully functioning cinemas in their Experience Centre.

They've recently updated their Contemporary Cinema, which now includes the simply stunning Bowers & Wilkins custom home cinema speakers adding another dimension to this cinema.

Entertaining Environements Contemporary Cinema with B&W Speakers

The CT7.4LCRS’ are serious speakers. They look impressive and are extremely well made, and they deliver a dynamic, impactful and simply coherent audio experience. Throw into the mix two powerful JL AUDIO 10” fully-sealed subwoofers and crystal clear video projection, the contemporary cinema delivers an impactful, exciting and memorable audio-visual experience.

Melboure Home Cinema

The best part? You won’t see any equipment because it is all hidden behind an acoustically transparent screen and dedicated equipment area. If all the equipments and components are hidden how do you control it? Entertaining Environments have employed state-of-the-art Control4 automation and this is all initiated from one intuitive and easy to use interface.

The flagship space however is the Reference Cinema downstairs at Entertaining Environments. The larger of the two cinemas, it uses a fully calibrated commercial cinema-quality Barco Orion CinemaScope MKII projector and 235:1 CinemaScope film screen.

Entertaining Environments Reference Cinema

When you are in this room you feel engulfed by the sheer dynamics of the fully recessed in-wall cinema speakers and crisp, extremely detailed and nearly three-dimensional visual display of the Barco projector.

The 235:1 CinemaScope screen allows you to enjoy your favourite movies just as the director and movie studios intended. If you schedule a demonstration at Entertaining Environments you'll be treated to the opening sequence from the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise. In this sequence, you feel as if you are right there flying the space-aged transporter with Cruise and the high-pitched sounds of the transporter all around you. Then when the opening title appears you are blasted with a wave of sound that seemingly goes right through you!

Aside from the sensory overload from the cinema itself, another thing you will notice upon entering the Reference Cinema is a significant decrease in ambient noise. Entertaining Environments have cleverly designed the cinema with acoustic treatment to ensure performance is at an optimum level. By firstly ensuring the room itself is properly acoustically treated, then there is less reliance on using room correction electronics to get the room sounding right.

Home Theatre Melbourne

There's more to a cinema than just the products. If you want the very best you must work with a home cinema specialist who take great care in the design, install, and commission of their cinemas and incorporate this knowledge into every custom cinema they design, no matter the budget or scale.

The proof is in the end result. Visit Entertaining Environments today to truly appreciate home cinema. Attendees of the International HiFi Show held in Melbourne in July this year would have witnessed a world-class cinema, and 2-channel audio experience. Both these systems were designed and implemented by Entertaining Environments.

To book a time to visit and experience Entertaining Environments call (03) 8080 1230.

Visit the Entertaining Environments website for more information.

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