Kef Launches A Work Of Art In Melbourne

Posted on 16th November, 2018

Kef Launches A Work Of Art In Melbourne

It can't be denied that the high-fidelity sound landscape is changing. Legacy brands that emerged from the BBC's research into loudspeaker design throughout the 1950s have evolved into modern, streamlined manufacturing companies that are in touch with the tech-savvy, connected consumer of today

Brands such as KEF, Linn, and B&O, to name a few, cut their teeth designing and manufacturing traditional hi-fi components for decades that would be housed in a rack straddled by large loudspeakers.

But as the 'baby boomers' moved on and were no longer the target market, the decision makers have recognised the wants and needs of the next generations. 'Hi-Fi' products have become smaller, more feature-packed, offer an abundance of connectivity options, are comparatively more affordable, and most certainly sound better than ever!

One of the most notable examples of this was KEF's LS50 Wireless model released just a few short years ago. Then, and most recently was the follow up that comes in the form of the LSX 'Stereo Wireless Music System'.

KEF took all they learned from its hugely successful predecessor, made it smaller, smarter, and brought in renowned industrial designer Michael Young to add some design flair. Clad in four beautiful fabric options, KEF's LSX is as much a piece of art, as it is a highly-capable wireless music system.

You can learn more about the intricacies of the LSX in StereoNET's review here.

KEF Australian Launch, Smart Artz Gallery, South Melbourne

What better way to officially launch the stylish KEF LSX in Australia than in the city buzzing with dynamic and cutting-edge arts and culture, Melbourne (and the world's best coffee!).

The Smart Artz Gallery is a former mechanic's workshop and nestled in the back streets of the vibrant Clarendon Street precinct in South Melbourne. Today, it's new lease of life sees it transformed into a stunning industrial event space and the location for the Australian KEF LSX Launch.

Invited to attend were KEF dealers, interior designers, fellow press, and StereoNET readers who were fortunate enough to snap up one of the few golden tickets on offer!

KEF's Australian distributor, Advance Audio, had decorated the modern warehouse with themed corners, each displaying a variation of the LSX fabric finishes.  With a light touch of Christmas thrown into the mix, the LSX looked perfectly at home as part of a modern lifestyle, cleverly reflecting various ways in which it might be used at home.

Ben Hagens, KEF's Product Specialist, was on hand to walk excited attendees through the features and functions of LSX, and confidently fielding questions from the audience.

A pair of red LSX spaced very widely apart were used for the main demonstration of their ability following the presentation, and in a large unforgiving hard space proved that the ultra-compact LSX could more than fill a room with enjoyable music, all from the convenience of a smartphone as a source. Hagens demonstrated a potential upgrade for LSX owners with the addition of a KEF Kube subwoofer for those wanting a little more.

A most enjoyable and informative evening, it's clear that KEF has their finger on the pulse of future Hi-Fi. Melbourne embraced the LSX art form, and we suspect that in time, the rest of the world will too. 

The KEF LSX Stereo Wireless Music System is available now and sells for $1,895 RRP.

For more information visit KEF.


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