Head-Fi Going Ballistic

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by Peter Familari

27th February, 2014

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Head-Fi Going Ballistic

Although it’s as plain as the nose on your face, marketing whiz GFK has confirmed sales of headphones are going ballistic.

GfK research shows headphone and headset sales racked up $77.3 million in 2013-in South East Asia.

Anecdotal evidence shows the same growth pattern throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We can thank headphone hungry consumers in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand for spending this whopping amount of sugar.

GfK says buyers in these countries snared about 3.8 million units of headphones and headsets. This translates to 5% more than the same period the year before.

Wired in-ear headphones accounted for most sales but infrared and Bluetooth grew the most. The latter accrued a growth figure of  13% and 9% in the four countries.

The impetus for the upwards bell curve shape of the headphone market comes from the heady sales of mobile devices and a growing demand for better sound.

In Australia, we've seen recent start-ups such as The Volume Store, and Addicted To Audio to name just two, specialising in Head-Fi and associated products, gather momentum very quickly and enjoying early success.

Gerard Tan, Account Director for Digital World at GfK Asia says, "The continued popularity of such gadgets especially in the region’s developing countries has been a key factor in driving sales of this product group as many are turning to their smartphone or tablet as a source of entertainment while on the move.”

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