StereoNET.TV: First Pressings, What’s it all about?

Posted on 9th October, 2019

StereoNET.TV: First Pressings, What’s it all about?

When it comes to vinyl records, many people understand the term 'first pressing', but how many understand what a first pressing involves? Just because it's 'first', does that really make it better in some way?  Why would you pay more dollars for something so old, and arguably in some cases, appreciably worse condition?  Aren't the modern represses just as good for quality?

In this video for StereoNET.TV, I'll talk briefly about what a first pressing is, how it can possibly involve higher sound quality on any format, and why an audiophile might want to have a few in their vinyl arsenal.

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Jon Scanlon

Running the Candyflip Records business in his spare time, Jon has recently launched a YouTube channel to share much of his knowledge and passion for vinyl records with others.

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