Addicted to Audio Isn’t Your Average Audio Store

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by Peter Familari

17th February, 2014

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Addicted to Audio Isn’t Your Average Audio Store

Addicted to Audio isn’t your average Hi-Fi store. And CEO George Poutakidis isn’t the average Hi-Fi company CEO.

To understand how Poutakidis and Addicted to Audio are rapidly changing the profile of how a specialist AV store should serve the interests and needs of the online generation, you really need to visit his premier store.

Located in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Kew, Addicted to Audio is different in a refreshing kind of way.

Loaded with just about every kind of headphone, DAC and streaming device known to man, the store is clearly tuned in to the era of digital streaming and Head-Fi. What's more the products are within reach and ranged for easy auditioning by novices or veteran audiophiles.

Wander a little more in the airy den rooms and you soon realise Addicted to Audio is a first-rate hi-fi destination with products picked from a huge range of brands. I couldn’t resist coveting the Grado cartridges. But I also lingered with gear from Cambridge, Marantz, NAD, Ruark, Rewga, Sugden, Dynaudio and a mountain load of other irresistible brands.

The store was full of customers. Husbands with partners in tow, seasoned audio buffs and what was the most pleasing - young, energetic music lovers eager to experience what the specialist audio-video universe has to offer.

Please allow that to sink in. Younger customers. Over the years I’ve had animated discussions with UK based audio writer and industry celebrity, Ken Kessler, Stereophile staffers and Marantz’s Ken Ishiwata about the best ways to attract younger people to quality audio-video systems. Over the years, none of us had the answer.

Addicted to Audio has. In the combination of digital streaming products and traditional elite audio brands and the way they’re displayed and demonstrated, George Poutakidis and staff may have discovered the audio equivalent of the true philosopher’s stone.

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Peter Familari

One of the veterans of the Australian HiFi industry, Peter was formerly the Audio-Video Editor of the Herald Sun for over two decades. One of the most-respected audio journalists in Australia, Peter brings his unparalleled experience and a unique story-telling ability to StereoNET.

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