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Linnies who cherish their LP12 turntable should do a Usain Bolt to VAF’s turntable workshop Thursday 20th September in Kent Town, South Australia.

VAF hasten to point out the workshop covers just about any turntable because the very experienced Linn LP12 service technician engaged for the workshop also knows his way around Rega, Acoustic Signature, Thorens, Michell, Garrard, SME Project, EAT and many other brands of vinyl spinners.

Linn owners know that a well-tuned Linn turns in a performance like few other turntables. They also know it goes out of tune over time and getting the magic back isn’t as simple as tuning its three-point suspension springs and cantering the armboard.

The bolts that centre the spring can bend, and if they are not straightened, no amount of tuning will get your Linn sounding good. Then there’s the metal top plate. This is designed to have a small upwards bow, but over time the metal plate flattens out and has to be re-torsioned and the upwards bow restored.

Like most quality turntables, the LP12 is a complex electro-mechanical machine. Get all the parts back to their factory setting and what follows are years of musical satisfaction.

The Michell turntables are objects of art and when they’re well set up and deliver a spacious, airy and intimately detailed sound. But like the Linn, their three-point suspension drifts off song over time.

As for Rega turntables, you’d think nothing could go out of tune with a suspension less set and forget plinth.  But all it takes for any Rega to sound less than its best is a belt way past its retirement date or a component that’s not up to spec in the power supply.

Ditto for Thorens and any other quality turntable.

The workshop promises to be a goldmine of worthwhile tuning tips and topics covered, including oil changes in the bearing, tonearm and cartridge calibration and where to get a replacement drive belt and the importance of getting the right belt your turntable requires.

All turntables, tonearms and cartridges are hostages to air and floor-borne resonances. No problem. The workshops will teach you where and how to set up your turntable in a way that minimises these unwanted and sound degrading vibrations.

You’ll also be privy about the best way to clean, maintain and preserve your vinyl collection and along the way you’ll hear all about cleaning a stylus.

The workshop welcomes any and all of your turntable questions. You can even tote along your LPs and hear them on the large selection of turntables on display at the workshops.

VAF Research Showroom, Kent Town

VAF’s Kent Town retail store gives guests the chance to see and explore a state-of-the-art facility and well-stocked showroom equipped with both stereo and home cinema rooms.

VAF’s not to be missed workshop kicks off at 5.30pm on September 20th, 52-54 North Terrance, Kent Town, South Australia.

Book your free ticket at the Eventbrite page.

For more information visit VAF Research.

See VAF Research at the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show in the Park Room, October 12-14, Queens Road, Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.

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