Posted on 26th February, 2019

So what do you get when one of the nation’s best hi-fi stores not only demonstrates one of the world’s classiest compact monitor speakers but also has the designer on hand for a close and personal chat?

Audio Nirvana, that’s what.

The store is Canberra’s Miranda Hi-Fi, and the speakers are the exquisite Serhan & Swift Brigadier Mu.2. 

And as for the designer? Drum roll please because the man is no less than the legendary Brad Serhan, the design genius behind the Orpheus brand of speakers.

For all those keen to attend this event, pencil in these details:

Date:  Wednesday 27th February 2019
Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Location: Miranda Hi-Fi, 12 Petrie Plaza, Canberra
Phone: (02) 6247 4844

After launching Orpheus, Serhan began freelancing for other speaker brands including Axis.

All those decades of success have led on naturally to a speaker generally regarded by those who have heard it in Australia and overseas as Serhan’s masterpiece called, the Brigadier Mu.2.

Also attending the evening is the other half of this speaker brand, Morris Swift who is Serhan’s business/design partner.

For those who missed SteroNET UK Editor, Jay Garrett’s succinct review of the Mu.2, here are a few of this pedigree model’s salient details.

A true compact but one with a significant difference, the Mu.2 is 32cm high, 18cm wide and get this, 23.6cm deep.

With a depth nearly the same as the height, the Mu.2’s huge sound scale and dynamic punch derive part because of the extra cabinet litres, a 23.6cm depth affords.

The point is, with a width of just 18cm, the Mu.2 disappears sonically and visually. 

As for this model’s palpability, pinpoint imagery and total transparency, look no further than the driver compliment comprising ScanSpeak’s 5-inch Bass/Mid Revelator drover and ScanSpeak 1-inch ring Radiator tweeter.

Then there’s the vital matter of an appropriate crossover and one that sonically remains “invisible” to the ears, regardless of volume intensity.

Finally, there’s the Mu.2’s cabinet made from 25mm birch ply and fitted with no less than Cardas Rhodium, high purity copper binding posts.

Technically, the Mu.2 has 84dB sensitivity and 6ohm impedance. Frequency response is 45Hz-to30kHz.

Price of the Mu2 is $6000, and the matching Solid Steel stands are $749 per pair.

Miranda Hi-Fi will provide drinks and nibbles for the occasion.

For more information visit Miranda Hi-Fi.

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