Want to learn more about Digital Audio?

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Want to learn more about Digital Audio?

Pure Music Group, Australian distributor of digital audio specialist brand Antipodes Audio are running two evenings that will offer insight into digital audio, and the Antipodes Audio product range.

Mark Jenkins, founder of Antipodes Audio (NZ) will be present to talk about optimised digital audio playback, ripping and streaming. The overview of his presentation includes:

  1. The process of enjoying music
  2. What it means for digital product design
  3. Demonstration of design impacts
  4. Antipodes server design features
  5. Demonstration of differences in the server range
  6. Where Antipodes is headed in the future

Digital audio can be confusing with the myriad of options, resolution, protocolols and of course products to choose from. Jenkins promises to make understanding these decisions simpler.

Finally, the hottest topic in digital audio right now, ROON, will also be covered.

When and where?


For more information visit Pure Music Group.

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