Ever dreamed of owning your own speaker brand or business?

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4 months ago

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Ever dreamed of owning your own speaker brand or business?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own speaker brand or business? Are you a hobbyist wanting to take that next step, or a business wanting to diversify your product offering?

Well the answer could be here. Loudspeaker Kit, or 'LSK' is on the market as the current owners pursue more time-demanding business ventures.

StereoNET was personally on-hand nearly two decades ago keenly watching on as the very first prototype speaker kits were being manufactured from a Melbourne loungeroom-cum-workshop.

Since then, LSK has sold literally thousands of loudspeaker kits into the market both locally and abroad. Over the years many things remained the same, affordability, ease of assembly, detailed instructions, but more recently some things have changed. Well known loudspeaker designer Stuart Ralston (SGR Audio), has owned the company for the last few and personally redesigned all of the product lineup. Needless to say, LSK speakers have never sounded better, and with a little DIY effort, you'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding speaker for the money.

Embracing ecommerce and mail order from the very early days, LSK is an established business that is now available as a turn-key operation. The business model has been refined and has a proven track history, but in the right hands still has plenty of potential for growth.

Stuart Ralston told StereoNET:

LSK presents a unique opportunity as a home business, or to supplement an existing business with only a small warehouse facility required. Ideally an avid DIY'er with experience in loudspeakers and subwoofer design and construction could really take LSK to the next level.

According to Stuart, LSK currently produces a consistent income, and the sale price can be negotiated depending on the inclusions such as speaker kit designs, and the current stock.

StereoNET produced a walk-through/review of the LSK M4 Mk2 Mini Monitor speakers in 2014. If you want to understand more about the LSK concept, read this review.

Interested parties should contact Stuart directly via Loudspeaker Kit.

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