Clever Motorised TV Mounts from People of Lava Sweden

Clever Motorised TV Mounts from People of Lava Sweden

Distributors of 'People of Lava Sweden' in Australia, International Dynamics, have announced the availability of 'mMotion' motorised TV mounts. Available in two sizes, these innovative mounts offer the convenience of flexible TV viewing and easy one stud installations at very reasonable pricing.

Featuring 180° of rotation with vertical and horizontal pivot adjustment, these impressive TV mounts enable you to experience your entertainment from a whole variety of new angles, all at the touch of a button. Available in either small or large sizes, the mMotion Swings cater for nearly all TV sizes, with the large Swing catering for up to 45kg TVs. Both models also feature an IR learning receiver which can learn most remotes, removing the inconvenience of adding yet another remote to your collection and cluttering your living room.

The driving force behind these remarkably intelligent motorised mMotion swings lies in the gear box. The patented gear box technology developed in-house at People of Lava enables the smooth and ultra silent motion of 180 degrees movement, whilst simultaneously carrying the weight of a heavy TV. These new TV mounts are some of the most efficient, silent and competent in the market today and represent the ultimate solution for achieving flexible and convenient TV viewing in the comfort of your own home.

The mMotion Swing (Small) and mMotion (Large) retail for $449 and $499 respectively.

We're told here at StereoNET that later this year additional models will become available, including mMotion Top (motorised ceiling mount), mMotion Twist (motorised table & floor stands), and mMotion Lift (motorised TV lifts).

Contact Information:

International Dynamics
Phone: 1800 456 393

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