Apple Takes a Bite From Beats

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3 years ago

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Apple Takes a Bite From Beats

Apple is poised to gobble up headphone maker, Beats Electronics splurging a whopping $3.4 billion to clinch the deal.

Insiders say the buy out of Beats which also has a streaming service is Apple’s biggest buy, period.

Beats was built by rapper Dr. Dre and entrepeneur Jimmy Lovine. The brand’s headphones are fashion items that go head to head with Skullcandy and other flavour of the month ‘phones.

Apple’s motives are puzzling business analysts who point out when acquiring a company you need to snare a unique technology. Some believe Beats has something valuable up its corporate sleeve Apple desires dearly.

Others point out Apple’s "cool" factor has been waning and buying Beats could be a way of revitalising that image as well as fending off Samsung’s forays against the iPhone.

Apple would get Beats’ streaming music service as well as the brand’s Head-Fi products as part of the buy out.

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