Marc Rushton

With early beginnings revolving around bands, audio engineering and studios, the late nineties saw Marc combine his passion for all things audio with his business mind. As a marketing consultant and journalist, Marc has worked with some of the biggest brands in consumer electronics in Australia. Through Marc's continued dedication, Sound Media Group now publishes a network of special interest websites and he has grown the business to become a leading publisher in the consumer electronics market with a monthly audience of over 200,000 readers. Marc also writes a fortnightly column in The Age 'Green Guide'.


Caleb Yorke

Lover of Publicity, pretty photos, image masterpieces, caffeine, chocolate and frequent indulger of cake for breakfast. Caleb has extensive experience working within the press field in the Hi-Fi and Audio Visual industry.


Matthew Jens

Matthew is currently hard at work in the live audio and lighting industry in Melbourne. He does weekly lighting shows, and during the festival season you will often find him on tour around the country. He is also the current national silver medallist for his division in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In his spare time, he can be found cycling, training, or tending to his vast headphone collection.


Tarkan Ceviker

With a love of HiFi, Music and Recording Engineering, Tarkan works in HiFi sales in the day, and blogs by night. In his travels Tarkan is forunate to be able to put a variety of products through their paces, and has a particular focus on affordable and value-packed products. Finding that diamond in the rough, or a product that really excels for the money is always Tarkan's aim.



Alistair McKeough

Alistair inherited a love for music and audio equipment from his father. He was born to play with audio gear but is now forced to work. When not working, he can usually be found in his acoustically treated man cave, listening to music or playing with equipment. His journey has come a long way from obsessive beginnings searching for higher quality cassette tapes and a better Walkman and headphone set up. 


Mark Gusew

Even as a young child, Mark was fascinated with record players and all things musical. He started his first audio consultancy business in the early 1980’s whilst also working professionally in the electronics industry and now manages a boutique audio manufacturer.
Never content with the sound of his home system, he is constantly researching and tweaking, always searching for more great albums to play across a broad spectrum of platforms.

Simon Tremlett REVIEWER

Simon Tremlett

Simon has a professional career in the electronics industry, while his love for audio spans over twenty years. Simon also builds and repairs amplifiers as a hobby in his spare time and can often be found lovingly gazing at an oscilloscope in the early hours of the morning.


Tony O'Brien

Tony O'Brien is the owner of Adelaide based 'Clarity Audio & Video Calibration', providing calibration services to home theatre owners and video production companies for film and TV. He is an ISF Certified calibrator. Tony is an accomplished Audio-Visual reviewer specialising in theatre and visual products.


David Martin

As a long time StereoNET member, David is also a walking encyclopedia of music. David's broad music knowledge is a welcome addition to the Sound Media Group team as the topic is the basis of all audio. Look out for his words on current, past and future music, as well as album reviews.


Sonia Allen

Sonia's lifelong interest has been all about music. Having studied, written, mixed and produced music, her peers refer to her as the "music guru". Some people are just lucky enough to find their passion in life. A perfectionist by nature, Sonia also appreciates high-fidelity audio reproduction.



Paul Spencer

Paul's love affair with audio and the technical aspects of sound and acoustics spans more than two decades. As owner of Red Spade Audio, specialising in Room Analysis and custom audio design, Paul designs loudspeaker kits and writes tutorial on how to tweak and get the best from not only your equipment, but also the listening environment.


John Day

John Day was co-founder of the World Record Club, formally incorporated in London, England in 1956, and later responsible for WRC Australia. The club endured in Australia for less than 30 years, but with the rise of other musical media became no longer relevant. Day has many memories (and stories) of these early days of the commercial music industry and shares them with StereoNET.


Len Wallis

Len Wallis is a guest contributor to StereoNET. Len's experience within the Hi-Fi and Audio Visual industry in Australia extends more than 40 years, and Len is the propietor of one of Australia's leading and most successful specialist outlets, 'Len Wallis Audio', established in 1978. Len has been recognised with numerous awards for excellence in business both nationally and internationally.


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