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:) al

JVC Redux, JVC's DLA-X7000 4K E-shift projector - an end user perspective

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talking about calibration, I should update this thread, a few us got together one evening last week at my place and we gave the JVC's autocal a run, documented in the link below,
to summarise under the direction of imdave, we utilised the datacolor Spyder5 colorimeter that jvc supports through its auto calibration program linked to the projector
below a shot of getting setup, and imdave giving us a run down,
colorimeter setup and in place,
and ivc's actual software confirming things all ready to go before it was lights off to give the autocal a run....
very happy with end results, for both R709 and for UHD and HDR.
last night I fine tuned both brightness and contrast and confirmed color was spot on ! 
wiht only the hundred something dollar the outlay of the colorimeter, fantastic tool the jvc autocal, not sure i could buy a projector now without it  

Spot on Al do it yourself is the best way.

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Manual calibration by someone who knows what they are doing is "the best way", not dumb auto cal.

For HDR content there is no way to properly "calibrate" a projector, its entirely a subjective thing because HDR mastering is totally random. There is not "standard".

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On 9/10/2017 at 11:31 PM, Owen said:

Manual calibration by someone who knows what they are doing is "the best way", not dumb auto cal.

For HDR content there is no way to properly "calibrate" a projector, its entirely a subjective thing because HDR mastering is totally random. There is not "standard".


Hey Owen, I don't think anyone here is questioning that a manual calibration is the ultimate, but of course that asks much more of the user.

I've only done the JVC Autocal myself using imported REC 709 colour profiles for my X7000.

It certainly looks better now than it did out of the box; the main thing I noticed is that skin tones were way too rich before, too orange, too red.

I'm absolutely welcoming a full manual calibration, so whenever you're up this way the beer will be good and cold. :thumb::ahappy:

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Very nice and glad everything worked out. Looks like a great learning experience.

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:) al   

bit of a movie marathon last few days :D and first decent run of projector since the autocal,


we watched the new blade runner uhd. which have to say was really pretty amazing ! yes a bit of grain but would expect a movie of its era. am so glad they were kind in their re mastering. but it has come up a treat. great use of HDR (not for glitz and glamor) it genuinely looks very natural and done to add well. the audio track to follow is pretty amazing too ! 


and then we watched wonder woman on uhd. and i have to say this one is just jaw dropping in picture. simply stunning !!!!!


what helps this is such naturally shot stuff.. i.e. natural scenery the beautiful coastline of the greek islands it kicks off in. the faces the costumes ...the gleem of the crowns etc. and then the scenes in london. just all so natural and so beautifully they come up. wonder woman is reference material here.


today we watched return of the jedi on blu-ray(am going through the star wars series with my daughter in original order) best have seen it. great detail the faces scenery , beautiful blacks of darth wader etc.


really enjoying the picture quality of jvc since the autocal. and very much enjoying some movies while at it :D


I keep telling myself I really dont know how this can get any better ! 



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Al, I've said this before but its it obviously has not sunk in.  You get EXACTLY the same "dynamic" range when viewing a normal 1080 Bluray as you do when viewing a HDR 4K Bluray, the black and white level should be EXACTLY the same if the projector is setup properly.

So what you are seeing has absolutely NOTHING to do with HDR display because you are viewing in LESS than SDR. The different look is entirely up to the altered gamma applied by the studio for "HDR" mastering and the subsequent remapping of that gamma by the projector. The same gamma could have been applied to the 1080 mastered version if desired.

Studios go out of their way to make 4K disk versions look deliberately "different" to entice people to buy the title again. Quite obviously we don't need 1000 nits to see the effects of remastered content, nor do we need 1000 nits to get "high dynamic range", the high native contrast of JVC projectors provides that natively even without HDR video.

The X7xxx and X9xxx JVC's have greater dynamic range than the cameras used to shoot movies so are not the limitation some brightness obsessed people seem to think.

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