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When you’re the most well-known headphone manufacturer in the world it’s only fair you make a statement. The HE-1 is Sennheiser’s statement, and you can hear for yourself what $75,000 headphones sound like at this year's greatest festival of sound and music, the Melbourne International HiFi Show.


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obscene, these are made for people who earn 4 million a year and have no idea wtf to spend it on

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I think you have to take a step back and look at it like F1.

That's where research and development happens and then the technology trickles down.


While I do know of some consumer sales of the HE-1 (and yes, I suspect they do earn 4M a year so could afford it), they're designed to showcase the brand and say "this is the very best we can do". When you think about it, Sennheiser are spending a substantial amount of money at shows (including ours) around the world just to let you listen to them with no expectation to sell any at all.


That's marketing and brand awareness.

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They can sell $75,000 headphones all day long for all I care.  If I can rock up and have a listen for nothing, then I'm stoked!


I think my VIP pass will come in handy for this one...  :thumb:

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