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Testing the Water - Possible ACT Wyndham speaker GTG

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Hey ACT members,


I have been in discussions with Keith from Wyndham audio, and I am interested in listening to some of their speakers. 


I am not sure how these types of things go here in the ACT, but given enough interest Keith mentioned he may be able to bring down a few of their offerings for ACT members to get in an have a listen to.


Failing the enthusiasm for a GTG, I am also pretty sure I will organise to meet up with Keith and bring back one of his BR series or CH series for a home demo. So those SNA members  interested in a home demo option could take advantage of the speakers once they are down here, as long as they organise their time slot of course ;)


I don't think it will be until early November at this stage, as I have a new family member joining us in early September, and my time may not be my own??? Unless of course someone else is a willing host and/or organiser?


Anyway, it would be good to mobilise some support for this in the ACT. Let me know if you are interested, or contact Keith @cheekyboy and let hime know your interest directly. Who knows, with enough support for the GTG, he may even organise some of his other gear to come for a visit as well :D


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Great, lets keep up the solid work on this :) Spread the word my fellow ACTSNA'rs

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