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Devialet Expert Pro Integrated Amp, Phantom Gold and PMC Speakers

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Devialet Expert Pro Integrated Amp, Phantom Gold and PMC Speakers

8pm Wednesday 16th August, visitors welcome.

Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading
Melway Map 48 Ref G9
Contact: 9437 1249


In 2009, a French manufacturer Devialet, set the audio world on its ear with the introduction of the D-Premier DAC-Integrated Amplifier. This unique component, housed in a slim shiny case the size of a laptop, featured a host of customizations that had never before been incorporated into an audio component.


A digital preamplifier section that could accept digital as well as line and phono-level analogue signals; a high-powered digital signal processor (DSP) that could perform real-time processing of the music signals for equalization and room correction; and an innovative amplifier topology Analogue Digital Hybrid (ADH), which set Devialet apart from other Hi-Fi manufacturers.


The current line up of amplifiers called Expert Pro, start off with their entry level model Expert 130 Pro which delivers 130Wpc into 6 ohms and goes up to their most powerful model, the Expert 1000 Pro. Leigh Fischer from INTERDYN will be demonstrating the many features of the Devialet amplifier with a pair of PMC fact.12 speakers. With new technology called Speaker Active Matching (SAM) the amplifiers output signal can be optimized for your particular speaker.


A testament to the pace of Devialets technical evolution is incorporated in the Phantom speaker. Their active loudspeaker backed with R&D and out-of-the-box thinking sets a path for the future. By design, the Phantom goes against and beyond the existing establishment. Egg like in shape and white only in colour, the technology contained within the Phantom speaker is very impressive.


The Gold Phantom will also be demonstrated at the club. Its novel combination of 'Class A' and 'Class D' amplification, 4500W at 108db, and their 'Bass Implosion' technology measuring ruler flat from 20Hz, is the absolute demonstration of Devialets design and engineering.


Devialet has firmly cemented its name in the audiophile world. Their integrated amplifiers and Phantom speakers, play host to the most exciting and innovative technologies available in sound reproduction. The future in Hi-Fidelity has arrived.


Nick Karayanis

Program Co-ordinator


Ken Tripp
Wise and Wonderful Webmaster
Melbourne Audio Club, Inc.


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    • By TomW
      For our August club meeting we’re very pleased to be able to present Devialet and Sonus Faber.  
      Our Devialet for the day is being kindly provided by club member Andrew Baldwin.  The Sonus Faber speakers are being kindly provided by the Lifestyle Store in North Parramatta.  (Refer to https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/.)   Alex Wilson from the Lifestyle Store will present the equipment.  The Devialet has many technological advances.  One of many is SAM (Speaker Amplifier Matching).  This Devialet functionality tailors the signal to better match the speakers it is driving.  Alex and Andrew will explain and demonstrate the SAM function of the Devialet.  Note that Devialet products are also available through the Lifestyle Store.
      My brief search through the club records suggests we’ve never before presented Sonus Faber speakers.  And I’m certain we’ve never had Devialet presented.  So this holds great promise to be a very interesting and enjoyable club meeting.  

      The featured system on the day will be as follows:  

      Sonus Faber Olympica III Floor Standing Speakers:  Taken from the Lifestyle website… “Sonus faber was established in 1983 and produces premium handcrafted and beautifully designed loudspeakers.  Based in the historic city of Vicenza, Italy, Sonus faber's designs incorporate finely polished wood, leather and metal to create exquisite works of audio art.  All Sonus faber loudspeakers blend science and craftsmanship to deliver emotion and music.  The Sonus faber name lies behind a tale of a passion for music so deep, that it goes beyond passive listening, giving life to something new.  Experience the very finest the world has to offer in loudspeaker design.”
      Refer to https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/sonus-faber-olympica-iii-floor-standing-speakers-pair.html,
      http://www.sonusfaber.com/en-us/products/olympica-iii and 

      Devialet Expert 440 Pro Integrated Amplifiers:  The 440 Pro is effectively two 220 Pro amplifiers working in tandem.  Impressive stats... Dual-Mono: 2 x 440 Watts @ 6Ω.  0.0005%THD+ noise (harmonic distortion) at full power, 0.00025%THD at 10W/6Ω, 0.001Ω Output impedance, 133 dB Signal-to-noise ratio.   
      Taken from the Lifestyle Store website… “Well above and beyond an ordinary amplifier, Devialet reinvents and combines for the first time all of the key components of expert playback (pre-amplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer, phono stage) in a single and extremely thin slab.”
      Refer to https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/devialet-expert-440-pro-integrated-amplifier.html and
      https://www.devialet.com/en-eu/expert-440-pro-amplifier-82.html and 

      Oppo BDP-105D Universal player.  Will be used as a transport only.  Refer to http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/oppo-bdp-105-universal-blu-ray-player-and-dac/ and https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-105/

      Shunyata Research powerboard and Anti-Cables power cables, Yarbo speaker cables, other cabling is mostly Furutech.

      The second half of the music sessions will be our popular BYO.   Members and guests are welcome to offer music to share with us all.  So bring along your favourite music on CD/SACD or USB flash drives (sorry, no vinyl).  All we ask is that the music and recordings be interesting.  We'll ask you to tell us a little about the artist/recording before it is played.  Tracks over 6 minutes will be faded out, to give everyone a fair go. 
      Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will have the opportunity to listen, learn and share your experiences with others.  Feel free to come and hear the capabilities of the system, or to just share the experience with like-minded music lovers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  
      Guests are welcome – we are a very friendly club so you don't need to know anyone to join us for an afternoon of fine music and sound.
      Venue:  Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park
      Address:  26 Stanley Road, Epping 
      When:  Sunday 13th August 2017
      Doors open at 1pm
      Meeting starts at 2pm
      Best regards,
      Tom Waters
      Sydney Audio Club
      W: www.sydneyaudioclub.org.au
      FB: https://www.facebook.com/sydneyaudioclub
      E: [email protected]
    • By PeppaPig
      Item: Devialet Expert Pro 220 with all original accessories and packages. Price: $9,999 or please PM me your best offer Location: Melbourne Condition: NO difference compared to a brand new unit. No even a single marks or swirls on surface. Confident to say it's Absolutely in Brand new condition! Check the High Definition pictures below. Only being used in the weekends for few hours. Reason for selling: Upgrade plan for the Expert 1000 PRO Payment: Cash on Delivery ONLY. Extra Info: This item is eligible for the OS board upgrade later this year from Devialet. Still in its 5 Years Warranty Period. Best sounding integrated AMP in the world. Path to upgrade to 440 PRO. Official Product Information: https://en.devialet.com/expertpro/#discover I will Donate if sold on StereoNET Check my eBay user feedback: ken.melbourne - 374 Transactions with 100% Positive feedback, can contact me via sending an eBay message to prove my identity.   PM me for any extra information, not under pressure to sell, so serious offer only, Thank you for reading!










    • By JamesR
      Item: Devialet Expert Pro Wall Mounts - Brand New, Unopened
      Location: Hawthorn
      Price: $350 for both
      Item Condition: As new
      Reason for selling: Not needed
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Tranfer
      Extra Info:  This is a pair of the Devialet wall mounts for the Expert Pro range.  These are brand new, unopened, still in their covers as received from Devialet (as you can see in second pic).  I have seen them for sale in Australia from $290 to $550 each.  I will sell both for $350.  Only as a pair.

    • By Janjuc
      Item: 2 X XLR Cables, Interdyn and Acrotec
      Location: Torquay
      Price: $110 for both shipped, or $55 each plus shipping
      Item Condition: Good to Very Good
      Reason for selling: No longer have equipment that require XLR cables
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Purchased several years ago from another SNA member, no longer have equipment that uses XLR connections.
      The cables are in Good to Very Good condition
      Interdyn Cable ~ 80 cm long (Red)
      Acrotec Cable ~ 105cm long (Green)

    • By SGR Audio
      Item: Devialet Ensemble (includes Devialet 120 with Atohm GT1 Special Edition and speaker cables) with optional stands.
      Location: NSW
      Price: $8,000
      Item Condition: 9.5/10
      Payment Method: Cash, bank transfer, Paypal
      Extra Info: Trade ins, in as-new condition. Currently in NSW, can ship Ensemble Aus wide.
      Matching Atacama HMS 1.1 speaker stands available also, filled with 60 kg of lead shot. Pickup only in NSW for the stands. $600 pair.