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New Australian optic fibre HDMI cable supplier

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Many have experienced problems with HDMI running 4K UHD 4:4:4 @ 60Hz, in particular on long runs.

In fact Premium Certified HDMI cables don't go over 7.6m (25ft) and although some cables do work past this point, it's very hit and miss... price of cable has nothing to do with it either.


So these new cables will ensure that 4K UHD can be reliably passed over longer distances, up to 100m.


EzyHD who have been supplying the market here for years will now be the point of call for these new cables in Australia.


JSmith :ninja:

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Thanks for the heads up here on DTV.


Since the media release this week EZYHD is now the RuiPro Australian Distributor we have been inundated with AV trade enquiries, mainly 4K projector dealers from all over OZ and orders already. Even the previous week, a number arrived from customers on backorder to be posted out next Monday. It was interesting that quite a few did not know a HDMI cable of this type existed, well they do now :D


To see reviews of the RuiPro HDMI Fibre Optic cables this is a good place to start.

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