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Looking for tips / recommendations on shops & systems.

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G'day gents, new to the forums.


I'm looking to buy some new equipment, and I'd like look for shop recommendations in the first place (or at least where NOT to go, maybe?). I live on the central coast, and there seems to be no hifi stores up here at all.  So if I take the 3hrs to drive down to Sydney and back, I'd like to know I'm going to the right place. :)


I'm looking for something not overly expensive, $5k to start with (I can stretch it, but I don't think I need anything too fancy).   A pair of decent floor standing speakers & an amplifier, I think. 


I've in the long gone past had an ION systems obelisk 1 amp with a pair of custom speakers ("StandArt " - it was in Hungary, I don't think you can buy these nowadays).

The system had (still has, but it's back in Hungary) a very nice clear, smooth sound, but it could reproduce all kinds of music pretty well - that's what I'm looking for again.


I've bought a basic Yamaha system for the telly a while ago (one of those 5*tweeter + sub systems) and I can't stand it.  The only good thing in it is that it has full hdmi compatibility so it is easy to use all kinds of devices with it (xbox, dvd recorder, hdd recorder, computer).

My main source will be the computer in the main room. 


Nowadays I'm listening at my desk via a Mayflower o2 DAC+amp and a pair of Beyerdynamic T90 - I love the sound of this one.


I listen to all kinds of music from big orchestra to irish(lots of vocals), 60s/80s hits, and some hard rock - but I like Krafwerk, too.



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Welcome to our community!


Been a long time since I've been there, but Mclean's hifi, and Gosford Hifi were located on the central coast. A quick Googling should find out where they are in relation to you. There's bound to be more that locals will know about, but those 2 are somewhere to start, and they were just at the top of my head. 


Good luck with your search.




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In Sydney

Lifestyle Store

Eastwood HIFI

Audio Connection
Sydney HIFI

Len Wallis

Apollo HIFI

Pacific HIFI 

Instyle HIFI

Krispy Audio

Audio solutions

Addicted to audio

Quality HIFI

Pymble HIFI


All have some good gear and good staff. Some have more or bigger/dedicated listening rooms than others. Best to just listen and try to find the salesperson that suits you best.


I'd prob recommend the ones in bold above to be the go to stores but all are pretty good. Lifestyle, Eastwood and Apollo probably best in that price range but it's nice to see what is out there

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I had good luck with Eastwood when I purchased my HT system a few years back. Straight forward to deal with. You knew what buying and how much you paid for it. 

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Just go here mate. On the Central Coast and its always handy to be near the store you bought the gear off. http://www.mcleans.info/

Krispy Audio is at Berowra but more High End.

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Many thanks for the advices, I'll start looking up these Central Coast shops :)


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