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Mr Hyde

Buying a turntable under $1000?

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If you can track down a 2nd hand Kenwood KD500-550-600-650, it'd be a great start, cracking unit, engineered beautifully and sounds great!

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Or this the Denon DP57L at a good price on eBay. In Sydney. 

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Newer doesn't inherently mean better, and in some cases it means worse. If you liked your Dual (I don't see why not, they make good turntables) then consider just getting a new headshell and a better cartridge as that will make a night and day difference in itself. If you don't know something about a turntable look it up on places like here and Audiokarma and it will probably come up with something. If there are a few people raving about it, its probably somewhat decent.

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On 7/5/2017 at 9:17 PM, Mr Hyde said:

Yeah thanks, good point. 

I have also found a rotel rp-850 for $375 on Gumtree which is close by my home. Does anyone know about these and where do they sit amongst the budget turntables? 

Rotel had two turntables out at this time. This was the era of the original RA820BX and 840BX amps. Good cheap stuff back then. The RP850 was the better of the two tables,had a good arm and substantial platter. The plinth was solid as well. You can put a good cartridge on this mate if the tonearm bearings are still in good nick. Good buy.:thumb:

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On 03/07/2017 at 6:36 PM, crisis said:

Looks very interesting. (as in another choice to agonise over...)


"Mobile Fidelity’s New Turntables and Electronics Available

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (#MFSL) is best known for 40 years of analog remastering. Its limited-edition reissues are consistently the most sought after by record collectors, audiophiles and music lovers across the globe. Fast forward to 2017 and Mobile Fidelity is now offering complete and moderately affordable analog solutions for all LP owners, especially those who cherish their MFSL vinyl remasters.

Both turntables offer exceptional performance and value. They are designed to preserve the complete sound that is found on an Original Master Recording. Standard features include heavy Delrin platters, HRS-designed anti-vibration feet, an inverted bearing system comprised of an extremely tight tolerance combination of steel, and bronze, as well as the highly adjustable, custom-designed 10-inch gimbaled bearing tonearm.

MFSL Product Lineup:

*StudioDeck*turntable with 10" tonearm, 3/4" Delrin platter, removable dust cover and weighs 19 lbs, $999.00
Same as above, *StudioDeck+*includes factory-aligned StudioTracker cartridge ($50.00 savings), $1149.00

*UltraDeck*turntable with 10" tonearm, 1.3" Delrin platter, removeable dust cover and weighs 23 lbs, $1799.00
Same as above, *UltraDeck+*includes factory-aligned UltraTracker cartridge ($300.00 savings), $1999.00

*StudioTracker*MM cartridge with elliptical stylus and grey polymer body, $199.00
*UltraTracker* MM cartridge with nude elliptical stylus and silver billet 6061 body, $499.00
*MasterTracker* MM cartridge with Microline stylus, Ohno copper coils and grey billet 6061 body, $699.00

*StudioPhono*MM/MC phono preamp, with adjustable impedance/gain, subsonic filter, and mono mode, $249.00
*UltraPhono* MM/MC phono preamp, includes built-in Class A headphone amp, $499.00"




When will it be available ?

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