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Wanted Krix epicentrix

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Item: Krix epicentrix wanted
Location: adelaide 
Price: $1000
Item Condition:
Reason for selling:
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

 Hopefully looking for jarrah but open to look at other colours 



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I try there tonight thank u

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    • By STAIN0
      Hi all.
      I have just purchased myself some more Krix speakers to add to my set up.
      Neuphonix - mains
      Epicentrix - center
      2x Acoustix - surrounds
      2x KDX-M - surrounds
      I currently have a Denon X4000 receiver but fear it will not be enough for my new center and mains.
      Can i please get some recommendations on what to get to power these beauties? (center & mains)
      i will be scouring the classifieds for a bargain, as i have already blown my budget.
      So far i like the look of the Emotiva 3 channel, but dont like the idea of $300 shipping 
      Yes i know i know, another newb wanting good stuff without paying good money post
      But i really am a newb and genuinely wish to know if i am barking up the right tree
      Does anybody have any thoughts on "THIS ONE"  for my set up?