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Item: Denon RCD-N8 Network Music System
Location: Perth
Price: $500 inc shipping anywhere in Australia ($999 when new)
Item Condition: Excellent - just the usual superficial scuffs from polishing.
Reason for selling: Probably buying a HEOS amp to keep it simple for family
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit
Extra Info: This doesn't include the original speakers - they were so bad I threw them out! Unit has performed flawlessly and is an impressive little beast, comfortably driving my large XTZ standmount speakers with ease. Supplied with original remote but do not have original box. Unit will be well packed for transport.






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    • By Arry74
      Just joined the forum, looks great.
      I have a Denon 3808 Receiver which I purchased in 2008 and it has been rock solid. Now when i press the power button in, it does not stay in, it pops out and turns itself off. If i hold the power button down it works as normal. I have disconnected all cables from the 3808 except for the power cable and it is still doing it. Could it be a power button issue? what do you recommend, do i take it to a repair shop? Cheers
    • By Jebediah
      Hi all,
      Looking for some advice on the above turntable which I'm about to acquire for a reasonable sum through my local hifi dealer whom is selling on behalf of a deceased estate. A couple of questions that spring to mind, having searched the web for info. Firstly, the table appears to be in excellent condition for its age. I've yet to hear it though because the cantilever on the existing Goldring stylus is bent, however I'm told it probably has seen very little use over the years, and on close inspection this seems accurate. However, my questions are thus:
      Due to the age of the unit, most information I've read suggest a recap should be performed. But given its excellent condition, would this still be necessary? I've read varying opinions on the DA307 tonearm. Any first hand experiences please? Pretty sure its got VTA adjustment but can someone verify please? It seems the DA307 tonearm is meant to be mated to a Denon 103 cart. I'm happy to go down this road, however I've been interested in the Hana carts of late, and I also have a 2M Bronze that I can use. Opinions on how the Hana or Bronze would perform on this arm please? (the arm comes with the original Denon headshell btw)  
      Appreciate any feedback on the above questions-thanks in advance.
    • By Eagleeyes
      Location: PERTH
      Price: $500 WAS $900 Pounds New or $2000 dollars approx locally from Surround Sounds
      Item Condition: VERY GOOD hardly used with couple of tiny surface scratches from rack. Less than 6 months actual use.
      Reason for selling: Not required.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Sensational quality dvd blue ray transport to go with very high end receiver. Was Partnered with Yamaha RXV 3800 and works perfectly.
      From 5 start review from what hifi -loads of other reviews online.
      The Denon DVD-2500BT is aimed squarely at dedicated home cinema enthusiasts. It doesn't have any analogue audio outputs, or even coaxial or optical digital sockets.
      If you want one, you'll need a multichannel amplifier or processor that can accept audio signals over HDMI and decode them appropriately. This includes Blu-ray's high-definition audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.
      The Denon's premium credentials are immediately apparent. This beast bears little resemblance to the slimline players found at the budget end of the Blu-ray market. 
      Not only does it benefit from almost bomb-proof build quality, but it's also stylish (in an industrial way), and has a usefully large display panel.
      But, of course, it's the performance that is of primary concern to us – and  this is a sensational performer. HD images are incredible Thrown a copy of The Happening on Blu-ray, the '2500BT makes this most awful of films almost worth watching. Colours are amazingly natural, edges are razor-sharp, and motion is silky-smooth.
      What's more, it excels in detail, and that lends an extra degree of three-dimensionality to pictures, particularly outdoor scenery. 
      When the action moves to the gloomier indoor scenes, the Denon produces great blacks, while having the the quality to offer insight into the darkest of corners. 
      The '2500BT also upscales standard-defintion DVDs to 1080p in scintillating style, with Training Day appearing as sharp, detailed and vibrant as we're used to from the very best standalone DVD players.
      These incredible pictures are complemented by an exceptional sonic delivery. Whether the '2500BT is streaming HD Audio from the I Am Legend Blu-ray, or outputting a stereo PCM signal from Kings of Leon's Only by the Night album, the sound it produces is robust, detailed and wonderfully dynamic. 
      As long as your kit can handle the audio decoding, this Blu-ray player is one of the finest models on the market – it really can transport your disc collection to another level.

      Read more at https://www.whathifi.com/denon/dvd-2500bt/review#rSIS5t4tB7yHMWxC.99

      Read more at https://www.whathifi.com/denon/dvd-2500bt/review#rSIS5t4tB7yHMWxC.99

    • By Cono28
      Item: Luxman A522 Turntable+Grace 707 arm+Denon DL103
      Price: $600
      Item Condition:Excellent
      Reason for selling:Vinyle magic,Upgrade
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,, COD Only
      Extra Info:Original owner,fitted with Denon 103 cart plus new belt.sound fantastic.some scratches on the cover.

    • By digitalhome
      Item: Denon AVR-4520 AV Receiver
      Location: Newcastle NSW
      Price: $870
      Item Condition: As New
      Reason for selling: Upgraded to a RX-A3060
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: In full working order with remote Control etc.
      To Come