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3 minutes ago, darthlaker said:


LOL! Please start a thread about copycality! :D


Not on your life.

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Ok people..

I've been chided for not putting my 2c worth in as I did go.
Firstly, we need to thank Darth's better half for finding this hidden gem in the first place..
I have a small interest in classical music. I've been to most venues in Adelaide and a couple overseas that have held classical performances and I must say it's a real first class venue for the small group type performances..
I wasn't familiar with the Baroque Music being played but for me it was well performed..
I enjoyed it so much it's going to be my go to venue for future concerts, well that's if you can get a ticket!! A lot of the concerts are booked out well in advance..

I have obtained three free tickets!! yes three free. no money needed! The concert is for next Friday night.. 26th starting at 7.30..
Is there anybody else interested???
The Australian Brandenburg Quartet playing music by Haydn, Richter and Jadin...

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