Accuphase vs Luxman vs Sansui

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Mmmm, I'm wondering if this weekend will be long enough.  The Accuphase via its internal DAC is truly high end and has this awesomely smooth rhythm and addictive PRAT in the bottom end but the Sansui 907NRA via the Accuphase internal DAC is a different flavor of high end.  The top end is so clean and clear and open and somehow manages to be to sound what the aroma of fresh morning due is to smell.  


This could take some time.


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Have to say I have never come across somebody that has a high end integrated amp that they keep to use as a DAC. :party



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Well, that's not the only reason, it also just happens to be an excellent integrated in its own right.  


Also, I was trying to keep the playing field level, I can't compare two amps on totally different DACS.  That just wouldn't be fair.


I see your point though, if anyone was likely to do that it would probably be me.

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