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  1. Thanks for the helpful advice. I'll pull the advertisement off and reconsider things.
  2. NAP-200 DR adds a greater depth of sound to me. It is sad to sell, but I buy things to be used - not show pieces/sitting idle gathering dust.
  3. Item: *** Withdrawn from sale *** Spendor D7 (cherry), Naim Uniti2B, NAP-200 DR (both NAIM 2016). Location: Adelaide (Norwood area) Price: $9500 (the lot) - near offers considered. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Loss of hearing and increasing tinnitus Getting rid of stuff that isn't getting used as it should be.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash , COD Only Extra Info: Pick-up only by purchaser. NOT SEPARATING. Happy to demonstrate. No boxes for speakers (only foam), boxes for Naim equipment. Naim speaker cable also included (4m) Pictures: As attached