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  1. Thanks for the help, everyone! It seems that the biggest issue is with the Internet connection here - it's running at 5.53Mbps (average) - sometimes climbing to 7.5Mbps - but it's inconsistent. Looks like I'm in the market for a 4K Blu-ray player!
  2. What you've described here is probably what the problem is, actually - I just did a lousy job of describing what I was seeing. How can this be done...?
  3. That's what I've expected - thanks for the confirmation.
  4. Hi everyone A few days ago I purchased a new Sony Bravia X85E (http://www.sony.com.au/electronics/televisions/X8500E-Series), but not until today have I had the chance to set it up. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a 4K Blu-ray player, so my only 4K option is with Netflix's UltraHD $17 per month plan - which I've purchased. I loaded one of the Netflix UltraHD titles today ("House Of Cards"), and while the buffering proved slightly problematic (here in Ainslie in the ACT we don't yet have the NBN), when the steam did seem to work the clarity was reasonable but there was a strange ghosting/lagging/stuttering happening. It didn't effect the audio stream, but the video had a strange 'feel' to it. I know I'm using vague terms, but I don't honestly know how to best describe the issues that's being presented. This might simply be due to the 4K video stream, but, honestly, I was also fairly unimpressed with the quality of the standard HD movies (again from Netflix). Is this likely to be a Netflix concern or is the TV I've now got just not as good as I expected?
  5. Ah! I understand your point now - thanks. Ideally I'd prefer house a mount like that, however the wall I need to use only has a single stud, so I have to use the single-point mount. Do you think there's genuine risk of the mount failing if it's only using a single stud?
  6. Thanks for your advice, too! Can you clarify what you mean about the point hole style mounts and why you're not keen on them?
  7. Ah okay. So, the salesman who suggested caution with the suitability of this mount today, was his caution mostly misplaced...? (Thanks for your help, by the way!)
  8. A 37"? The telly I need to mount is 55"...
  9. Hey! Thanks for that tip - I was actually looking at that mount just earlier. If I still do decide to go the JB route (which may happen just so I can get it all sorted over the weekend), can you see any issues with what I've described in my post above?
  10. Hi everyone I've just picked-up a new Sony 55" TV and I'm looking at options to wall mount the unit. Unfortunately, the only wall space I have where I can mount the TV only has one central stud, which slightly limits the articulated wall mount options I've been able to find. That said, I came across an EzyMount Articulated Wall Mount (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/tv-accessories/ezymount/ezymount-articulated-wall-mount-tv-size-23-55/648680/) which seems to be suitable. It supports up to 30kg (the TV is 19) and says that it's suitable for units up to 55". The audio/video guy who helped me, though, was really hesitant to recommend this mount – he was very cautious about the fact that the mount supports "up to" 55" and the TV is exactly 55" – he thinks its cutting it too fine. He's also concerned about the single mount rather then the double mount. Has anyone experienced any problems with something like this? Can anyone provide any advice as to whether the mount I've found would be suitable? Cheers in advance.