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  1. Curved Projector Screen

    Curved Projector screen allow for a more immersive experience, as the curve should make them fill more of our field of view. They’re also supposed to give a wider viewing angle. Curved Screen: Viewing angle ==> Decent Immersiveness ==> Better Reflections ==> Good Cost ==> Mostly Premium models Availability ==> Rare
  2. As long as the plywood is sanded super smooth and primed+smoothed, it'll be as smooth as you make it. Melamine is glossy/hotspot-y when used unpainted, but coating it with flat/matte paint or primer will make it just as flat/matte/non-hotspotty as any other flat/matte surface.
  3. Home theater projectors will place actually massive images in your home for cheaper than any big-screen TV. however obtaining them originated takes slightly additional work. Once you have bought a projector, you will have to search out the area, get the image focused and manipulate many different settings. Ideally you will even be employing a screen, and you would possibly got to run some further cables from your gear to your projector. Best projectors you'll really afford If all of that sounds discouraging, relax. The payoff could be a image therefore massive and spectacular you will ne'er wish to look at a puny TV once more. Here's a way to start. Find the right location Set up the screen (optional) Get the right height Plug everything in and turn it on Project an alignment image Adjust the projected image Select the right picture mode Consider better sound (optional) Turn off the lights and enjoy A geometry test pattern can be a big help.