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  1. Oled

    "Good" would be a fair call.
  2. Oled

    My default setting is to have all picture processing turned off as the majority of the content i'll be watching would be degraded by any form of processing.I set my foxtel box to passthrough so it's 1080I for foxtel sports and native 720P for ESPN.Looking at the Chargers v Broncos game from yesterday on ESPN i would not call it spectacular, maybe just a little lacking in refinement in general.Yes it's still way ahead of FTA sport which is just plain nasty and i find unwatchable but nothing to get carried away with.
  3. Oled

    I downloaded my first HDR test clip yesterday and i'm not sure i'm sold on it.Sure it's good eye candy in an exaggerated hyper reality kind of way but once the novelty wears off i'm pretty sure it would be fatiguing on the eyes to watch.Maybe that sort of hyper reality does have a place in an escapist movie like "Mad Max fury road" but SDR 4K content is what really excites me.A clip of DFL Supercup 2014 Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München is mind blowing.No sports motion issues here like a crappy feed from foxtel,just pure poetry in motion.
  4. Oled

    Looks like the 2017 models are getting technicolor via firmware soon http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1505113038
  5. Oled

    The 2017 Oled's have a peak brightness around 700 nits which is way brighter than any plasma could reach.It makes only common sense to build in precautions to make sure a static could never be left running on the screen with the pixels running at that sort of peak level.When viewing normal content at a sensible brightness level i don't think Oled owners need to be to fearful of image retention.
  6. Oled

    No 1080P setting on my box.I haven't played round with true motion yet.
  7. Oled

    There was plenty of reasons for me.I wanted to view 4K content for a start and it had to be a panel where the blacks didn't glow in the dark.I got a lot of extra benefits i wasn't expecting when i got it home that makes it easily the most satisfied i've ever been with a TV purchase.Only glitch i have found with the LG is with sports motion on a foxtel 1080i feed.I've had the same issues with every Samsung TV i've ever had and it can be fixed by changing the foxtel output to 720P.I have always found Sony to have better motion handling with foxtel 1080i but interlaced content will only be view on rare occasions on my display so it's not a big issue for me.
  8. Oled

    No use worrying about proper calibration till it has at least 200 hours on the clock but i did look at the setting from flatpanelshd review and i realised that the LG expert dark room mode had the wrong gama profile by default and not the 2.2 that everyone else seems to be using.Now by simply adjusting the OLED light output i found i got it pretty close to my other displays.40 seemed to be pretty good for watching in a dimly lit room and bumping it up to 50 is plenty for a daytime result.
  9. Oled

    LG just has to expand there range.They have a 77" coming but a smaller one than 55" would sell for applications other than a living room tv.
  10. Oled

    I have loved plasma ever since i purchased my first one which was a Hitachi with floating blacks that went up and down like a yo yo.My last plasma the Samsung F8500 that recently got moved into the bedroom is still a good tv and fingers crossed it doesn't die for a long time to come but honestly the C7 LG OLED smashes it like mayweather against an irish d!ckhead.You don't truly know what a TV is like until you get it home and after so many disappointments with LCD when i got them home finally i have a TV that exceeded my expectations.My next wish is to replace my current PC monitor setup with OLED.If someone was to release a 40" OLED i would pounce on it like a seagull on a hot chip.
  11. Oled

    I have run some slides on the C7 and found it pretty good and certainly up to my expectations.If there were any real nasties it would certainly be going back within 7 days.White to gray slides no issues at the edges,Runs a slightly different shade at the centre than the rest of the screen on full white so minimal most people would not see it.Grey to white transition slide no issue.Colour transition slides mild banding visible, about the same as there is on the Samsung Qleds,No an issue in real world content.Full colour slides have just as much saturation on the LG OLED as they do on the Qled so there is no disadvantage there.Would i part with it?Only if you prise it from my cold dead hands!
  12. Oled

    I can't be bothered to respond to all those points right now as it would take to long but i will make one point.Bringing up screen uniformity issues of OLED as a reason not to buy is the dumbest argument i ever heard as it stands right now.LCD has now and will forever have until the day it dies worse uniformity issues than OLED and you can throw in that they are worse at any angle above 0 degrees.Any issue with OLED is the same at 0 to 180 degrees.
  13. Oled

    Update on the brightness of the LG C7 in dark room mode it is easily corrected by dialing back both the brightness and OLED light.It is now suitable for viewing in a dark room and close to the output of my Sammy F8500 plasma.Out of the box dark room levels are perfect for a bright room.
  14. Oled

    There was no plasma ever made with a 4k resolution and the current gen TV's have a way more powerful operating system than my last gen plasma.The difference in speed is like a V8 supercar against a mini cooper s.It's time to move on guys and recognise that each gen of OLED has been and improvement on the previous and they have now signalled an intention to tackle the bigger size issue.If people stop bagging where it is now and realise where it is headed then it's obvious that OLED is going to be a winner.....well unless Kim Jong Un brings the whole thing crashing down...
  15. Oled

    As an update to 4K streaming it does not seem to be a problem on a 25 Mbps plan.Have not upgraded netflix or stan yet but been running a ton of content from youtube and it's very nice.