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  1. SNA acquires DTV forum.

    As a former DTV member, I had a problem transitioning to the stereo.net.au. I found the solution and wanted to make a suggestion to help members transitioning from DTV Forum. The problem: By default I was seeing all new content, including for forums I didn't subscribe to, but if I chose Content I follow, I was seeing no new content. The solution: Under My Activity Streams , I switched to Unread Content, chose Content in areas I follow and Content I follow, added read content, and created a new stream Suggestions: 1. I assumed that Content I Follow includes everything that I clicked Follow on, whether it's a single topic or group of topics. Maybe you could tell members transitioning from DTV Forum that this is not the case. I'm afraid that many people may not see any new content and may not come back. 2. It is possible that this same feature was present in DTV Forum, but I can't remember, as I had my stream all set for awhile. If so, then activity stream setting wasn't copied correctly in the transition. 3. My custom activity stream settings were lost in the transition. Is it possible to restore them for other members?
  2. Does Anyone Bother With Internet Radios?

    I just use a smartphone app, and a smartphone. Alternatively, you could get an iPod Touch.
  3. Digital Radio Stations List

    Thanks hrh.
  4. Digital Radio Stations List

    There have been some changes to DAB+ stations in Melbourne, and presumably, most of these apply to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. First off, EON Sports has disappeared completely from DAB+ and the RadioPlayer app, and although the website still exists, the player doesn't work (continually tries to load the stream). Meanwhile, there are three new Triple M stations (actually, 2 new, one has made a comeback: Triple M Modern Digital (MMM Modern) Triple M Classic Rock Digital (MMM Classic Rock) (yes it's back) Triple M Greatest Hits Digital (MMM Greatest) Meanwhile in Melborune, Light FM joins Light Digital on DAB+, however currently it's just a rebroadcast of Light Digital.
  5. Is your aspect ration [EDIT: should be ratio[ set to Just Scan? Set it to 16:9 or Original or similar and the dot should go away.
  6. Can't login via Facebook

    Yes it works now. Thanks.
  7. I can't sign in via Facebook any more. When I try to press sign in with Facebook, I get an error message saying that the app is still in development and I don't have access to it. Then it suggests I switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for commissions.
  8. ABC now promoting DAB+

    Hi Alan. Haven't you heard the ABC say "On the radio, on mobile and on digital"? or "On the radio, online and on digital?" or similar?
  9. Planned Downtime

    A couple of times this evening when I tried to access the forum the page would take ages to download. At other times it would be normal. Is this what you mean by lag? EDIT: There was no lag when posting the original version of this post.
  10. The standard test for analogue switch off of radio seems to be - Over 50% of listening is via DAB/DAB+ or other digital means (e.g. online or mobile), radio over TV, satellite etc. - DAB/DAB+'s signal reaches over 90% of the population reached by the analog transmitter (the number varies)/ In the five state capitals, DAB+ listening is more like 20% of all listening (my calculation). Online and mobile would add around 10% to that (not sure where I read this), so we still have some way to go. As for the 90% coverage rule, this is OK for the commercial stations, but many of the ABC's AM stations in the state capitals are 50KW transmitters tgat cover a large rural area in addition to the capital city. For example, ABC 774 Melbourne reaches much of central Western Victoria, and up to Echuca and over the NSW border. Also, DAB+ is not just served by 3 transmitters and 3 backups. There are a number of infill transmitters around the place to boost the coverage of DAB+.
  11. Alan, where were you when you saw this? Canberra? Somewhere else? 7 Queensland uses 6 & 6x in the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba to distinguish it from 7 & 7x from Brisbane.
  12. There is another possibility. There may be a regional station containing 9 programming on the same frequency as the Melbourne ATV station you're tuned to. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but if the weather conditions are right, the regional station might get through. When this happens: 1) What are the channel numbers for 9HD and Go when they replace One and 11? Are they 1 and 11 or 90 and 93 or 99 or are they 50 and 55? 2) Does the channel name include Melbourne (e.g. 9HD Melbourne) or somewhere else? 3) Does Gem become Ten?
  13. Forum Upgrade - Fixes, Broken Stuff

    UPDATE: I've narrowed down the problem. If I go to Activity and set Following to include Content posted in areas I follow and/or Content in areas I follow, results are displayed. However, if I also choose Content posted by members I follow, no results are displayed.
  14. OK sorry about that. It looks like some of the people in the Total DAB+ figures may be listening to DAB+ only stations via the internet only, while listening to 'simulcast stations' via the internet are not included. Thus there is no clear total figure for how many people listen via DAB+, or how many people listen via the internet. The UK figures are much clearer about that.
  15. The CRA figures would only include people over 10 years old, I presume, since only they are counted for the radio audience.