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  1. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    try oztheatre He should have them......or be able to get hold of them.
  2. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    I would........the x30 is still going to be a great projector....theres no reason why you could get another couple of years out of that
  3. FS: Paradigm Sub-1

    the top of the line is the sub 2 which has 10 inch drivers and 4500Wrms as apposed to 1700 for the sub 1. The personal series is the sub 1 in different packaging. Great sub though.....i have one myself
  4. i got the cable from officeworks as above and it worked perfectly
  5. Speakers advice required

    its also worth checking out adelaide speakers. http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/ I have the Ambassador slimline series are are extremely happy with them. Very good value as they are hand made and you arent paying a middle man. They are made to order but you could give the owner a call and discuss with him.....he is very knowledgable and he wont automatically try to sell you the most expensive product
  6. DO I need a new Receiver

    You could also just get a cheap digibox and hook it into the receiver and get your sound that way. Just leave the tv set on a hdmi input. Thats how i run things with my projector
  7. All set for new projector

    I know that feeling.......i am in the car alot and i listen to it there...but not at home much anymore
  8. Thats some nice gear there.....unfortunately, in this forum, i think its a million to one chance that you will find anyone willing to purchase the entire lot as people already have systems, which they tend to upgrade piece by piece. I wish you all the best though.
  9. Unfortunately the reality of things has set in and my tax return is only going to be half of what i anticipated. As much as i would love to have these speakers..........unless i sell a kidney its not likely to happen.
  10. Projector calibration

    if your using the projector for movies it should be set on standard as far as i am aware. Having had mine calibrated recently......the calibrator mentioned that with the JVC projectors you need to have the brightness setting quite high......its around 24 for mine
  11. FS: OPPO 103 (non Darbee)

    probably is...........but they were going for 400 for the darbee editions a while back..so rather than have people haggle......give it at a good price and get the money in quick..........one day maybe i will get something for a bargian on here in return
  12. FS: OPPO 103 (non Darbee)

    will once payment has been received....:)
  13. FS: OPPO 103 (non Darbee)

    sold......pending payment
  14. thanx.......will let you know as soon as i do. Needless to say....if a definite comes along before i can get back to you....go ahead and sell..... there will be no hard feelings this end