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  1. A-League 2014/2015

    Must say the quality has dropped dramatically this season.
  2. Foxtel Olympic Coverage

    I don't get it as i am on lite, but the 3d on channel 9 looks very good on the daily highlights show.Chalk and cheese in picture quality compared to Gem.
  3. Olympic Channels

    I have nothing. I am on foxtel lite, but i did get the extra channels when the commonwealth games were on.
  4. Telstra Duped Me

    Sorry mate but Foxtel only started in 1995, 17 years ago,not 18 as you quote. Mr Pedantic.
  5. This has nothing to do with FIFA, this tourney is a UEFA run tourney. The Holland v Denmark match currently has two commentators. Setanta only have the Australian rights. Please do better on your research next time !