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  1. Finally fired up my projector for the first time over the weekend. Looks amazing. It's the top end X9500 from JVC thanks to Richard at Ozts I wanted to test the anamorphic lens however the option for anamorphic was greyed out when trying to watch a movie on Netflix via my PS4 Pro. I finally got the option to work when I switched to a bluray from the PS4 Pro. Can someone tell me why anamorphic was greyed out while watching Netflix? If I was to take a best guess, it was looking for a 23.97fps signal?
  2. Yamaha rx-a3060

    I too was very keen on this model. I ended up deciding on the separated route with power amps and a processor. But I have only ever owned top-end Yamaha receivers and been super happy with them all.
  3. If I recall correctly, there's some bass response issues with 2.4m ceilings in some situations. Standing waves can cancel out and it so happens that your typical ear height is affected by standing waves created by the bounce of sounds between the roof and flooring. Higher ceilings help reduce this. My previous HT room suffered tremendously from standing waves at my preferred seating position. Literally could not hear ANY bass from 40Hz - 70Hz. It was really frustrating. No matter where I placed my sub(s) it wouldn't even out. So do some further research on how ceiling height affects bass acoustics.
  4. Full Custom System Recommendations

    Hey all, a little update. I ended up deciding on a Power Sound Audio system from Peter at Deep Hz in Melbourne, including: 7 x MTM-210 main channels 4 x MT-110SR surrounds / height / atmos 1 x S3600i subwoofer (dual 18" sealed) So they should arrive next week. I'm very excited. Coming from my old Energy + dual 12" sealed subs, this PSA system is likely going to blow me away (I hope?). Today I went in and rewired some of the channels as I'd placed the front height channels in the front corners which isn't correct. I have moved the cables to closer to the front row of seats as per the Dolby Atmos configuration guides. I also had my builders increase the height of the rear riser to roughly 11" which should provide adequate height. So now I need to decide on the screen size and type. I am now considering a 2.35:1 screen at 165" diagonal. This would equate to a 16:9 viewing at roughly 131". My previous home had a 130" 16:9 screen. I have never set up a cinemascope projection system before so am wondering what I need to consider? If I opt for the new JVC X9500 projector, what kind of additional lens would I need? And is it motorised/automated? Or would I constantly need to manually switch between ratios? Anyone got recommendations on some curtain motors that could power some curtains that could hide/show the cinemascope portions of the screen? Then the next considerations will be processor / receiver / amplification. Kindest regards, Scott
  5. Full Custom System Recommendations

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the thoughts and suggestions so far. And thank you Michael @ Krix for your response here and email. I'm putting some deep consideration into the options currently. Now to nail down the projector. Still undecided between the top end (not laser) JVC or the 4K Sony. Has anyone got any experience with the newest JVC's and the way they handle native 4K? Is it sharper than standard 1080p using their faux 4K trick? Are we actually getting ANY extra resolution? Or is it yet again resolving to a 1080p image? Scott
  6. Full Custom System Recommendations

    Yes I did. I actually replied and sent you a full mockup of my theatre and showed you the issues I face. If I turn the sub on its side, I leave no room for my equipment/amps - UNLESS I move the subs right to the corners and place my L + R speakers on top of the subs - though this won't look as nice as having the L+C+R in the same line. Can you do some sort of package pricing on a full 11.1 or 11.2 setup? Regards, Scott
  7. Hi all, Our new house is being built now, and has a dedicated 4.4m x 5.4m theatre with 9.5ft ceiling height, and a 1.8m deep 8" tall rear riser across the back for the back row of viewers. I am looking for recommendations on: - the speakers (7 identical speakers ideally, plus 4 atmos/ceiling/wall) - the subwoofer (deep and clean and moving plenty of air) - the receiver / amp - projector Full disclosure: My previous home had a JVC D-ILA X70R projector with 130" Oz Theatre Screen, YAMAHA RXV 3800 7.1 Receiver, Energy Floorstanding mains and Energy Center, Aaron bookshelf surrounds, and two custom 12" Shiva sealed subs actually built by Crabra, a member on these forums, powered by a Behringer 1000 watt RMS x 2 pro amp. It was a fantastic system. I am looking for this new system to eclipse my old one in every way. I was initially looking at the KRIX Semi-professional in-room series. The SX range I believe it is. 7 x floor standing two-way speakers and one or two of their 18" subs. But it turns out their subs are physically too tall for my room and would encroach on the lower portion of my screen. So now I am back on the research and recommendation front for speakers. Only tonight I have read great things about "POWER SOUND AUDIO" subwoofers. Their dual sealed 18" model (3600i) model looks pretty neat. Can we get them in Australia? Anyone heard one? I was looking at the current top of the line YAMAHA Aventage Receiver, or the separate pre-amp and 11 channel amp (which would be perfect for powering all 7 plus the 4 x atmos channels). Projector I was actually considering a SONY 4K instead of a JVC purely because JVC STILL don't offer a prosumer native 4K projector, unless I am out of the loop? Not counting their insane laser-lit model either, that's too expensive. Screen will likely be another from Oz Theatre Screens at 120 - 130 inches 16 x 9 ratio. I am more than willing to move away from Yamaha for the processing if there's something better within scope of budget. Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated, Many thanks, Scott
  8. Hi all. I recently replaced my x70R's bulb with one off a reputable dealer on eBay. After installation it was back to being super bright and grey picture. However it has only lasted about 300 hrs and now it's very dim again. Not as dim as prior to the previous replaced but certainly not bright enlighten. Running full aperture etc. Has anyone had experience with replacement bulbs for JVC? Are they all made equal? Or should I buy directly from JVC?
  9. Yeah got it. I have an X70R and it has the e-Shift. Works nicely for smoothing out 1080p. I guess I was more wondering if JVC used some trickery by looking at the 4K input source signal, deconstructing it into multiple pieces, and then displaying these different pieces upon different 'wobbles' of the mirrors to recreate the detail of the 4K source - rather than just doing what it always has and just making 1080p less jaggy.
  10. Hey all - can someone confirm for me if these new JVC's actually use the e-shift processing to recreate the full 4K image, showing portions of the 4K image upon each flicker of the mirrors? Or is it simply taking a 4K signal, downscaling it to 1080p, then upscaling that 1080p image to 4K using e-Shift? In other words, is the E-Shift able to 'recreate' the full 3840 x 2160 source image, or no?
  11. Hey folks. We watched this the other night on Blu-ray in our HT Room with JVC X70R projector, and everyone felt that the skin tones in the 2nd half of the movie got progressively more and more orange. At one point I even turned down the colour on my PJ to compensate. Has anyone else noticed this? For what it's worth I threw Avatar in after MI:IV just to confirm my PJ was working fine, and it looked perfect. Scott
  12. X30/70/90 Demo Reviews/street Prices

    Thanks mate, got it. Right Left Right Left on the remote. Works a treat.
  13. Dolby 3D

    From what I read, these TV's have 25+ different viewing angles, and is done by having a hugely high resolution screen. This is a quad (4K) sample, so I would assume that the end result is a whole lot of 720p images? Almost need an 8K display before you can pump out 25+ 1080p images. Seems like a lot of pixels to produce 1080p 3D.
  14. Jvc Dila-hd950 Settings For Ps3

    Worth noting... when in Enhanced mode, and running from the Mac... I get perfect picture, and the brightness/contrast is set to 0.
  15. Jvc Dila-hd950 Settings For Ps3

    Hey folks, back again to reignite this old thread as I need a tad more assistance, however this time with my X70R. In the PJ settings, I am unsure what to leave it set to, Normal or Enhanced HDMI Input. Colour coded the quality of the image with green being awesome, orange being ok and red being bad. On Enhanced.... - My Mac Mini's picture looks incredible, with lots of shadow detail, deep blacks etc - PS3 menu looks same as above - PS3 Blu Ray Movies look all washed out. Only way to fix is to adjust brightness, but the results still don't look as good as Mac. On Normal... - My Mac Mini's picture looks dark and lacks shadow details - PS3 menu also looks dark - PS3 Movies look good, but still not as good as watching episodes through VLC on my Mac with HDMI on enhanced (see above) Id love to have it so that I don't have to keep switching HDMI input mode from Enhanced to Normal. I must have done something wrong? Maybe I have screwed up the colour settings on the PS3... again? Scott