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  1. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    just as an fyi, I went with an original jvc. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Hi, I need a new bulb for my JVC X500R. There seems to be two choices, either on-line (eg pureflare, ozprojectorlamp) for about $300 or a JVC for $500. Does anyone know if the on-line options (says original bulb in housing, so I assume the housing is not original) are worthwhile, or just suck it up and order the original from JVC? Thanks Michael
  3. Does anyone have an idea of when the new JVC's (X5000/7000/9000) will be available in Australia? I "sort of" need to get a new/replacement projector in the next month. So wondering if I should just get the X500 for now........