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  1. Sorry for the delay. Ours has more than replaced our WD TV Live, it's a lot better and flexible (because of Android) but it's not perfect. We probably need to reboot it every week or so for whatever reason. Also, it's an older Android and I don't think it'll be upgraded to a newer version but I think there's a newer model MiniX NEO U or something like that which I think is probably better again with a newer OS? Dunno, haven't looked into it. I won't bother looking into it until we get to our HT in 4018. We only stream from ABC and SBS or watch other content from USB drives that are plugged into it so have no idea about NAS streaming. I'm sure it's fine and I hope it is as that's what I want to be able to do. I need to look into the H.265 though. I think it's supposed to be able to do it but there's some files that I have that don't play properly and I think they're H.265 (that's with either their own 4K media player and VLC, I haven't tested Kodi)
  2. So they've come back suggesting a 1131. I've not spoken to them but I expect you'll be right about them not being able to get the SC. If the choice was between the VSX-1131 and the TX-RZ810, which is the smarter choice? Thanks for your input too, it's been too long between looking into audio etc
  3. What about if I only bothered with 7.1 as that's what we'd wired the room for? Any idea if the Pioneer equivalent for a TX-RZ810 (JB's suggested replacement) would be the SC-LX701? Our ceiling is raked which would tilt the speakers a little towards the viewer so that's probably a little better than straight down and maybe they could be positioned for the viewer? I'd have to look at that layout again and look at heights. But I wonder whether there would be enough room in the raked ceiling to house the back box? Could there be heat issues? There's a tin roof and insulation above it. Yeah, that could be the angle to go for. I wonder whether JB might come to the party if I can jump to Pioneer? I'd be happy to pay some difference if necessary.
  4. Does the Onkyo equalisation factor in the ceiling speakers? Or is this an attempt to jump ship? I wondered what the equivalent Pioneer be. A VSX 1131 (only listed due to it's presence on JB's site)? I thought I'd have a search and based on this site, I think it's safe to assume that it isn't because it appears that the VSX 1131 is a TX-NR646. Gee, should they have badged it Onkyeer? Pionkyo? Out of interest, would something like this (Krix in-ceiling speakers) be suitable for Atmos? Or should one go for typical mounted speakers that can be angled? I'd guess the latter? As for the media player, I think we'll give the Minix player a crack. As it's Android, that's relatively attractive for loading apps. I just wonder what the interface for playing attached storage is like. We're used to navigating the folder structure on the WD TV Live and I think we'd hope the Minix would do this too.
  5. Yes, sorry. Through insurance, JB is their preferred supplier unless we can demonstrate why their recommended item isn't satisfactory where they'll change supplier if we can't find another equivalent. I'm trying not to use this as a method of upgrading (even though that's what essentially happens), I just don't want to be duded by ending up with a product that we're not happy with.
  6. Hi, Peter. From what we've heard so far, it'll be extremely unlikely that we'll see cash because we'd do what most people might do and not replace the items until we knew exactly what we want and at this point in time, the money could be used better elsewhere as we're only partly inconvenienced by the damaged items and they want the items replaced, not just leak money for no apparent reason so they'll bounce from supplier to supplier. The AVR is useless as a switching device but everything is now plugged into the TV and I'm more worried about the AVR than the media players as I think I'll end up with an Onkyo . Sharp price on the Roku though, I think the tech recommended one at $399, not that it bothers me. Anyway, yes, I've been keen on a NAS for a while but once again, funds rule that out for the moment. Whilst a NAS would be a more elegant solution, using four HDD's hasn't been as bad as some might expect. They were plugged into a powered USB hub and I turn on the drive we want. One day I'll build a NAS! The Minix supports 4k but not with Netflix (at the moment) as it's not an approved device. I wonder how it would go with Amazon Prime?
  7. Courtesy of a lightning strike, JB have offered a Minix NEO X8-H Plus as opposed to a Roku Ultra which was recommended by the technician who inspected our WD TV Live (wired networking no longer works). I'm wondering if we'd be disappointed instead of getting a Roku. Prior to the strike, I'd researched the Roku as a possible upgrade. Most of our viewing is from USB HDD's and a little YouTube. We don't have a 4k TV but will in the lifetime of the replacement media player but we don't watch Netflix so a lack of 4k with it isn't a problem but maybe later it might? Anyway, thoughts? Also, are there amy Minix users here? I'm wondering if it shares attached storage over the network? The WD TV Live does and that was how I'd update the media
  8. The more I read, the more I hope it's cash. The only glimmer of hope is that the replacement that the tech recommended isn't listed on JB's site (not that that means they can't get their hands on one, they probably can). Worse, they'll probably end up picking a cheaper product. The models I looked at are either the same (160 W) or slightly higher (170 W - 175 W) but they're all 6 ohms. I'm not sure that bothers me though, I'm not going to be trying to create the loudest system. Yeah, that's the plan. I had figured the AVR will need to be replaced at some point as I'll be after 4k so that's in the back of my mind. I'll have to have a search to see what HDMI version they use as their site only generically mentions HDMI. Yeah, and identifies it as a solution to a problem you never knew you had!
  9. I managed to get my model number wrong, it's a TX-SR705 but I'm not sure how much difference that makes. Anyway, I had a technician 'look' at it and it's not worth repairing (as I thought). He's suggested a TX-RX710 as the replacement. I expect he's upped the value in the hope of getting business out of us and then steer us in a different direction (I'm fine with this and Yamaha was one brand they carried) as he's echoed the sentiments about Onkyo posted here. Is it fair to expect that the drop in quality is across all current Onkyo models therefore a TX-RX710 might be undesirable from an audiophile point of view? If this is what the insurer's supplier provides, is it the end of the world from a non-audiophile point of view? My default plan would be to use 7.1 speakers but I guess I might at least investigate the use of Atmos. If I ended up using Atmos. would it be a bit of a shame that we had cables added from the wall to the side walls while the roof was lifted when getting other electrical work done? Maybe we can still use them but cut them in the ceiling (I'll need to look into Atmos to better understand the speaker placement)? As for the damaged TX-SR705, could I carry on using it by using HDMI direct into the screen and an optical cable for audio? It lists having three optical inputs and I only connect three devices to it (WD TV Live, Beyonwiz PVR and PS3 - I haven't looked if the last two have optical out, probably). But maybe I only connect the PS3 via optical as it'll be the source of the highest quality being BD's as opposed to be all sorts of audio from MKV's etc and maybe the PVR doesn't matter? The other issue is I broke a HDMI input years ago so the TV's down to two inputs and I'll need to pick up a HDMI switch hahaha Thanks for the replies and your offer Jutta
  10. I also wonder what I could do with the TX-SR706? I already had an old Technics SC-CH770 stashed away (I'd been using it's speakers with the Onkyo) that I figured I'd use with my PC at some point, this could be a far better option
  11. Thanks, cwt. I get what you're saying. I had started to read that the older Onkyo bits of kit were better than the current ones so jumping ship might be the smart option. The only concern is that our insurer may insist on trying to replace it with the current equivalent, hence my question as I might need to nominate what we want and their preferred supplier is JB Hi-Fi who sell Onkyo. This is the first time I've tried to put a claim through them. The only other time I'd made a claim (with another insurer) for stolen camera gear, I was given a cheque so I had the choice to get what I wanted. As for Atmos / DTS:X, I can't see us setting that up (as much as I'd love to be an audiophile about the HT, the room and budget won't allow it). The room that's going to get the system isn't a great room for HT. IT's basically and L shape with the dinning area in the short landing of the L with a ~10 m long sunken lounge. The TV would sit two thirds of the way along the wall and is limited by window positions (max screen size I think is about 75" - 77" and the room has a raked ceiling. So, we could hang speakers off the ceiling, but I don't think we would. So I was happy just to run with traditional 7.1. Would the current Onkyo's be as good as the previous generation units if we were to stick with 7.1 speakers and ignore newer audio standards?
  12. A lightning bolt delivered a gift on Christmas Day and our TX-SR706 (I think) no longer accepts a signal through any HDMI ports. Everything else I've tried (which isn't much) works but this renders it useless (to keep the tribe happy, I had to fit the speakers to my Pioneer panel that I've never used!). So I'm trying to work out the current equivalent model. I can't believe how many models they have in their range. I expect there's logic to it but surely fifty is a bit over the top? Anyway, would the TX-NR709 be it? Or could it be the TX-NR656? If neither, what one could be it? Whilst I never got the opportunity to use 7.1 from it but I'll be after that in the replacement, this has 7 HDMI inputs which is a few more than the 3 mine had so that sounds like a decent upgrade and it can handle 4K which is irrelevant now but will be important later.
  13. Gee, that's a sharp price! I might need to keep an eye out for a sale like that then. Thanks
  14. I'm about to pick up the first four seasons and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the individual seasons have the same extras and episodes* as the complete 1-4 boxset? * HBO released Battlestar Galactica with extended episodes. I have read the odd comment about extended episodes and am wondering whether these actually exist or if all Blu-ray's contain the episodes as broadcast?