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  1. 6 Yrs Old 40 Inch Plasma, Worth Fixing?

    Thanks for the replies, folks. The original issue was the panel. They decided to give me a refurb replacement. I have a strong feeling this is also an issue with the panel (vertical lines across the screen), so I don't think the repair will be less than $250. Off to the dumpster then...
  2. O.P. The tv suddenly developed vertical lines as shown on the attachment. It's a 6 years old Panasonic 40 inch plasma which is worth bugger all these days. This is the second time the fault happened. The first time was under warranty. The question is, is it worth getting it repaired? I reckon it's at least $120 just for the call in fee, plus labour and parts which will bring it to $250 easy. More if they have to replace the panel. I am also looking to downgrade to 32 inch as this one is too big for the bedroom. And 32 inch LCDs are only ~$500 these days. It's just sad and devastating if I decide to throw it out, considering I paid $3,000 back in the day. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yejaonw302d9zf5/20121223_182018.jpg